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Message from El’lah: Of Suns and Solaris via Ben Rafael Guevarra, December 28th, 2021

Ben Rafael Guevarra ~ Message from El’lah: Of Suns and Solaris

December 26, 2021, via email

Greetings, I am El’lah, your loving guide from the Sirian star system. Today, I come with a message on the mystical nature on your star, which you call the Sun, and which we call Solaris.

In all star systems, the sun/star which is the focal point of that system and its planetary bodies has a creator consciousness within it. This creator consciousness sets the intentions for the unfolding of all life within that star system.  This becomes the overall guiding intention of all the individuated fragmentations of consciousness within its system to experience.

This one intention will always be a flavor or a version of the Original thought/intention that gave birth to your universe.

As this guiding intention is set forth, the sun/star ~ after the formation of the system and its planetary bodies ~ will begin to send out plasma waves of energy and solar winds.  Carried upon these waves and winds are various microbial life forms, which in turn begin to seed the various planetary bodies. This is in order to give birth to the different life forms upon each planetary body, assisting in the unfolding of the experience within the guiding intention of that star system.

The sun/star also provides the very life force within its light and energy that allows the flowering of the various stages of evolutionary life development upon each of these planetary bodies; each in their own unique timing in order to serve the overall intention.

There are always unknown factors that may affect the various life forms as they evolve and gain differing levels of sentience, each in their own manner.  This can affect the balance and imbalance of energy and information fields within the star system as well as affecting potential events.

The sun or star is both the giver and the sustainer of life in more ways than one; and it is the creative agency in which sentient life can evolve into its next stages of evolution.

On your planet, in this particular moment in time and space, your sun, Solaris, is providing plasma waves of energy and light.  Embedded within these waves are codes for the awakening of the 3rd density sentient life upon the Earth in order to encourage your evolutionary process into the next stage of 4th density consciousness.

This is occurring in conjunction with your sun’s own evolution.  The entirety of your star system is reorienting itself in its position upon the galactic plane, all while on its journey around the Great Central Sun at the heart of your galaxy.

These things all happen in perfect motion and measure, in timings and cycles that occur like clockwork, orchestrated by an even greater creator consciousness lying within your galactic center.

This very complex and mystical process is being orchestrated on multidimensional levels.  It requires great creative influx, patterning and re-patterning, as well as other adjusting ~ in order to support the original guiding intention of the creator consciousness within the heart of your sun/star Solaris.  It also falls in step with the original intention of the creator consciousness within your galactic center.

These events are all in perfect alignment with one another, and you will come to find that even on an individuated level within the various humans and beings upon your planet, this same original thought or intention is what is guiding your own personal evolution and awakening at this time.  It is but a flavor, a reflection of the original guiding intention which goes all the way back to the Creator/Source of your universe.

When one sees the beauty of the mechanics unfolding within a planetary system, within a star system, within a galaxy, and within the universe as a whole, it all seems very mystical.  It requires an orchestration of such complexity, such beauty, such divine arrangement…that the word “mystical” can be the only one to describe the effortless beauty of all that is unfolding around you.

The further you evolve and the more awareness you gain of the grander picture at hand, the more beautiful and more mystical this process becomes. The more of the picture you obtain, the greater the music becomes ~ the symphony of evolution is a lovely thing to behold, dear ones.

That is our message for you on this day, but we wish to express to you our utmost love for you and for all the beings upon your planet.  We are always here on the other side of the veil ready to serve and assist.  Just know that we are always in your heart and thoughts, silently guiding and supporting you, and always present when you are in need or desire to communicate with us.

We shall take our leave, expressing as always that you are loved.  And so it is.