Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, July 30th, 2022

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As hard as it is to fathom, everything and everyone on this earth has purpose. There is not a single person, no matter how filled with light or disconnected from it that is without purpose. There is not a single thing in nature without purpose. There is not a single action without purpose, nor even a single thought. Everything and everyone on this earth contributes to the expansion of love, whether it is by actually expanding love, or by triggering a desire for love in the hearts of those who experience or witness their unloving acts.

Think back on your life. At times you have expanded, grown, and desired more simply because something caught your attention or appeared in your imagination. Far more often, however, the desire to expand and grow came because you found yourself in circumstances or situations that weren’t so pleasing. Suddenly a lukewarm wish may have turned into a burning desire for more. Suddenly your heart awakened to your truth. Suddenly you felt a pang of honesty within and knew you could no longer settle for less.

So even your exes, your crazy co-workers, the people that cut you off in traffic, and even those who have been your greatest challenges have been launching pads from which your heart skyrocketed into dreaming of more, better, kinder, futures. Even the most lack-filled times have catalyzed your desires for abundance. Even the wars upon your planet catalyze more and more hearts to pray for peace, to become generous and kind to their fellow man, to put differences aside, and to say “there but for the grace of God go I” and I am grateful for my life. I will appreciate what I have even as I wish for more.

The political leaders you don’t like serve a purpose for they fuel the desires of all no matter whether you agree with them or not. Those who dare to stand out for their beliefs cannot help but inspire contrast, and therefore desire. They are often catalytic converters, dear ones, for your very own hearts.They move people out of apathy and into envisioning more of the future they want. They stir up vibrational change.

The recent pandemic served its purpose. It brought up within the human race a deeper desire for connection, kindness, well-being, a cleaner planet, more time in nature and so much more.

Bringing this discussion closer to home, everything you experience, see, do, think, and feel serves a purpose.

What purpose might your anxiety serve? It may be telling you that you have plugged into the world or the opinions of those who have influenced you too much and it is time to plug back into the Divine and the beings that love you and know your security.

What purpose might your anger serve? It tells you that you need to change something in your life – be it your situation or your perspective.

What purpose does your fear serve? If it is a temporary real fear, it might be protecting you but if it is an ingrained, programmed fear, it might be telling you that you can’t keep giving your power away to the external world and it is time to spend a lot of time with the Divine in silence, plugging back into the source of all that you fear you could lose.

Dear ones everything serves a purpose. Everything brings you closer to love whether directly or by catalyzing you in the direction of love.

Rather than resisting the circumstances, situations, and people in your lives, or even the feeling, or thoughts within your own mind, surrender to them – momentarily – and ask yourself, “How is this trying to bring me closer to the experience of love? You will hear an answer. We will help you hear it. When you do, turn your thoughts toward the love.

If you are angry at a person who has wronged you, ask yourself, “How is this trying to bring me closer to love?” Perhaps you can see that you ignored your heart for some time. Perhaps you can see that you were existing in a vibration of suspicions, insecurity, or battle that drew this experience to you and now you want to shift that vibration. Perhaps you’re simply done and it is time to turn your sights towards a brighter future?

You will hear your answers if you are truly willing, and then dear ones, set a course towards love once again because love feels better, attracts better, and the expanded experience of love is the ultimate point and purpose of your lives.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels