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Natalie Glasson (channeled messages)

Archangel Metatron via Natalie Glasson, January 26th, 2023

Confirming Your Existence by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson 

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Archangel Metatron. What a joy it is to be in your presence as you walk the steps and pathway of power. Each moment of your reality, you are being invited to engage with your power, to discover your power and to embody your power. This might be challenging for many, as there are many fears and pains connected to power. However, the Ascension shifts and the light transmissions that are coming forth from the Creator all promote and encourage you to discover your power.

The energy coming forth is extremely grounding. They are inviting you to really ground into your central core, into your essence and your truth, but to also ground yourself in your pure vibrations of power. Grounding is like planting a seed which will open the door for your power to enter through, which means that you will let go of limitations and boundaries that you have placed around yourself and around your power. This grounding energy allows you to enter into the space of your power. This will influence not only your energy systems but your reality around you and the choices and decisions that you make. You may find yourself making choices and decisions that are scary, or challenging, and yet in that moment you feel incredibly empowered. It is those moments of feeling empowered that are allowing you to increase your vibration, to quicken your vibration and to advance along your spiritual journey, especially in the initiations of power. If something allows you to feel empowered, you know that it is serving your ascension at this time. You can achieve any form of grounding technique or process, and this will support you in grounding into your true power especially influenced by the energies coming forth. You can create a request that as you ground yourself, so you are grounding into your true power. Then you can allow yourself to experience this.

I, Archangel Metatron, wish to bring forth a technique that you can use in this time of ascension, that will allow you to ground into the pure vibrations of your power.  What do we mean by the pure vibrations of your power? Power that is humble, that is born from love, is born from the true essence of your being, and flows from the Creator. When you are in your power, you are in service to yourself and simultaneously you are in service to others. This is a wonderful way of recognising when you are in true pure power, because you will be able to recognise that you are empowering and giving service to yourself as well as others around you. If you feel empowered and yet others around you feel disempowered, then you will be aware that your power may not be coming from the purest source within your being. Although saying that, we also need to be aware that you are not responsible for the reactions of others. If there is an opportunity for others to grow and to be in their power and yet they are choosing to reject it, then we can still recognise that your power is coming from your truth. Power is a service to yourself and a service to others.

I, Archangel Metatron, invited you to imagine that you are sitting in a flower which is large and expansive, the petals come up right over your head and touch above your head. It can be any form of flower that you wish. Recognising that the stem of the flower extends into Mother Earth, this is a little bit like a lifeline that is sending energy down into Mother Earth, but also bringing it up to you.

I now invite you to call upon the light transmission of the current ascension stage, focused upon and embodying true power. As you receive the energies and you allow the energies to fill the space of the flower that you are existing within, you can breathe in the light and absorb that energy of power that is supporting the grounding of power.

As your entire being is filled with this energy, I Archangel Metatron, invite you to feel, to sense, to acknowledge your connection with Mother Earth. You can achieve this by acknowledging the Earth, the soil, Mother Earth beneath you. As you breathe deeply, I invite you to imagine that you are sinking into Mother Earth in your petal pod,  and you are taking with you all those energies that are empowering and grounding power. Allow yourself to sink, to seep and to melt as far as possible into Mother Earth.  Feel Mother Earth is loving you, nurturing you, supporting you, and you are surrounded by nurturing energy. If you want you can open the petals to invite Mother Earth in or you can simply keep the petals there and invite her in any way.

We ask Mother Earth to direct you to the purest vibration of your power within your being now. Allow yourself to sense or acknowledge this space, let it fill the space around you, the sacred pod and cocoon you have created and the presence of Mother Earth.

You are grounding into your pure power. Being supported by the Universe of the Creator and Mother Earth you are confirming your existence on the Earth and in the inner planes in your ascension process. This is a space, it is a moment where you are standing in your power, because you are confirming, you are accepting, and you are affirming that it is your divine right to be present on this Earth in this ascension process embodying your pure power.

It is safe for you to claim this now, because you are deserving and because it is your divine right.

I, Archangel Metatron, encourage you to really claim this for yourself. You are confirming and claiming your existence on all levels of your being on the Earth and the inner planes and that you have the divine right to exist in your power. This may take some time to become accustomed to, you may need to sit with it or it may feel like an instant shift. As you confirm that it is your divine right to exist and to exist powerfully, you may feel, sense, or acknowledge additional powerful energies from within your being, skills and abilities or wisdom emerging. You may feel energies from the Universe of the Creator flowing into your being. It is now time to claim that you can exist on this Earth in this reality, in the Universe of the Creator in your true power, creating from your true power all that your soul desires to experience.

It is that existence that I, Archangel Metatron, encourage you to contemplate and to embody because as those grounding energies of power come forth they are grounding you into your true power, and inviting you to claim your existence. To claim your life as your own, that you can live it from your power, your truth and your love in a peaceful light radiating way. This is all born from your power.

When you wish to return to your reality, simply become aware of your body and your surroundings.

Take time to contemplate the very powerful shift that is occurring within you. It will support you in your reality, you will feel, sense and acknowledge yourself shifting in new directions with new actions and new creations.

I thank you,

I am Archangel Metatron

Archangel Michael via Natalie Glasson, January 13th, 2023

Presence: The Next Initiation by
Archangel Michael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 13th January 2023

I extend my love and my greetings to all beings upon the Earth. It is an abundant blessing to be in connection with you, to observe within your being an essence, a truth and knowingness. This energy we label presence, it is your presence, it is the Creator present within your being. This energy of presence, the Creator present within your being is active, in action and motion. It is your gift that you can give to others.

You have an inner presence that is all knowing, that is divine and sacred. When you radiate this inner presence, you shower others in blessings and gifts. It is like the most healing, the most uplifting, the most truthful expression of your being. When you share this energy, truthfully and openly, others will respond to you by sharing their own inner presence, and this goes beyond the ego, the chattering of the mind, the wounds of the emotions or the emotional body. This is the truth, it is the way you were designed to exist, the way you are designed to connect with others, it is a beautiful expression of yourself that is immensely fulfilling for you, and for all beings. Not only is the purpose of your presence to be radiated outwards to connect with all other beings and aspects of the Creator, it is for you to use this presence, to be present with other beings.

Many beings speak of being present. The way, I, Archangel Michael speak of being present is that you exist with other beings radiating your presence. Yes, you are present with that being, your entire being is in communication with that other soul, that other person or energy. You are responsive, you are sharing energy, you are gifting energy, you are receiving energy. You are constantly aware of what is occurring within your being, the reactions that occur and the actions that you feel inspired to create. When you allow yourself to be present with another being, or to be in the presence of your essence, while in the space of another being, this is immensely powerful. It is an immensely powerful initiation because you are connecting with yourself on a deeper level. You are connecting with others on a deeper level, and in truth this is what all souls yearn for on the Earth. 

There are many expressions such as loneliness, suffering and pain, these can be healed. They can be in many ways rectified or rebalanced when you are in presence with yourself and in presence with another being and even more so, when they are in presence with you. It is so much more than just being present, just observing yourself and others. You are observing yourself and others from the space of your inner presence, if you like your inner divinity, your inner expression of the Creator.

Gaining mastery in this way will allow you to see yourself and the entire reality around you in a completely different manner. The Illusions, the challenges, the aspects, the stuff that seems to block you dissolves and what remains is the truth. It is clarity predominantly, a clarity and clearness of self and others. This process will allow you to become more sensitive to yourself and more sensitive to others around you. Therefore, a greater channel of the Creator’s light. 

When you are in your presence, you are in your power, you are connected to your inner truth. If there are challenging situations in your reality, something that confuses you, there is a need to be in your presence with yourself, the situation and anyone else involved in that situation. From this space of presence and radiating outwards your inner presence, the clarity, enlightenment, and illumination will dawn.

You may ask how do you connect with your inner presence and how is it different from your divine self, your higher self or your soul?

When you connect with your inner presence, you are connecting with the aspect of yourself that is present with the Creator, present with the entire universe of the Creator, present with every ascension shift, and present with every being of light. You have an awareness of all that is the Creator and it’s from that awareness of all that is the Creator that you experienced the vibration of your presence. It is not a thought-form, it’s not even a being, it’s the vibration of your presence and your presence is your natural amazing ability to be aware of and in connection with all aspects of the Creator on all levels and dimensions of the Creator’s universe and across the world. You may liken, and or label this to oneness.

You may understand that when you connect with your inner presence, you are connecting with oneness and this is true. It is an easy way to understand your inner presence. If you imagine your inner presence as connected to everything and aware of everything, your mind, your consciousness automatically expands, and you enter into that state of immense expansion bringing it to your reality by connecting with yourself. Being aware of yourself and being aware of another being, letting yourself relax in your inner presence and there is something to explore, and sense. It can be challenging to locate and understand with the mind, but if you have the intention of connecting with your inner presence, that aspect of yourself that is aware of all aspects of the Creator, it can be like you are  observing and connecting with all aspects of the Creator. You then enter into a space of immense liberation, consciousness, and awareness of truth and it’s through the experience of that, even if it is only for a moment, you will find yourself more able to be present with yourself and others. You will recognise the magic of your inner presence and how when you are willing to be in the space of your inner presence in certain times in your reality and with certain people, it is as if magic occurs. Connecting with your presence is important now as we step into our power due to the current ascension shifts. The direction or pathway of stepping into your power and presence will allow you to enjoy life and your spiritual growth. It will feel like a space of sanctuary, a sanctuary that you can bring to yourself and that you can bring to other beings.

This is what I, Archangel Michael, wish to share with you. It may take time to integrate into your conscious awareness and to experiment to achieve. However, it is something that you are capable of and able to achieve.

I, Archangel Michael, wish to support you in achieving it. Imagine it almost like a game that you can enjoy. You are more likely to succeed if you do not put too much pressure on yourself.

In love and truth always,

I am Archangel Michael, thank you.

Master Djwhal Khul via natalie Glasson, january 6th, 2023

It is an honour to be in your presence today, I bring forth my wisdom to gift to you. I am a beacon of energy open for you to explore, collect and grasp any wisdom that you may need or require at this moment. I wish to bring forth some information that will allow you to supercharge your energy field, to bring more light into your body and being and to allow for a greater flow of energy through your chakras. 

This blessing and initiation that I wish to share with you today will allow you to call upon, access and embody sacred wisdom, remembrance from the inner planes and from the Creator as well as any understanding or clarity that you might require in your current reality. You might believe that there are skills or abilities that you wish to embody in order to serve in your current reality. Through this process that I am about to describe, you will also be able to do this. Every being has a light body, the light body holds the soul’s energy. It also holds wisdom, knowledge, sacred vibrations, templates, symbols, and so forth. 

All beings upon the inner planes also have light bodies, it can be very intricate with many levels and dimensions. Your own light body works well with your physical body that you are currently inhabiting. However, if you were to leave the Earth, you would exist within your light body. The initiation and the blessing that I wish to share with you today is to connect with a light body or a being on the inner planes that will serve you, that will be able to act as a supercharged energy, like a refuelling or re-energising for your being. 

