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Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast via Talyaa Liera – May, 2019

Inside Out & Upside Down: Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast for May 2019

It’s a good thing last month was a rest month, because this month brings on HUGE changes! Everything turns inside out and upside down this month, leaving you breathless with the changes by month’s end.
This month’s changes will occur in three parts. Here is how they break down in timing and what to expect:

Dismantling of old structures — May 1-10

This manifests differently depending on which life arena is involved (see the detailed breakdowns below for more), but in general everything you once thought to be true is up for potential change. NOTHING will be left unscathed — EVERYTHING is subject to change.
This might sound scary, but the good news about how dismantling of old structures works in actuality is that you may not even notice while it is happening! You likely will be so immersed in being in the process of it that you won’t notice that anything came undone until later in the month, when it is time to out things back together again.

Review period — May 10-25

Imagine your life comes in an IKEA box. If you are like most people when faced with an IKEA box, the first thing you do is to open the box and spread everything out on the floor to see what you have — how many screws, how many bolts, how many tiny finishing nails, and where that weird-yet-handy disposable Allen wrench is. The review period this month is like when you’re looking at all your IKEA stuff strewn over the floor to see what you’re working with. Once you know what you have, then you know how you can put it together.
This section of the month largely involves a lot of thinking about your life. You may find yourself reminiscing about what things were like when you were in high school, for instance, or when you had that weird job at the record store. Pay attention to these thoughts! They are messages from your soul, and they help guide you to navigate the next section of the month. Pay attention to your dreams during this period for the same reason — dream life may be especially potent during this time and the symbolism will be unmistakeable.

Putting it back together again — May 25-31

The last part of the month, you’ll be putting everything back together again — only nothing goes back together the way it was when you took it apart. That’s where this month’s theme of “Inside Out & Upside Down” comes in! Based on everything that happens this month energetically, you will naturally put things back together in a very different way than they were when you took them apart.
Does it sound scary, thinking that everything in your life will essentially be upside down or inside out at the end of the month? It shouldn’t. Yes, this is a hugely intense process, and yes it results in enormous growth and change. BUT, it will be (relatively) painless! Again, you’ll be so immersed in the process that you won’t see things as going back “upside down” or “inside out” even though they really are compared to how they once were. You will only see your nice neat IKEA furniture going together perfectly, with every screw and bolt in the place it looks like it is supposed to be.
Okay, so what’s the catch?

What to do when you feel like your life is coming apart — a practice to assist you with change

There is a time during the month when things could feel like total chaos. When you feel like nothing fits. When you feel like you are in the eye of a hurricane and there is nothing but storm around you. This comes towards the end of the dismantling phase, and this can feel incredibly disorienting! Things are coming apart in your life and you don’t feel like you have control over the process! If this happens to you this month, there is a simple remedy.
Yeah, yeah, you hear this all the time, right?
And yet, it works. Sit down. Place your feet flat on the floor. Keep your spine straight even though you might feel tempted to slump because you’re scared. Its okay to feel scared, but you are so much bigger than  that feeling. So sit there, spine straight, feet flat on the floor, and just breathe down into your feet. Imagine that your breath flows right down into your feet and nails your feet into the floor. Your feet are now stuck to the floor like glue. Keep breathing, and maybe now you can feel how your breath flows through your feet and on into the floor, down into the earth and down down (maybe even hundreds of feet down) into the earth. Keep breathing, that’s it. You feel calmer now. You feel like you can do this. You can trust your process and you can keep going and wake up tomorrow because your breath will stay with you as long as you need it. Your breath is connected now to the ultimate life source deep in the earth and this life source will always be there for you, even when it feels like your life is coming apart.


