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Celestial White Beings: Diamond Chamber of Clarity, January 5, 2024

Celestial White Beings: Diamond Chamber of Clarity

by Natalie Glasson

Greetings beloved bliss beacons of light. We are the Celestial White Beings.

We come forth as one and yet we are many. We come forth with our celestial vibrations. Our purpose, our focus, everything that we wish to guide is always connected to bliss – the experience and the manifestation of bliss.

Today we wish to invite you to our chamber upon the inner planes at a celestial level.

We have a diamond chamber. This is a diamond-shaped chamber filled with pure white light. It is, in many ways, a bit like a Merkabah. You enter into the diamond-shaped chamber and it’s as if the diamond embraces your auric field, your entire being.

This diamond chamber is infused with celestial vibrations and vibrations of bliss. It is truly a magical space because it holds the focus and the intention of clarity – clearness.

Now clarity can be understood in many ways. You might have clarity of mind, clarity and clearness within your emotions, clarity even within your body – you might have an understanding of your body. When we think of clarity, we think of calmness, contentment, clearness – like a clear canvas – so it also supports cleansing, rejuvenation and awakening.

Clarity supports a deeper understanding – an understanding from truth – the truth and essence within your being.

When the presence of truth is accepted and recognized from within your being, it is often that clarity is what you experience.

Clarity allows you to understand what is occurring within your being, what is occurring outside of your reality – in the environment around you – what is occurring in the world, in the Universe of the Creator.

Clarity also supports you in understanding how you can take action, how you can be of service, how you can support shifts within your being and also within others.

Clarity allows you to feel a greater alignment with your truth, with your essence and the Creator. It allows you to let go of that which is no longer needed, and to accept maybe things that you have been resisting or had not yet become aware of.

Now imagine/sense/acknowledge there is this chamber of diamond shape holding the vibration of clarity.

Even the diamond shape supports your connection with the Creator, the Earth and all that is, as well as clarity. It holds celestial crystal vibrations.

With this understanding, you may call upon us, the Celestial White Beings, to transport you to the Diamond Chamber of Clarity within the celestial vibrations and Celestial Being chambers.

You will enter into the diamond shape, and there is only a need for you to inhale – accepting and bathing in the energies.

We the Celestial White Beings will be present to serve you. As you inhale the energies, remember that the intention within the chamber is clarity be aware of how clarity and clearness dawns, activates and manifests within your own being.

This is a space you can visit as often as you wish, especially in times of confusion or resistance or blocks.

We the Celestial White Beings are present to serve you.

We thank you.

We are the Celestial White Beings.