You will be able to ask for a flow of energy from that light body to merge with your own being, with a specific purpose. Only you will know what the specific purpose is because you will know what you wish to receive from this process. Whether it is wisdom, healing, clarity, remembrance, new skills and abilities, you can connect with many different light beings and their light bodies, asking them to share with you the most appropriate energy from their light bodies, sending this into your own light body, with a specific purpose and reason. This process is such a delightful experience, it is an initiation that feels like a blessing, because it is like the Universe of the Creator gifting to you sacred gifts that allow your health to improve, your vitality to be heightened, your light to become brighter, and may even increase your sensitivity to your own being, and awareness to the Creator. 

I, Master Djwhal Khul, wish to share with you the process so that you can achieve it in your own time. 

First, take a moment to breathe deeply to close your eyes if you wish, allowing your body to relax, you are focusing within your being discovering the presence of love that is always within you. As you breathe, let that love energy flow on your breath, filling your body and filling your surroundings as well as pouring into your light body which exists both within your body and outside of your body in your auric field. 

You may then wish to call upon myself, Master Djwhal Khul, I am a World Teacher supporting Master Kuthumi and Master Yeshua. I wish to invite you to my World Teacher Ashram on the inner planes. I will hold your hands, raise your vibration and transport you to my ashram. You may wish to share with me your purpose. 

What blessings do you wish to receive?

What do you wish to embody or magnify within your light body, within your entire body, and what impact do you wish it to have upon your body and your reality? 

You may have an Ascended Master, an Archangel, a Star Being, a Light Being, a collection of energy or a quality of energy that you wish to connect with. If you do, then, please share this with me, but if you do not, then you can ask me to connect you to the most appropriate being on the inner planes, to connect your light body with their light body. If you have someone in mind, then simply ask me to support the connection. What will occur is there will be a connection within your light bodies. An energy will begin to flow from that being to you, and also from your being to that being. All the lines, the connections, the circuits between you both will be cleared and cleansed so that the energy, the power, the love, the truth, all that is being shared can be shared with you precisely. 

Once this process has taken place, then you will be able to receive and you can allow yourself to hold the intention of receiving. You may feel, experience, acknowledge or know a charge of energy flowing into your being. This charge of energy is the being sending from their light body all that they believe is appropriate for you, and it is filling your light body, your entire being, like being supercharged or energised. You will feel lighter and lighter, brighter and brighter, as if you are being charged with energy, light and wisdom, simply sit and receive until the process is complete. 

It is then appropriate to ask me to transport you back to your reality, and to focus upon the floor beneath you, breathing into the floor, the ground, the soil, Mother Earth beneath you in order to ground, in order to embody everything into your being. 

Then sit, wonder, contemplate, ask for any awareness to come into your mind. You might feel like you need to go for a walk or to lie down, follow your intuition or something else. This is a wonderful way of receiving blessings from the universe and receiving energies and a boost to your light, in truth, receiving everything that you require. 

It is called an initiation because it is an initiation of receiving, being open enough to receive and to allow for the flow of light. Please know that you are safe at all times in my energy, and I am here to support you. You may connect with many beings if you wish at separate times, you can connect with your soul group, even the light bodies of the Creator. It is a wonderful practice to explore and discover and allow yourself to be nurtured and nourished from the beings within the Universe of the Creator. 

My love is with you, eternally. 

Thank you for your time and your presence,

I am Master Djwhal Khul.

Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson, december 13th, 2022

Celestial White Beings: Ascension Initiation Seeding

December 13, 2022

by Natalie Glasson

Greetings magnificent beacons of light. We are the celestial white beings. We come forth radiating our Cosmic and Celestial light.

It is our purpose to support you in understanding the Ascension shifts taking place at this moment, while also beginning to seed those Ascension Energies into your being into your reality and into your Creations for the coming year. This is a wonderful time for nurturing your being refocusing your mind and seeding Energies, anchoring vibrations into your being so that you may embody them and they may serve you in the year. That is coming.

The Ascension initiations taking place at this time and throughout the coming period, a focused upon power. There are two areas that require your contemplation. The first is to explore your power.

What does it mean to be powerful? What are your power qualities? What color is your power? What vibrations does your power Express?

The second area of contemplation is: how can you manifest your power in your current reality and what would it manifest, as would you feel the power within your being? What would it feel like?

How would you experience it and then how would it manifest in your reality, if you were able to look forward a year, can you imagine yourself living powerfully expressing your inner power? What would you be doing? What would you be saying? What would you be thinking with these two areas?

We can begin to understand the Ascension shifts taking place now, and we can also recognize that many experiences in your reality are connected to power you claiming and accepting your power. Sometimes, when you heal yourself or change your perspective, which is you claiming and accepting your power.

Sometimes, when you choose kindness over anger or chaos, that can be you accepting and claiming your power, it is important to begin to recognize that many of your experiences, maybe even your challenges or areas that are causing confusion or struggle, that there is simply a need for You to claim your power in a unique and perfect way for you by recognizing that many of your challenges at this time are connected to you claiming your power. You are seeding, the Ascension energies and the Ascension initiations. You are grounding and anchoring them deep into your being.

You are embodying them. This allows you to move through your Ascension initiations, with greater ease, because you’re calling forth all of the energies that are required, the activation energies and the embodiment, Energies and you’re drawing them into your being to serve you. It is not for you to struggle alone.

The support is all around you. You are safe, you have everything that you need and require to achieve these Ascension initiations, and you can begin by seeding that support that energy and those qualities to serve you – and you do this by contemplating your power and recognizing that many of your experiences are encouraging. You to claim your power and, with that whole process, understanding and acknowledgment comes the seeding of your Ascension.

It grounds and moves at a quicker pace, which means that you move through your Ascension with a quicker speed because you’re grasping everything and allowing everything to be at your fingertips or embodied within your being now. The next question comes: how do you claim your power and how do you even Explore it? The exploration can be achieved in quiet time or meditation, where you invite your soul.

Your essence to show you your power to allow you to feel descends to acknowledge to see your power within you. Let it come forth in a way that serves you. It might be a symbol or a vision, a sound, or a simple knowingness.

Imagine that your power is a new friend that you want to get to know deeply, so ask your power questions, anything that comes to your mind and allow the answers to Flow. You may not understand them or you may, whatever you receive, is simply accept it. Now, the seeding of your power, the recognition, the embodiment, the creation of power in your reality, comes through overcoming the current challenges.

Discomfort struggles, confusion in your reality because, as you resolve these aspects and recognize them as you claiming your power, so you plant the seeds of power, so you ground it anchors into your reality.

You become an embodiment of power.

So if there is an area of your reality that you dislike or causes discomfort contemplate it, what would this area of your reality look like if you were in a space of power and if you’re able to achieve this, you can understand what do you need to Move into that space of power, what do you need to receive or what you need to do and that will act as a seeding of your power.

It’s almost like a root, extends from your power and grounds itself very thoroughly and deeply into your being and your reality and each time you do this you’re seeding your power you’re, claiming your power you’re, overcoming Ascension, initiations and you’re, walking as your power on the Earth And you will feel liberated through this process, because not only are you resolving stuck energy you’re, claiming your power, maybe bit by bit until you can recognize it more fully within your reality and within your being – and this is something that we encourage you to achieve in The coming days and weeks, it is a unique Journey for you to explore and achieving this you are in alignment with the Ascension shifts, and so the Ascension energy will carry you forth, offering to you all the support and nourishment that you require, and, of course we, The celestial white beings are present to serve you as well.

We love you dearly.

Please call upon us to surround you energetically and assist you. We are here in service to you. We thank you.


The Unicorn Kingdom via Natalie Glasson, November 4th, 2022

Unicorn Kingdom

Divine Communication Awakening by the Unicorn Kingdom

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, we are the Unicorn Kingdom. We come forth as a collective energy. We are of similar vibration to the Angelic Kingdom and our purpose is to be of service. We work with the Elemental Kingdom, Mother Earth, the inner planes and of course, we work in service and as guides for souls upon the Earth. Today we wish to bring forth an awakening energy, to support a clearer, more defined

communication for you with your guides, your intuition, your soul, and soul group, the Creator and any other energy you wish to connect with.

We first wish to speak of a trio of chakras, the Crown Chakra, the Causal Chakra, and the Third Eye Chakra. Your Crown Chakra at the top of your head is like a lotus flower,  supporting you in receiving the divine and sacred energy of the Creator. You can draw energy through your Crown Chakra, into your body, and your being, you can also draw forth wisdom, sacred geometry, templates, and downloads. As the energy flows into your being from your Crown Chakra it enters into your Causal Chakra. Your Causal Chakra at the back of your head, transforms light and energy into a form that your mind and your brain can understand. Light transforms into a vision, a symbol, a colour, a word, or a sensation. There are so many ways that light can transform so that you may understand or gain a summary of the purpose of the light you have received.

Your Third Eye Chakra at your brow area, supports you in seeing or sensing an understanding of the light. As the light transforms into a form within your causal chakra, it is projected into your brow. Your brow is almost like a television screen that you can watch. It allows you to see into your own reality and other dimensions. An example of this might be that you receive an energy through your Crown Chakra, it enters into your Causal Chakra. This energy may be aligned to a certain dimension as it is projected from your Causal Chakra into your third eye, you may see into that dimension. You may connect with the dimension, the wisdom given or the energy shared. We can recognise that the brow, the Third Eye Chakra allows for a connection with the energy that you have received, and also allows you to investigate deeper. It’s as if a spotlight has been activated on a certain energy pattern, wisdom, dimension or sacred space. With the presence of your Third Eye Chakra, you are able to investigate and explore further, accessing the truth of the Creator. Each person can use their Third Eye Chakra in a different way, in service to their own purpose and mission upon the Earth.

This beautiful trio allows for greater clarity in your communication with the divine. The more that you become aware of the way that this trio works, the more sensitive you will become and aware of the information, the knowledge, the communication that flows through it.

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish to share with you our awakening energy and to allow it to flow into your Crown Chakra, your Causal Chakra and your Third Eye Chakra, we wish to concentrate the energy into each chakra for as long as is appropriate and needed. As you concentrate upon the chakra, we will share our awakening Unicorn energy, you may feel, sense or acknowledge a shift,

you may recognise the chakra opening. As you take time to focus first on the Crown Chakra, then the Causal, then the Third Eye Chakra, we will then send the energy down through your Chakra Column and into Mother Earth. Thus awakening, all of your chakras.

Our purpose is to awaken to greater communication. Therefore, we will send energies, light patterns, and sacred geometry into your Causal Chakra, your Crown Chakra and your Third Eye Chakra. It will be communication information that supports you now in your current Ascension. After experiencing the awakening process, let us send first into your Crown Chakra our communication energy, information and knowledge that supports you. We will then send it into your Causal Chakra and then your Third Eye Chakra. At each stage be aware and observant of any insights, feelings, sensations that come to your awareness. Once this energy is flown into your Third Eye Chakra, let it flow down to Mother Earth through your chakra system, then return to the Third Eye Chakra and rest there. Experience this energy for as long as feels appropriate, if you wish to continue with the process, you can call upon wisdom and guidance from your soul or soul group or even the Creator to flow in the same way. Beginning in your Crown Chakra, moving to your Causal Chakra and projecting into your Third Eye Chakra. Take time to simply be with the energy. Being aware of any insights or understandings, knowingness or remembrance that comes to your awareness. This is a very simple practice. However, it is deeply awakening and supports your development of your divine communication.

