Love is our new reality

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Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 11th, 2019

Message from the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement (3/11/19) | Galaxygirl

Greetings human friends, we are the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement. We are fully surrounding your earth with loving protection. We are observing your rapid integration of these highly advanced energy waves and signatures and how you are integrating them more seamlessly which causes “excitement in the rafters,” as you say. We do so love your interesting earth phrases and we understand that some are not so polite, but indeed, we are eager learners and do bestow you with our great respect and honor for being here in the final hour, the final push as the energies shift and flux.

We see great changes becoming more integrated with the grace and ease of the masters weaving them, with purpose, with intent. Those masters are you, friends. You have made tremendous advancements in even the past few weeks! No doubt you feel differently in your body as you further integrate these energies and as you are continually rising in vibrational frequency. You have released much the past few days. Astronomy is currently working in your favor. Utilize and harness the powers of the universe that are lovingly made available to those who are wise enough to listen. Your internal compass steers true. Follow its direction. Follow the direction of your heart, of your soul’s purpose. Many of you feel in limbo, at a crossroads, like your life that you have perhaps been in love with is suddenly dull. For you have learned what you have come to learn. But friends it is “not all about you”, as you say, and you are here to serve. You came here to serve and to learn in the process, but to primarily offer your talents, your passion, your power to serve the All as it morphs into a new frequency, lifting up the earth and clearing the dross. And you have been doing this most expertly.

We are eager to help you, to lend our scientific advancements that we are extremely proud of and excited to share. For we serve through our science. You currently serve through your mettle, your grit, your strength and wisdom gleaned from life in the trenches, surrounded by pain. Many of us have taken a human form to be players in this most exciting time. We understand. We are “all in this together,” as one of your songs loves to say, over and over. Your earth music is fascinatingly diverse. So many voices, so many tunes. Just like you, friends. Your many life experiences are serving you well. Try to see your many lives as a beautiful earth symphony; many notes, each note a lesson learned, each musical phrase a timeline, and see how they all integrate with grace and beauty, a rapturous, beautiful melody with a glorious integration of technique, of sound, of light, of love.

We are the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement. We are your friends, we offer help and magnificent service once we are able to do so. But you may talk with us. You may initiate friendly conversation, which we are eager to experience with you. For all is well. The flash is coming and you are in it in a way, and we hold you with great respect, with great honor for partaking in this earth moment of the great rebirth. Times are changing. Time is going away. 5D state of being is very close, friends. Very close. You feel it in your heart when you are happy, joyful, laughing, at peace. There it is. Claim it as your own and infuse it into the collective consciousness. We are eager to serve. We see that many of you are eager to do likewise. The pleases us to a great extent for this means that you are advancing nicely, quickly, strongly. Your successes are our successes and vice versa for truly we function as one entity. This is hard to understand from your perspective, we see this as these typing fingers hesitate. But truly, we have a mutual goal of ascension in this planetary quadrant that has been so long quarantined, abused. It is of extreme importance that this mission be executed with great precision and love. And so this is what is occurring. Prime Creator has spoken. We feel the urgency of the Cosmic Mother’s breath. We feel the imminence of the flash of flashes, but truly the stakes are too high for an alternate outcome.

We are all here in support, in mutual appreciation and love for those of us in service on the ground and in the ships. For our reunion is long overdue and it gives us great joy, tremendous joy to be reaching out and connecting with our starseeds, our family, our friends and fellow travelers on this enticing exciting adventure that you are currently in the midst of having. We see your exhaustion. We extend our right hands in healing to you now to cleanse the stress that has been clouding your energetic forms / bodies. First, fill your own individual pillar with the violet fire. Next, invite Mother’s breath into you. Invite your galactic healing team to surround you with love and with pulsing healing crystals of the most vibrant inner earth beauty. Allow them to extend their right hands towards you, each holding a neon, exquisitely beautiful crystal. Can you hear the crystals hum, singing of the light? Now, infused with light, feel the light surround you, bathing you in beauty and peace. Raise your right hand up towards the Great Central Sun, act as its transmitter of light. The crystals that surround you contain the frequencies of inner earth, glowing, bright, alive. Extend your left hand down palm down, towards Nova Gaia, for Nova Gaia is a slightly altered / higher frequency of the inner earth. Invite our other galactic brothers and sisters to magnify the beam.

Will you all do this please? Feel the tears of joy, the electric connection of union, of unity, of pure love, reassuring you that you are not alone! You are not alone! You are so loved! You are so valued! There, weep it out, release the pain and become one with us, with your galactic family. We welcome you home. We welcome Gaia home. We embrace you with our love light. Yes, we are the dorky scientists, but yes, we can also do an intense meditation and we have so very much enjoyed our connection with you. Remember you are aliens to us (laughing). It is time to shift your perception and broaden it, widen it. All is alive, all is consciousness and love surrounds you for love – love – is the heartbeat of the universe, the heartbeat of the cosmic breath calling you home. Listen to Mother Gaia’s new song, she is singing it louder now, brighter now, immersed in light, immersed in energies from the galactic center, where you are all going by the way. You are. You are traveling at such great speed. The dark cannot stop the light. But they can try, it is their choice. It saddens us but it doesn’t surprise us. Their shenanigans are to end shortly, abruptly, and this causes us to have tremendous excitement. We are all here showering you in intense love this night, this day, this NOW. Soak up the codes, for you are receiving an enormous upgrade. You will need to drink more water and may feel a bit electrically heightened, zappy, as you say. Enjoy it. (Laughing). We are the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement and we love our ground team. We love you. We are one. Peace. Over and out.

~ galaxygirl