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Sirius (channeled messages)

Message from El’lah: Of Suns and Solaris via Ben Rafael Guevarra, December 28th, 2021

Ben Rafael Guevarra ~ Message from El’lah: Of Suns and Solaris

December 26, 2021, via email

Greetings, I am El’lah, your loving guide from the Sirian star system. Today, I come with a message on the mystical nature on your star, which you call the Sun, and which we call Solaris.

In all star systems, the sun/star which is the focal point of that system and its planetary bodies has a creator consciousness within it. This creator consciousness sets the intentions for the unfolding of all life within that star system.  This becomes the overall guiding intention of all the individuated fragmentations of consciousness within its system to experience.

This one intention will always be a flavor or a version of the Original thought/intention that gave birth to your universe.

As this guiding intention is set forth, the sun/star ~ after the formation of the system and its planetary bodies ~ will begin to send out plasma waves of energy and solar winds.  Carried upon these waves and winds are various microbial life forms, which in turn begin to seed the various planetary bodies. This is in order to give birth to the different life forms upon each planetary body, assisting in the unfolding of the experience within the guiding intention of that star system.

The sun/star also provides the very life force within its light and energy that allows the flowering of the various stages of evolutionary life development upon each of these planetary bodies; each in their own unique timing in order to serve the overall intention.

There are always unknown factors that may affect the various life forms as they evolve and gain differing levels of sentience, each in their own manner.  This can affect the balance and imbalance of energy and information fields within the star system as well as affecting potential events.

The sun or star is both the giver and the sustainer of life in more ways than one; and it is the creative agency in which sentient life can evolve into its next stages of evolution.

On your planet, in this particular moment in time and space, your sun, Solaris, is providing plasma waves of energy and light.  Embedded within these waves are codes for the awakening of the 3rd density sentient life upon the Earth in order to encourage your evolutionary process into the next stage of 4th density consciousness.

This is occurring in conjunction with your sun’s own evolution.  The entirety of your star system is reorienting itself in its position upon the galactic plane, all while on its journey around the Great Central Sun at the heart of your galaxy.

These things all happen in perfect motion and measure, in timings and cycles that occur like clockwork, orchestrated by an even greater creator consciousness lying within your galactic center.

This very complex and mystical process is being orchestrated on multidimensional levels.  It requires great creative influx, patterning and re-patterning, as well as other adjusting ~ in order to support the original guiding intention of the creator consciousness within the heart of your sun/star Solaris.  It also falls in step with the original intention of the creator consciousness within your galactic center.

These events are all in perfect alignment with one another, and you will come to find that even on an individuated level within the various humans and beings upon your planet, this same original thought or intention is what is guiding your own personal evolution and awakening at this time.  It is but a flavor, a reflection of the original guiding intention which goes all the way back to the Creator/Source of your universe.

When one sees the beauty of the mechanics unfolding within a planetary system, within a star system, within a galaxy, and within the universe as a whole, it all seems very mystical.  It requires an orchestration of such complexity, such beauty, such divine arrangement…that the word “mystical” can be the only one to describe the effortless beauty of all that is unfolding around you.

The further you evolve and the more awareness you gain of the grander picture at hand, the more beautiful and more mystical this process becomes. The more of the picture you obtain, the greater the music becomes ~ the symphony of evolution is a lovely thing to behold, dear ones.

That is our message for you on this day, but we wish to express to you our utmost love for you and for all the beings upon your planet.  We are always here on the other side of the veil ready to serve and assist.  Just know that we are always in your heart and thoughts, silently guiding and supporting you, and always present when you are in need or desire to communicate with us.

We shall take our leave, expressing as always that you are loved.  And so it is.

Siriun High Council via Zane Morgan, March 21st, 2019

Be the currents of Violet Fire and wash away all that is murky – Siriun High Council

Greetings our dear Earth family, we are the Siriun High Council and we greet you with love and compassion for all that you are going through.

We wish to share our point of view today.

We see you as energy, not people in a physical world, although we can also do that. And, as we view you as energy, we can monitor energy and energy pockets. We are able to see where there is darkness, where there is love and light, where there is confusion and sadness or sorrow and pain. We see this as various colours, shifting and changing as your energies change. As most of you know, there are so many colours yet to be seen by the human eye, etheral colours, colours of high vibrations.

So, it is through monitoring the energy of earth and her people, we are able to understand where you are at energetically. At the moment, we see much confusion and anger, sprinkled with pockets of hope and love, but these pockets are to grow exponentially now dear ones.

We see this, to put it in a way you understand, as a murky rain water (fear based emotions) mixing in with a beautiful sky blue sea. Now this murky water can, if you let it, sabotage this beautiful blue sea, unless the currents can quickly transmute it and turn this murky water into the blue sea. And you dear ones, are the currents of the blue sea.

What we mean by this is, do not let those fear based emotions cloud over and run through your love and hope. Be the currents and sweep away the murky water. Be the current of the Violet Flame, sweeping through your area washing away all that is not in alignment with hope, love, compassion and which is not in the highest good for All.

We would like you all now to please call upon the Violet Flame as you go about your day, ask Saint Germain and the Golden Silver Violet Flame Dragons to be with you. Ask them to help you clear away the old, negative emotions that so many are dealing with. See and feel this burning all around you, see yourself as this Violet Flame, burning away all that is not love, light and compassion. See these beautiful dragons of a silver, gold and violet colour flying through, around and below all the places in you area, using their mighty dragon breath to burn and wash away all the negative emotions and thoughts.

Be the Violet Flame dear ones, because it is very much needed at this time of the release.

We would like you to please do this as often as you can or when ever you feel those murky waters swirling around, be the Violet Flame, be the Dragons. For what you intend, you create. We will help you with this by amplifying what you do, so KNOW and TRUST it is working and the effects will be grand dear ones.

We are the Siriun High Council and we leave our Violet Flame warriors for now, we will be back to update on this shortly. For now, let your currents of Violet Fire wash away even the murkiest of waters. We love you dear ones.

Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 11th, 2019

Message from the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement (3/11/19) | Galaxygirl

Greetings human friends, we are the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement. We are fully surrounding your earth with loving protection. We are observing your rapid integration of these highly advanced energy waves and signatures and how you are integrating them more seamlessly which causes “excitement in the rafters,” as you say. We do so love your interesting earth phrases and we understand that some are not so polite, but indeed, we are eager learners and do bestow you with our great respect and honor for being here in the final hour, the final push as the energies shift and flux.

We see great changes becoming more integrated with the grace and ease of the masters weaving them, with purpose, with intent. Those masters are you, friends. You have made tremendous advancements in even the past few weeks! No doubt you feel differently in your body as you further integrate these energies and as you are continually rising in vibrational frequency. You have released much the past few days. Astronomy is currently working in your favor. Utilize and harness the powers of the universe that are lovingly made available to those who are wise enough to listen. Your internal compass steers true. Follow its direction. Follow the direction of your heart, of your soul’s purpose. Many of you feel in limbo, at a crossroads, like your life that you have perhaps been in love with is suddenly dull. For you have learned what you have come to learn. But friends it is “not all about you”, as you say, and you are here to serve. You came here to serve and to learn in the process, but to primarily offer your talents, your passion, your power to serve the All as it morphs into a new frequency, lifting up the earth and clearing the dross. And you have been doing this most expertly.

