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The Sirian Stargate Transmissions 2024 | Archangel Michael via Alia Mira, July 10th, 2024

The Sirian Stargate Transmissions 2024 | Archangel Michael via Alia Mira

by Alia Mira

Divine Ones,

The great evolution of consciousness in your species, in your world, continues and there is so much wonderful progress to report.

There are expanded higher dimensional frequencies now active within you, and emanating from your planetary field. These frequencies are attuning you to higher levels within your wholeness, as you allow this resonance. The upleveling is ongoing.

Vibrational frequencies never before experienced by you in this domain of expression are now the norm! You’ve integrated them and are synthesizing them within your being.

It is glorious to behold.

Now, more than ever, it benefits you to be heart-centered and in communion with your Divine Self, your I Am Presence. Each day, opening and expanding the alignment and harmony with your Divine Self, and listening and feeling within you to the changes arising, the newness emerging. Aware of and feeling for WHAT CALLS TO YOU NOW? What do you deeply want?

Understand that within you there is an ascending energy current. It is a rising, lifting, buoyant energy. It is the lifting energy of All That You Are, and it is now flowing through you steadily and is the most prominent part of your energy stream — tune in to it!

Let yourself feel for it by softly noticing, in this moment, what excites you? What feels interesting to you? What would you like to do next of all the options before you?

What choice now brings you into this passionate flow of your own TRUE EXPRESSION?

More and more you are shedding the old, the un-true, the limited. The stuff you were told about who you are, that isn’t so. You’re releasing it. It is being cleared, too, by the high frequency light you are are integrating, and synthesizing into your very being.

All of this is creating inner space. Space in which you can feel this rising current.

The ascending current is YOUR INNER LIGHT. The Light of All That You Are, flowing in and lighting the way, via the translation of this energy into feelings of fun, and joy, and enthusiasm, into feelings of excitement, curiosity, passion… these feelings are helping you to remember WHO YOU TRULY ARE, and to center in that flow.

This is the natural evolution into the true, clear, radiant version of YOU.

Open to it. Let it reorient you.

If you will now follow your own inner flow of ever-expanding light, this rising, uplifting energy flow, AND take it into inspired action, you will transform your physical experience.

You will embody and integrate this light at a very different level if you allow yourself to be led by it and to activate it by living it out in expression, in choices, in ways of being, by creating with it, speaking from it, acting on it. The more you bring this energy fully into your embodiment, making it physical by flowing it into your expression, the more quickly you will find your abundant, expanded flow of your True Self and begin to live in True, Universal Being. Abundant. Fulfilled. Exalted!

This is conscious evolution reaching new heights. A state of being in which you confidently and naturally embrace your sovereign authority to choose what you focus on and what you claim as your identity, what your standards are — what you are available for, energetically and vibrationally and experience the energy of these choices. Then this is reflected back to you, as experience.

We say: let this indicator — of what feels like joy to you, like fun, filling you with eagerness, or excitement, guide you. Get used to feeling for it over and over again, throughout your day. Let joy and what calls to you shape everything about your experience.

Begin to realize that these feelings are the indications that you’re in alignment with YOU. These feelings light up your path of least resistance, your path of expansion, your path of fulfillment, your path of allowing.

And everything that is streaming into your world now, is inviting you to get clear on what really matters to you. Drop everything else, and dare to be who you truly are. And find out that you are fully supported in that way of being!

It’s a powerful and very exciting time!

Between now and early August, there will be massive higher dimensional energies streaming into your world. You’re entering the annual Sirian Stargate as your sun conjuncts the planet Sirius — the brightest star in the night sky.

An expression of the Infinite Light of All within your Galaxy, Sirius has a luminosity more than 20 times greater than your sun.

Each year during the first week of July, this gateway opens as Sirius conjuncts your sun, and like all things, it shows up in perfect timing! In alignment with the Divine Plan and the evolutionary unfolding of Creation.

The star Sirius emanates heightened vibrations and higher dimensional energies into your world, supporting you, in acclimating, integrating, and attuning to these higher dimensional patterns of light.

This energy streaming in can empower you in significant ways. Lifting you, as you allow it, into resonance within your oversoul structure and monadic structure, and allowing your consciousness to integrate and synthesize higher light expression.

This is a powerful time for spiritual advancement, healing, stepping into a new more elevated identity and stabilizing your consciousness in higher vibrational expression as you open to new remembering, as experience, of who you truly are and how you want to express yourself now. Here.

Sirius is also known to radiate the vibration of FREEDOM and is associated with liberation.

That is the TRUE promise of this gateway, this initiation with high frequency cosmic codes, perfectly coordinated with universal and multi-universal ascension programs.

This is an energy that can help you to shift out of, or release limitations, and expand with more ease into your true Self.

Remember that embodying and expressing your true Self — the Higher Light version of you, is the evolutionary path of All life on Earth.

A death and rebirth cycle is playing out within your world and to some extent, with each of you. The old paradigms of separation, lack, limitation, and loss are being released as the inner knowing of the True Self and the underlying Oneness takes hold.

As any of you integrate and embody your own Divine Self — all that you have become and are continually becoming — and begin to live in conscious co-creation with this vaster wholeness, you reclaim your inner authority to sovereignly shape your reality and create the Life you want to live, on a very different level of clarity and empowerment.

ASCENSION IS UNITY with All That You Are — which is also known as alignment, and as you contemplate this, you begin to realize that what you are manifesting, is YOU.

You’re beginning to realize that you are no longer willing to allow yourself to be so easily deterred from your desires, to put off the things that you love and which call to you. More and more we see you no longer feeling willing to participate in one-sided relationships, no longer willing to have less than you need.

You’re starting to really FEEL that you are supported and worthy of wonderful things. And now, Friends, we say: it’s time to experience that support manifesting, in abundance of all kinds!

We invite you to join us in a new program, delivered as a series of transmission experiences, specifically aligned with helping you receive and integrate these incredibly beneficial higher dimensional energies from now through the Lion’s Gate in August with intention and grace.

We encourage you to use these energies and this program of transmission experiences to further your sense of Self. To deepen and expand your evolution.

We expect you will become much more aware of the emerging possibilities within you. And as you sense this, in a very easy and beautiful way, you will naturally shift (repeatedly) into a more authentic or expanded timeline (or you could say, into a more authentic, elevated, expanded version of YOU)… And over and over again, you will uplevel, as you acclimate to living in abundance and being abundantly supported by LIFE.