Love is our new reality

Archangel Metatron via Jeannette Svärdby, May 30th, 2018

Archangel Metatron

May 30th, 2018

Channel live by Jeannette Svärdby at Lightworker meeting in Sweden

I am with you in this moment, my dear friends. I am Archangel Metatron who is with you right now to among other things give you information that is necessary for you to take part of, at this moment in the now that is, as there are grand happenings taking place around the planet, which many of you are aware of.

There are powerful streams of energy, which one can say is pouring down over the planet and also from the inner parts of Earth – it is an energy that impacts you. The energy from inner Earth expands outwards towards the crust of the Earth, so to speak, to transform the lower vibrating energies on the planet.

In the same way that the energies impact you in your system as the lower vibrating energies are removed from your system so that more light, higher, more loving energies will have space, your consciousness is raised more and more for each moment.

I want to say that we in the higher spheres know that you as a human in these times have an enormous courage when you from moment to moment get yourselves through what is needed. Many times fear is right in front of you and you feel as if you are being stopped, but these days most of you know that fear is an illusion that should no longer impact you. Instead you make the choice to get yourself through it and you grow as a human and your light becomes ever stronger and thus your consciousness expands.

As I said, big happenings are under way and these developments take place both within you and outside of you all around the planet. It can be experienced many times as if nothing is happening outside of you or that it is experienced as turbulence one might say. We can say that so much is going on without your knowledge as humanity and you get to share in more and more disclosures, which becomes enlighten for your consciousness. There are also – we might say non-trues – that are revealed to you in a way that is meant that you should remain in your fear – as you know you can easily be handled when in fear. You can let yourselves be directed by your fears and that which is of non-love is nurtured by the fear of lower vibrations and remains so to speak at those energies by trying to also hold YOU back to the lower vibrating energies.

Here I want to emphasize the importance of that you all seek the truth, the importance that each one of you seek your truth and can discern what is not truth for each one is of high importance in these days, as the importance of you standing steady in your beam of light in your area and do not let you be influenced by how that which is not of love is trying to keep you stuck in fear. By maintaining your balance it is important that you give yourselves stillness and that you protect your wellbeing and your balance by giving yourselves what you yourselves feel you do well from. Listen to your own needs and get to know what it is that You need to regain balance and strength.

By returning more to your inner core in your heart you will regain your balance dear friends. And you do it as many times as you yourselves feel that you need it, if you stumble in your balance during the day you are in. Depending on what you encounter you can feel you need to return to your center to find your balance again. By also reconnecting yourselves to the inner Earth energies you also regain your balance in this direction. The more you wake up in what you yourselves feel good from and your following your heart so to speak you also care for your fellow man, you expand the love energy that you are and carry inside you.

As you increase your consciousness you raise your ether frequency of energy and within each frequency of energy you find levels of knowledge and wisdom and power for you to take advantage of. When you have taken one step in your expansion of your consciousness it may be for a little while so to speak unsteady for you in your energy and your being as you experience the flipping back and forth so to speak. We can say to have patience with this and a new level of frequency needs to land in your system to become one with you. Nothing can any longer be pushed to appear, and have the patience you need in order to let everything be in balance again.

In your growth and expansion you have much access to many levels of consciousness. In this activations of your original codes will take place, which have not been activated for a long, long time and become re-awaken. With time this will also land in your system to be used. Much that has not been visible for you will become noticeable, as it might arrive as a thought, or it can come as an action without you understanding from where it comes and it is. These are original abilities that come to life progressively as you are ready.

Those that hold power today, in directing and leading positions will more and more loose their hold on their power as the light gets stronger, and the stronger the light gets those of non-love vibrating energies get weaker, which those in power are. They loose more and more of their power. The stronger the light gets the closer we get to the shift that is waiting. The more that wake up in their hearts, in their light, strengthen the light and as the light gets stronger we are approaching the point when the larger transformation that is waiting will take place and what then happens… (audio disturbance).