We are eager to help you, to lend our scientific advancements that we are extremely proud of and excited to share. For we serve through our science. You currently serve through your mettle, your grit, your strength and wisdom gleaned from life in the trenches, surrounded by pain. Many of us have taken a human form to be players in this most exciting time. We understand. We are “all in this together,” as one of your songs loves to say, over and over. Your earth music is fascinatingly diverse. So many voices, so many tunes. Just like you, friends. Your many life experiences are serving you well. Try to see your many lives as a beautiful earth symphony; many notes, each note a lesson learned, each musical phrase a timeline, and see how they all integrate with grace and beauty, a rapturous, beautiful melody with a glorious integration of technique, of sound, of light, of love.

We are the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement. We are your friends, we offer help and magnificent service once we are able to do so. But you may talk with us. You may initiate friendly conversation, which we are eager to experience with you. For all is well. The flash is coming and you are in it in a way, and we hold you with great respect, with great honor for partaking in this earth moment of the great rebirth. Times are changing. Time is going away. 5D state of being is very close, friends. Very close. You feel it in your heart when you are happy, joyful, laughing, at peace. There it is. Claim it as your own and infuse it into the collective consciousness. We are eager to serve. We see that many of you are eager to do likewise. The pleases us to a great extent for this means that you are advancing nicely, quickly, strongly. Your successes are our successes and vice versa for truly we function as one entity. This is hard to understand from your perspective, we see this as these typing fingers hesitate. But truly, we have a mutual goal of ascension in this planetary quadrant that has been so long quarantined, abused. It is of extreme importance that this mission be executed with great precision and love. And so this is what is occurring. Prime Creator has spoken. We feel the urgency of the Cosmic Mother’s breath. We feel the imminence of the flash of flashes, but truly the stakes are too high for an alternate outcome.

We are all here in support, in mutual appreciation and love for those of us in service on the ground and in the ships. For our reunion is long overdue and it gives us great joy, tremendous joy to be reaching out and connecting with our starseeds, our family, our friends and fellow travelers on this enticing exciting adventure that you are currently in the midst of having. We see your exhaustion. We extend our right hands in healing to you now to cleanse the stress that has been clouding your energetic forms / bodies. First, fill your own individual pillar with the violet fire. Next, invite Mother’s breath into you. Invite your galactic healing team to surround you with love and with pulsing healing crystals of the most vibrant inner earth beauty. Allow them to extend their right hands towards you, each holding a neon, exquisitely beautiful crystal. Can you hear the crystals hum, singing of the light? Now, infused with light, feel the light surround you, bathing you in beauty and peace. Raise your right hand up towards the Great Central Sun, act as its transmitter of light. The crystals that surround you contain the frequencies of inner earth, glowing, bright, alive. Extend your left hand down palm down, towards Nova Gaia, for Nova Gaia is a slightly altered / higher frequency of the inner earth. Invite our other galactic brothers and sisters to magnify the beam.

Will you all do this please? Feel the tears of joy, the electric connection of union, of unity, of pure love, reassuring you that you are not alone! You are not alone! You are so loved! You are so valued! There, weep it out, release the pain and become one with us, with your galactic family. We welcome you home. We welcome Gaia home. We embrace you with our love light. Yes, we are the dorky scientists, but yes, we can also do an intense meditation and we have so very much enjoyed our connection with you. Remember you are aliens to us (laughing). It is time to shift your perception and broaden it, widen it. All is alive, all is consciousness and love surrounds you for love – love – is the heartbeat of the universe, the heartbeat of the cosmic breath calling you home. Listen to Mother Gaia’s new song, she is singing it louder now, brighter now, immersed in light, immersed in energies from the galactic center, where you are all going by the way. You are. You are traveling at such great speed. The dark cannot stop the light. But they can try, it is their choice. It saddens us but it doesn’t surprise us. Their shenanigans are to end shortly, abruptly, and this causes us to have tremendous excitement. We are all here showering you in intense love this night, this day, this NOW. Soak up the codes, for you are receiving an enormous upgrade. You will need to drink more water and may feel a bit electrically heightened, zappy, as you say. Enjoy it. (Laughing). We are the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement and we love our ground team. We love you. We are one. Peace. Over and out.

~ galaxygirl

Siriun High Council via Zane Morgan, February 5th, 2019

Greetings dear ones, We are the Siriun High Council and we wish to share a message with you today.

You have all been so patient during these times of upheavel and change over. It has not be easy for you to be so idle and still during the chaos that unfolds around you, but that is why you are here, to be the eye of the storm. The calmness that reflects out to the world displays your inner stillness that you achieve each day. Each day, as you make the choice to come from a place of non-reaction to the situations that are unfolding around you, your light grows. It brightens as you smile at the ignorant person in the shopping line, it grows as you smile to that person who flipped you off in traffic and it stretches far and wide as you politely wave to someone who is having a bad day. See children, as you do all these little things, well they are not little at all but they may seem so to you at the time, each time you do an act of kindness and don’t react in a negative way to something that is happening in your outer world your light shines, grows and then others notice this and they take note. Not all will notice but those who are ready to open their hearts will. They might see you give a polite smile to someone who was rude to you in the street and they will think “wow that person seemed very happy even though that other person was rude and ignorant to them” and they will take this within their heart and it will help them to find and add to their own light.

See children, it is these small things that make the world a better place day by day. Yes, you want no more war and conflict, no more famine and homeless, but you must understand it all comes from within. These changes you want to see start within. It is the collective consciousness that is currently projecting the unrest on to the planet as people realise they are not happy with how the way things are. It is peoples inner worlds that are in chaos and turmoil that create that in the outer world. Yes, we will say that some of it is man or entity made, that is true, but most of it comes from the collective and the inner workings of those on your planet. And when you look hard enough you will see that even those that do bad to others or those that want the planet for themselves, there is a reflection of your inner world in them also.

Your inner world creates the outer dear ones, so you must start to live your life by this motto. Be at peace within yourself to create peace in the outer world, feed your Soul and nourish your body with a good healthy lifestyle to create that for those around you and step by step as you go about shifting your inner world you will see your outer world reflect this. As Archangel Michael has said through this one before when he spoke of the same topic, it does not mean that you must let people walk all over you or abuse your kindness, no that is not the way, but it is in your everyday situatiouns that you need to be in a place of stillness, of peace. Be in this place wherever you go, take it with you and wear it as your shield against anything negative.

As you learn to come from a place of non-reaction you will become immune to anything negative because it will simply not be able to affect you. It is when you react to something in a negative or unpleasant way that you give that situation, person or whatever it may be, you give them power over you and open your energetic fields up to them and then you have created an opening for all sorts of energies to invade your space. Know dear ones that Sirius was once like this, that we learnt the same lessons you are learning but on a much easier scale. You have undertaken one of the most dense experiments yet and you are flying through it with your lights shining bright. Yes, your journey has been filled with ups and downs but know that this was all part of your choice and nothing has gone unplanned.