We are present to support you, to share with you our awakening, remembering and healing energies. As you work with this process and tool, you will find that you are more able to understand your own intuition and more able to see, sense and acknowledge the truth of the Creator that is within your reality and within your being. Recognising what is illusion and what is not?

We thank you for your time today. Please call upon us to be present with you.

We are the Unicorn Kingdom.


Pallas Athena via Natalie Glasson, October 28th, 2022

Pallas Athena

How to Protect Your Environment by Pallas Athena 

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Pallas Athena. It is a joy to be in your presence today and to bring forth some ideas and tools to serve you in creating an energetic environment that supports your Ascension, your healing, transformation, and of course, the manifestation of the Creator.

Your environment, where you live, where you work, where you exist is immensely important, it acts as a source of nourishment and inspiration for your Ascension journey, and your expression of the Creator. Therefore, it is important that your environment reflects your inner beauty, your inner balance and divinity, propelling you forward to achieve your goals. Your environment, it is important for it to be harmonised with your being. So, that you feel comfortable, content and at peace in your surroundings. With the tools that I, Pallas Athena, wish to offer to you today, you will be able to create the most perfect environment for you, wherever you go.

Now I, Pallas Athena, am the overseer of the golden energy of the Creator, the Christ Consciousness light, and unconditional love. The golden vibration is at the 12th Ray, it is not connected to religion in any way, it is simply a pure expression of the Creator’s Love as well as activation energies that serve you in quickening your Ascension. Many of you are aware of the Violet Flame of Light overseen by Lady Portia at the Seventh Ray. This Violet Flame of Light is an energy of transmutation, it dissolves negative vibrations, stagnant or blocked energies. It sucks them into its flame and dissolves them. I, Pallas Athena, believe that the foundation of the creation of your most important, most perfect environment should begin with the Violet Flame.

I wish to describe and share with you many other flames that are available. It is also important to know that you can blend the flames to create a flame of light or multiple flames of light in one that promotes and supports an environment that serves your Ascension. The Violet Flame can be blended with other flames of light to serve you. If you begin by calling forth, the Violet Flame of Light of the most appropriate vibration and colour to exist in your environment locating it before you or in a certain room, space, building, area or even scenario. Allow the Violet Flame to settle, you may feel that it is beginning to work already. While there are other flames of light that you can call upon, it is important to begin to understand the flames of light that will serve you. You can go within your being, taking your focus inwards, asking what qualities you need to anchor into your environment to serve you now. You may experience an understanding of qualities, or you may simply hold the ability to sense or to know. You can even imagine the qualities that you might like, maybe peace, love, safety, security, happiness, joy, even ecstasy and bliss. You are creating a multi-dimensional and multifaceted flame of light to serve your environment. The flame represents light in action, it constantly burns, constantly absorbing energies or radiating energies to serve you. It will be active, changing, transforming and shifting with you. It will have a consciousness of its own and its intention will be to serve you.

Before you begin, you may wish to simply state your intention, what you wish the outcome will be by using the flames of light.

You may also wish to call upon Archangel Michael‘s Protective Flame. You can use Archangel Michael’s Diamond Cleansing Flame as well. This is a cleansing Angelic energy that holds millions of diamonds, like crystal diamonds within the flame. As it radiates outwards, it creates balance and equilibrium, and supports a deep cleansing as well. When you call upon the Angelic Kingdom, there are many flames available, Archangel Raphael’s Healing Flame, Archangel Gabriel’s Creative Flame. You can call upon Angelic Flames of Love, Peace, Joy, all and many qualities. There are flames connected to the Ascended Masters. Saint Germain has a very beautiful flame of light that holds some of the qualities of the Violet Flame but supports transformation, and the evolution into a greater spiritual path. Master Lanto holds a very bright White Yellow Flame of Luminosity, and it makes everything shine brighter, allowing you to see, sense and acknowledge the light in everything and everyone. Master Kuthumi holds a flame filled with ancient wisdom.  Master Yeshua holds a flame devoted to love. You may also call upon my flame Pallas Athena and this will allow you to access the golden Christ Consciousness, Unconditional Love Flame.

Master Serapis Bey holds a beautiful flame that supports mental clarity. While Master El Morya holds a flame that is connected to power, willpower, self-esteem, and confidence. In fact, all of the Masters of the Rays of Light, hold flames that you may call upon to serve you. Even the Star Beings have flames of light, the Venus Beings hold a beautiful flame connected to love, the Arcturians hold a flame that supports light technology development and the development of anything into a greater light vibration. The Andromedans hold a flame filled with knowledge of the universe of the Creator. Mahatma holds a flame that encapsulates the entire Universe of the Creator, a brilliant sparkling high vibration. You can call upon a flame of light from the Nature Kingdom should you wish to experience more grounding, more of a connection with Mother Earth. Even Mother Earth herself, holds a flame of light. You can invite a flame of light forth from your soul and your soul group into your environment, holding the qualities that most serve your Ascension now.

Each time you call upon the flame of light of your choosing or simply invite the most appropriate flames of light forth, you invite that flame to blend with the Violet Flame of Light, and any other flames of light that you have anchored. They synthesise becoming one flame of light that serves you. I would advise no more than five or six flames of light integrated at each time. Each time you integrate a flame of light, you can hold that flame of Light within your being and have them integrate within you, and then place them into your environment or you can simply place them into your environment. Each time there is an integration of flames, take a moment to feel the energy flowing. Does it feel appropriate? Does it serve you? Does it inspire you? Does it allow you to feel content and safe? If it does not, then ask for it to be removed and try something else. You are creating a mixture of energy to serve your environment and to act as a foundation for you. You will find that you create a flame with multiple qualities that you use again and again. Until one day you realise that it needs to be transformed, altered or changed because it has served its purpose or you may enjoy creating different flames so that different areas of your environment serve you.

This is a wonderful practice to explore and experiment with, it encourages you to be more sensitive to your environment and the energies within your environment, as well as working with the flames trusting the energies and trusting how they serve you. You will be raising the vibration of the Earth as well as your own being and existence upon the Earth. You can create flames that support protection, cleansing, healing, peace, security, and  safety, these will all serve you well.

It is time for me to depart, my love is with you always,

 I am Pallas Athena, I thank you.

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Pallas Athena Channeling by Natalie Glasson, October 21st, 2022

Pallas Athena

How to Be Powerful by Pallas Athena

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Pallas Athena. I am the overseer of the 12th ray of light. It is my purpose to oversee the Christ Consciousness energy, the unconditional love of the Creator. It is my purpose to distribute this energy throughout the Universe of the Creator and allow all to achieve their Christ Consciousness initiations. The Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with religion. It is simply the unconditional vibration of love from the Creator.

Love has so many awakening properties. It allows each of us to explore the truth of the Creator within our being. When we are in a space of love, when we embody love and recognise love within our being, we are powerful. Many perceive love as being weak, however, when you are in a space of love, when you recognise the purest, unconditional love within your being, you are accessing your power. You are accessing your truth, and your essence, allowing this to flow forth into your creations and your reality.

Today, we are here to speak of how to be powerful in your Ascension, and in your physical reality. We first must understand what power is. Power is a life force energy, a driving force, and momentum, born from the Creator that flows through your being. It is the essence of the Creator; therefore, it is the essence of your being. When you are in alignment with your truth, with the Creator, you are in your power. This is because you are balanced, you are at peace, in a space of love, you have clarity, intuition, connection with the Creator and therefore what you bring forth is truth. The way you choose to bring this truth forth as an expression is completely unique for you, and it is in the expression that often many become confused about what power is. Many believe that power needs to be strong, to be loud, to be confident, maybe to be overpowering. Some might perceive power as being violent or harmful. We can recognise that power is a sacred expression of your truth. A truthful expression of the essence within your being. When you are in alignment with this and you allow your truth to be expressed through you authentically, followed by your intuition, and inner guidance, then you know that your expression of power is true, appropriate and guided.

Many fear power because they misunderstand power. Many have been victims and feel as if their power has been taken away from them. When you are connected to your truth, when you are aligned with all that you are, your essence, there is no way that you can be a victim or weak and there is no way that you can express power in a way that is false. You can only express power in a powerfully loving, and truthful way, and so this means that you can trust in yourself and trust in your own power. Some might say that they have been a victim and that their power has been taken away, they have been hurt, they feel confused, upset, maybe even ill. Please recognise that your power has not been taken away from you, if you look within you will see it still, anyone who caused you to feel like a victim or weak were not coming from a place of power or even overpowering you, they were coming from a place of reacting, of being hurt themselves or wounded within. In actual fact, being overpowering or being a victim, they have nothing to do with your true power and you existing powerfully in your Ascension and your reality.

You may need time to contemplate this, you may need time to contemplate it in your reality. There may be some people that cause you to feel as if your power is limited. Remember that this is only a reaction, an emotional and mental reaction because they could act the same but you could allow yourself to be in your power, to be aligned, to be centred, to be balanced, and to be connected. This can be achieved by simply breathing deeply, even recognising the presence of love within your being, and your connection to all that is the Creator. When you are in a space of connection, you are in your power and then can approach the same person or situation from that space.

Recognise what power does, and how your power guides you. You may find yourself reacting in a different way. You might find yourself sharing words, actions in a different way. You might even perceive the other person or situation differently. When we begin to recognise that power is the truth within and that in order to live powerfully, there is a need to connect with the truth within, then we begin to see the illusion of power all around and within, beginning to dissolve this illusion. Therefore, accessing new vibrations of light, new understandings, enlightenment and new ways of being.

Imagine that there is one practice, one piece of music, maybe a mantra or a book that when you are with whatever it is that you feel more centred, more like yourself, more in your truth. I invite you to find what that might be, to experience it and to recognise that when you are connecting with love and peace within your being, you are in the presence of your power and that it is waiting to speak with you, to share, to be expressed through your being and to work with you in your Ascension and reality.

Thank you for allowing me to speak,

I am Pallas Athena,

I thank you.

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Venus Beings via Natalie Glasson, September 30th, 2022

 Grounding through the Heart Chakra by Venus Beings
Channeled through Natalie Glasson
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


Greetings and love, we are the Venus Beings. We open our heart space to you now and give forth our love of the Creator, our self-love and our love of all that is the Creator. We love you, dearly. We wish for you to experience a universe that is filled with love, created from love and manifests love. This is the reality that you exist within, we wish to encourage you to feel it, to sense it, to know and enjoy the universe of love.

Grounding is such an essential aspect of ascension as you constantly change, shift and transform. There is always a need to ground into Mother Earth and ground into the reality that you are creating as well as grounding into your core essence and your truth. We wish to share with you a way that you can ground yourself into the space of love. The space of love that is within you and the space of love that is outside of you within the Universe of the Creator. Through this simple grounding process, not only will you feel yourself most secure, balanced and stable in your reality with clarity and understanding. You will allow your heart chakra to open and expand, your entire being will unfold and your energy field will vibrate and pulsate at a quicker speed expanding into the reality around you. When you are in this space, everything flows with greater ease. You are able to manifest your truth, you are able to manifest the reality that serves and fulfills you, that you are able to enjoy in every moment for you are deserving of this. We wish to share with you how you can achieve this grounding through the heart chakra.