Those that not yet are awake will wake up and open up. It is the entrance of love my dear friends, it is the entrance of love that then reigns. What happens is that those that have not woken up cannot quite understand what is happening with them – they just feel what they have experienced. And here are those that walk ahead, those that are conscious and those that previously have gone through with it, who walk ahead and open their hearts in the vibration of love. They feel the attraction to those of you they seek and we want here to make all of you aware that you should be in trust that you have the knowledge and abilities that you need for those that come to you.

The importance of being in trust is high – the trust in your own ability from your heart’s guidance, without the impact of the ego. It is the heart that leads you here. You know what to do in that moment.

The shift that is waiting to happen implies that structures that exist all around, leading structures and other, will fall apart so that the new can take over. It will happen gradually, but I also want to say that it can go very fast – it is hard to say. Everything happens according to how strongly you stand in our light and in your truth, and in your trust in being light bearers which you are, and to stand in your light without being affected by the possible emotional turbulence that might be happening all around you.

Those that already conscious are, feel the connection to your heart well, will in this shifting take big steps forward one can say in your consciousness and expand at higher speed than before in the moment that this happens.

Here I want to tell you about moments when the energy in your heart becomes very high and you can feel that the force within you pushes from within and wants to expand, you can experience this as an enormous pressure in your heart area, then move yourselves to the stillness in these moments and regain the breathing in that moment so that through the breathing you let the energy integrate in your system. Stand in your beam of light at these moments and let the breathing, the breath be your help to focus on our heart area, your center.

I ask you here to now return to your heart center. Close your eyes dear friends. Let the breathing connect you with your higher consciousness, your higher self. All of you stand in your beams of light that you are, anchored in the new Earth’s inner energy, in whose center you are anchored. You are anchored with Mother/Father God, All That Is.

You continue to let the breathing wash through your system and let the higher self, its connection in this moment to wake up more and more within you. You feel right now a vibration that you feel secure with, even high vibrating energy of love and this is your origin, the force that you are. Asking you to let this energy expand out in your whole system and in all that you are with the breath as your support.

I ask you here with focus on your own inner sun connecting with it. You feel the connection with your own inner sun, which exists within you. Let this energy expand out in your system, as you know dear friends the rays of the sun give warmth. Even here it has the burning effect of removing that, which limits you in your now from stepping forward in your expansion, in your step forward in your development. It removes the limiting thoughts and energies that have been stored in your system during a long long time now. With your approval it is time they are removed once and for all.

In this moment you receive my message with the energies you in this moment need for that which for you are waiting dear friends. A next step in your development will take the possible burdens that you have carried for a long time – the weight in your system that now in this moment is ready to be removed for each and every one.

You are connected with the rays of the sun and you are connected with the rays of the Great Central Sun. In this now codes are being activated within you that take you to levels of consciousness. When it is time for you they will open up. These codes have been closed down in your system for eons of time dear friends and the activation is taking place in this now, and the availability to energy happens at the pace that you are ready for it, step by step, my dear friends, so have trust in this.

Those of you who are connected to Lemuria will possible memories wake up for you with energy connections to that time. Right now in this moment it is being activated for you who have those connections. The time is now the key that you feel is happening. The importance of you listening carefully to your own needs is extremely important and that you give yourself that which you feel you need. Listen to your bodily vehicle, if I can say so, which you are in during this incarnation. Take care of it with love and gratitude. Feel gratitude and love to the body that you are in now, which gives you the opportunity to experience everything you experience during this incarnation and to get to do the enormous expansion in your growth. Love your bodies. Love and embrace those who you are.

I am Archangel Metatron, and I thank you for this time to be close to you and I wish you for you your own love and gratitude for those who you are and in your wholeness and your splendor and in your power. You are powerful beings and you have enormous capacity, which over time will wake up to your consciousness to be used more and more. Take care of yourselves in the best possible way and give yourselves the love you are so much worth.

Love is all my friends and everything is love. You are love. Thank you.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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