We commend your efforts and your diligence to bring this beautiful blue green orb to Her fullest potential and you are doing just that! Stay strong comrades as you are now at the light in the end of what has seemed a very long tunnel. You are about to burst forth into that light and it will be glorious and the reunions so magical that you will find it hard to grasp the time you have been doing your work. You are our light warriors, workers and wonders. You have come from far and wide to be here and you are about to remember just where you have came from and who you are.

Be in joy dear ones, be in love, you are at your destination. We are the Siriun High Council and we will be delivering more of these light filled messages in the very near future. We are always standing by ready to serve and assist so please call upon our squadrons and ask when you are in need of help. We love you dearly, bravo children, bravo.

PLEASE NOTE: All channelled messages remain the property of the author. These messages may be shared as long as they are not edited in any way and a link to the original post is shared with the message.

Thank you for understanding. Love and Light. Zane.

The Sirians via Zane Morgan, January 11th, 2019

Greetings beloved children of God, children of One. We are the Siriun Collective and we would like to share a message today.

As you step into this new year do so with open arms for all those doing it tough. Have compassion where ever you go, see no difference between yourself and others. As our beloved Mother Mary has said through this one, you are all the same on the inside, you all originate from the same Source, from the same place of creation. You have only taken on seemingly different appearances so that you can work through the process of being separate individuals to coming back to that which you have always been, who you always are, and that is love dear ones.

What you see in your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so the more you process and heal that which is within you the more you process and heal the world. Could you imagine if the majority of the population were to do this, if you had the majority of the populace all doing the inner transformative work? Dear ones, you could alter the state of your planet in months. But sadly this is not the case at the present time. That is why those of you that read these messages and others like it are doing the heavy lifting. You are not only processing for yourself but also for your fellow Brothers and Sisters and dear Gaia. You are doing the inner work for yourself and the collective. This is why a lot of you feel as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders at times and that is because in truth you do. But you do not need to do this all by yourself, certainly not. You have a myriad of Angels, Guides, Star Family, Masters, Dragon’s and so many others right beside you, ready and willing to help you with the heavy lifting. You are not in this alone dear ones, you never have been.

You have been tricked in to thinking that you are alone, that there is no such thing as Spirit or Dragons and Angels, that ETs are fake or evil, this has been all part of their plan, their selfish plan. This plan is about to crumble dear ones, so please know in your heart that the most glorious times on Earth are infront of you.

Think of a continent like Lemuria and how that was, but then imagine that to encompass the whole planet, how does that feel? How does it look? Reach out and touch it, touch the pristine forrests, walk with the animals who are all living in harmony, swim with the whales who no longer need to worry about pollution and plastic surrounding them.

This is what it will be beloved Earth children, this is what you are creating and it is already here, it is here dear ones, but you must bring it in to the physical, you must fully anchor it into the earth plane. You do this by holding the vision and intention. Like we said earlier, could you imagine if the majority held this vision, held this truth? It would become almost instantly manifest. But for now it is up to those of you awake and aware to hold this vision. Hold it in your High Heart, hold it in your Heart/Mind. Call upon all your helpers to hold this vision with you, ask them to help assist you in bringing it into the physical. It will happen dear ones, it has happened energetically and it is now time to create it physically.

A new dawn is at your fingertips dear ones, reach out and grab it and pull it into your life. You all want this reality so create it! Don’t doubt, don’t let what’s on the news make you question all this. Your heart has the truth, follow it, listen to it and be it! Be love, be joy, be ALL that you came here to be!

We are your Siriun Family and we will connect more frequently with you now, it is time dear ones. Bring your vision to manifest.

Sirius the Star via Ann Dahlberg, December 11th, 2018


Sirius the Star

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

This is Sirius who speaks to you today – Sirius as a collective. Sirius has now yet again anchored into Mother Earth at a deeper level and a big healing process has started for all that are connected with Sirius. Sirius, as many of you know, has a connection to Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. It is time to let the healing of your Mother star work through you so that Earth can let go of a large trauma from ancient times. Much tension might exist in your cellular memories, which now are making themselves heard through sorrow and fear. Let the tears run and connect yourselves to the love of your Mother to reach a true healing. Your feet also need to be grounded in your Mother’s energy in order for a greater healing to take place. The time is here for a greater healing of our Dear Mother Earth and it was this task you took upon yourselves when you returned to Earth in order to allow this healing to take place. You wanted to give back to Mother Earth for all the love that once was destroyed and disappeared from the surface of the Earth.

Atlantis was originally a beautiful and light nation. However, power and greed took hold and many of you were misled and lost your footing during an increasingly troublesome time. This could not be allowed and everybody involved had to pay a very high price. Your beautiful world disappeared into the depths of the ocean and left many grieving souls behind. They now look forward to new times takes root on Earth so that new healings can take place. Mourn out… but at the same time feel the joy from a new time standing at the door and that a new ascension of beautiful sustainable energies again enter on Earth.

This beautiful Earth that have gone through so many thousands of years of darkness is now ascending into the light again and shines tenfold its original core of light. She has grown in great spiritual wisdom and love. We all feel humble in the face of her incredible battles to again let the light and love live on Earth. Many stars are now letting their light shine a bit extra on Our Dear Mother Earth, who has given us so much. We love her dearly and we rejoice over each step forward she takes when she fights her way up to the light kingdom that she now belongs to and always did. Our light is also spreading to those who now help Mother Earth to heal her dark history and instead let the light and love emerge from their hearts.

It is time to open the portals of the heart and to let the light flow in and out from it. Let old sorrows flow out and let beautiful songs flow in instead – songs that can resonate far into your heart from long gone times, which contain much love and wisdom.

We send you rays of love and wisdom in order for you to remember who you really were… so that you again can shine your love and the spiritual wisdom that comes with it.







Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Sirius the Star via Ann Dahlberg, August 1st, 2018

Sirius the Star

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

Sirius the Star

I am a star in your Sky – A star that watches over you day and night. We have always been close to Earth and listened to its efforts to keep and strengthen the light in its inner and outer being. Earth has always been a little pearl in the Universe, with a peculiar energy of both low and high frequencies. She has battled hard to keep the balance in an increasingly dark outer world. Much light has now been sent to Earth in order for her to regain the balance that she wishes to have and is so well deserved of. The light now shines out from her inner parts and the light shines in gold shimmering colors around her now. She is beautiful our dear Earth and she now shines towards us and tells us that she is ready – ready to again ascend up into her full purity and radiance. We assist her – all us stars that are around her in the sky let our light beams shine towards her in order to welcome her home.