Obviously, if everything-as-you-know-it is flying apart and then being out back together again yet differently, this will affect you on a deep level. Your best strategy this month is to roll with whatever comes, as best as you can. Remember that everyone else is going through the exact same process you are, which means that most people are entirely unconcerned with what is going on inside you because they are feeling what is going on inside themselves.
So how do you “roll with whatever comes”? Start with the breathing exercise above. Do it often — every day at a minimum. There are many people who should set a timer and do this at least hourly, especially in the first week or two of the month. The ext thing you can do to help you “roll with” things is to remember that everything in life always changes, ni matter what. You change and you change until you make the final change to transition out of physical beingness, which in itself brings on even more changes. So remembering that you are always growing and evolving and always taking in experiences and using those experiences to fuel further changes, is very helpful this month. This is the Theravada Buddhist term annica for the doctrine of impermanence. Nothing ever stays the same. It is only one’s attempt to hold on to what was that causes pain — when you allow changes to flow through your awareness, you simply observe how marvelous your life really is.


Many relationships will end this month or begin an ending process. That is one of the biggest effects of this month’s energy. What does not end becomes stronger than ever.
Remember again that everyone you’re in relationship with is also going through the exact same process this month that you are. When you remember this, it will help you stay in your heart when the people around you seem to be changing before your very eyes.
Relationships will go through a huge shift this month. Part of your personal review process affects how you see yourself as well as how you see other people. In turn, this will alert you to certain relationships that no longer serve their purpose — consequently, this month you could end these relationships or take the first steps toward ending them.
Try not to freak out about this if you are amidst a relationship that begins its end this month. Remember what it taught you. Remember what you gave to it and what you now take from it. You are a different person because of this relationship, and that other person has also changed because of what you brought to the relationship. Focus on the gifts you gave and the gifts you now take with you. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of what could have been, and also celebrate what you gave to and learned from this relationship.
Relationships that survive this month’s winnowing process will be significantly stronger than ever. At month’s end you are both very different people than you were at the beginning of the month, and all that you choose to bring forward with you about your personal self serves you well in every relationship you are involved in.


Communities are essentially large relationships involving multiple people. Therefore, much of the same dynamics affecting relationships also affect communities this month, only on a larger scale. Some communities will fall apart, having served their purpose. Other communities will come together, stronger than ever.
As with relationships, remember to focus on the gifts you gave and received through your involvement with any communities that fall apart or begin to fall apart by month’s end. You may need to grieve the loss of what could have been but no longer will be. Also allow yourself to celebrate what you gained from this involvement, because any interaction among community members will have touched you in some significant way.


Spiritually, this is where everything holds together this month. You get to ride a glorious magic carpet of certainty about how the universe works. This will help you ground and focus when other elements of your life seem to be falling apart (they are!) and then coming back together again yet upside down/ inside out from where they began at month’s end.
You need a center pivot point this month from which everything else springs. So any spiritual seeking gets put on hold this month in order to give you respite from the changes that affect your other life realms. Allow yourself to bask in whatever knowingness you’ve this far cultivated about the universe and your part in it — there will be plenty of time later on for deep dives into age-old questions, and for late-night musings about life’s meaning.
Drink deeply this month from your well of spirit, and it will help guide you to put pieces back together in ways that serve you not only now but well into your future.


Because there are so many shifts taking place this month on a personal level, and because politics are essentially just people interacting in ways that affect large numbers of other people, this month brings in sweeping changes on many political fronts.
It may seem hard to believe that you can withstand even more changes politically — the past several years have been fraught with changes, and many of them unwelcome. How can this planet possibly absorb more political shenanigans?
Remember this months breakdown of how the energies evolve — first things “fall apart”, then there’s a review period, and then things are put back together but differently from before. By month’s end, much of the planet’s political arenas will be different constructed than they were at the beginning. You could be looking at the beginning, then, of serious and lasting change in a positive way.
Countries with the most change potential are: Argentina, the Ukraine, Ecuador, Chile, South Africa, United States, Portugal, France, Niger, and the Philippines. This is not to suggest that little change could occur in other countries — much of the world will benefit from this month’s huge and sweeping political shifts.

Types of political shifts to expect

Much of the shifts taking place this month or beginning to take place by month’s end support the benefit of future humanity. This means that significant movement will occur that supports humanity in areas such as economics, social structure and equality, housing, food security, and the like. Movement will be away from power structures and economic inequality.
Remember that political change can take many years to come to fruition, but look for seeds of hope to be sown by month’s end for significant future improvements across much of the planet.