First, we wish for you to acknowledge, what do you love in your reality or who do you love in your reality? Do you have a partner? A loved one. A family member, may be an animal that you love dearly?

We, the Venus Beings invite you to think of one being that you love dearly. It may be one of your guides or someone in your reality. Allow yourself to notice what happens to your being when you think of your love for them. Allow yourself to notice how your heart chakra expands, maybe your chest fills with love. You might feel yourself expressing love with each breath as you exhale, or you might find that there is a need to express love with each breath that you exhale in order to feel, to sense and acknowledge that love that you have for this being.

As you experience the love that you have for this being, allowing it to grow, notice and be aware of how it influences and impacts your body and being. You might find yourself feeling more stable, more grounded, more in a space of love.

As you acknowledge this, space of love, allow yourself to also acknowledge the floor, the ground, Mother Earth beneath you. Maybe it’s your feet or your body touching the floor, or if not simply be aware that you have the floor beneath you. The Earth, the soil, Mother Earth, even if you are in an aeroplane, you still have Mother Earth beneath you. There is always a connection that can be acknowledged, and it is this simple connection that allows you to experience the grounding of love. As you are in a space of acknowledging love, and then you ground it, the love is already grounding you but the grounding process magnifies and amplifies your experience of love. Then you can begin to look into other aspects of your reality from this space of love.

We the Venus Beings encourage you to first notice everything and everyone that you love. It might be drinking a cup of tea or coffee that allows you to experience the love that you have. There might be a tree that you love, maybe there is an experience that you love, a connection with a guide that you love. There may be many beings in your reality that you love. Some of these may be beings in nature, you may find that you love your home, your garden or a certain country.

You will discover that you love colours as you move through this journey of discovering and being aware of what you love, you are opening your heart. You are grounding yourself; you are grounding yourself into a space of love. You are becoming more and more aware of what it feels like to emanate love, and to be in that space of love, where love fills your entire being. The more that you acknowledge this the more you recognise that you are a being of love grounded, balanced, anchored into Mother Earth. Then comes the journey of approaching areas of your reality, or your being which do not hold the vibration of love. They may hold the vibration of hate, anger, fear, or being wounded. Then you allow yourself to access the love that you know so well within your being, and you approach whatever requires healing or transformation from this space of love, seeing through the eyes of your inner love, your grounded inner love.

You are in a space of balance, openness, you are allowing the flow of the Creator and Mother Earth, everything is in sync. Therefore, you will understand the answer. You will understand what is needed in order to transition, to transform this situation or experience and you will be able to follow that guidance. Therefore, you will begin to practice approaching everything from a space of love within your being, and you will notice how things transform easily and effortlessly, and how more and more loving things manifest in your reality. This is how to ground yourself into your reality and your ascension through the heart chakra, it creates the most blissful experience, blissful reality, and accelerated ascension.

We, the Venus Beings, are present to support you, so please call upon us even if you simply wish for us to surround you in love, we will do so happily. Please take our words into your heart and accept what feels appropriate and necessary for you.

We love you, dearly, we thank you,

We are the Venus Beings

Archangel Metatron via Natalie Glasson, September 1st, 2022

How to Awaken the Beauty
Within by
Archangel Metatron
Channeled through Natalie Glasson
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Archangel Metatron. It is a joy to be in your presence today as I come forth speaking of activating and awakening the beauty within. We first need to acknowledge what beauty is. Beauty is the essence of the Creator, it is the purity, the core, the truth of the Creator. This translates and manifests into well-being, health, inner peace, calmness. The ability to access one’s inner power, to manifest one’s dream in their reality, to speak the truth or their truth, and to allow for transformation, healing and rejuvenation to take place. Your inner beauty is your inner glow. It is the combination of qualities of the Creator that you embody and allow to flow freely from your being. When you are connected to your inner glow, the sacred Creator qualities, vibrations and truths, and allow these to flow in an active and conscious way, you are manifesting your inner beauty.

You may wonder why it is important to manifest your inner beauty. Beauty is so important as it inspires the soul. There is a need for many across the Earth to see, to sense, to acknowledge beauty and to be inspired by it. Inspiration comes from the soul; it activates the soul. There is a need for all beings to activate their soul and allow their inner glow and inner Creator qualities to shine. When you focus upon connecting with your inner beauty and delivering it into your reality and the world you will inspire others to awaken.

You may have been speaking or sitting next to a person, and to you, they seem so beautiful. Maybe their smile is beautiful, their kindness is beautiful, or the way they communicate is beautiful. It could be their energy or resonance that is beautiful to you, it’s inspiring and you may wish to be the same. In that moment your soul is activating. You are seeing in the other what you wish to see within yourself, what you need to see within yourself or what is ready to activate and flow from your being. You are seeing a reflection of your own inner beauty.

If everyone across the world begins to focus upon their inner beauty, accessing it, emanating it, and recognising it within others, the way that we all perceive the world will transform. Even on the inner planes, the way that we perceive the Earth will transform. More and more, you will see and seek the beauty of the Earth, the beauty of living an earthly reality. Your experiences will heighten your vibration, quicken your vibration and frequency allowing you to ascend, to gain greater mastery, to understand greater truths, and it will be the same for others. You will recognise beauty in nature as well as in your experiences. You will see beauty in that which you manifest, even in the challenging times of your reality. Your inner beauty will be linked to your strength and your power. A strength and power to seek the Creator in everything and everyone, to manifest the Creator for all and yourself.

Beauty is not only superficial or skin deep, beauty is within everything and everyone. Beauty is unique, special and manifests in magnificent ways. It is a power, a source, and an expression. The more that people upon the Earth recognise their inner beauty, the more their mental programs and perspectives will alter and shift, the way they think will change. Therefore, your being and your reality will change, including what you’re manifesting. Thus, negativity will dissolve, fear, pain and suffering will dissolve, and a focus upon beauty and inner beauty will manifest. Remember, it’s not about changing your appearance or even changing your physical reality. It is about activating the Creator qualities within your being and letting them shine, recognising and becoming custom to this energy to allow you to recognise it within your reality and within others as well.

How do you activate and access your inner beauty?

You turn your attention inward, maybe into your heart chakra, if that feels appropriate or into another chakra, maybe simply you melt into the depths of your inner being.

You call forth all the sacred Creator qualities from your soul to be present within your being now.

You allow yourself to breathe deeply, focusing upon acknowledging your inner beauty, those Creator qualities.

You affirm yourself and confirm that the qualities you are experiencing whether you feel, sense, acknowledge or imagine them are Creator qualities, your truth, your inner glow, and your inner beauty. This is your power and beauty for you to emanate.

You focus upon this energy, maybe giving it a colour if you wish allowing it to flow out through your being into every cell., all aspects of your body, your auric field and into your reality and the world. In doing this, you are safe. It is safe for you to emanate your inner beauty, and as you emanate, this light, you’re creating safety for yourself. Allowing yourself to feel comfortable in this space of emanating your inner glow and beauty.

Sit in this space for as long as you wish and as many times a day as you feel guided to, until it feels natural, organic and automatic. Begin to notice how it influences your thoughts, and the way that you perceive yourself and your reality. You will notice beauty emerging from within your being, maybe your body will transform or your reality. It might be that the way you communicate or express yourself transforms.

The Creator is inviting us to recognise our inner beauty, as the purity of our being and in many ways a healing balm and ascension acceleration.

In our present moment I encourage you to explore your inner beauty, and to recognise how magical you are.

My love is with you always,

I am Archangel Metatron

Nature Spirits via Natalie Glasson, August 26th, 2022

Balanced Creation by the Nature Spirits
Channeled through Natalie Glasson
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, Namaste, we are a collective energy of the Nature Spirits. We come forth with our love, our respect, and our gratitude for those of you who are extending your light far and wide upon the Earth. We thank you dearly for the light you have shared with the Nature Kingdom, and we share our light with you too. We collect your light, we enhance it, we magnify it, and we send it to you, to all of humanity, all beings and Mother Earth. It is our purpose to magnify light and to enhance the vibration of light existing within Mother Earth.

We wish to come forth and speak of Balanced Creation. We wish to invite you to begin to include us, the Nature Kingdoms, and Spirits of the Earth, Mother Earth in your own meditation time and manifestation projects. We wish to support you in creating your dreams, your desires, your soul’s destiny upon the Earth. We wish to share wisdom as to how we can support you in creating your dreams and desires and we also wish to create a Balanced Creation. What this means is that as we join and unite in your energy, we will bring our manifestation vibrations and frequencies to that which you are manifesting. Therefore, it will be supported by the Nature Kingdom and the Nature Spirits. What this also means is that your dreams and desires will be aligned with creating higher vibrations for Mother Earth and all beings as well as supporting the Nature Kingdoms.

You might wonder how a dream or desire of a soul can be aligned with Nature Spirits and Mother Earth?

Imagine that your dream is to become an Interior Designer or maybe to own a car, or you may want to create something beautiful out of wood, whatever your Nature Kingdom. We can support your manifestation and your manifestation can support the Nature Kingdom. You might ask how can the manifestation of a car in your reality be aligned with the Nature kingdoms and Mother Earth ? How can it support the Nature Kingdom, and Mother Earth? It may be that we offer guidance as to how to manifest your reality, dreams and desires so that they support nature, or it could be that when your manifestation anchors it activates new wisdom, energy and love that is gifted to the Nature Kingdom.

We the Nature Beings wish for you to accept our help in meditation, quiet time or manifestation, you can call us forth the Nature Beings and Spirits aligned with your soul, to come forth to support, amplify, and fuel your creations, dreams, and desires.
You will feel our energy, you may wish to breathe it in, to embody it. Then you may wish to think of that which you wish to create to send energy and love to it, to ground it into your Earth Star Chakra, below your feet. Even the process of grounding into your Earth Star Chakra below will mean that our nature energies will be grounded into Mother Earth. This will create a beautiful activation for Mother Earth where she can receive greater higher frequencies and for all beings and souls upon the Earth.

When your dreams and desires manifest, this will create an activation for the Earth and the Nature Spirits because we are working as one. We are synthesising, creating a unity. Balanced Creation is also being created. We will support you in remaining balanced as you create. Therefore, your creation will be born from balance, the balance of all things, and especially balance with the Creator. All of your creations will be in balance with the Earth, with the Nature Spirits, Mother Earth, and all the realms. When there is a balance between yourself and the Nature or Mother Earth realms, everything manifests with greater ease, and quickness. This is immensely important at this time because when you recognise harmony within your being, and with your outside reality, there is a greater flow of the Creator, and everything simply manifests beautifully.

You may also realise that accepting the help of the Nature Spirits means that additional beauty, creativity, grounding, power and higher vibrations are anchored into your creations, your manifestation, your dreams, and desires. You will be creating beauty for Mother Earth as well. You might find with our assistance that your dream, your desires slightly shift, and this may be appropriate to align more with your soul and to be in balance with the Earth. All creations are supposed to be in alignment with Mother Earth, there is a need to work together with Mother Earth, and when you do so, life is simple.