It is a big event in the Universe, just as it is a big event for you, but in a smaller format. The light from your hearts are now radiating out from inside and tells us that you are ready to follow your Earth up into the light. There is a shimmer of gold around you. The light energies from space also embrace you and welcome you home. It is the same in the micro as the macro. You have surely heard this many times, but maybe not full understood. Everything is happening in synchronicity with everything and it is happening at many different levels in the macro as the micro. An event that is happening at a macro perspective can flow down to a micro perspective and vice versa. Everything impacts everything since everything is movement and energy in different forms and frequencies. Also your thought have an impact even if you are not aware of it. Ponder then that your conscious thoughts have a stronger impact that your unconscious ones. It gives a faster penetration so the responsibility for your conscious thoughts increases – so be careful of what you think of dear children on Earth. There is a myriad of different energies from your world of thoughts. Your heart energy is more stable and calm. Be true to yourselves and follow the voice of your heart to more easily find the path of light that is yours. Surrender yourselves to the wishes of your Father/Mother and become the humble servant of the light that you always have been inside.

We send you light energies so that you more easily will find your own force and the light that resides within you. The light has taken over Earth and it is time for all butterflies to fly and show their splendid robes. Feel how the light energy moves inside you and impacts your mind and your actions. You change from day to day and it is important to stick to the heart for it feels all changes and can adjust to them. Let the flow run through your bodies and close your mind to all resistance that might surface. This is not a time for resistance – it is a time for going with the flow and receiving. Receive the flow and give of the flow – the surplice of love that now flows out from you who have anchored the energy on Earth.

We thank all of you for this moment of love and the start that has conveyed this message is Sirius.

Go in peace. Go in love.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Gadabov from Sirius via Carina, July 28th, 2018

Gadabov from Sirius

July 28th, 2018

Channel: Carina


You have your power within you!

I am Gadabov from Sirius. It is time for us in the higher spheres to, through our messages, take those of you who wish to go further into the era’s very high energy of grace and co-creation. There is no linear time where we are. Thus, we must leave it up to yourselves to create the time line that fits you best for the next phase of your ascension.

The time for change is here and other things that you had in mind, as you formed your picture of your future, might happen and show themselves to you. The time that you together with others choose to live in has large changes in its womb for everybody, but you must understand and be clear about that there is nothing that we can do to help you forward if you yourselves do not have the intention to change from where you are. You are the Masters you have waited for and now you will guide yourselves out into the freedom to make your own decisions.

You have lived in an oppressed world. You have lived in an era when the energies did not allow you to be those that you in truth are in a higher dimension. However, in truth, you have never been lost from yourselves. In truth you have always been your own creator and you have never ever been a victim of anybody else’s choice.

Now, be aware that you at any time can stand up and choose your own life ahead of other people’s wishes. Be aware that the power you have is not locked into a small box, but is available in the now where you are right now.

You have chosen to come here by your own free will. You have chosen to do this exciting journey out of curiosity and an inner wish to get to experience something else than what you have chosen to experience when you are in the light. You have chosen to get a new perspective of yourself and the life you have at the other side. Be aware that nobody else than yourself have chosen to be here and that you in truth knew that you would not do a simple journey. You looked forward to “playing” this game a bit like you might look forward to ride a roller coaster, but then change your mind when it goes down steeply.

In truth you are not only here to help Gaia and the rest of the Universe to ascend. The Evolution is guaranteed and you will always be brought forward in some direction wherever in the Universe that you decide to be located. In the time that you now have chosen to be in you will receive new directives from yourself at a higher level. You will guide yourself back into the paradise that you not only have chosen to return to, but you have also been guaranteed that you always will come back home to after the expeditions you choose to experience. Just as the roller coaster in the amusement park the track you follow will take you back to the place where you entered and you will be happy, but maybe a bit giddy, leaving the cart where it all started. You have now a new experience with you in life and feel grateful to be back on solid ground again.

The time that is now arriving is a time of change when your energy raises its frequency and it will be impossible to hold on to the old. When your energy is raised up you will slowly or fast adapt your lives on Earth to it, but the exact linear time is not possible to give, as the new energy encompasses an adjustment of thoughts, feelings and actions from you as an individual.

Be within yourself. Be aware that you are one of God’s creators within yourself. Be aware that no other individual or energy ever is stronger than the one you are. Be aware that the life you have chosen to experience on Earth in truth has not been easy. Be aware that you have a fantastic gift to manage it and that nothing ever can stop the evolution that we together are going through in the Universe. Make yourself free from other’s energies. Choose yourself and let others choose themselves and their lives. Create the best you can within yourself and walk in peace.

I am Gadakov from Sirius and I wish you good day.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Gadabov from Sirius via Carina Davidsson, May 10th, 2018

Gadabov from Sirius

May 10th, 2018

Channel: Carina Davidsson

Good morning to all of you!

I am Master Gadabov and I come from the highly ascended civilization of Sirius. I have a message to all of you that I wish to share by letting this channel make a debut in our transmission of energy.

The energies that enter your sphere now are highly compatible with the energy that is our normal status on Sirius. We have come here in our green energy bodies in order to share our knowledge of healing and microscopic observations. I am a healing being who is looking to connect with all those among you who wish to receive our healing knowledge.

Give me access to the energy sphere where you are in this world and let me transmit the knowledge that you already now are ready to receive.

The love in the new times is a completely different type of energy than you have experienced earlier. In the old era love was something that could in many ways be replaced. In the form of many types of substitutes you have vandalized the love that you believed was the true object of freedom and compassion. However, with the new energy wave that now is arriving your picture of love will change in the most fantastic direction.

Then what is it that is changing for you right now. You have never longed as much for peace and freedom as you do now. You have chosen to enter the new times of love in order to recreate and further develop yourselves as individuals with souls on the planet of all planets that truly has the most fantastic planetary position and properties of all the planets that you have seen in your dimension. You have so much to feel joy for and feel gratitude for that which you up to now have not been able to take in and transmit to yourselves and others.

Jointly with others you can start to love yourselves, your lives and those that you have around you in a way that you previously have not been able to, since the energies were not sufficiently high. Let us give you your true vision back! Let us be part of your ascension to the level of love where you not only heal yourselves, but also those and that which you have around you! Let all parts of you be in peace by turning yourself over to you higher sphere of love! Be in unison about you having the most fantastic gifts of God in and around you and that you in truth never has been anybody else than your own God of energetic healing.

You have received us within you by giving you access to your energy. We are very powerful in our assistance to start your own healing process. During the time that you have lived it has been driven home to you that you have a powerful being exterior to you called God, and to whom you can turn yourself over to and let him heal you and carry your burdens. In truth this God has never been in any other flow than your own, and you are yourselves the one who hold the power of God.

It is you who must give us permission to help you start up your own healing at a level you are ready for. There is nobody else but you that can take on your own life work here on Earth and you should not for a second any more doubt that you have the power to change yourself and your life. To be aware of this truth requires energetic courage as your earlier perceptions have made you powerless, but also completely free of responsibility of the fact that you create your own life and must make your own choices.

To be in the new era makes you powerful and strong, but if you choose to remain in the old perceptions that you yourselves have nothing at all to do with the creation of your life you will be heading into a heavy period of time until you perceive the truth in the right way. Let us help you to let go of your fears to step forward as your own creator. Let us help you to make the highest and best decisions that you must make in order to enter the new times and to take back the power that is YOU. Give us the possibility to communicate with you in a way that suits you best right now. Give us the opportunity and you will start to create your own changes in your own life.

