Love is our new reality

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The Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson, May 16th, 2024

Greetings beloved beacons of light upon the earth, we are the Celestial White Beings. We are labelled this way because of our pure white energy and our celestial vibrations. We come forth as one and yet we are also many beings.
Today we wish to speak of the energy of infinity. Infinity extends from the core vibrations of the Creator and it interweaves through every aspect of life and existence on the earth and the inner planes. It symbolises to all that energy and creation is ongoing and ever-evolving.
Every thing, every one, every energy…even an intentional thought…has a journey.
When you access energy and you create with that energy, you are grasping an energy that has already been on a journey and a transformation, and this energy meets the right vibration…for you.
It is drawn through your being. You create with this energy; you might transform it, you might create an intention, you might boost the intention it already holds. In many ways you play with the energy and you keep that energy going; you continue its journey. You might continue its journey for several years and then you send it on its way.
That energy will be grasped and obtained by someone else, and they might hold that energy with them for a while. They might transform it or boost it, but they’re keeping that energy going until they no longer have a need or until it’s created what they desired, or even what the energy desired, and so the energy continues.
There is a cycle of infinity, where this energy is continuing and continuing. I invite you to allow your hands to circle over each other as if you are creating one circle with one hand and then you join the other and they are creating a circle together, moving over each other. This represents the energy of infinity.
If you were to continue with this process, you might experience the energy of infinity because you would be creating and drawing an energy into your being, maybe from your soul or your soul group, or the Creator, or the Universe of the Creator. Just that simple action with your physical body would attract and draw energy and you would create an energy that would create that momentum.
You would have almost like a ball of energy that you could send into something; send in to yourself, send in to another, send in to a creation, a situation or a place on the earth. That process would allow you to understand the energy of infinity; a continuous energy that is ever-growing, and ever-evolving, and has an intention. That intention might change through its journey but it always has an intention. It always has a purpose.
We, the Celestial White Beings, share this with you now because we wish for you to bring this understanding into your reality; the way that you perceive yourself, and the way that you perceive others and your creations.
Allow yourself to recognise that everything holds the energy of infinity. It is on a continuous journey, ever-growing and ever-evolving.
As an example, it is easy to understand that when you plant a seed, you are planting an energy and an intention. You have grasped an energy and you are collecting it and placing it into the soil.
That soil will be nurtured and it will grow. It will evolve and maybe will become a large tree. Even once that tree has lived its life…and maybe it falls down and it decays, and it goes into the soil…it still has an energy and a purpose. It’s ever-flowing, ever-growing and ever-evolving. It’s continuous.
The energy of infinity that we wish for you to understand, or grasp, is the continuous nature. It is also about freedom and being without boundaries but we wish to focus upon the continuous nature of infinity.
We can see when we plant a seed that it is continuous however, can you recognise that when you make food, you are accessing the continuous energy of infinity?
When you create a thought you are accessing the continuous energy of infinity. Everything that you think, everything that you do, everything you create, you are accessing the continuous energy of infinity.
This even means, if you throw a piece of rubbish into your environment, that will have the energy of infinity; continuous movement, continuous flow.
You can begin to acknowledge that everything that you are creating is a continuous flow – an infinity – therefore you can begin to look at your reality and you can acknowledge, do you like the flow? Does this flow serve you?
Just by recognising the flow – the continuous nature, the infinity – of something that maybe you wish to create or maybe are creating but do not wish to create, you can actually transform its course – its pathway – just by being with its vibration and its frequency, and recognising that it holds the energy of infinity.
With this recognition, you can acknowledge your power and how your intention can change pathways of energy and frequency.
Another example, maybe you are involved in a situation that is painful for you. You can recognise that within that situation there is the energy of infinity – a continuous flow. You may not wish for that painful experience to continue. You may not wish for it to continue for yourself or for others.
If you can recognise that it is a continuous thing and it may have been continuing through many lifetimes for you, many generations or even passed from person to person, you have the power to transform that continuous flow.
We’re not stopping it, because you can’t stop energy. It always requires to flow and if you stop it, it becomes a stuck energy of infinity; continuous momentum of being stuck.

You can recognise that there is a need for transformation; a change of course or pathway for this energy. You can actually ask the energy, or the painful situation, you can say to it that you recognise its energy of infinity and you recognise its energy of transformation and continuous flow. You can ask it what it would like to transform into in order to hold the vibration of the Creator, or hold a higher/purer vibration of the Creator, and see what happens; sense/acknowledge what happens.

It is not for us to begin to manipulate energies, but we can offer intentions. We can offer openings for transformation. We can hold the space for transformations.
It is a very powerful process to recognise that all energy is continuous, infinite and flowing. It gives you power to transform or to boost energies that you wish to experience more.
You can also call upon the Creator to surround you with the highest, purest vibration of infinity to support you, to heal you, to awaken, even to bring greater happiness.
You will feel that blocks, boundaries and limitations that you’ve set for yourself…which are in fact continuous energies…will also transform into something that offers you more freedom, more connection, more love and more light.
We thank you. Blessings be with you.

We are the Celestial White Beings.