We, the Nature Spirits, wish for you to contemplate a Balanced Creation with the Nature Spirits, with Mother Earth and all the realms. We wish for you to recognise all the gifts that we can give to you, and through this co-creation, the gifts that you will automatically and naturally give to Mother Earth and all beings. You may wish to call us forth to activate the energy and frequency of Balanced Creation within your being and to synthesise our energies with yours to create a Balanced Creation to aid Mother Earth. We thank you for allowing us to come forth to greet you, and to share. We wish to be involved in all that you are creating upon the Earth.

We are co-creators, and we wish to co-create with you in order to bring forth balance and ascension activations.

We love you deeply and we thank you,

We are the Nature Spirits

The Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson, August 19th, 2022

How to Connect with Your Destiny by the Celestial White Beings

Channeled through Natalie Glasson
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, beloved beacons of light. We are the Celestial White Beings, we come forth with our pure translucent, pearlescent white energy and light. Our purpose is to awaken the vibration of bliss within all beings as they move along their Ascension pathway.

As we come forth to you, today, we wish to invite you to visit our sacred space on the inner planes, the home, and the Ashram of the Celestial White Beings.

To visit our ashram, you only need to call upon our energies to surround you.

Ensure you are connected with your soul, breathe in the beautiful mixture of our light, the Celestial White Beings, and your soul light. With each breath that you exhale, you will raise your vibration, and transport yourself to our Ashram on the inner planes.

You can state an intention before you begin this practice, that you wish to visit the Celestial White Beings Ashram on the inner planes.

There is a purpose to our visit, and to you, transporting your energy, and your awareness to our Ashram. We wish to invite you to experience the Lake of Clear Vision within our Ashram. As you enter into this space, it radiates white, pink and blue light. It is as if the white light is shimmering with beautiful colours. There is a vast and expansive white light lake before you, there are rocks, stones and pebbles at the shore. Further back there are trees, beautiful, majestic trees that surround the lake.

There are many areas around the lake where you can sit and make yourself comfortable. You may wish to take a boat onto the lake. As you imagine, sense and acknowledge this, please know that this is a space of tremendous purity. Existing by the Lake of Clear Vision, will allow you to feel the pure vibrations. You may find that your mind and being become more balanced, still, and begin a purification process. You may feel more able to connect with the vibration of peace within your own being. Simply existing or meditating in this space is immensely valuable and creates a regeneration of your being.

The lake has a greater purpose when you connect your third eye chakra, followed by your heart chakra with the lake. In truth you can connect all chakras individually with the lake. Each chakra will absorb the purity of the lake. In doing so you are opening yourself up to receive and to share with purity and clarity.

This is the Lake of Clear Vision, so it seemed very important that you create a clear intention whist at the lake. You can visit the lake in order to gain a clear vision of your future and your destiny on the Earth.

Why do you need to know about your future and your destiny?

In truth, you don’t need to know and it’s okay if you don’t know about your future and your destiny. However, setting the intention and visiting the lake will allow you to align with your future and your destiny. Thus, opening you up to receive a conscious embodiment of higher vibrations of yourself, and higher pure vibrations of your existence on the Earth. You are opening yourself up to receive the ultimate possibilities for you as a soul on the Earth, and whether you simply receive the vibrations, or you gain clear visions about what this would look like, feel like or manifest as you are creating the space for you to manifest, enact and put into action these ultimate higher vibrational possibilities for your own reality.


Sometimes in a physical reality you can become focused into the third dimension. Where you are present with everything that you are. However, you become stuck, unable to see, sense, acknowledge what could be possible, to expand, to liberate yourself, and open up to receive the gifts and the guidance of the Creator, your soul group and soul. Sometimes there is simply a need for an awakening, for inspiration to land within your being in order to excite you. To move forward at a greater speed, to take certain actions to overcome certain fears, and aspire to living as a higher vibration. This is the purpose of the Lake of Clear Vision, and so in this space and whenever you feel guided through following the steps that we have shared, we invite you to simply sit focusing upon your intention.

Connect with your destiny, your future for your existence upon the Earth.

Enjoy the energies, and observe, if anything comes into your awareness, whether it’s a feeling, a sensation, a colour, vision, words, or the sound. Whatever it may be, and you can visit as often as you wish in order to build a growing and enlightening picture.

You may wonder how you know that this vision is the truth. In this space where the lake is present only truth can manifest.

Your mind may try to make up a story or try to put into your awareness something that you really dream of, but you simply won’t be able to sustain it, it won’t be able to stay that long in your space, if it is not the truth. Something that is the truth will stay with you. You will feel it vibrating within your being. We believe that this is the most beautiful and appropriate practice now. Many of you are seeking the next stage, the next phase of Ascension for yourselves and especially as to what actions you need and require to make on the Earth. Some of you have no idea what the next step is, others understand it completely, but have no idea how to get to that point of manifesting it. You can work with the lake, which holds our Celestial White Being energies, and allow inspiration, enlightenment to be revealed to you.

If you do find the process challenging, ask us and even the lake to activate trust from within your being and begin with this.

When you wish to return to your reality, you can simply imagine, sense, acknowledge the floor beneath you, the ground, Mother Earth beneath you, focus upon this until you feel yourself, fully grounded, back into your reality.

The Lake of Clear Vision is such an integral part of the Celestial White Being Ashram. It is a sacred and pure space, and we welcome you to visit whenever you feel guided. We are also present to support you in discovering and connecting with your destiny and your future, through the connection with the lake. Everything will be downloaded, activated and embodied within your being concerning your destiny and your future.

We thank you and we love you,

We are the Celestial White Beings

Mahatma via Natalie Glasson: Understanding Ascension Emotions, August 12, 2022 

Mahatma Through Natalie Glasson: Understanding Ascension Emotions

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


Greetings and love extend from all aspects of my being. I am the consciousness, the energy known as Mahatma, I exist throughout 352 levels of the Creator’s Universe. It is my purpose to oversee the cosmic level of the Creator as well. Each of you are a part of my energy, and flow through my being and consciousness in order to manifest and exist within the Universe of the Creator.

Today, I wish to speak of emotions. It is time to acknowledge the impact of Ascension upon your emotions.

Ascension is quickening and moving at great speed. This means that you may feel unbalanced, uncertain or confused when you grow spiritually. When you awaken you may gain a new insight about yourself as an expression of the Creator. There is a period of time when you become accustomed to that new vibration. This period of time is when your emotional body can experience high or dramatic reactions.

You might feel wounded by the words of another, you might find yourself extremely emotional, or upset, or maybe the opposite deliriously happy. As your body and your being is adjusting to the new vibration of Ascension that you have accessed, it can mean that you experience emotional highs and emotional lows.

Once your vibration and your being become accustomed to the new Ascension energy you have accessed and embodied from within your being, then you are able to retain your balance. You are especially able to remain balanced in your emotional body. This means that the same experiences that caused you pain or hurt, or extreme happiness may not have the same impact. You might find that there is only a small reaction within your emotional body.

Some people can experience an Ascension shift every couple of days, while others can experience a shift every few months.

When you become accustomed to a new energy understanding or awareness, it’s in that time of embodiment that there is a need for self love, especially self-love towards the emotional body.

When many souls give themselves self-love, loving themselves unconditionally, often it is directed towards the physical body, or the being in general. In these times when embodiment is taking place, after a shift, there is a need to direct the self-love to the emotional body.

The emotional body can then gain balance quickly and is able to process the new vibration, embodying it, acting and reacting from that new vibration. This can take place simply through intention, you can imagine, sense, acknowledge or even state that you share and gift your love to your emotional body.

You can imagine love flowing from your heart chakra, maybe as a pink or green light, and filling up your emotional body in your auric field, from the bottom of your being to the top as if you’re filling it with liquid light. Achieving this every day, and especially when you are experiencing a very extreme reaction within your emotional body will allow your emotional body to settle, and balance with greater speed.

The process allows your emotional body to ascend in a very beautiful and important way. As you fill your emotional body with love, you are also releasing emotional ties, emotional knots and emotional wounds from past and simultaneous lifetimes.

Essentially it is like a clearing and a liberation for your emotional body. This means that patterns of emotional reactions are also released.

With self-love your emotional body opens up to receive new Ascension patterns that support new insights, enlightenment, understanding, vibrations and healings. Therefore, your emotional body is in alignment with your Ascension and your inner essence which makes it easier for you to be an expression and beacon of love and the Creator’s vibration.

It makes it easier for these vibrations to flow through your emotional body and to support your emotional body in its healing process, as well as allowing your emotional body to support your entire being.

Your emotional body is a very key and important aspect of your manifestation process. Therefore, if your emotional body is aligned with your essence and your soul, your emotional body is giving you the energy and the fuel to create what you wish and dream of from a space of truth within your being. With this understanding, it is easier to acknowledge your emotions, to explore them, enter into them and experience them.

Then you have the opportunity to ask:

What is the message?

What does your emotional body wish to share with you or alert you to?

Or you can move straight onto gifting self-love to your emotional body as this will support you in not only preparing your emotional body, supporting a release and maybe even giving insights as to why the emotional high or low occurred.

This is a very simple process, it is a very valuable tool in understanding your Ascension emotions, the emotions that occur as you ascend, or how your emotional body is reacting.

It has been an honor to serve you,

I thank you,

I am Mahatma

Archangel Metatron via Natalie Glasson, August 5th, 2022

Wisdom of the Ages by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love, I am Archangel Metatron. May the joy of the Creator engulf you and surround you, may it bubble from within you. I wish to share the joy of the Creator with you so that you may experience joy in your current reality. Let your physical reality be a joyful experience, let your spiritual reality be a joyful experience. I know for many that it may not be a joyful time. It is important to realise that joy is born from within your being and therefore it radiates and reflects into your reality. You create a joyful reality for yourself from your own inner experience of joy. This is something that I encourage you to contemplate and bring into your awareness and embodiment. As you experience joy in your reality, so your energy vibration quickens therefore you speed along your ascension process.

I, Archangel Metatron, come forth to you today to speak of Wisdom of Ages. Each being upon the Earth wishes to access wisdom and enlightenment that allows them to understand their reality on the Earth, their purpose, and to understand the reality beyond the Earth. As each person seeks their own personal inner wisdom it is appropriate to share that there are so many pockets of wisdom throughout the entire Universe of the Creator that can be accessed. When you seek wisdom, there is a need for you to focus and to be clear on the wisdom that you wish to receive. Each civilisation that has existed upon the Earth has its own pocket of wisdom. Even each country upon the Earth has its own pocket of wisdom, it is also that each generation upon the Earth has its own pocket of wisdom. You may wonder why this is. Your soul places you in certain parts of the Earth at certain times so you may access a unique wisdom that you can deliver forth to the Earth and humanity. For example, if you exist in a country on the Earth, you draw upon that country’s wisdom, you can draw upon other countries’ wisdom or the entire Earth’s wisdom. This may be appropriate and necessary for your purpose and your service upon the Earth. It may be that your age, although age and time is an illusion, allows you to access certain wisdom. A person who is 20 can achieve similar things to someone who is 90 or you may say it is completely different. They can both access the same wisdom. However, there are pockets of wisdom that serve each age group. There is an interaction, someone in their 30s, will interact, maybe differently with someone in their 40s or 50s. However, the interaction will create enlightenment because each has a source of wisdom that is slightly unique, and therefore activates within each being.

