Love is our new reality

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The Divine Mother ~ The Return to Love, May 19, 2024

The Divine Mother ~ The Return to Love

By Linda Dillon

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Maré, I am Mother, I am One, and sweet Angels of Light, Angels of Love, you are One with me. You have already said ‘yes’. You have said ‘yes’ a million years ago and you have said ‘yes’ last month, last week, yesterday and today.

You may wonder why, in your mental body or your emotional body, I infuse you, why I am bringing you into my field of Divine Radiance. I am not asking you, child, to come to me. I am coming to you. I infuse you with our love, with the balance, with the connectedness. And I do this, beloveds, that you may more clearly know not just our love but your love, the unity, the truth of who you are.

The time of scenic detours has come and gone, and I have created this expanded time/ dimensional reality that you will know the love of who you are. I did not ask or suggest that tortured, fragmented, disillusioned souls incarnate to affect a change that will ripple throughout not only your Galaxy but my Omniverse. No. Those, I keep close to me as they heal.

Are there some that have experienced further fragmentation during the journey of this life? Yes. Can it be remedied and healed? Of course! It will never be healed by friction, by separation, by separation of any kind. It can only be healed by love. You have an expression of ‘getting to bedrock’. Well, this is bedrock. This is the bedrock of the heart of Gaia and the heart of you.

You have never been disconnected from us. Have there been times when you have felt disconnected from your sacred self? Disconnected from your family, your friends, your circle, the planet, the human collective? Yes, but it is not true. It is simply a fairy tale of the old kind that was quite scary. No. I bring you full circle.

So often, you turn to me and you say, “Mother, where is the joy?” And you say to Michael, “Where is the peace?” And you say to Raphael, “Where is the healing?” We are surrounding you and we are infiltrating you, we are unifying with you – not in an invasive way because you have asked, you have pleaded, and you have prepared – and you have said ‘yes’ time and time again. And you’ve said, “Mother, show me how,” and that is exactly what I am doing.

Lay down your armor. There is a difference between the sanctity of your field and armor. And you have done this for protection. Of course, you have.

You are all at the crescendo. You might think of it as the parting of the waves, but it is not a parting of the ways. It is a time of inclusion, of embrace. That is why I come to you with my Radiance to fill your field with such love. It is like sunlight on your skin. It is like a gentle breeze. It is like the dawn of a new day.

I do not bombard you. That would only put you on full alert. I come to join you. We all come to join you so that we may proceed in Unity of One. There is no room for exclusion. There is no room for separation or division.

This is a time that will be heralded throughout the galaxies, not only as The Great Awakening but as The Return to Love.

I remind you that you are my angels in form. That does not change. Therefore, you cannot be less-than, so stop it. And you are my humans – hybrids, earthkeepers, star beings – there is no difference. You are my beings in form.

There are so many. Your Star Family is awaiting you. We are awaiting you. The mountains and trees are awaiting you. So let us conjoin. Let us unite.

When you returned to Earth, I did not throw you out of Heaven! I simply said, “Go and enjoy.” I know for many of you this has been a struggle, but only because of the density of the illusions. So now, embrace the joy, because it is time to play!

And when I say play, I mean create. Long ago, I have told you: “If I dream it, it is!” And dearest hearts, I have dreamt already, long ago, of the reunification of this planet, and it is now!

So come, let me join you, and join each other in the sweetness, the patience, the temperance, the laughter because that is what will turn the tide. Anger, disassociation, it never works. It never has.

When I say to you, “Be in your divine neutrality, harmonize with us and with each other,” neutrality does not mean you abandon the beauty of who you are. It means you embrace it, that you are willing to share in a neutral space – in Switzerland! – who you are. And in that comes the explosion, the anchoring, the beginning of the creation of what you are there to truly do, each and every one of you.

You are the precious ones of my heart, of our heart, of our hearts. Accept your birthright of sovereignty. You are an expression of love, so receive it, and go with my love.

Stay, beloveds! Stay in this field of Divine Radiance that I fill you with. Filter the screens. Not so you don’t see or feel or observe. Of course, you have to filter, but do not filter out the love, ever!

Go with my love and go, sweet angels, in peace.