Global Nature

With so much change and upheaval occurring across much of the energetic basis of the entire planet this month, Gaia takes a back seat to the radical changes occurring on so many other levels. This means that weather patterns will likely remain fairly constant, with few of the types of spikes that result in severe storms, earthquakes, volcanic action, etc.
Species shifts are another matter. Look for increased news about the global impact of climate change on diminishing species across the planet. Part of the political shifts likely to occur after this month will be increased attention to humanity’s devastating impact on the environment and all of Gaia’s myriad creatures.
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© 2019 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced for 24 months on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to website Reproduction rights may be renewed upon permission from the author. Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.


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Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast via Talyaa Liera – April 2019

Rest & Recovery: Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast for April 2019

Undoubtably you are exhausted from the recent and rapid changes you’ve collectively experienced, so you are in luck this month — everybody gets a month of rest and recovery!
This R & R is brought to you by the influx of new energies coupled with the recent vibrational upgrade. Remember how that felt? Not only did everything feel fresh and new, it also felt almost unbearably weird and foreign. That is totally to be expected with such a large and fast vibrational upgrade, because typically such a shift occurs over a lengthier period of time and you experience changes only incrementally, giving you time to adjust before new changes occur.
Your month of rest and recovery may not always feel like rest and recovery. This is rest and recovery on a vibrational level, which to you means a respite from the recent onslaught of changes and shifts. What this does is give you the necessary space (and time) to acclimate to the changes that have been occurring. You get time to adjust to the new normal before the heavy wheels of charge begin to roll again.
During this time, you may feel understandably strange. You have become accustomed to constant change, and now the change is lifted, so what do you do with yourself? How do you reconcile with this shift into no-movement?
Some people will respond by attempting to create movement of their own. This looks like drama, drama, drama! Try to not be one of those people and to avoid them if they are in your life. Instead, revel in Nature. Get dirty. Sleep outdoors under the stars. Hug some trees. Sit by a stream and listen to its music. Plant a garden. Save a snail from being stepped on. Remember that you are an integral part of the planet’s workings that are constantly whirring around you. Feel how connected you are to everything else alive in this world. Do this whenever you feel out of step with the rest of the world — honoring your connection to the world brings you back into step with it.


For most of you, this month is going to feel like a mini-vacation. Maybe more of a staycation, because the month’s Rest & Recovery energy manifests on a personal level as a lifting of the constant pressure caused by rapid vibrational changes.
What does this mean to you? Well, think of it this way — imagine that for months you’ve been hearing the song “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in your head. At first, you were annoyed by the repetitive song. You noticed it all the time, morning, noon, and night. You caught yourself humming its tune when you were brushing your teeth or waiting in the elevator. But after a while you got used to it. It became part of your normal existence. You tuned it out and it no longer took up your attention.
So, what happens when “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” goes away? You feel an emptiness. A space where there used to be a presence.
That’s what this month brings to you — a cessation of the constant “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (in this case, pressure caused by rapid vibrational changes) that has been in the back of your awareness for months now.
You may not notice a thing. Or, you may feel like you need to DO something to make up for the sudden disappearance of the presence that you had become accustomed to. But your best course of action is to DO NOTHING. Do nothing as much as possible. Do your best to simply BE.


Many of your relationships are going to fall apart this month. Oh, it’s not like you were surprised — you knew the cracks were there and you tried to cover them up. So this month’s energies are actually doing you a favor. They expose what lies underneath, so you are forced to stop pretending your relationship is something that it is not.
Of course this many be painful for everyone concerned. But ultimately, you will feel better. It’s like ripping off a Band-aid. So, as most you can, let this happen. You already know the outcome and you were trying to delay it by re-sticking an un-stuck Band-aid back on. You know this never works. It will never hold.
Salve your wounded heart by being in Nature as much as you can. Even if this is nurturing a succulent in a little pot on your desk. Use your connection to what is real — the ever-present nurturing qualities of Nature — to soothe your weary heart.
Remember, too, that all things change. Nothing ever stays the same. This month’s energies show you this concept and support you to ride with the changes that occur when you simply unplug and rest.


