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The Sirians via Inger Noren – Difficult Times for Europe, July 28th, 2022

It is highly likely that with current development in society, there will be a weak and unreliable economy. This development has been predicted for a long time and with a focus on a more balanced economy this negative spiral can be reversed.

Throughout Europe this trend will manifest itself with devastating policies to try to prevent a total collapse in economic development which shows that these leaders in Europe are corrupted by the dark ones who do not want to see an upward trend in economic development. This will break out in major conflicts between people and the rulers will find it difficult to maintain order in the countries where corruption is strongest.

This development taking place on an ever larger scale with an extended economic decline for the value of this money is very revealing to the people what agenda these leaders have for their country and for themselves first and foremost. This trend has already started in the countries of the West and when the value of the dollar has decreased, Europe is following suit. This can cause great difficulties for the population and putting aside their money for savings has no meaning because this money no longer has any value.

This becomes a serious situation and many people find it difficult to manage their finances for accommodation and support for the family. Due to this development, there will be many conflicts in the countries of Southern Europe and with invasions on the Balkan Islands, which are closest to Greece. This may occur within the next few years and which affects all countries in Europe.

This downward spiral can be reversed and is of great importance if you work together for a peaceful outcome for all countries in Europe. This will happen gradually and will be a manifestation of the younger people in the population who have grown tired of old leaders with their outdated proposals to hide their own interest in this negative development. This will develop into a difficult situation for everyone in the population, but still having hope for a new direction and a structural change in society so that all people can cope in the future is important. This is something that young people set as first priority and which will be the result of a peaceful settlement in Europe.

This hope for a future in peace and freedom will come, and trusting in Our Lord that He will protect those who put their trust in Him will be fine. It is important to really turn to Our Lord when the difficulties are greatest with a strong intention and help comes with immediate effect. Our Lord does not abandon His children.

The Sirians

Many thanks and in love I serve