Love is our new reality

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A Message of Healing from Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, June 11th, 2018


A Message of Healing from Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Traversing the Valley of Shadows and Doubt

Dearest children it is time you must know, all conflict is built on illusion and doubt. During those times when you are in the darkest of places, the sorrow you feel is known as the dark night of the soul. When nothing seems to be going right and you have wounds that simply will not heal, It can also be said that this is the time when you are crossing through the valley of shadows and doubt. In order to throw yourself a lifeline / a rope to climb to the top of the valley and traverse across it you must rid yourself of doubt. All conflict is built on the illusion of fear dear one, none of it is real. When the fear goes away it is love that remains. Focus on the love that lies behind the scene(s) playing out in front of you, focus on the love to carry you through. The valley of shadow and illusion that surrounds you soon will dissipate and be replaced by divine white light and the spirit of grace.

Take in the picture of the dark vast valley that lies before you. Strength and endurance it will take to get to the other shore, the highest peak of the mountains in front of you. And running just overhead is a footbridge – the path of light to restore you and allow you to walk across easily, from one peak to the next, unharmed and renewed. The ladder is before you, reach out and start to climb out of the abyss of your current state of mind and into the realm of the divine.

Focus on filling the valley with clouds of white light, filling you full in your heart and mind. Filling the valley full as you climb, until all you see around you is filled with divine white light. This is the elixir of life straight from the Source from which you are derived. Fill your whole world now, everything you can see, with this pure divine white light – shining bright, effortlessly and easily. The sun comes out now and warms it up, fills all the nooks and crannies – all openings, large and small – with the light of love from the Creator of All – bright sunny yellow light like the flame from your core, breathing fire into the flame of your hearts, bright, bright, bright – the core of your beings expanding beyond the boundaries of your soul, reaching out to one another, the core of your beings touching and blending then melding until you are all one and the same. A brilliant bright beacon of holy light, lit from within and shining ever so bright.

Breathe in now and a new light starts to shine.

A beautiful soft pink emerging from your heart centers. This is the vibration of unconditional love. As it shines out it touches everyone. Surround and embrace yourself, feel the vibration of love that is emanating from the heart of everyone.

Breathe out now and spread the love around. Allow it to flow wherever the bright light is found.

Welcome in the pale blue blanket of forgiveness now. Watch as it wraps and envelopes the entire crowd.

Breathe in the peaceful grace of this beautiful blanket of forgiveness and unconditional love, the colors of newborn children filled with grace and the innocent exuberance of oneness and love..

Allow yourself to rejoice in it now – the sense of renewal and comfort that abounds.

Breathe in deep now – savor the sounds – of peace and goodwill and blessings that abound. Reach out your hands and arms now and as you embrace your soul and all the souls that surround, the pink and blue starts to meld with the white, the purity of heart and infinite light. All around you now, as you start once again to climb, reaching the top rung of the ladder, stepping onto the path of light, all that you can see, hear, touch, taste, and feel is the purity of heart, the forgiveness, the oneness radiating from the center of your soul out into the world, embracing and loving all that you know.

And as you step now fully onto the path of light know that the trials and tribulations have vanished, and are now just remnants of another life. All that remains is what will sustain you tonight.

I AM Your Mother Divine and You Are All Blessed Children of Mine


Blessings – Karen

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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