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Solara’s State of the Planet via Talyaa Liera, January 2019

The Big Bounce: Solara’s State of the Planet, January 2019

Already this year, echoes of the future are beginning to reverberate around the planet. It is time to begin to bounce back from the plummeting rapid decline that began several years ago. You will feel this in your bones — the sure knowledge that yes, things are starting to improve, both in your personal life and all around you as you feel into the global experience of this shift.
You’ve been looking for a shift, waiting for it, hoping that your hopes were not in vain. And here you are, at the leading edge of what is to come: big steps in the direction of eventual global harmony and unity. This feels calming and reassuring.
 And yet, so many people feel discomfort and pain! Why is that? Because not everyone is yet aligned with the future evolution of humanity. So if you feel a sense of foreboding and a deep inner dissonance, know that you can become aligned and you need not fear the future. The future is for everyone, not just for a select few who happen to already be ready for it. The future is a co-creation that everyone takes part in shaping. And you, or others around you who are similarly discomfited, can jump on board with this co-creation at any time.

 Where Are We Bouncing To? And Where Are We Bouncing From?

Think of human evolution as a non-linear bouncing ball that gradually bounces higher and higher. The ball bounces up and then comes down in a different place from where it started before bouncing up again a little higher than before. Next the ball may bounce lower than it did previously but on the next bounce bounces higher. Humans do not evolve in a straight line from A to B. Instead, we Bounce.
While great strides can be made in a single century or even a decade, often growth takes a back seat to exploring certain concepts and issues for a while. This looks like a step backwards, and must be traversed before the next Bounce can take things higher again.
This recent downswing or dip in humanity’s evolution was a necessary one to explore socioeconomic topics of equality, diversity, racial and gender disparity, and stereotypical beliefs. All those things were thrown into a giant metaphorical pot and then stirred briskly so they would rise to the surface to be explored and eventually healed. So you are bouncing FROM hidden and resisted inequalities, non-diversities, etc, and bouncing TO open and authentic equalities, diversities, and the like.
This Bounce may take decades to complete! You are only just beginning the shift. But for those of you who can feel energies, and who are sensitive to subtle changes around you, this Bounce will feel like a fresh breath of air, a clearing-away of a stuck feeling, and a shift towards real harmony and unity. You will be able to feel this and sense it, and you will notice it in the interactions you have with other people.

Resistance is Futile

Some people will resist the Bounce. These are people who profit in some way from maintaining the status quo of inequality and non-diversity. They won’t like this shift one bit and they will attempt to hold on more tightly to the old order of things. This will cause some friction for a while, but rest assured that the momentum of the Bounce is much more strong than the collected energetic strength of these resisters. The collective energy of the majority of the population, who are indeed desiring a future of global harmony and unity, is much stronger than the few (but very vocal! do not be fooled!) resisters
This is a Big Bounce. What begins now will fuel massive socioeconomic shifts for decades and even centuries to come. And here you are, having chosen to be a part of it and add your collective energy to this huge influence over the future of humanity.


Obviously, if you are one of the few-but-vocal resisters of the Bounce, you will have a difficult time this month! You may feel extra irritable, and think that the whole world is against you. You may pick little fights for seemingly no reason, and you may even find that you have trouble finding parking spaces or that your usual latte order gets messed up at the coffee house. It may feel to you that the world is unfair and that you have to fight to get what you want and think you deserve.
However, if you are reading this, you are probably among the majority of people who feel more calm, more at ease, more hopeful, and more buoyed by an unending source of energy than you remember feeling in quite a long time. This month dawns a new world in many respects, and it feels that way. Colors may look brighter, the sun may seem sunnier, and people may seem to smile more. You may find yourself smiling for what feels like no reason at all, or humming a happy little tune.
Things that you’ve wanted for a long time may now fall within your grasp. You may get a job promotion, or a sudden small windfall, or connect with a new friend who feels like you’ve known all your life. You may realize what it is you want to truly do with your life, or discover that you want assistance in understanding and living your destiny.
This is a month of beginnings for most people. It is far more profound and far more long-lasting than the typical January resolutions to lose weight or exercise more. This month’s Bounce will bounce you through probably the rest of your life, so choose your actions carefully! Ensure that what you do now aligns with who you truly are and why you are here in this lifetime.


