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Archangel Metatron and Source via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, July 9, 2021

Archangel Metatron and Source via Galaxygirl | July 9, 2021

Metatron & Source 7/9/2021

I am Metatron, greetings, light bearers of Gaia. You are in the midst of a storm of spiritual and energetic proportions that the multiverse has not previously witnessed or experienced. (I am seeing a purple temple curtain with stars embroidered on it rip from top to bottom. I am seeing space rip apart and feeling the ensuing silence.) Those of you who are ardent students of the light and of Creator’s purpose understand that with great experience comes great learning and development. Those of you reading these words thrive on the speed of learning. You are experiencing the ultimate in speed living for you are clearing and cleaning up old ideologies that no longer serve as well as closing past karmic cycles and loops that you came here to complete. And you are completing many of them. Lessons that used to take years to learn you are learning in moments. You are perceiving with greater understanding and swiftness as your wisdom is more online and in tune with the music of the spheres and the heartbeat of Creator’s writings. (I am seeing an enormous ancient book with light language codes that is glowing and a quill moving on its own. There are sparkles in the feather of the quill and it is plasma ink, sparkling and beautiful, glowing and moving across the page. I see that someone is blowing on the page and I feel the breath at my back and I see the light language words and symbols being blown over Gaia and landing in the hearts and foreheads of the people upon her.)

I am Source, I am the in-breath and the out-breath and the space in between. You have seen these glowing words descending from the higher echelons of my heart’s true purpose to Gaia. My heart’s true song is to create harmony in this realm with love, with light, with new beginnings. A new book is being written and you have the privilege of co-writing it with me, as we are all one. Nothing is as it seems. The fracture is well underway. Timelines are rifting. You choose your experience moment by moment. Do not fear the news. It is a program of enslavement and low vibration. It is someone else’s thought that was seeded, planted in your perception. (I am being shown a beautiful garden and the gardeners pulling the weeds.) There will be no weeds on New Earth for all plants, all nature will be in balance. There will be no need to compete for resources because there will be plenty of light. The plant kingdom who has mirrored the competitiveness of the human experience, will no longer need to compete. Homeostasis will be the natural resting state, without competition or hardship. Do not fear, remember the language floating down from my book of intention. These letters are activations. Grab a few, thank me and tuck them into your heart spaces. You will need fortification in the days ahead for there may seem to be little light. But that is an opportunity for your own inner light to not only shine but to blaze. Light up your inner flame of me and you will see with illuminated vision, insight, and all will be made clearer. (I am seeing that the light workers will be able to see the implants and blocks in those that they are working with actively or silently to heal. I am seeing that with these activations there will be no hiding from others, all will be energetically revealed, shapeshifters have nowhere to hide.) This light is for all of my children. You are in a time to heal past memories and torturings. It is a time to forgive and move forward on your own evolutionary path back to me. My heart is available should you wish to jump into my energy field. My energy field is the light that you blaze as individuated fractals of myself. I am Source. Thank you, Metatron, please continue.

I am Metatron, keeper of the flame, bringer of keys, revealer of the hidden. I am offering you my love and support. The energy waves are going to only continue to intensify. Do not be surprised that you need much rest and increased meditation time. This is the Olympics of your many lives, the lifetime of lifetimes for maximum healing and gain. You are completely, exquisitely loved. It may seem dark, but the light shines within. Shine the light into your own inner darkness and make peace with it, heal it. I will walk with you down your long passageways, you need not be afraid. It is prudent to see what is in the basement and to deal with it, whatever it may be. That way you are able to sleep happily without fear, knowing every corner and room of yourself is filled with loving light. Earth’s basements are being swept clean. Underground bases and laboratories are being dealt with precisely. (I am seeing him reach into my heart and pull a chain on a light bulb and I feel all lit up.) Keep your lights burning brightly, oh bringers of the dawn of the new age of Aquarius and of Gaia’s rising. Welcome home. I am Metatron.

~ galaxygirl