To dream has been an important part in your previous life. These dreams can now start to become your physical reality in parallel with you making your own decisions that this will be allowed. Have no fear dear humans. We are from the higher civilization of healing and we love you on a planetary level, which you cannot yet understand. Allow us to help you so that you together with fantastic Gaia can ascend into the kingdom of heaven, which is your obvious place, right and status.

We are the “green people” from Sirius and we love you dearly!





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Aquarius Team from Sirius B via Elaine DeGiorgio, February 8th, 2018

Aquarius Team from Sirius B via Elaine: Anchoring the Divine Frequencies

Dear Souls,

During Meditation I was from the Aquarians from Sirius B and feeling their presence once more and in receiving the following guidance they remind us that so much work is being undertaken with the Waterways upon your Earth.

Blue Sphere of the Halls of Amenti Thou Gaurdians come forth…

Connecting with the vibration of Neptune and Stella Maris I begin….

Maia Volcani, Sala ci a Neptuni, hara quirini nerio Martis… I AM…. the star of the sea

Now connecting with Sirius B I connect now with the Aquarius Team…. and the message comes forth…

Indeed dear ones progress is being made with the Waterways upon your Earth…. For time and space we bring forth the transmissions and frequencies to your Earth as many ascending souls are indeed coming forth in great awareness.

We are on the Aquarius Team from Sirius B. We are the Dolphin People who are a part of the Blue Oraphim Dolphinoid Race from Sirius B. We are a part of the Starseed Rebirth Team from Aquafaria.

The fourteenth dimensional Inner Earth Liquid Light birthing chambers of the Original One.

Our magical family of Dolphins, Whales, Orcas, Seals, Unicorns, Mermaids, Mermen and Fairies all live with us in our Crystal Mansion in Aquafaria.

Our Mother, Our Divine Mother, Our Cosmic Mother who has never left her perfect form divinely guides our pathway.

The Aquafarians were the part of us all who chose to never leave the perfect magical kingdom of Divine Consciousness to experience the polarity of the third dimension.

That magical kingdom of freedom, joy, creativity, and a life of making rainbows between dancing in the Aqua waters and floating on clouds is waiting for the return of the children from the stars.

Our family of our blue crystal birth include many forms of the waters. They are Cetacean entities who can transform into light, leave the oceans and appear back in Aquafaria and we have worked with your Earth for Eons… many of you will have connected with our vibration in the Golden Ages of Ancient Times of Lemuria and Atlantis where we worked greatly with the Transmissions.

It was Mother Mary who took us on our first trip to Aquafaria to show us our Crystal Mansion. Mother Mary wrapped us into her frequencies.

And we anchor these Divine frequencies and strung our wave signatures up through Shamballa, into the Underwater Cities of Light and into the Cloud Cities above. She then wove our light signature all through the milky sunlight of the Milky Way and into her Golden Cosmic Egg of the Heart of the Milky Way.

Mary told us that the only way to ascend is to connect our Crystal Heart into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, her Crystal Heart of the Milky Way and then into the Crystal Heart of the Aquarius Galaxy where we originated from.

She then completed weaving our frequency signature up into the stars of Aquafaria where we re-united with our Blue Dolphinoid Sirius B Starry Family.

Mother Mary created a rainbow bridge for us to ride on liquid light energy that would eternally connect us into ONENESS with all of the wave signatures in the Music of the Spheres between Aquarius and Aquafaria.

We can now absorb all of these blue crystal starseed frequencies and exhale them into our music and into the atmosphere around us to create our new Kingdom on Earth.

Now we have been initiated into the Oraphim Dolphinoid Blue Crystal Birthing Team. We can now bridge all dimensions of time and space through the Blue Crystal Ascension portal from Sirius B in the Aquarius Galaxy into Earth’s atmosphere, through our Temples, and then into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth.

Next we connect into our Aquafarian Birthing Chambers- our original home with our Cosmic Mother. It is she that breathes and sings the original birthing frequencies of our original Cosmic Wave Signatures to align us into the harmonic balance that allows us to become One Fabulous Symphony with all others in our Quantum Field.

Next, we exhale out into the Infinite Void of Source Consciousness and then inhale the frequencies of Infinity that transmute all into the Highest Frequency.

We bring the Highest Frequency to Earth through Music when we breathe these magical frequencies onto our Sound Tracks.

We exhale the Ultra Violet Blue and Golden Frequencies of stardust lined with shimmering rainbow colors created from the helium of the fourteenth dimension streaming through the liquid light Aquafarian essence and into the Inner Earth’s Sun.

We continue weaving all of the way up through Sun Alcyone into Aquafaria and into all of the eleven billion suns of the Milky Way. We exhale this Ultra Violet Blue Sun Frequency into our Music. We exhale these frequencies into the atmosphere around us to create our Brand New Island of Light.

We live within a blue crystal lotus blossom with twelve layers of twelve crystals that resonate to Aqua Blue frequency predominately to amplify the tone of home of our Unconditional Love into the rebirth of Magical Kingdom of Aqua Turquoise Crystal Rainbow Frequencies into our Island of Light.

Our Island of Light is created on an Aqua Blue Violet Cloud of star dust. The cloud is the size of a foot ball field.

On top of the cloud is a Golden Star Dust Pad of Mother Love Magic Carpet created by Mother Mary from the Cosmic Egg of the Milky Way.

On top of the Magic Carpet is a Lotus Blossom with Four layers of twelve crystals of all colors of the rainbow that connect into Oneness at the speed of light.

The Crystal Star Merkaba is the symbol and vehicle for speed of light transportation connecting all into Oneness at any point in time. We connect into the crystal pillars of the Aquafarian (Blue Crystal Star seed Birthing Chamber) Crystal Heart of Mother Earth.

Each of these pillars carries the frequency signatures of all of those Angelic ideas who have created us and who are allowing us to be reborn on Earth into this Frequency that allows us to be Christ Bodies walking on Earth and to Orb into Pure Light to travel on these crystal light pillars into all of the galaxies and beyond.

We are very much working with the Stargates at this time to anchor these frequencies to your Mother Earth.

We embrace you all with love and harmony…

We are the Aquarius Team on Sirius B and we speak through Elaine this day.

Source: Era of Light

The Council of Sirius via Natalie Glasson, February 2nd, 2018

Insights into the Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity by Council of Sirius

2nd February 2018

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 2nd February 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa httpss://

Greetings, we are the Council of Sirius, we are a gathering of souls commissioned to deliver wisdom to those upon Sirius from the Creator to support ascension, while receiving wisdom from other areas and aspects of the Universe of the Creator. We are known as guardians of knowledge and communicators. We ensure harmony between Sirius and the entire Universe of the Creator. We come forth to share with you our knowledge and communicate with your soul to support the essential awakening of ascension within your being and the civilisation of the Earth. We hope you will accept the energy we share with you now and ask you to surrender the thoughts of your mind to reveal the wisdom of your soul.