If you are in a relationship with one of the few-but-vocal resisters to the Bounce, have some compassion and empathy for their experience, for what they feel this month is almost exactly the opposite from what you feel. They cannot fathom why you are singing and smiling. They only see dark thunderclouds, while you see blue skies. They grumble about how there are no parking spots anymore because everyone already took them, while you sail in and park with ease.
There may be no reconciliation between opposites of this sort. You may have to release people in your life who are not aligned with you and your purpose. You may have to release people who are chronically negative. You may have to release people who refuse to see the good in others, or who insist on maintaining divisive and unequal stances in life. It may feel painful to release these people from your life, but doing so well free up enormous amounts of your energy to devote on the things that are truly important — contributing to the ongoing positive evolution of humanity by doing the job you came here to do.


Communities will begin to undergo a massive transformation, as collective humanity begins to manifest true equality and inclusivity. However, this is a lengthy transformation and noticeable results may to occur for quite some time. You may still be able to notice subtle changes even this month, manifesting as seemingly unexplainable changes in the way things “have always been done”. These shifts in what people passed on as “tradition” will be the most shocking to some people, and the most effective in creating momentum for the Bounce. Old ways of being and doing are being toppled left and right, to be replaced with behaviors and interactions that seem to have always felt right.
You may notice almost no changes, and that is because change on this level — the level of energetics — is often subtle even when massive, and it harmonizes with what people always felt was “right”. What you may notice more than anything is a lack of dissonance, and instead a feeling of harmony and alignment.


Spiritually, unless you are one of the few-but-vocal Bounce resisters, you will likely feel that previously seemingly unattainable concepts like Oneness and Enlightenment are actually within not only your grasp, but of the grasp of humanity as a whole. This signifies a huge shift from even last month, when many people still felt despondent and dubious about the future, especially the future of humanity. Now, this shift does not necessarily mean that you’ll begin levitating or time travel any time soon (if ever), but it does mean that you will feel vastly less alone in the universes and more like you are among a group of trusted friends who are all walking a similar path to yours.
As the collective begins to shift, changes occur on an individual level that could not have occurred without the collective shift. You may soon notice insights that you hadn’t noticed before, sudden flashes of brilliance and awareness that you did not think possible. As your individual shifts continue, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards other people who previously went unnoticed to you. Similarly, you will appear “in the radar” of people who previously hadn’t noticed you. And together, you will begin to form new spiritual communities (on a loose basis), that did not previously exist — groups of people who all speak the same spiritual “language” and who can communicate about spiritual topics in a way that benefits the individual’s growth as well as contributes to the collective.


You may have already determined that the majority of the people who will experience discomfort this month from the Bounce are involved in some way in the political arena, whether they are political figures or supporters of some sort. These are the people with the most to lose in this big shift, and these are the people who will be the most vocal about maintaining the status quo, for the status quo has been in their self interest for centuries.
However, as stated above, resistance is futile. The Bounce is happening. The shift is occurring. The collective energies are already in motion and those who resist may as well hang on for the ride.
The rest of you — the majority of you — can help contribute to the co-creation of the political world as you collectively know (on a soul level) best benefits the evolution of humanity in its directional move towards harmony and unity. This means supporting the few political figures who truly have humanity’s best interests at heart. You know who these people are. Give them your energetic and monetary support.
Because there is so much happening beneath the surface on an energy basis with this Bounce, and because the resistance will be massive from those who resist it, expect more than the usual share of shenanigans, lies, obfuscations, and sharp reversals in policy. This people cannot help but try to save themselves, but what they do not realize is that by saving themselves they sacrifice everyone else, and the collective simply will no longer stand for being sacrificed in power to save people who do not care about anyone except themselves. Because of this, the shift that begins this month starts an overall trend towards unity and harmony that will last decades.

Global Nature

Ah, but Gaia is well worn, having given her all to help fuel this massive Bounce! This weariness translates into much movement around the world in the weather arena, manifesting as earthquake possibilities in Japan, Indonesia, and Chile, as well as wildfires in Australia and massive flooding potentials across much of western Europe and some of central and southern USA. Expect higher-than-normal snowfalls across the eastern USA, central and western Europe, and across the Balkans and on into the Ukraine. South American mainly gets a weather reset this month but remains on earthquake watch.
New species are being “discovered” frequently, which balances the numbers of species being lost to evolution of the planet. True, humanity has had an unalterable impact upon the planet, but this is all part of Gaia’s overall evolution. The new species being found represent the future of the planet, so are well worth studying for the traits they carry that signify what will be important for existence of life on the planet for the centuries to come.
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