There are pockets of wisdom for different civilisations, and this can mean sometimes that one person is drawing from a wisdom from Atlantis, another is drawing from a different wisdom, maybe from the Starseeds, and so this wisdom is brought to the Earth and it is appropriate and necessary. However, sometimes it may not be aligned with the Ascension that is occurring right now, and so I Archangel Metatron wish to encourage you to experiment slightly.

To do so, make sure that you have a clear and strong focus concerning the wisdom that you are accessing, drawing into and through your being. Whether that wisdom comes in words, sound, music, movement, art, feelings and sensations or visions. It is valuable at this time to bring forth the clarity.

In meditation you can ask to access the wisdom of your own age group. Maybe you are in your 20s or 30s, your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and so forth. You can access and invite to receive and connect with the pocket of wisdom of that age group, and then experiment, maybe try the age group above or below you and see how it differs. What you are actually doing is recognising different vibrations, and recognising vibrations that serve you and ignite your inner enlightenment and support your ascension.

During meditation you can ask to receive and access the pocket of wisdom of your country, and then maybe try a different country and see how it varies. When we are saying a pocket of wisdom, we are speaking of the highest vibration of wisdom that is available.

You might also want to try connecting with a pocket of wisdom from a different civilisation.

It is important for me to share that if you connect with a different pocket of wisdom and you find that it is not appropriate, you can ask Archangel Metatron to step in immediately to disconnect the connection so that it no longer flows. There is no right or wrong experience. There is no need to feel pressured that you need to connect with certain pockets of wisdom. It is more about experimenting, realising that there are different pockets of wisdom, and to recognise which serve you. It’s about recognising the vibrations and frequencies that serve you the most.

We are accessing the energy of the Creator. It is almost as if we are dissecting the energy of the Creator in order to explore it. What you will find is that you discover certain vibrations/frequencies that bring forth really empowering wisdom for you and bring forth the enlightenment and understanding that you seek. It could be that you are in your 60s and it is the pocket of wisdom from the 20s age group that is most serving you at this moment. It is for you to experiment.

It also means that you have an ability to recognise that there are different forms of wisdom, and different perspectives, because people are working in different ways, they have different purposes and destinies. There is a different service that each person is sharing as they express the Creator. It allows you to recognise that there is one energy and one source, however, this can be expressed in numerous ways therefore you begin to expand your mind and recognise that there is a wisdom that serves everyone.

Some pockets of wisdom will not serve you and you will not agree with them, accept them or even like them. Other pockets of wisdom will serve you well and that is okay, it is an acceptance. In this moment, you have a certain vibration, a certain purpose, and a certain service and therefore you require a certain nourishment of energy and wisdom. In some ways that is the difference between yourself and another being, and the wisdom that is available to you.

What can also be achieved is there might be misalignments within your being, within your reality or within the reality of others. Maybe you can see, sense, or acknowledge that some people are drawing from a pocket of wisdom that is so ancient that it doesn’t serve this reality anymore. Therefore, you can work with my energies Archangel Metatron and invite me to come forth to work with you to create in the most gentle and loving way, a realignment with a pocket of wisdom that serves and that creates Ascension and enlightenment. It is all about exploration and intention. It is also about expanding your mind, accepting the world around you, the uniqueness, and the differences in the world around you. As well as within you, and supporting others upon their journey, even if their journey is very different to yours.

My purpose in this moment is to awaken a new perspective within your being. I thank you for listening. It has been a joy to share.
I love you,

I am Archangel Metatron

The Arcturians via Natalie Glasson, July 29th, 2022

Releasing Mental Ties by the Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, beloved beings of light, we are the Arcturians. We come forth in gentle waves of light, to support your transitions in the world. We wish to support you in moving your mind, your mental state, your perspectives into new dimensions of light. Allowing you to connect on a deeper level and with greater understanding with your guides and beings within the Universe of the Creator that wish to support you in your ascension.

To shift your mind, your mental state into new dimensions of light, therefore, accessing wisdom and enlightenment, there is a need to release mental ties. In doing so, you will let go of all that is anchoring you into your current dimension and reality and the way you perceive your reality in the now. As you release ties within your mental body and your mind, you will be able to understand, see, sense and acknowledge with greater clarity and sensitivity. Opening up your energy to new connections, communications and understandings that serve you in your ascension pathway now.

We wish to speak of releasing mental ties, we invite you to imagine that a memory or a thought is like a circle or a bubble and that your attachment to these memories or thoughts is like a cord or a string. When you are attached to certain memories or thoughts, they influence your understanding of the world within and around you, including your ascension Journey. When you let go of attachments, cords or strings to thoughts or memories that are holding you back, then it is a liberating experience that allows you the space and ability to gain clarity and view other dimensions of light.

When we speak of attachment, we are speaking of a thought, or a memory that you are holding on to and that you are energising and inviting to support you in creating your reality. For example, there may be a memory from your childhood that even now causes you pain, embarrassment or fear. This is a memory and experience that you are holding onto, there is a cord attached to it, you are giving it energy and it is supporting you in creating your reality. When you remember a circumstance or experience, the fear, pain or whatever emotion you experience is supporting you in creating your reality. You may feel that you are not holding on to this memory. It may feel too painful to even remember, but the energy requires to be resolved. Once it is resolved the emotion is resolved and the attachment disappears. The memory simply becomes a memory, it is filed into the library of experiences and when you think of it, there is no reaction within you, it is simply a memory.

Some memories may activate peace, joy, and love, these are appropriate. These are the energies that you wish to create your reality with, you wish to look into your reality through glasses of joy, happiness, love, and peace rather than fear, anger or pain.

We begin to recognise that when there is an attachment, a cord, we are holding on to that experience, energising it, and using it to create our reality. Therefore, it requires to be resolved, we can learn from it, and then file it away as a memory that brings wisdom rather than a memory that creates an activation within your being.

We now move on to the next stage of how to release these cords, and ties that anchor you into certain dimensions and perspectives.

There is first a need to recognise the experience, accept that it is unresolved, accept that there is a tie to this experience and that it is like an anchor holding you in a certain perspective.

All of this will support a release, and you may ask the experience or memory, what the message is that you need to understand, that you need to carry with you from now on as a gift, a treasure? What was learned from the experience? What can you embody instead as a result of the experience? And what positive empowering embodiment can be gained?

You may even need to ask, is there anything else that needs to be acknowledged in order for this tie to be severed?

When you feel ready, when you feel you have gained everything that you need to then you can call upon us the Arcturians or your guides to cut, sever and dissolve the ties, whatever feels appropriate, maybe it is to melt the ties and to file away the memory in your library of memories.

If you find that you are unable to dissolve that tie, you may need to sit in the energy of the experience, accepting it. Focusing upon it until it dissolves, it will melt away. Sometimes energies and experiences simply need your attention almost as if they are required to be watched or observed as they release and disperse. The more that you can release mental ties, even ties to belief systems that are anchoring you in a certain perspective. You will find that your state of mind awakens and expands and that you are able to connect with new dimensions, with very little effort. You will also find that you are more able to be in the present and to enjoy the present moment.

Please know that we the Arcturians are present to support you.

We thank you and we love you,

We are the Arcturians


The Andromedans via Natalie Glasson, July 22nd, 2022

Fulfilling Your Affirmation by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, beloved beings of light, we are the Andromedans. We have brought forth many messages to you at this time, we are being guided to deliver inspiration and wisdom to support your inner connection and your evaluation as well as exploration of yourself and connections with all beings.

Today we wish to explore the process of fulfilling your affirmations. When we speak of affirmations, we are speaking of your intentions, your beliefs, the way that you act and react, the thoughts that flow through your mind, whether you worry, or whether you are in constant bliss. Each of your aspects holds a vibration, and a focus which creates your entire affirmation. An affirmation or a confirmation of who you are. Take a moment to explore and remind yourself of all the different types of thoughts that you have during your day. The emotions, the memories, the actions, the way that you act to yourself and others. The judgment, the fears, the kindness, the love, the happiness, all of this is like an affirmation of who you are.

Imagine, just for fun if we then took that affirmation of yourself, all those energies that are mixed up within your being, the happiness, the sadness, the joy, all that you focus on even just in one moment of your day. What words would come to create an affirmation of who you are?

You might find that it seems to be more of a doubting affirmation or more of a positive affirmation. It doesn’t really matter the words that come, it’s more you are connecting with who you are being in certain moments of your reality. How you show up for your reality and the energies that you focus on, the thoughts that you bring when you recognise this, you can unravel who you are. You are fulfilling your affirmation, and what this means is that everything that you are, all that you are being, everything you focus upon is fulfilled. It’s energised, it’s empowered, it’s magnified into your reality, and it attracts to you the same. Your being has this ability, this skill to naturally fulfil you. Whatever you are focusing upon, your body, your being, wishes to create this experience for you, in your reality and attract the same to you.

Your ability to fulfil you is amazing, it’s wondrous. It means that you have the ability to create whatever you wish, you have the ability to experience your reality as you would like to or as your soul would like. However, there is a need to fine-tune not so much the ability, but the material that your ability is using. The energy, the focus, the vibration that you are embodying, and this is what we call the affirmation. Who you are affirming you are in this moment because when you have a thought, whatever that thought maybe you are affirming in that moment who you are? For example, if you’re anxious and worried, you’re affirming, you are agreeing, creating the energy and empowering it. You are saying that you are a being who is anxious and worried at this moment therefore, your natural ability to fulfil you, to create your reality, and have you be fulfilled will create experiences where you can be fearful and worried and anxious. Almost like a confirmation of your affirmation.

When we are speaking about affirmations in this moment it is not only the word, but it is your vibration, your focus, how you are being, and how you are turning up to your reality. Therefore, there is a need to explore what energies and focus do you have most commonly?

Do you like and agree with this focus? 

Can you change it so that it manifests something enjoyable and positive in your reality or does it require to be enhanced, developed?

You can magnify that focus, that embodiment of being prosperous and see how much you can create for yourself, how much you can allow the ability you have for fulfilling yourself to provide for you.

How much can you create? 

This is asking you to expand your mind, dreams, and your desires to think beyond anything you can focus upon about prosperity, think in a greater, larger, and more abundant way.

What would manifest? What would you feel? How would you experience it? How would you show up to those experiences?

It’s all about exploration and as you explore within your being, you recognise areas of yourself that need fine-tuning, areas of yourself that need empowering. When you recognise areas of yourself that need fine-tuning, you can ask yourself.

How can I develop this to serve me? 

For example, if you are feeling confused, what can you create that allows you to be of service to yourself? So rather than confusion what do you need to resolve the confusion? What do you need to release the confusion? Do you need the support of another? Do you need to meditate? Do you need to gain guidance so you can shift into a more positive focus?

