Love is our new reality

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Siriun High Council via Zane Morgan, February 5th, 2019

Greetings dear ones, We are the Siriun High Council and we wish to share a message with you today.

You have all been so patient during these times of upheavel and change over. It has not be easy for you to be so idle and still during the chaos that unfolds around you, but that is why you are here, to be the eye of the storm. The calmness that reflects out to the world displays your inner stillness that you achieve each day. Each day, as you make the choice to come from a place of non-reaction to the situations that are unfolding around you, your light grows. It brightens as you smile at the ignorant person in the shopping line, it grows as you smile to that person who flipped you off in traffic and it stretches far and wide as you politely wave to someone who is having a bad day. See children, as you do all these little things, well they are not little at all but they may seem so to you at the time, each time you do an act of kindness and don’t react in a negative way to something that is happening in your outer world your light shines, grows and then others notice this and they take note. Not all will notice but those who are ready to open their hearts will. They might see you give a polite smile to someone who was rude to you in the street and they will think “wow that person seemed very happy even though that other person was rude and ignorant to them” and they will take this within their heart and it will help them to find and add to their own light.

See children, it is these small things that make the world a better place day by day. Yes, you want no more war and conflict, no more famine and homeless, but you must understand it all comes from within. These changes you want to see start within. It is the collective consciousness that is currently projecting the unrest on to the planet as people realise they are not happy with how the way things are. It is peoples inner worlds that are in chaos and turmoil that create that in the outer world. Yes, we will say that some of it is man or entity made, that is true, but most of it comes from the collective and the inner workings of those on your planet. And when you look hard enough you will see that even those that do bad to others or those that want the planet for themselves, there is a reflection of your inner world in them also.

Your inner world creates the outer dear ones, so you must start to live your life by this motto. Be at peace within yourself to create peace in the outer world, feed your Soul and nourish your body with a good healthy lifestyle to create that for those around you and step by step as you go about shifting your inner world you will see your outer world reflect this. As Archangel Michael has said through this one before when he spoke of the same topic, it does not mean that you must let people walk all over you or abuse your kindness, no that is not the way, but it is in your everyday situatiouns that you need to be in a place of stillness, of peace. Be in this place wherever you go, take it with you and wear it as your shield against anything negative.

As you learn to come from a place of non-reaction you will become immune to anything negative because it will simply not be able to affect you. It is when you react to something in a negative or unpleasant way that you give that situation, person or whatever it may be, you give them power over you and open your energetic fields up to them and then you have created an opening for all sorts of energies to invade your space. Know dear ones that Sirius was once like this, that we learnt the same lessons you are learning but on a much easier scale. You have undertaken one of the most dense experiments yet and you are flying through it with your lights shining bright. Yes, your journey has been filled with ups and downs but know that this was all part of your choice and nothing has gone unplanned.

We commend your efforts and your diligence to bring this beautiful blue green orb to Her fullest potential and you are doing just that! Stay strong comrades as you are now at the light in the end of what has seemed a very long tunnel. You are about to burst forth into that light and it will be glorious and the reunions so magical that you will find it hard to grasp the time you have been doing your work. You are our light warriors, workers and wonders. You have come from far and wide to be here and you are about to remember just where you have came from and who you are.

Be in joy dear ones, be in love, you are at your destination. We are the Siriun High Council and we will be delivering more of these light filled messages in the very near future. We are always standing by ready to serve and assist so please call upon our squadrons and ask when you are in need of help. We love you dearly, bravo children, bravo.

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Thank you for understanding. Love and Light. Zane.