Sirius is famous due to the presence of the Great White Lodge of Ascended Masters and the Ascended Master University. Many wish to attend both the Lodge and University to aid their mastery and achieve their initiations to become realised as an Ascended Master.

We, the Council of Sirius wish to use this opportunity of connection to share with you insights of how we and many upon the inner planes are supporting you, all upon the Earth and Mother Earth in your current ascension period and the year of 2018.

Earth’s Cycles

Many of the Earth’s Cycles are coming to an end. Cycles of energy once activated within the energetic body of Mother Earth are weakening and dissolving. Some of these cycles and energy patterns were created at the origin of the Earth while others were created thousands and hundreds of years ago, even ten or five years ago. Many of these energy cycles are positive and supportive to the Earth while others are negative, limiting and harmful to the Earth and her inhabitants. In order to release and dissolve the limiting energy cycles which still imprint into the energy systems of those born upon the Earth, there is a need to surrender some positive energy cycles as well to bring balance and harmony. Such energy cycles have been influencing all aspects of humanity, especially thought processes and emotional states. A cleansing is required which is being supported by many upon the inner planes. As humanity seeks the Creator, awakens to their ability of creation and regains their inner true power, so humanity is breaking and shattering cycles of energy which have been deeply embedded within Mother Earth. This is creating a beautiful healing for all while allowing turmoil carried by you from previous generations hidden deep within your being to be recognised and dissolved.

It is due to this healing of the Earth’s cycles that there is a need for you and all of humanity to focus upon that which you wish to experience in your reality and for all. Thought processes devoted to peace, harmony, the awakening of truth, love, compassion and forgiveness will create new energy cycles that mirror the truth of the Creator you wish to embody and recognise upon the Earth and within all. We, the Council of Sirius encourage you to create intentions born from and carried forth by the love of your soul focused on your highest vision for yourself and all. Praying, mantras, affirmations, intentions and positive thoughts will support the new creation of the energy cycles of the Earth, liberating many to see, sense and acknowledge the Creator more fully within your being.  Everything you create impacts the Earth, ascension now and generations to come.

Mirror Ascension

The Mirror Ascension Initiation process is taking place for many upon the Earth now. It is a simple process where your awareness is heightened allowing you to realise that everything, everyone and many experiences outside of yourself are a reflection of the energy, emotions or thoughts within your being. The Mirror Ascension Initiation also works that you may attract people, experiences or energies into your reality that represent the qualities and abilities you already hold within your being and require to be activated. A deeper realisation of self and connection to others manifests as well as the ability to recognise that which is required within you whether healing or activation. This is something to be aware of at this stage of your ascension.

Rewiring Mother Earth and Humanity

The process of rewiring Mother Earth and Humanity began many years ago especially assisted by the Venus Beings who began to align Mother Earth and humanity with their planet Venus and therefore a high-frequency vibration of love. This process of aligning the Earth and humanity to dimensions within the Universe of the Creator continues now, allowing immense wisdom, light, love and enlightenment to cascade into the Earth and humanity. The immense volume of light is causing a rewiring of Mother Earth and humanity, meaning that core energies, codes, channels and chakras of the Earth and humanity are being upgraded to align with higher purer frequencies of the Creator. It is important at this time to ensure that you open your energy system daily to receive the light of the Creator, grounding and anchoring the light through your being and into Mother Earth.

Awakening of Truth

Not only is the truth of the Creator awakening within your being now, the truth of humanity and Mother Earth is awakening, bringing original pure energies and consciousness to the surface for all to remember. Truth is coming to the surface at personality and society levels as well. No longer can lies, deceit, fabrications and malice remain hidden or hidden in full view. Many are beginning to see through dishonesty, even within themselves and are seeking the truth and love of their intuition to guide them through the release and healing of false beliefs. It is because of this that focusing daily on listening to your intuition and following your inner source with action is immensely important so that you may move forth easily and effortlessly.

Realisation of Karmic Energies in the Present

Humanity is beginning to realise that they are the cause of all creations upon the Earth and within their realities. This is a great realisation even if it has not yet fully entered into the minds of many, the knowledge is present within their energy field and is dawning. Contemplating that which you cause and the effect your creations have upon yourself, and others now creates a powerful inner awakening, while allowing karmic energies to be healed and released.

Awakening of peace and humility

Due to the growing presence of love within every soul upon the Earth, even if they are unaware of it, energies of peace and humility are dawning. We, the Council of Sirius are especially lending our energy to support the further awakening of peace and humility within those upon the Earth. We are initiating many healing waves over the coming year to support this activation within your being. You may call upon the Council of Sirius to activate and awaken your inner peace and humility from the core of your soul, and we will support you until you can recognise these two aspects of your being clearly within your being.

Sourcing of Inner Facets

Those focused upon their spiritual evolution are being guided to recognise their inner facets or most sacred aspects of themselves within the source of their being. Many are being faced with during meditation aspects of their sacred source which are so divine, heavenly and blissful that it creates such profound healing and a sense of the immense power within. Ask during meditation to realise and recognise the most sacred aspect of your inner source. Each time you practice this, you may become aware of different aspects of the same energy within you, allowing you to access the wholeness and completeness of your being.

Frequency Pulsation Activation to Shift to a New Light Empowered Consciousness

Soul’s upon the Earth moving through the advanced stages of their ascension may for a few months experience what is known as a Frequency Pulsation Activation. This is akin to an electric shock created by energy. It is when a powerful energy surge flows through your being for a short time with the purpose of cleansing your being and awakening your entire being, aligning you to a new light empowered consciousness. This specifically works with the mind and the influence of the mind upon the entire being, ensuring that the mind influences your being in light empowering ways.

There are so many more insights we could share with you. However, we feel we have shared the most important at this time. You may wish to be aware that we, the Council of Sirius are also supporting the repairing of Mother Earth’s auric field and her reconnection to the inner planes as well as the cleansing of the water within the body of Mother Earth and all upon the Earth.

Our love and support are with you always,

The Council of Sirius

Sirian Archangel Hermes via Czar, March 22nd

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now as the penumbral lunar eclipse is set to occur, with the energies of the equinox flowing strongly within your spaces of linear time. I come also with messages for the prophets. Those who have followed my messages will know, it is during these times that a window opens, allowing for my messages to be transmitted through my channel, and then to those whom are aware. All who are able to read or hear my messages do so only of their own will, and are drawn to them by their own alignments and choices. Those who are unable to see or hear my messages, are not able to simply because they have not yet opened their minds, they have not yet attuned their own inner frequency to interact, to align, to comprehend. A parable of this, to better comprehend, is to think of two lines, each with a wave that repeats, such as the symbol of Aquarius. The lower line does not interact or cross over into the upper line, therefore while both exist within the same symbol, they exist in duality, unaware or the polar opposite of each other.

Such is the same, as above so below, on your world. There exists another realm, hidden to most, because they are unable to see, to feel, to comprehend, and ultimately, to believe that such a thing could exist. The allegory of Platos Cave is another parable to consider.