If there are beautiful things like the love of a family within your reality, energise this make it bigger, make it more, experience it more? Empower it through your thoughts, through your actions, through how you are turning up.  If you have a family that you love deeply when you turn up for them, turn up as the love that you have for them. Thus, you are affirming who you are. It is perfectly acceptable to be anxious, to be worried, to be fearful. However, there is a need to recognise how you can resolve that, how you can move forward from that. The more you explore within your being, the more you will be fine-tuning your affirmation, who you are, who you are showing up as, and therefore you will naturally be fulfilling your affirmation, your ability to fulfil will work as naturally as always, except the tools, the materials, the focus that it has will be beautiful, blissful and joyful and they will be created in your reality. It is not that you have to be joyful and blissful in every moment of your reality, it is more so the energy that you come back to often. Even if you go off balance, what’s the energy that you come back to? That is your affirmation, that is who you are, who you are confirming. You are confirming yourself, your ability, and are fulfilling your soul and the Universe of the Creator.

We hope that our message will serve you.

We are the Andromedans, and we thank you.


The Andromedans via Natalie Glasson, July 15th, 2022

Are You Uncomfortable in Your Physical Body? by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


Greetings and love, we the Andromedans extend into your being now. We wish to embrace you with unconditional Divine Love, we invite you to receive this unconditional Divine Love, absorbing it deep into your entire being and especially your physical body.

Throughout this Ascension process each being upon the Earth is absorbing sacred vibrations, activations, keys, and codes from the Creator, while activating deep knowingness and remembrance from within, from the soul, soul group, and the Creator. This means that your physical body is upgrading all of the time. It is upgrading its energy vibration, the knowledge and wisdom that it holds, and the truth grounded in your cells. This upgrading process of the physical body is due to you seeking, developing and discovering your Ascension process. Your body and being hold the purpose of accepting all that is the Creator so that you may exist upon the Earth as an embodiment and an expression of the Creator.

With all these activations and upgrades within your physical body there is still an energy, a programming, which is hindering the complete, and absolute success of these upgrades within the physical body. This programming may allow you to feel uncomfortable in your physical body. Let us, the Andromedans, describe to you what this might mean, feeling uncomfortable in your physical body. You might find that each day you are searching for things wrong with your physical body. You may be worrying about your physical body and your health, worrying about ageing or the future. You might find that you are deeply judgmental about your physical body, your body might not be the same as others, maybe you feel like you don’t fit in. You might feel that there are parts of your physical body that simply aren’t working appropriately or that there’s something wrong with your physical body, but you don’t know what it is. You may have the desire to change aspects of your physical body.

In the civilisation you are currently existing within it is set in the belief systems that you judge, hate or dislike your physical body in some way. What is needed for the physical body is self-love and empathy. The way that you feel about your physical body is born from wounds within your being, within your energy system, within your emotions, and even your thought process. Much of your thought process is adopted from others; past generations, family members, those that surround you or the media. Many of these beliefs encourage you to seek out and search all that is wrong with your being. Thus, the wounds, the emotions, you might say the pain within you activates and you focus it upon your physical body.

The thought processes and programming are suppressing the divinity of your physical body, as well as the health, the vitality, and the use of your physical body. It is also limiting the connection of your physical body with the Creator and your divine self.  Therefore, you may wish to discover what you feel about your physical body. You may wish to recognise on the deepest of levels how you truly feel about your physical body, recognising these as reflections of energies, wounds, emotions, and pain that is unresolved within your being as well as programming from the outside world.

The remedy is self-love and empathy.

Are you willing to first recognise that you are uncomfortable in your physical body?

Are you willing to recognise some of the mirrors that you are projecting into your physical body?

Are you willing to gift to your physical body self-love and empathy?

Even if you are not ready for this, we invite you to contemplate it.

We invite you to cultivate the energies of self-love and empathy within your being, to feel, to sense, and to acknowledge self-love and empathy within your being.

Expand them like a colour or energy, or even a sound into your physical body, and embrace your physical body. Embrace all the areas that you feel uncomfortable with. Maybe you simply feel that it is uncomfortable to live on the Earth.

The more that you can gift self-love and empathy to your body, the more you will dissolve the programming, dissolving the feelings of being uncomfortable.

What you will realise is that these thoughts, these areas that you were uncomfortable with or felt uncomfortable about, you will recognise that they were simply an illusion, and that you are the perfection of the Creator right now. You will recognise that it is so natural to love yourself and that you had been misguided in hating yourself or thinking that something was wrong.  Recognising the illusion will feel like a liberation.

More uncomfortable feelings will come to the surface to be released. However, the foundation of self-love will allow all the upgrades and activations that your physical body requires to move through, to take place with success with totality and completeness. Your body will thrive with this simple shift. Thrive in so many ways that you can’t even imagine.

We hope that you will accept our words with the love that they are given. Focus within your being to allow the transformations to take place.

We the Andromedans will be with you to support you and assist you.

We thank you; we are the Andromedans


Andromedans via Natalie Glasson – How to Change Your Reality, July 8th, 2022

How to Change Your Reality by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Andromedan civilisation. We come forth in love, truth and peace. We deliver forth through our energy, all that is available from the Creator that we receive. We give this to you now. We invite you to open your energy fields to allow our vibrations to flow like a summer breeze through your being warm, gentle, and comforting. Awakening your vibration, awakening your being, and activating the light present within you.

Today we the Andromedans wish to speak of how to change your reality. There are many of you who are unsatisfied with your reality, maybe it is only certain aspects of your reality, or your entire reality. You are desperate, desire a change, or a transformation, maybe even a new beginning or chapter of your life. Take a moment to recognise if you do have any desires, to change, to alter and transform your reality.

We the Andromedans bring forth the energies, and consciousness, to support you in altering, and shifting your reality. We wish to say to you, that if you change your thinking, your thoughts, and your perspective, your reality will change. We are giving you the answer of how to change your reality. First change your thoughts, not only your thoughts, your perspective and your beliefs.

As we explore deeper we may recognise a victim perspective. What we label as the Victim Mode, the Victim Mode can manifest often or rarely. It can be something that you engage with often and even live your reality from, or it might simply pop up now and then.

When we speak of the Victim Mode, we are speaking of your loss of power. Moments where you lose your power or more appropriately where you think that you have lost your power. That you are helpless and unable to change or transform anything. When you are in Victim Mode, you might feel that you are being attacked, or things are being done to you, like the Creator or the universe, is causing you suffering, and pain. While this mode has its benefits and it’s learning of the truth that exists within your being. When entering into the Victim Mode forgiveness is required. There is a need for you to be immensely gentle with yourself, to cuddle, support, empower and encourage yourself. This will support the change that is needed for you to step out of the perspective and mode of being a victim. As you step out of the Victim Mode you remind yourself of the power within your being.

You create your reality from your thoughts, your perspectives, and your beliefs, you influence your reality from the state of your inner being. If you are able to focus upon love, peace and truth, this will radiate into your reality. The more you practice this, the more you step into it and recognise it, thus the easier it becomes. It is as if you recognise the Victim Mode with greater ease and are able to decide that it is not for you. You do not wish to spend any time lacking in power, but more so wish to energise and empower your power. Your power is your ability to follow your intuition and to make decisions, it is a loving, peaceful, blissful, and truthful flow that is natural from your being. Your power is when you are aligned with who you are. Your power can be described in so many ways and yet, you know, when you are in your power, when you are accessing it for you feel happy, you feel content, and your perspective, your thoughts radiate the same.

Often, it is not so much about creating thoughts to think that are aligned with positivity, more so about recognising when thoughts disempower you and remembering or imagining the power, love, truth, and essence of the Creator within you, allowing this to emanate. Therefore, the thoughts are created from this foundation rather than from your personality. They can also be created from your personality and so the change in perspective and thoughts comes from the essence, the space, the energy recognised within your being, and your choice to emanate it. Affirmations can be repeated however the creation comes more from the well of truth within your being.

As you begin to recognise the Victim Mode in your reality, you will notice how even the smallest of thoughts or actions are actually born from this Victim Mode. It could be as simple as something that you eat might be born from the Victim Mode. It could be a word that you say or even a piece of clothing that you wear that is born from the Victim Mode. The more you recognise the Victim Mode, the more you will step into your power and your truth. This will change your reality.

You can change your reality both from within your being and through the thoughts you create, when these two merge, your entire being is synchronised. That is when the truth, wells, thoughts manifest, and your reality changes. Thus, you are leaving behind the victim mode, which is creating the suffering, the pain, the challenges in your reality and within the reality of others, in truth, the reality of the world.

You might ask yourself or ask us, how a small change within can influence the world around you?

Everything is linked, it is synchronised and synthesised. Each change and transformation you make within your being is like a spark of light flowing to the entire world. However, when the world is involved  with so many souls, so many divine plans, it takes precision, timing and patience. Every step you make influences and changes the world around you. This filters into so many realities.

You can change your reality and you have the tools to do so.

We invite you to explore and experiment with our idea. Your life is about experimenting and playing. Play with your thoughts, play with the connection that you hold with the Creator, radiate this play to be creative. See what works, see what does not make the shifts and change what is necessary.

We the Andromedans are present to support and assist you, you only need to call on our energies.

We thank you,

We are the Andromedans

The Andromedans via Natalie Glasson, July 1st, 2022

Eyes of Wonder by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Andromedans, we come forth as a civilisation and a collective energy, which we share with you. We bring forth to you the most sacred crystal, a crystal that is and appears as an eye. It is clear in the shape of an eye, and it glistens and shines radiating light. We invite you to imagine, sense or acknowledge the crystal the shape of an eye above your head. When you are ready, we invite you to slowly allow the crystal to move down through your chakra column. We invite the crystal to especially hesitate and stop at your third eye chakra, your throat chakra, your higher heart and heart chakra. When this crystal from the Andromedan civilisation, holding our energies, stops for a moment in these chakras, it will blaze its light into your chakra bringing forth clarity. Its purpose is to change the perspective of your sight, your ability to see, to view yourself and the world through these chakras. The crystal will support the release of judgment, criticism, and doubt. You may recognise that you use judgment, criticism, and doubt as tools to view the Earth and yourself.

It is the time to begin to dissolve your inner judgement, criticism, and doubt, allowing clarity and the true vibration of your being to flow forth to emanate and radiate. As this takes place, you will begin to retrain yourself in gazing at yourself and your reality through the eyes of your true vibration, the essence of your soul and expression of the Creator. When you view yourself and the world around you through the eyes of your true essence, we call this the Eyes of Wonder. You view the world and yourself from a space of wonder, curiosity, love, peace, and contentment. As a baby and a child, you did this automatically. You viewed the world through Eyes of Wonder because everything was new. You didn’t have the opinions, the judgments, the criticisms, and the doubts of others within your mind. You were clear, with the joy and purity of the Creator within you. You gazed at the world and yourself from this space, and this allowed you to see the truth.

