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Pathways of Truth by the Celestial White Beings, June 9, 2024

Pathways of Truth by the Celestial White Beings

by Natalie Glasson

Greetings beloved beacons of light, we are the Celestial White Beings. We are coming forth to you multiple times. We have an energy and a purpose which we are sharing with you. We are facilitating and supporting your ascension at this time.

We are integrating our energy…our codes…into your being/into your reality, to assist your spiritual growth at this time so that you may connect on a deeper level with your own being/your true self, understanding the truth that is emerging from within your being.

Many are becoming confused or disoriented at this time, because their inner truth is emerging but they are not accustomed to connecting with their inner truth and so it feels as if their personality and inner truth are battling and fighting together.

They seem like two extremes. One is of a high vibration and speaks of positivity, love, harmony and peace. The other recognises the physical reality and lives in the physical reality and is unable to see anything else.

It may feel as if your inner truth and your personality are battling together and that is perfectly fine, in this moment, because as you recognise it, so the battle will dissipate. You realise that this energy/this voice/these sensations that are coming forth that seem so unusual…maybe even so unknown to you…are actually where your focus must lie.

It takes a great amount of courage to recognise your inner truth when you live in a reality where your personality feels grounded into the physical reality.

As you begin to recognise and acknowledge that your inner truth is coming forth and emerging, you may recognise that there are multiple pathways of truth. For you alone, there are numerous pathways that you can take/walk upon. Each pathway holds different opportunities; different learning and different understandings. Each has valuable lessons…spiritual lessons…to absorb.

You as a being, as a soul, as truth, hold numerous tools…spiritual tools…and abilities. As you walk upon a certain pathway of truth, it might feel as if you do not have the tools or the skills to walk that pathway. Maybe with the opportunities that are coming up, you simply feel as if you don’t have the tools and skills to accept the challenges.

When you switch to other pathways of truth, you may find that you have the exact tools and skills that are needed and you’re able to walk that pathway very easily, or if not easily, you are able to overcome the challenges that it creates and that you create.

When many beings speak of their purpose and finding the purpose, they are actually speaking of pathways of truth and there are numerous pathways. You have a set of tools and skills, given to you by your soul, to walk upon maybe one, two or three of those pathways.

A part of the challenge is to find the right pathway to walk upon. Your soul holds the ability and skills of the Creator, and therefore holds the ability and skills of all aspects of the Creator.

For this lifetime, you have accepted a certain volume of abilities and skills that support you in gaining the understanding, the spiritual growth and ascension that is required.

When you examine your inner truth and you ask to acknowledge your skills and abilities, you are understanding how you can be in the world. You are also drawing to you, your pathway of truth or maybe one or two or three pathways of truth.

When you allow yourself to call forth your pathways of truth to align or realign with your being, this also is a very powerful experience. You might have the idea of what you wish to or feel guided to achieve in this lifetime, or maybe even in this moment of your reality, and yet, it may be that you simply cannot manifest it or feel as if it is impossible to manifest.

When you recognise the skills and abilities that you hold and you call forth your pathways of truth, they are like railway tracks that realign and slot into your energy field. Your skills and abilities are like a rucksack that you’re carrying, that you can access very easily, and then you can board the train that comes in that feels the most appropriate; the opportunity or opportunities that come into your being, into your awareness, into your reality.

You can ask:
”Does this pathway of truth resonate with me?”
“Does it fulfil me?”
“Do I have the skills and abilities to walk upon this pathway of truth?”

Allowing yourself to truthfully answer these questions, allows you to navigate different circumstances/experiences, until you connect with the circumstances/experiences that light you up; that fill you with light, with joy and fulfillment.

Then you will know that you have accessed your skills and abilities and you’ve accessed your pathway of truth, and that both are aligned with you and you with them, allowing you to move forth with greater ease, with greater power and with a surge of energy.

We, the Celestial White Beings, wish you to contemplate:
Do you feel lost or uncomfortable? Unsure of how to manifest something? Ungrounded? Is there a need to focus on your inner truth?

When you do this, do you feel more at peace, more yourself, more capable?

You can ask for your skills and abilities in this lifetime to come forth to be known to you. You can ask for your pathways of truth to align with you. You can ask to walk your pathway of truth that most resonates with your soul in this lifetime.

Who are you asking? You’re asking your inner essence/your inner spark. Whether you wish to call this your Creator presence/your soul/your essence, let this be something that energetically unravels for you, and unfolds.

It is not necessarily that you need or require the answers, more so that your energy field is shifting and alignments are moving into place by you simply placing your intention in different areas, with the question we have encouraged you to contemplate.

In the coming days, allow yourself to notice how an alignment is taking place – almost like a map is forming both within you and around you, in your reality. Your connection with your truth, your abilities and skills, even those of which you are unaware, will grow.

The only way that we can describe this is that you will feel more capable, more able, more ready and with a greater knowingness, even if the pathway that you are walking feels completely unknown.

Imagine if every being upon the earth chose these contemplations. The entire vibration of the Earth would shift dramatically because everyone would be aligned to their truth and walking a pathway of truth, and therefore co-creating these pathways of truth together.

We feel that it would be almost such a mammoth shift that it would cause an ascension, especially in vibration awakening and awareness for all.

We, the Celestial White Beings, are present to serve you. You may call upon us. Simply say our name and we will be present.

We love you dearly and we thank you.

We are the Celestial White Beings