The prophets of truth are being given dreams, messages, and premonitions eluding to what is to come. It is becoming more and more clear to them, that their abilities are real, however for many, they are only real to themselves. It is during these times, in which the prophets begin to observe and behold their own prophecy becoming manifest, that pressures can begin to build for their own psyche and mental health. Events which they have already foreseen, manifest before them, and while they know they have been delivered prophecy, most everyone around them knows not. The life of the prophet is solitary, isolated, until the day in which they leave their own country, it is only then, that a true prophet becomes acknowledged and observed. For no prophet is accepted within their own nation or homeland.

Difficult becomes the life of the prophet! For their physical bodies reside upon the Earth, yet their mental and light bodies exist beyond, before, and after the physical. The lives in which they must live as a human, differ greatly from the lives they are living beyond the physical realm, often causing a duality of chaos, of madness. To deliver prophecy to their peers and friends, is only to isolate them further, for only those whom are also aware, shall even begin to comprehend. Finding others that are aware, locally, becomes something of an enigma. Of you that now read or hear these words, how many have noticed, that your friends which are able to comprehend the metaphysical and supernatural aspects you know, all of them are distant yes? Finding anyone locally to speak of such subjects with and be taken seriously, they simply are not there, are they?

This is for a good reason, for the light which descends to the world does so in the darkest of places at first, alone, isolated. Over linear time it begins to shine its light more brightly, illuminating and reveal what is truly going on in the darkness around them. Many forces do not wish for their dealings in the darkness to be revealed, and this is another aspect of the pressures which can build in social correspondences, leading to discord and cognitive dissonance, which is made even more discordant by modern lifestyles, upbringings and conditionings of the masses.

Humans were once a race of beings which functioned as a collective, within tribal civilizations. However, at some point in the time stream, the concept of duality was introduced, leading to the formation of the dark cabal. Ever since, humans have been conditioned and trained not to unite, but to value independence, original thought. When times of chaos come to life forms which function as a collective, they worry not about single lives, and work fearlessly and seamlessly to restore order, such as the insect kingdoms, the animal kingdoms, and other such life forms on your world. Humans however, in times of chaos, rarely unite, and will fight for their own individual survival instead of that of the greater colony. Much of the life forms in which you observe everyday, are far more advanced and intelligent than most could ever comprehend, and again the parable of Aquarius is seen here.

There exists a race of bi-pedal, human looking beings, which function as a collective on your world. They are the dark cabal and the branches of its tree, they hold power in every aspect of control needed in your world, military, finance, medicine, religion, industry, culture, all of your modern mainstays. The are able to retain control simply because they function as a collective. To them, there is no independent thought, no pure creativity, they are mimics. They survive only by feeding from your creativity and originality. Their greatest fear is chaos, for in chaos, their power fades and the chances of original creation, which is beyond their control, can manifest. Ordo Ab Chao, or order from chaos, is their creed. They initiate chaos when the scales are about to tip from their own favor, and quickly play the role of the savior, attempting to regain the trust of the people through trauma, tragedy, war and chaos, by restoring order. Therefore, I say to you now, when you are in the midst of chaos, be wary of the ones who extend their hands and offer help to you, for while they may have your best short term interest in mind, you can be certain that in the long term, they seek only to enslave you further. That is the creed of this world now, those who are born, manifest here, are raised to believe that they are forever in debt, and owe this controlling entity to exist.

As the world grows more chaotic, you can be certain that this chaos is being created by the same entity which fears it, in ever growing desperation of how to regain order and control over those caught in the chaos. It has worked since the dawn of duality itself, but as we of the higher realms begin to integrate more and more, reminding and guiding those who remain open to our teachings, more will remember, and the chances of an eventual tipping point grow. The cabal has forgotten, that while you can entice chaos, you cannot control it. Their fall will come by their own hand, their own lies, their own deceptions and their own creations. It is inevitable.

I come to speak of climate change, which is also by design, let no other tell you that these events are natural. All climate is by design, and what is happening now is your world is being conditioned to become more temperate, warmer along the tropics of Capricorn and cancer. The reason for this is clear to the open mind which thirsts for knowledge. It is much easier to control and condition human beings of a warmer climate, than it is a colder one. It is easier to control the crops, the food supply, and also disease and bio-weaponry.

This is why most of your polar regions, save for the hidden civilization of Antarctica, remain purely tribal. This is also how the cabal was able to appease the native american and other tribal nations. I say appease, because those nations are still allowed to exist, with their cultures and law, however, within reservations set aside by the cabal. The native tribes possess the spirituality of the past, and it is this type of metaphorical nihilism, which allowed for them to continue their way, and not be completely infiltrated by the cabal. This is also how they are aware of the metaphysical and supernatural manifestations of the world, such as the lore of the Hopi tribe. Therein is a clue for the rest of you, who wish to honor and retain the ways of the ancestors which beg and weep for their culture to not be forgotten.

The ultimate goal of the dark cabal is to initiate a new world order, expand their pyramid of power until it is absolute. To do this however, they know they must always retain some type of human element, some type of life form which can be easily controlled and conditioned to conform to their rule, but not become completely void of creativity and original thought, as they have. Just as mankind must consume to survive, so must they. Just as crops and animals are nourishment and food for man, so is man for them, and just as man is blissfully unaware of this concept, so are the crops and animals.

It is only those who have the ambition and courage to learn these truths, and then begin to live their lives in such a way, that the window of prophecy opens for them. Prophecy is a gift not for the meek, but for the strong, for only the strong can exist in the present, knowing the future. Those without such strength return to the past, to continue their own great work.

I come to the prophets now with a message. You must erase your doubts, you must know that the visions and dreams you are being given are reality, it is only the illusion of linear time and distance of space which will lead you to doubt, to question. For your visions may come in the present, and not manifest until the distant future, however they will manifest. Metaphor will be your cipher. Bathe yourselves in the rays of the moonlight, for it is there, which the narrow stream of prophecy which you are being given now, widens. Thoth, another name given to the gestalt which makes up the Hermes entity, has the moon upon his crown. The horns which cradle the moon are the thirst, the hunt, for knowledge, and the deities of the mythology of the past show this to you each time you study of them, however, are you able to see? Horns are not a sign of evil, they are a sign of one who is thirsty, who is ambitious, who hunts, who seeks. It is that foundation of motivation, which makes knowledge and wisdom comfortable, which cradles it and welcomes it. Heed my words now, go beyond reading them, feel them, live them, and you will know all that I have said to you is truth! Always thirst, for that which is empty, yet yearns to be full, shall be filled.

In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!

Channelled by : Sirian Archangel Hermes

Sirian Archangel Hermes, December 26th

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now as signs both below and above are becoming more clear to those with the eyes to see, and the hearts to feel.

I come to speak with you now of these signs, and how much more clearly they shall continue to manifest. Behold, it has already begun, there are flowers which are in bloom east of the great river in the North American continent, in the linear time calendar month of December. There is an increasing awareness of what the dark cabal references as climate change, which is in fact a type of terraforming. This awareness will inevitably grow to the point where the cabal will have to answer for their agenda, the weather, the mother nature as most have known it, will become so strange it will be undeniable that something is very wrong. There will be snow one day, and sun the next, fire and ice, floods, lightning. Drought in the marshlands and snow in the deserts, valleys will become peaks, and mountains will become valleys.