You saw the truth within your being, and you saw the truth outside of you. The joy, the wonder, the love that is present because that is the vibration that you were using as your foundation. When your foundation is the truth of your being, your soul, the Creator presence, the essence that exists within you, you radiate this. You view yourself and others from this space, and so like attracts like, you see, sense and acknowledge that which equals your own vibration. It is not that fear, pain or suffering in the world goes away. You might not see it so clearly in your reality or it might not be attracted into your reality. Therefore, it may appear to you that there isn’t any suffering or pain in your reality. Some may say that this is unrealistic, and that pain and suffering will always be present to some extent, but if you view from the foundation of truth within your being, you will have the power, the strength, the Creator presence to support, to heal, to release any pain or suffering that is present. When we say support, we mean that you will be able to cradle the suffering and pain in love and truth in order to bring forth a healing. When you view from the space of judgement, criticism and doubt this is the reality you create for yourself, this is how others react to you. When you view it through the Eyes of Wonder, you create wonder in your reality, you create joy and love and others react to you in that way. You activate the same within their being.

You have the strength to deal with pain and suffering when it does come into your reality. We have shared with you the Andromedan Crystal filled with our energy, clarity, love, peace, and contentment. We call the crystal, the Eye of Wonder or the Eyes of Wonder.

Allow the crystal to settle in your being, to move through all your chakras, down into your root chakra, into your earth star chakra below your feet and gifting it to Mother Earth. You are gifting a new perspective, a new foundation, a new way of being to yourself and to others. You are able to view into other dimensions of yourself and the reality around you. You are able to be your truth and to live your truth. The crystal, the Eye of Wonder, is deeply cleansing.

You can allow it to sit within certain chakras for as long as feels appropriate creating a deeply cleansing experience.

Once it has moved through, you can allow yourself to connect with your own soul, and Creator presence within you.

Imagine, sense, or acknowledge you are viewing through the heart chakra then through the throat chakra, through the third eye, then come and settle in the higher heart chakra.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and view. What do you see/perceive?

It takes time, courage and a small amount of discipline to remind yourself that you hold the Eyes of Wonder, you can approach and exist in your reality with wonder. Judgment, criticism, and doubt does have a place, simply not a constant place. If you perceive the world as wrong, fearful, maybe that it attacks you, filled with hatred, pain and suffering, then we the Andromedans invite you to work with the Eye or Eyes of Wonder. There is more to see, so much more of the Creator to see. We invite you to notice how your thoughts, and mind are very much linked to what you see, perceive and view around you. Often your thoughts will dictate what you actually see.

You can try this practice: Look at a tree or an object, it can even be a person in your mind. Say something judgmental about this tree, object or person and then view it through your eyes. Observe how you feel? And other thoughts that come.

Then close your eyes, say something positive in your mind about the tree, the object or the person, then open your eyes and view once more and notice if there is a difference.

We, the Andromedans will leave you to experiment.

We thank you for your presence, we love you,

We are the Andromedans

Archangel Metatron via Natalie Glasson, June 24th, 2022

What is Your Infinite Blessing? By Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings beacons of light, I am Archangel Metatron. I come forth with Angelic frequencies to support and assist you in this time of your Ascension. Today I wish to speak of your infinite blessing, the infinite blessing that you can bestow upon yourself and upon the world. Many of you wish to be of service and many of you do not understand or cannot recognise how to be of service in your reality and for Ascension. Recognising your infinite blessing allows you to be of service, not only to yourself and your own Ascension, but to the Ascension of all, because your infinite blessing becomes an energy and tool that you can share with the entire world, energetically or physically, distantly or face-to-face, it becomes your tool, your skill and ability. When you share your infinite blessing with yourself and the world, you are sharing the infinity energy of the Creator, the freedom, and liberation energies of the Creator. In truth all that is the Creator and all that is at the source or the core of the Creator.

Your infinite blessing is a very pure energy from the essence of your being, not only the essence of your soul and soul group, it is your divine connection with the Creator, and embodiment of the Creator. The blessing is the energy that is recognised or transmitted, as well as its purpose in your reality and the realities of others. An example might be, that you recognise within your being and essence that you hold the infinite prosperity of the Creator. This might mean that it is your purpose to explore the vibration and the energy of prosperity and how it manifests for yourself, and for others. How to emanate infinite prosperity into your own reality, and how to bless others with this vibration. It could be that your energy from the essence of your being is love or peace. It could be a sacred vibration that is drawn from your being personal to you. In truth it can be any energy and any vibration, however, we know that it is infinite, and this is because it spans throughout all of your realities, all of your existences, on the earth and the inner planes because it flows from your essence.

With a greater understanding of your infinite blessing, there is the need for us to support you in understanding what your blessing is, what your gift to the world is, your service to yourself and the world.

Allow yourself to take your attention and your focus into your heart space, your heart chakra and your higher heart chakra.

Imagine that there are numerous circles. There is a large circle within a smaller circle, within that a smaller circle, and within that a smaller circle, and so, it continues.

I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to imagine that you step into the first circle and it is like a tunnel of light, maybe it has many different tunnel colours, or maybe it has the same colour running through it. As you step into one circle, you can step into another,  as we step through this tunnel of light, you are traveling and journeying deeper into your essence, your true divine connection with the Creator, your embodiment, your energy of the Creator. As you walk through this tunnel you may be drawn to a blazing light or a core energy, which will be your essence. Imagine that within the core energy there is a symbol, a word, or a vision, something that dictates to you, and allows you to understand the energy that is your essence. That is born from the infinity of the Creator, and that is your blessing to share with others and yourself. It will be something simple. It could be healing, truth, wisdom, generosity, kindness or something else. Take a few moments to recognise the blessing that is your essence, that is born from infinity,  runs through all aspects of your being and that is yours to share with yourself and the world.

Allow yourself, whether you can access the understanding or not to take this energy, this infinite essence into your being. Let it flow into your body, into your auric field and surroundings, and allow yourself to sit within this energy and vibration to breathe it in, and to breathe it out. Become accustomed to it, to feel its presence, to feel its guidance.

When you feel ready, you can affirm
I hold or embody the infinite blessing of

‘I hold or embody the infinite blessing of……..’

It could be, ‘I embody the infinite blessing of prosperity, of peace, of joy, of bliss, of truth, of oneness, of kindness, of healing.’ Whatever you feel inspired to express.

Then expand the affirmation.

‘I embody the infinite blessing of ……… and I share this with myself and the world now.’

Allow yourself to repeat this statement over and over until you feel it pulsating throughout your being. Then feel yourself like a liquid light waterfall sharing this energy as a blessing with yourself, and with others. You can achieve this during meditation time or even when you are out and about. You do not need to share it with another, you can simply allow yourself to radiate this blessing. You may find yourself using a word or the affirmation, or a symbol or an action that allows the blessing to begin, but it is for you to explore.

I thank you,

I am Archangel Metatron.

Archangel Metatron via Natalie Glasson, June 17th, 2022

Archangel Metatron: Forgiving the World to Heal Yourself

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, beloved beacons of light upon the Earth, I am Archangel Metatron. What a joy it is to be in your presence and to participate in the Ascension journey unfolding in every moment of your reality.

It is in this communication with you that I, Archangel Metatron wish to speak with you about healing yourself by forgiving the world around you.

In order to achieve this, we first must realize that you are the Creator of everything around you. You are also the Creator of everything within you, your thoughts, your emotions, and so forth.

The reality that you experience from day-to-day is born from your inner energies. This includes the way you perceive yourself and others, the thoughts that you energize, the wounds that are not yet healed, the emotions that you activate, your soul’s purpose and destiny in your Ascension journey, your inner energy is unique and sacred.

Even what you might perceive as negative aspects within your being, these are also sacred.

Everything within your being synthesizes to create the reality that you experience around you, attracting people, situations, scenarios into your reality to serve and to act as a reflection for the inner energy you hold.

As you take responsibility for your inner energy and how it synthesizes to create your outer reality. Then you begin to realize that healing can take place through how you interact with your outer energy, as well as your inner energy.

In truth, the more you are able to forgive the outer reality, the more this will create a new energy, new activations within your being and cause a healing that supports the release of challenging energies.

You may wonder what you could forgive in your outer reality?

Maybe there are loved ones and their actions that require forgiveness. Forgiveness may be needed regarding the way the world is being run, circumstance in your own country or another country, the actions of others towards people or animals, or it could be restrictions you recognize in your life.

The way to recognize where forgiveness is needed, is to investigate the world and recognize what you disagree with.

What do you dislike? 

What causes reactions within your being of sadness, upset, chaos, or conflict?

You can seek in your local reality or further afield, something that you are experiencing or that you are observing. When you recognize all these areas within your local reality or further afield, you are recognizing opportunities to emanate your forgiveness, and in doing so as you emanate your forgiveness you switch your vibration to higher frequencies.

You connect with your soul; you connect with your soul group and the Creator. You become aligned to the divine, you allow the divine frequencies to flow through you.

As you express gratitude, you begin to see, sense and acknowledge the world around you differently. You are actually changing your perspective, offering to yourself greater enlightenment and understanding, not only to discover what is really happening, but also to recognize a greater form of enlightenment.

It is often in your reality that something that requires forgiveness, is an area where you do not wish to give forgiveness? However, if you can cultivate the energy of forgiveness within your being and radiated forgiveness out as a frequency, this will support you in dealing with that situation, coming to see it in a new light.

Awakening and gaining understanding of the message from within your being, awakening the healing that is required for yourself and others, while anchoring the Divine Creator.

It is often in those areas where you resist forgiveness that forgiveness is required. If you begin to allow the forgiveness energy to flow from your being without directing it to anyone or anything specifically simply letting it flow, you begin to embody the energy of forgiveness.

You begin to understand its meaning, its purpose, how it impacts your being, and the healing that is required. Then you can begin to focus your energy and your mind to a certain situation, person or experience, allow the same forgiveness energy to flow.

It is important to realize that mentally you do not have to forgive at this stage. You may resist forgiveness and yet, you can still share the vibration of forgiveness. This will create a bridge of light where energy can be worked through and resolved.

The more that you achieve this process the more you will begin to peel back the layers within you, within the person or the situation. You will begin to notice and understand yourself and the person or situation in a new light. Thus, you will enter into a space where you can truly forgive, and with that forgiveness will come understanding and action.

Action could be things that you can do to support this process, to support the forgiveness, a new connection and to support your own healing and growth.

This is something that I, Archangel Metatron and the Angelic Kingdom are supporting at this time. We invite you as light beacons upon the Earth to gaze into your reality, to gaze into the world around, and the situations that are occurring.

Share your energy of forgiveness. If you are unable to radiate the energy of forgiveness, you can simply say, ‘I forgive you.’

At first you may not mean it, but if you repeat the statement, it will be like the most delicious healing liquid that melts and seeps into your being and washes away the blockages, and the limitations, allowing you to see with crystal-clear clarity.

Imagine if everyone on the world was looking at the world with forgiveness, even if they don’t at first mean it, this doesn’t matter. Imagine if everyone was willing to gaze at the world around them with the eyes, the heart, the vibration of forgiveness. How this would change the world, how it would change your inner world as well as promoting such beautiful healing, a healing that generates liberation and freedom.

I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to sit and to contemplate my words.

Activate the vibration of forgiveness within your being, all you need to do is think of the energy of forgiveness or think of a time when you forgave another or yourself.

You may wish to think of what the energy of forgiveness is, what color, sound or image represents forgiveness to you.

However, you activate this energy within you, let yourself breathe it out into the world.

As you are forgiving the world around you, so you are forgiving yourself within and vice versa.

We love you unconditionally and we thank you,

I am Archangel Metatron.