Because communities are essentially relationships on a larger scale, be aware that a similar dynamic will occur this month with communities as does in relationships — whatever hasn’t been working will be exposed so everyone concerned can work to either fix it or release it from their lives.
So if you are involved in a group that has been squabbling over little stuff (who brings the napkins to your monthly women’s group brunch, or who is responsible for handling paying for everyone’s parking at your weekly softball game), this is the time when the group either falls apart or you decide it just insult worth your time and energy any more.
Think of this month’s energy as a spring (or fall, for the Southern Hemisphere) clean-up. If your communities don’t spark joy, then KonMari that stuff right out of your life after you thank it for what it taught you. You have better things to do, and it is time you got the time, energy, and attention particles to do them.


Many of you will be re-connecting to the world of Nature this month as you rest & recover. and heal from the upheaval the past several months have brought. This connection brings new awarenesses and insights, and allows you to craft an altered perception of the world and your place in it. Make no mistake — the healing power of Nature is vast! Through it, you will have what you need in order to foster a new relationship to your spirituality.
When you realize that you needn’t go anywhere nor doo anything in order to access your spirituality — and that all you need to do is BE WHERE YOU ARE — then you instantly expand your awareness to All That Is. You don’t have to go “outward” to be spiritual. You simply must allow what is spiritual (hint: it’s everything) inward into you. Being in Nature and appreciating the beauty that is all around you allows you to do just that, and it is this mo this energy that supports this new way of interfacing with the spiritual world.


The circus onslaught of weirdness continues on this month, but now because of the energies of Rest & Recovery you finally get enough space to see the circus for what it truly is. This is a powerful first step toward actually halting this train of weirdness and heading in a different direction.
The first step in seeing the circus for what it is and halting the train it is on is to see the emperor without his clothes. This means that the masks must come off. What has been behind the scenes must be exposed.
In order for the long-held secrets and lies to be exposed, the secret-keepers and liars must first feel safe enough to allow their unmasking. They must come to see their confessions as supporting a desired greater good that they can only support through coming clean. People who keep political secrets and cover up wrongful actions know they are doing wrong. They don’t want to be caught. So by outing themselves, they control the narrative.
All of this begins to change this month. By month’s end, you will likely begin to note changes in how the circus is presented in the media, no mater what “side” you align with. You may even see legal challenges to otherwise unchallenged heinous political acts. Keep looking for changes along these lines as the months progress, a long-term result of this month’s energies.

Global Nature

To Gaia, rest and recovery meanings more rumblings under the surface. However, an increase in below-surface rumblings results this month  in fewer storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity, and the like. You may still  notice extreme weather patterns, but those will be with you for many years to come, as you are amid a long-term weather model that delivers higher highs, lower lows, and increased numbers of droughts and floods.
Nature likes all the appreciation you will be heaping on to her through your forays into the natural world in other to soothe your soul and heart. In response, Gaia brings you an enhanced sense of calm and ease every time you send her some appreciation and love. What goes around, comes around.
Enjoy your month of rest and recovery, and make the most of it! Delve deeply into your soul and allow yourself to bask in the glory of your oneness with All That Is.
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© 2019 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced for 24 months on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to website Reproduction rights may be renewed upon permission from the author. Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.


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Solara’s State of the Planet via Talyaa Liera — March 2019

