Love is our new reality

The Sirian High Council via Zane Morgan, March 20th, 2021

Greetings beloveds, we are the Sirian High Council. As always, it is a pleasure to share with you in these times of change.

Things are beginning to move at a much-accelerated pace now. As the energies amplify, the changes become more abrupt and apparent. This goes for both the inner and outer world. The flood gates are preparing to open dear ones, and the truth is readying itself to become known to all those who can bear to fathom it.

For those of you who have already witnessed these dark and disturbing truths, you know the extent they go and the depths they travel. You know where the darkness has hidden and deceived from. This was an ongoing process as you took one truth in, digested it and then were presented with another. But this is not to be the case for those who have avoided such truths. For these will be brought out into the open for all to see, and there will be no way for one to bury their head in the sand, this will be both confronting and upsetting for those who are not aware. So as the flood gates continue to hold this pressure, they must soon burst open. For you have all been working diligently on your own inner truth, this must eventually be reflected in the outer world.

All of you who read these words, have been working on your own inner truth, delving into your shadows and darkness. It is now approaching the time where this is to be reflected in the outer world.

Dear ones, you have not done all this hard work, just to get swept away by the rushing rapids of truth, certainly not. We have not been working with you day and night just so you can lose your footing and get caught up in the whirling waters of emotions. We have been working by your side constantly, to avoid exactly that. We have been assisting you with this process, so instead of getting swept away in the drama and chaos that will unfold, you will be deeply rooted into the precious earth and fully anchored in your truth.

We are now preparing you for this. You are now in the final, last minute preparations for the dam to burst. Many of you have had synchronicities that reflect this. Whether it be actual flooding of your town or home, to leaking plumbing or pools, taps and other instances where pipes may burst or glasses of water crack and spill. This is the universe and your dear spirit team giving you the heads up. You are being given signs that what you have been working hard towards, is about to come into view on a grand scale.

These are the moments you are here for dear ones. These will be the moments, where you are to be shining beacons of such light and love, that anyone in distress, fear or worry can seek you out. So, you may provide them with comfort and reassurance that all will be well. That there is a light in the darkness, and it is exactly that light, which has exposed the dark side of this reality.

It is your tireless work in so many ways, that has increased the light on this most precious planet. You have now anchored enough of the Creator Light to finally shine it upon the darkness, so all may see and bear witness to it. Then a grand process of healing will commence. But you all must know; this will be a very trying time for those who are still asleep and unaware of what has been occurring. You were all given plenty of time to process and understand such things, but this not to be the case in what is to soon come.

You, dear ones, are here to be the warm embracing arms to catch that friend or family member who thinks they may fall. For some will fall in shock and realisation, from what is to be exposed. But you, dearest warriors and holders of light, you are grounded and strong in your truth. You are grounded in your inner knowing that all will be well and that this is a necessary process. You are powerful dear ones and very soon your power will be called upon, and you must use this power like never before.

You are to fully embrace the Creator within you, to manifest a peaceful and merciful process of change.

We ask you dear ones, to please be grounded and anchored in your heart space. For many will act out of fear and anger. Anger that they have been lied to and fear that they are helpless to change what has occurred and the beliefs they have held. But you dear ones, you will be right by their side to reach out a hand and hold them and say “It is alright my dear brother, my dear sister. We are creating a future of such peace, such beauty, that you must not fear. All is well dearest” And it is through your calming voice and warm embrace, that their soul will be touched so deeply, that even if they are not consciously aware, there will be a deep knowing within that everything is going to be alright.

It is through your grounded and calm presence, that the energies we will soon be sending, will create tremendous shifts within your inner world and that of the Human Collective.

Worry not dear ones, for all is in perfect divine time. Everything is unfolding just as Creator has intended and will continue to do so. Be grateful for the seemingly slow pace that change is occurring, for it is through this slow pace, that you can become more of your true essence. It is through this time of slower movement, that you can more greatly prepare and ready yourself for the changes. For the changes are to rapidly increase now and the pot is about to be stirred.

We tell you, be ready dear ones. Stand in your truth and light, that you are an amazing, powerful, beautiful Creator BEing, that when fully acknowledged, can shift any situation in the blink of an eye.

Call forth your brilliance dear ones. Summon the power of God within you and anchor it into beloved Gaia. Prepare yourself for what you have been working towards, for the dam can no longer sustain the waters of truth, the pressure must release, and release it shall.

Be free of judgement. Be free of righteousness or the need to prove a point. Be free as a bird in the truth of your BEing. Let the light of God carry you ever forward into a space of beauty, peace and prosperity for all.

We are the Sirian High Council, we ask that you take these words siriusly. For you are to soon see the levee break and the waters rise. Have faith dear ones, for we are always with you. We send you our love, compassion and guidance.