Love is our new reality

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Message from the Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson, May 9th, 2024

Greetings and love we, the Celestial White Beings, extend to you now. We bring forth our celestial vibrations to support your healing and awakening from within your being.
We have been present with the Earth since its creation and we are present with you, throughout your entire lifetime, supporting, nurturing and inspiring you to live fully upon the earth as your soul and as your essence – as your truth manifested.
There are many ways to awaken your truth. Often there are blockages/wounds/barriers that cause discomfort, that cause you to close up your being and stop your soul/your truth from emanating, filling your entire being and your reality.
There are also many different types of healing. Healing allows for these blockages/barriers/wounds/pains/limitations to be recognised, to be resolved, to be transformed and to be healed. This allows a freedom to develop from within your being, allowing a greater inner knowingness to manifest in your being and your reality.
There are so many different types of healings that can take place, and so many different ways of healing. All are appropriate and necessary and offer a service.
We, the Celestial White Beings, today, wish to bring you back to your own vibration, your own unique truth within your being/your essence/your soul/your Creator presence. As we bring you back to your truth, this in itself is a healing. It dissolves/resolves and transforms wounds/limitations/boundaries, anything that is causing you to be stuck or hindering your expression of your inner freedom – your light, your wisdom and your truth.
We invite you to recognise the vibration and frequency of your sound and your light. Within you, you have a light that is so powerful and magnificent. This light can be expressed in so many different creative, remarkable and wonderful ways.
You can express your light through your breath. Focusing on your breathing while holding the intent of expanding and enlarging and developing your light, allows you to begin to sit in the presence of your light and to contemplate it.
You can recognise its colour. Colour is immensely important. It is like a language in itself. When you recognise a colour of your soul/your essence, it may seem as if it is not significant and yet it is immensely significant because that colour is like a language speaking to your entire being and body. It is something that your body and your auric field need and require for nourishment, for greater experiences of inner freedom.
Recognising a colour of your light as you breathe in harmony with your light, begins a conversation. Your entire being responds to that colour. You can imagine that colour filling your body and your aura, embracing and enveloping you completely.
The colour may have a meaning. It may have a power. It may have an energy that it is bringing forth. It may bring forth wisdom. It will also bring forth healing; it will release blockages and boundaries; it will transform your being and allow you to connect with your inner truth/your soul/your essence.
When you are in meditation and you receive a colour of light, realise that this is an immensely significant moment for your body and your aura, even your mind and emotions. This colour means the world. It is transformational, uplifting and healing, so you can take time to meditate with this colour. You may wish to surround yourself with this colour, to wear it, to have it in your surroundings or your environment.
Maybe your truth/your soul/your essence will bring forth a different colour each day, or maybe it is consistently the same colour.
This is a very powerful way of nurturing and healing yourself because sometimes you don’t know what needs to be healed and nurtured. The colour that you receive from your truth is a response that doesn’t need to be understood. It can simply be received and accepted.
Your light within you also can be translated into a sound frequency. Sound has the wonderful ability of attuning, aligning, and even recalibrating your being, in an instant. It is immensely powerful. Different sounds/frequencies/notes have different purposes, different influences upon your being.
The light within you has a frequency, in truth, it has many frequencies. When you ask to receive the sound frequency of your truth/your essence/your light within, and if you are willing to express it through your voice, you will be able to embark on a wonderful process of alignment; realigning/recalibrating your entire being, bringing your body/auric field/mind/emotions into alignment with your truth/your soul/your essence, thus allowing this inner energy to be expressed with freedom.
The sound that may come from your voice, as you connect with your inner energy and invite the sound frequency to come forth, may feel as if you are creating it. It may appear silly, not good enough, or like some random sound that you have made up.
If you give yourself the freedom to express this sound fully, through your voice, even if it does not sound appropriate, the sound frequency will filter throughout your entire body and your auric field and align you, without your understanding or awareness with your inner truth.
This is like opening up a pathway, removing all the obstacles so that you can flow along that pathway with greater ease.
The sound does not need to be perfect because what you perceive as perfect may not be appropriate, but the sound that expresses from your being – the frequency – will have a positive impact upon your being. It will awaken aspects of your being and bring forth healing; releasing obstacles and blockages and creating transformation.
What we speak of is very basic – the healing power of sound; the sound of your light and the colour of your light, and how when these are recognised and expressed, they can realign/recalibrate and heal your being.
It is valuable to come back to the basics and realise that you have the ability within you to bring healing to yourself. It only requires you to ask within. You can breathe deeply into the light within your being, even if you don’t know where the light is. Simply hold an intention, and then ask for either the sound frequency or the colour frequency of your light to be expressed to you, or through you.
This is like creative play that has powerful impacts upon your being. Enjoy this creative play and notice the transitions that take place within your being.

Thank you.

We love you eternally. We are the Celestial White Beings.