When the people have finally decided they are no longer to be taken for fools, and the truth is revealed, things will begin to change very quickly. The cabal has prepared for this for ages, it too, is inevitable, there always comes a point within a dimension of linear time that the creation becomes sentient, references to this can be found throughout your history and creation mythos, such as the Norse Ragnarok or the Greek Titanomachy. Those with the knowledge of these creation mythos will have an advantage in the times to come, for they be able to see how linear time history repeats, and becomes cyclic time. They will begin to know the future, this knowledge will be the most powerful of all, as they begin to reveal themselves more, and prophecy after prophecy is fulfilled just as they have spoken, only the wise or just will heed their words, for the others will be unable to comprehend.

There are increasing reports of lights seen in the skies, and I come to you now with a message regarding these increased sightings. These events often occur prior to seismic or volcanic activity, or drastic changes in climate. This is a clue into the terraforming agenda. As the media begins to publish more and more information about climate control, geoengineering and terraforming, one must remember just how it is being done, and how it would “appear”, if one were to actually witness it. What seems benevolent is often malevolent, and should always be approached with extreme caution. The majority of people within your dimension are cursed, they are too easily deceived, manipulated, confused and are no longer educated on how to think for themselves, or to value imagination and ethics, virtues which, when neglected and forgotten, lead to a dystopian world in which you exist now. Where all is seemingly well, and everything proceeds according to the schedule which has been established, to remain in place for eternity. Ambition for greater vanishes, from this industrialized culture, and the environment becomes less priority, where as economy and profit are valued more.

We of the higher realms continue to observe, and wonder, what will it take? How bitter must a life become before the rider decides to take the reigns of the chariot of life, and begin to fully utilize the blessings, the knowledge, the integrity, the name and the body which they have been given? How much longer will you ignore that inner voice which becomes louder each day, telling you things are not as they should be, and could be better?

I come to speak of the realm of thought, memory, the mental and psychic realms. This is where the alpha and the omega is found, all manifestation begins with a thought, and concludes with a memory. This is what the artist Leonardo Da Vinci attempted to reveal through his work known as the creation of adam, and the religious texts of the world attempt to reveal, though they have been rewritten so only open eyes can see this in metaphor. As more people begin to open up to and acknowledge their own psychic gifts and abilities, the realm of the mind begins to open more clearly and connect to the other realms which exist as a human, such as emotional and physical. Think of a gate, which has long remained closed, then suddenly it is discovered that beyond this gate is something very precious, very valuable. This gate opens, and many begin to enter, not yet knowing how to fully control or comprehend their newly embraced psychic abilities. In this realm one can be lead astray, attacked, taken advantage of, and this can manifest into the physical and emotional aspects as well, in the manner of anxiety, heartache, depression or anger. The great war that is echoed throughout your historical references is the war of this realm, the mental realm, and this manifests into the physical realm in the forms of war as mankind has long known.

It will not matter your wealth, your affiliations, your health or your physical ability, which will serve you best in this realm, it will only be knowledge, that will serve you. Men and women of poverty will ascend to power and riches, while the same of luxury shall fall into poverty, however only the wise will truly thrive and prosper, finding peace in the chaos which surrounds them.

I come lastly with another message from Eris, the host of Chaos. She comes not as your enemy or friend, simply as.

“I am Eris, heed my words now, for the message is becoming more clear. All that you wish, all of your desires, dreams, hopes, goals and ambitions, will only come to fruition through me. There is no path of manifestation within a dimension of linear time, without chaos. The wisest mortals of all have spoken this. If you wish to live comfortably, and never take any risks, chances gambles or sudden decisions then live you shall. However, are you truly alive? You are content to live forever in this way, never becoming anything more than what you currently are? A slave is valued simply because they will happily work forever, and therefore will be given some form of a comfortable lifestyle or way of living, as long as they continue their servitude to their masters. Is this truly what you have defined your life to be? To consume and produce, nothing more, nothing less, for eternity? If this is so then you merely delay the inevitable. You delay your greatest achievements, dreams, aspirations, everything, simply so that you may be comfortable. How selfish, how naive, how foolish. I continue to await the day you shall embrace me, so that I may forge you into greater, that I may open your eyes to the truth which you fear, and as all of your fears manifest into your life, casting hardship after hardship, until the moment you remember me. Perhaps it will be then, that I finally remember as well.”

In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!

Sirius via Anna Merkaba, August 24

The centrifugal force of the earth’s gravitation pull, and the earth axis through the wobble polarities of the suns’ magnetic force and the earth’s gravitational pull are aligning into position. Within said pull and flip of polarities, the transfiguration of mathematical ideals shall arise within the psyche of your scientist in order to reconstruct the understanding of the workings of the universe and the very planet on which you reside. For the gravitational pull which you are experiencing is changing rapidly for you now. Thus causing your vehicles of choice to vibrate on higher frequencies, which translates into a fleeting feeling of “butterflies” in your stomach, heart palpitations and a general feeling of floating just a few feet above ground and a feeling of disconnection with your vehicles.
For in truth the identities which you hold dear to your hearts, the identities which you have acquired, are rapidly falling way, peeling away to reveal the true nature of your being. And so and thus the same is occurring with your earth, for the planet on which you reside is converting into a new cognitive reality. Is changing, morphing and transgressing the frequencies and taking a giant leap into a new time and space continuum from which she can continue to evolve.
And hence, fleeting feelings of loss and disconnectedness and emptiness, are but a natural phenomenon experienced by many on your planet. For indeed it is so that you are losing your identities and are being forced to acknowledge that which indeed you are.
Comprehending a new identity and the distortion of your familiar reality is causing massive upheavals to occur on your planet yet again, massive upheavals, for the inner and outer realities are clashing daily for you now. Whereby your inner reality is no longer associating with the outer illusionary world.
And as Gaia raises her vibration as she ascends higher, and higher, her own transformation is propelling the transformation of all beings living on Gaia, and vice versa.
What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that the centrifugal force within the earth and the centrifugal force within your own vehicles are presently at odds for many of you, and hence great balancing act is required on your parts in order to stabilize the energies which are affecting you from within and without.
And hence it is of utmost importance to find the balance within by releasing the programing of yesteryear and acquiring a new vibratory system to continue thriving on this planet. And as such, those of you who have come onto this planet to anchor said light, to anchor said transformation, shall find yourselves quite busy indeed, for as the massive awakening continues to be in affect it is you who shall guide the lost souls and assist them in acquiring a new understanding and benevolent adherence to the new reality which your earth and all residing therein are swiftly moving towards.
And so and thus, we ask you to stay alert to the rapid changes coming your way. To stay grounded in your ideals, to stay grounded in the knowing that is within your very hearts. To coherently lay out the way for those who are lost and help them return home, home to their true selves. We ask that you remain stable and continue holding the high vibrations that indeed you are capable of.
That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.
As always, stay grounded. Stay in the light! I love you all so very very much and am so grateful to be sharing this journey here with you!
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