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Archangel Metatron via Natalie Glasson, September 1st, 2022

How to Awaken the Beauty
Within by
Archangel Metatron
Channeled through Natalie Glasson
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Archangel Metatron. It is a joy to be in your presence today as I come forth speaking of activating and awakening the beauty within. We first need to acknowledge what beauty is. Beauty is the essence of the Creator, it is the purity, the core, the truth of the Creator. This translates and manifests into well-being, health, inner peace, calmness. The ability to access one’s inner power, to manifest one’s dream in their reality, to speak the truth or their truth, and to allow for transformation, healing and rejuvenation to take place. Your inner beauty is your inner glow. It is the combination of qualities of the Creator that you embody and allow to flow freely from your being. When you are connected to your inner glow, the sacred Creator qualities, vibrations and truths, and allow these to flow in an active and conscious way, you are manifesting your inner beauty.

You may wonder why it is important to manifest your inner beauty. Beauty is so important as it inspires the soul. There is a need for many across the Earth to see, to sense, to acknowledge beauty and to be inspired by it. Inspiration comes from the soul; it activates the soul. There is a need for all beings to activate their soul and allow their inner glow and inner Creator qualities to shine. When you focus upon connecting with your inner beauty and delivering it into your reality and the world you will inspire others to awaken.

You may have been speaking or sitting next to a person, and to you, they seem so beautiful. Maybe their smile is beautiful, their kindness is beautiful, or the way they communicate is beautiful. It could be their energy or resonance that is beautiful to you, it’s inspiring and you may wish to be the same. In that moment your soul is activating. You are seeing in the other what you wish to see within yourself, what you need to see within yourself or what is ready to activate and flow from your being. You are seeing a reflection of your own inner beauty.

If everyone across the world begins to focus upon their inner beauty, accessing it, emanating it, and recognising it within others, the way that we all perceive the world will transform. Even on the inner planes, the way that we perceive the Earth will transform. More and more, you will see and seek the beauty of the Earth, the beauty of living an earthly reality. Your experiences will heighten your vibration, quicken your vibration and frequency allowing you to ascend, to gain greater mastery, to understand greater truths, and it will be the same for others. You will recognise beauty in nature as well as in your experiences. You will see beauty in that which you manifest, even in the challenging times of your reality. Your inner beauty will be linked to your strength and your power. A strength and power to seek the Creator in everything and everyone, to manifest the Creator for all and yourself.

Beauty is not only superficial or skin deep, beauty is within everything and everyone. Beauty is unique, special and manifests in magnificent ways. It is a power, a source, and an expression. The more that people upon the Earth recognise their inner beauty, the more their mental programs and perspectives will alter and shift, the way they think will change. Therefore, your being and your reality will change, including what you’re manifesting. Thus, negativity will dissolve, fear, pain and suffering will dissolve, and a focus upon beauty and inner beauty will manifest. Remember, it’s not about changing your appearance or even changing your physical reality. It is about activating the Creator qualities within your being and letting them shine, recognising and becoming custom to this energy to allow you to recognise it within your reality and within others as well.

How do you activate and access your inner beauty?

You turn your attention inward, maybe into your heart chakra, if that feels appropriate or into another chakra, maybe simply you melt into the depths of your inner being.

You call forth all the sacred Creator qualities from your soul to be present within your being now.

You allow yourself to breathe deeply, focusing upon acknowledging your inner beauty, those Creator qualities.

You affirm yourself and confirm that the qualities you are experiencing whether you feel, sense, acknowledge or imagine them are Creator qualities, your truth, your inner glow, and your inner beauty. This is your power and beauty for you to emanate.

You focus upon this energy, maybe giving it a colour if you wish allowing it to flow out through your being into every cell., all aspects of your body, your auric field and into your reality and the world. In doing this, you are safe. It is safe for you to emanate your inner beauty, and as you emanate, this light, you’re creating safety for yourself. Allowing yourself to feel comfortable in this space of emanating your inner glow and beauty.

Sit in this space for as long as you wish and as many times a day as you feel guided to, until it feels natural, organic and automatic. Begin to notice how it influences your thoughts, and the way that you perceive yourself and your reality. You will notice beauty emerging from within your being, maybe your body will transform or your reality. It might be that the way you communicate or express yourself transforms.

The Creator is inviting us to recognise our inner beauty, as the purity of our being and in many ways a healing balm and ascension acceleration.

In our present moment I encourage you to explore your inner beauty, and to recognise how magical you are.

My love is with you always,

I am Archangel Metatron