Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Genoveva Coyle, February 3, 2019


Tunnel Light – 3D Render. Cool Blue Light. The Road to the Light ( Near Death Experience? )

Your work is to go even deeper, to anchor the light, the pillars of love, into the deepest places on Earth so that the New World will be sturdy, strong and long-lasting. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I AM Mi-ka-el! Archangel of Love and Truth, Warrior of the Peace, your protector, your family, and your friend.

I come to you today, as every day, to assure you that you are doing magnificently well, that you are anchoring light in places and areas on Earth that have not seen the light in eons. For these missions that you have courageously taken upon yourselves, you are loved beyond measure. It is true that you are clearing your deepest fears, and removing falsehoods and core issues for yourselves, and for the entire human collective.

It is admirable that you are taking so much on yourselves, and in the process of clearing, you are making it easier for your soul and earth families to clear their burdens faster, so that we can move on into building this new paradise on Earth – Nova Earth – where every human being can live in peace, learning gracefully, while playing, dancing, and singing in joy.

Yes, it doesn’t seem that we are approaching these times, quite the contrary when you see and hear the news in the mainstream media. But when I say to thee that the love and light have won, you must heed my words, you must believe, and rejoice!

Beloved ones, take these words into your hearts and feel the truth. The old world is crumbling away, and the process of demolition of the old structures is almost done! The gravel and the dirt needs to be removed and cleansed, but this is not your job any longer! Your work is to go even deeper, to anchor firmly the light, the pillars of love, going into deepest places on Earth so that the New World will be sturdy, strong and long-lasting.

This process of excavating requires going down, and very deeply, into places that have nothing to do with your personal baggage and history. So, do not allow yourselves to be disturbed by what you find because that just lowers your strength and stamina by doubting or judging your dear selves.

Your beloved sister, Gaia, has buried much pain and suffering for the collective, and she has waited for you to forge and weave these paths of light through her body, so the removal of the old pains will proceed gently, without much of the violent natural disasters that had to occur previously in order to keep her afloat.

Let go of the worries and doubts regarding keeping yourselves on the straight course, for we are with you in every step of the way, guiding and gently directing you on your paths according to your divine plan and to Mother’s Dream.

You are loved and cherished always! Farewell, for now, dear hearts!

By permission.

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