Love is our new reality

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The Sirians via Zane Morgan, January 11th, 2019

Greetings beloved children of God, children of One. We are the Siriun Collective and we would like to share a message today.

As you step into this new year do so with open arms for all those doing it tough. Have compassion where ever you go, see no difference between yourself and others. As our beloved Mother Mary has said through this one, you are all the same on the inside, you all originate from the same Source, from the same place of creation. You have only taken on seemingly different appearances so that you can work through the process of being separate individuals to coming back to that which you have always been, who you always are, and that is love dear ones.

What you see in your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so the more you process and heal that which is within you the more you process and heal the world. Could you imagine if the majority of the population were to do this, if you had the majority of the populace all doing the inner transformative work? Dear ones, you could alter the state of your planet in months. But sadly this is not the case at the present time. That is why those of you that read these messages and others like it are doing the heavy lifting. You are not only processing for yourself but also for your fellow Brothers and Sisters and dear Gaia. You are doing the inner work for yourself and the collective. This is why a lot of you feel as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders at times and that is because in truth you do. But you do not need to do this all by yourself, certainly not. You have a myriad of Angels, Guides, Star Family, Masters, Dragon’s and so many others right beside you, ready and willing to help you with the heavy lifting. You are not in this alone dear ones, you never have been.

You have been tricked in to thinking that you are alone, that there is no such thing as Spirit or Dragons and Angels, that ETs are fake or evil, this has been all part of their plan, their selfish plan. This plan is about to crumble dear ones, so please know in your heart that the most glorious times on Earth are infront of you.

Think of a continent like Lemuria and how that was, but then imagine that to encompass the whole planet, how does that feel? How does it look? Reach out and touch it, touch the pristine forrests, walk with the animals who are all living in harmony, swim with the whales who no longer need to worry about pollution and plastic surrounding them.

This is what it will be beloved Earth children, this is what you are creating and it is already here, it is here dear ones, but you must bring it in to the physical, you must fully anchor it into the earth plane. You do this by holding the vision and intention. Like we said earlier, could you imagine if the majority held this vision, held this truth? It would become almost instantly manifest. But for now it is up to those of you awake and aware to hold this vision. Hold it in your High Heart, hold it in your Heart/Mind. Call upon all your helpers to hold this vision with you, ask them to help assist you in bringing it into the physical. It will happen dear ones, it has happened energetically and it is now time to create it physically.

A new dawn is at your fingertips dear ones, reach out and grab it and pull it into your life. You all want this reality so create it! Don’t doubt, don’t let what’s on the news make you question all this. Your heart has the truth, follow it, listen to it and be it! Be love, be joy, be ALL that you came here to be!

We are your Siriun Family and we will connect more frequently with you now, it is time dear ones. Bring your vision to manifest.