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Archangel Gabrielle: Truth of Thoughts, May 20, 2024


Archangel Gabrielle: Truth of Thoughts

by Lee Degani

Do you ever watch your thoughts? This message from AAGabrielle certainly gives us much to think about with what we are creating!!

AAGabrielle: Greetings, dearest ones, I am AAGabrielle, Gavriel, angel of communication, angel of golden joy, lily of love, trumpeter of truth and I bring to you today, the truth of thoughts. Do thoughts always have their own truth? Each one does, in its own sense. But are they the truth for you?

You may sometimes notice, that as you have one thought, it leads to another and another and it forms a huge thoughtform and perhaps you are not willing to accept or you do not feel comfortable with. That truthform in its own sense, has its own truth but is it The Truth? Is it the wisdom of truth?

Whatever thoughts you have stay within the energy of consciousness. They find other thoughts that are like them and they radiate out those thoughtsforms within the world.

Are we saying that there is something wrong with what you have been doing with your thoughts? No. For there can be no such thing as right and wrong. But we do ask you to use discernment for that (those) are the steps, included in the steps of an ascended being as you go on your journey, that you become aware of what are your thoughts creating.

Now, yes, there are times when you feel, I am embroiled in my thoughts, I am caught in my thoughts. I cannot escape them Gabrielle, and I know I don’t want to be having these thoughts. It is times like these, that we ask you to ride the waves. Ride the waves as you go through that time of confusion, of chaos. And as you become of each thought that is leading to more of this, can you change just one thought? Can you change one thought and say, “I see you thoughts, I see you for who you are I accept that is what you are transmitting, that is what you are thinking right now.”

Then take those thoughts and put them in my bubbles of Joy, my golden bubbles of Joy and see how they transform, how they expand. You may say to me, “but Gabrielle, when I am in that place of the lower thoughts and trapped in them, your bubbles seem so far away like they never existed.” Know, beloved, that they are always there. It just takes a thought building on a thought and perhaps asking that the thoughts are just wiped clean for a few moments, so you may receive, that you may make way, a pathway, a funnel where the higher vibrational energies may reach you. Now, they are always reaching you, but the question is, are you consciously letting them in? It just takes a thought.

I leave you with much Love, with much to ponder. I leave you with thoughts of higher vibrations, of golden bubbles, of upliftment, of seeing from above and seeing thoughts for what they are. Farewell with Love