Course Corrections: Solara’s State of the Planet — March 2019

You probably felt it — a discernible WOMP at the tail end of February that felt like something huge settling into place. Did it shake you up a bit? Did it make you feel scared or sad or maybe just like things are not right, not right at all?
If you felt this, rest assured you are not alone! This was only a course correction — one of many likely to occur this year.
Course corrections are necessary when we know basically where we are heading but along the way we discover that the trajectory is just a little off. Airplane pilots know this concept well. Say, for example, that a pilot leaves New York headed for Paris (if you like, imagine that you are on this plane headed for fresh croissants and the Eiffel Tower!), but encounters a storm. Planes like to fly around storms and not through them, so guess what happens? The plane ends up away from its original flight path and must make a course correction, otherwise it will end up in Norway and not France. And while Norway is very nice, it is not France! All the passengers will be demanding fresh croissants and views of the Tour Eiffel, and then what?
In life, you make many course corrections. You probably do this without even noticing it much. You didn’t get into that Ivy League college, but you went to a fantastic liberal arts school instead and there you wer inspired by a wonderful professor who encouraged you to switch majors from accounting to writing, and now you are a successful novelist. Or, that woman at the gym turned you down for a date so instead you went to that charming little local movie theater, where you flirted with the ticket seller, who is now the mother of your two wonderful children. Or, you couldn’t figure out how to change the oil in your new car so you bravely knocked on your neighbor-across-the street’s door and it turned out he is TOTALLY into Save Ferris, the same obscure ska band you listened to in high school, and now you have a buddy to go to ska clubs with.
Course corrections are necessary and normal.
They just don’t feel good at the time.

Hang On, It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Night

The reason this month’s course correction felt so … jolty … was because it was a HUGE correction. Remember last month, all rainbows and unicorns of the breakthrough we were all waiting for for so long? Well, part of you was really invested in that breakthrough. You wanted it with every fiber of your being. You wanted it so badly you could taste it. And now it sort of feels like we are heading back the other way.
The wrong direction.
But that is not happening. We are only heading in a slightly-different direction in order to correct the course so as to get to where we are ultimately headed. But because you were so heavily connected to the direction were were going, any little correction will feel like a big jolt. There was momentum going in the direction were were going. And physics tells us that the energy of that momentum keeps going in that direction until enough force is applied in a different direction.
Welcome to the jolt.

Hold On Tight To Your Teddy Bear

Rest inside the Little You, the child inside you who just wants to be safe and warm and held. This Little You is wise and knows how to re-center and re-balance. Spend some time just sitting, remembering what it felt like to be little and cared for. Then give that same level of cared-for-ness to yourself, to your own heart. Because it is your heart that wants reassurance this month. It is your heart that needs to know it is safe.


Depending on how you process and interpret this month’s energies of course corrections, you may be in for a bumpy time or you may not notice much of anything at all. But in general, those of you who tend toward the tender and empathic side will feel this keenly. So clutch your teddy bears close, darlings, and remember that you are not alone in this feeling of unsettledness and upheaval. The dust will settle soon and then you can get yourself back out into the sunlight to play.


Relationships take a big bump this month. When two people are BOTH feeling unsettled and in need of some good old-fashioned heart’s ease, then it can be difficult — who comforts whom? Remember that you are not alone in your feelings this month. Take refuge in knowing that, and expand your heart-easing to your loved ones.
Keeping in mind the fact that those whom you love are also feeling the bump of a course correction this month will help you keep little conflicts and disruptions in perspective. Remember the bigger picture — you love one another! — and settle in for the long haul. You are bigger than this month’s course corrections. Your relationship can sustain these corrections and will be the stronger and better for them.


Many of the communities that you are a part of will undergo drastic changes beginning this month. But do not despair! There is a bigger picture here that you may not yet be able to see. Grieve the loss of the community as you had experienced it and envisioned for the future, and open yourself to what is unfolding. The more quickly you can accept the changes that emerge this month, the more quickly you will feel at home again in your communities.


This month, everyone gets an upgrade in spiritual vibration! This monthly course correction feels so profound because it IS profound, especially in the spiritual arena. If you notice yourself going deeper in meditation, or connecting more quickly or strongly to your spirit guides, or more easily sensing the sacred within all things, or feeling more at one with the universe, it is a sign that you have become aware of your vibrational upgrade.
Practice cultivating awareness of your vibrational upgrade by noticing what things have changed for you this month. Keep a journal of these changes, and/or talk them over with close friends, loved ones, or community members.
Many of you will wish to establish a group based on your discoveries from your vibrational upgrade. These groups will help spread awareness and understanding all over the world, of the changes we are all now undergoing. These groups will become especially important and foundational as the next few years proceed, so if you feel called to initiate such a group, know that you are doing so in sacred contract with the rest of humanity.


