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Sirius the Star via Ann Dahlberg, December 11th, 2018


Sirius the Star

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

This is Sirius who speaks to you today – Sirius as a collective. Sirius has now yet again anchored into Mother Earth at a deeper level and a big healing process has started for all that are connected with Sirius. Sirius, as many of you know, has a connection to Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. It is time to let the healing of your Mother star work through you so that Earth can let go of a large trauma from ancient times. Much tension might exist in your cellular memories, which now are making themselves heard through sorrow and fear. Let the tears run and connect yourselves to the love of your Mother to reach a true healing. Your feet also need to be grounded in your Mother’s energy in order for a greater healing to take place. The time is here for a greater healing of our Dear Mother Earth and it was this task you took upon yourselves when you returned to Earth in order to allow this healing to take place. You wanted to give back to Mother Earth for all the love that once was destroyed and disappeared from the surface of the Earth.

Atlantis was originally a beautiful and light nation. However, power and greed took hold and many of you were misled and lost your footing during an increasingly troublesome time. This could not be allowed and everybody involved had to pay a very high price. Your beautiful world disappeared into the depths of the ocean and left many grieving souls behind. They now look forward to new times takes root on Earth so that new healings can take place. Mourn out… but at the same time feel the joy from a new time standing at the door and that a new ascension of beautiful sustainable energies again enter on Earth.

This beautiful Earth that have gone through so many thousands of years of darkness is now ascending into the light again and shines tenfold its original core of light. She has grown in great spiritual wisdom and love. We all feel humble in the face of her incredible battles to again let the light and love live on Earth. Many stars are now letting their light shine a bit extra on Our Dear Mother Earth, who has given us so much. We love her dearly and we rejoice over each step forward she takes when she fights her way up to the light kingdom that she now belongs to and always did. Our light is also spreading to those who now help Mother Earth to heal her dark history and instead let the light and love emerge from their hearts.

It is time to open the portals of the heart and to let the light flow in and out from it. Let old sorrows flow out and let beautiful songs flow in instead – songs that can resonate far into your heart from long gone times, which contain much love and wisdom.

We send you rays of love and wisdom in order for you to remember who you really were… so that you again can shine your love and the spiritual wisdom that comes with it.







Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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