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The Crystalline Consciousness via Natalie Glasson, March 22nd, 2024

Greetings beloved crystalline beings upon the earth, we honour within your being the crystalline energy. We activate and empower the crystalline vibrations that you hold within your soul and even within your physical body.
We come forth with a clearing, cleansing energy. We also wish to empower you with information on how to clear your chakra system while also connecting with numerous aspects of your being, in order to bring forth balance, grounding, connection and the radiance of love from within your being.
In order to allow your Creator presence or Creator essence, within your being, to emanate and radiate into your entire being, there is a need for your Heart Chakra to be clear and pure. There is also a need for your mind to be as clear and hold the vibration of purity, as is possible.
You may notice as you go about your daily routine, that your heart niggles or shows to you areas that you’re still holding onto which may be causing pain, discomfort, disconnection or even chaos within your physical body and especially your Heart Chakra. You might be constantly reminded of a past situation. Your mind also brings forward experiences, thoughts, opinions that you’re holding onto that require to be cleared.
When you listen to your mind – when you listen to its fears, its anxieties – you begin to understand what needs to be cleared in order to create a clear and pure mind and Heart Chakra, thus allowing connection with yourself, those around you and the Creator, to be experienced with greater ease.
With this understanding in mind, it is a personal understanding of yourself and your own journey of growth. You are able to recognise your own inner truth more clearly. It is the impetus that is needed to create a pure connection.
If the mind and the heart are not pure and clear in their intentions and their way of being, then we can look to the chakra system and create clearings within the chakra system in order to promote the release of all that the Heart Chakra and the mind are holding onto, thus creating a purer state of being.
We wish to share that we are not creating a goal of purity itself within the mind and the heart. Let us say when we speak of purity, we are speaking of calmness, a sense of ease and peace within the mind and the heart. This will not be one hundred percent present. To try to achieve one hundred percent purity or peace within the mind and the heart will only cause more illusions, and in fact, more pain. Let us hold the goal of twenty percent more purity, clearness, peace within the mind and the Heart Chakra.
With the awareness of the energies or thoughts or experiences that the Heart Chakra and the mind are holding onto and the intention of creating purity and clearness, we then begin to look into the chakra system.
It is important that the higher chakras are clear, and also the lower chakras, as they all integrate and allow for the flow of light. Within each chakra there is a need to notice the lower vibrations as well as the higher vibrations, and to melt these together.
We, the Crystalline Consciousness, wish to share with you an idea that you can use in your meditation, in your own way and in your own time.
First, you connect with the Heart Chakra and then with your mind observing any energies, thoughts, experiences that are repeating and coming to the surface. Then you create the intention of experiencing twenty percent more purity, clearness and peace within your Heart Chakra and your mind.
You may wish to begin in your Earth Star Chakra below your feet, or you might wish to begin in your Root Chakra at the base of your spine. You might find that you wish to begin with the higher chakras; your Crown Chakra or maybe your Gateway Chakra above your head.
Whether you choose to start in the lower chakras or the higher chakras, that is your own personal choice and journey. Wherever you start, acknowledge that chakra; take your intention into that chakra. Acknowledge if there are any chakras below that chakra, and acknowledge the chakras above that chakra. You are acknowledging the lower and higher chakras connecting to that chakra.
Then bring your attention to a space within your being. You may not know where that space is. You can simply ask to be guided to the space of inner knowingness within you, or you might want to sit in your heart – in a space of love, or maybe you’ll call upon your soul to be present, or your Creator presence, whatever feels appropriate to you.
Then go further into the chakra. Acknowledge or simply hold the intention of being aware of the lower vibrations within that chakra, for a few moments, and then the higher vibrations within that chakra. You may wish to give a word to those vibrations. Maybe the lower vibrations, the word might be pain or suffering. It might be depression or isolation. The higher vibrations within that chakra might be stability/connection/love/reunion. You will come across a word that is appropriate for you.
Then you can imagine/sense/acknowledge that the lower vibrations and the higher vibrations of that chakra merge; they melt, they meet, they greet and they melt together. They create a new energy which then radiates from that chakra. That is the clearing that is required; the recognition of the lower vibrations and the higher vibrations bringing both together in order to create a clearing.
You can work through each chakra and achieve the same thing. You can work with your Earth Star Chakra below your feet, your Root Chakra, your Sacral, your Solar Plexus, your Heart, your Higher Heart, your Throat, your Causal Chakra at the back of your head, your Third Eye, your Crown, your Soul Star Chakra above your head, and your Gateway Chakra above that. You may be aware of other chakras. You may use different labels. It is entirely your journey.
Once you have practiced this, working with maybe all the chakras or just the ones you feel guided to work with, come back to the Heart Chakra and sit in its space. Maybe remind yourself of the things that your Heart Chakra was holding onto. How do you feel about them now?
Coming to the mind, you can bring your attention into your head area, if you wish, or into your auric field. Think about the things that your mind was constantly repeating to you, trying to catch your attention. How does it feel now and how do you feel about those things that were racing around in your mind?
Then call upon us, the Crystalline Consciousness, to wash you with our crystalline vibrations. You may feel our energy flowing from above, through your being, or below and up like a fountain. You may feel our energy wrapping around you. Sit within our energy for a few moments.
You may find that practicing this technique once in a week is very valuable. You might find at the start there is a need to practice it every day, and then once the process has taken place, maybe not at all or once every few months. It is entirely guided by you for you are the master of your own being. You are the master of your Creator presence, and we love you dearly.
We thank you.
Blessings be with you.

We are the Crystalline Consciousness.