The political arena has long been a representation of the underlying energies that pulse around the globe. This month is no different, and whoa have we got some astonishing course corrections in the political world this month!
Many of you have been following the shenanigans happening in the USA and the United Kingdom. Expect significant revelations this month that will serve to shake up those countries’ relationships to the rest of the world. These are two huge political powers that are in their sunset years. This month will show you how their power continues to wane as the balance of power shifts over to be assumed more equally by the European Union and several Asian countries (China, India, South Korea).
Elsewhere, power shifts serve to display the world’s overall move towards more egalitarian rule. Obviously there are many hiccups along the way — so much resistance by the “old guard!” — but overall, things are slowly shifting globally towards democratic self-governance.

Global Nature

Nature is where the underlying energies emanate from — anything that you experience on a human level first starts with nature. Because of this, this month’s course corrections will manifest in nature as a series of wild storms and potential earthquake/tsunami action. The epicenter of this energetic upheaval is in the southwest Pacific Ocean, which affects areas on the west coast of South, Central and possibly also North America, as well as islands located in and around the epicenter area (Hawaii, Tahiti).
Other notable weather events could occur in Eastern and Southwestern Europe (heavy rains and flooding), as well as widespread crop failures in  India and Bangladesh plus wildfires across parts of Australia.
New species are dying out rapidly, and as sad and grievous as this is, keep in kind that this rapid change is part of the overall vibrational shifts that are occurring all over the planet. In order to experience rapid growth on a human level it is necessary to shift vibrationally across the globe in all areas of life, which includes the rapid shifting of species. In the not-too-distant future, you will find that many new species are discovered — perhaps not in numbers that balance out what is lost, but energetically, nature always strives for balance and within several years that balance will largely be achieved.

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© 2019 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced for 24 months on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to website Reproduction rights may be renewed upon permission from the author. Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.


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Solara via Talyaa Liera — Energy Forecast for February 2019

Breakthroughs: Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast for February 2019

This is it! This is the month when you finally will see what you will think of as real progress. For months now, change has been occurring, but it’s been on a deep level far underneath the ordinary workings of life. This has been frustrating to many of you, because when you can’t visibly see change or feel it on a tangible basis, it’s easy to forget that it is actually happening. It’s easy to become disillusioned. It’s easy to lose faith that the world is actually a good place and that you live amongst good people.
This month, everything changes. You will experience real breakthroughs, not only on a global energetic level but also trickling down into your personal life, your relationships, and your spiritual life. Breakthroughs are happening on every level this month, which translates into a very exciting time to be present on the planet. You have waited for this time, hoping it would happen. Now, it finally truly begins.
But wait! There is more to a breakthrough than just the “good stuff”. There are also consequences to consider — the natural aftereffects of any great change or set of changes are themselves quite monumental! This month we will explore not only the positive results of these many manifestations of breakthrough energy, but also the effects of those results.
Think of it this way. Imagine that you come home one day with a large new dog. You are excited about this dog and all of the wonderful times you expect to have with this dog — playing, cuddling, companionship. But perhaps what you don’t think about until later are the other ramifications of having a dog — time spent feeding it, taking it for walks, extra money for dog food and veterinary bills, dog hair all over the couch… you get the idea. For every energetic action (in this case, bringing home a large dog), there are multiple reactions (dog hair and midnight walks).
It is the same way with this month’s breakthrough energy, which will continue in some fashion for the next several years. Even though you will certainly observe many effects that you deem positive, there will almost certainly also be multiple other effects that you might deem negative. The trick, then, is to remember that the overall effects of this breakthrough energy are largely positive, and to do your best to personally improve the world that you touch in every way that you can. You do this by showing kindness and compassion, by holding strong to boundaries, by striving to be a better person, and by living in a way that makes space for the light within all things.


Everyone will experience the same amount of breakthrough energy this month. It is what you do with it that will make the difference. Many of you already feel ripe for change and have been awaiting just this opportunity to finally move through your challenges and on into the next phase of your lives. If this is you, then you are pretty well set! You already know what to do with this month’s shift, and you can simply run with it.
Others of you, however, only feel a vague sense of wanting life to be different. So things will not truly break through for you unless and until you determine what it is that you want. A restaurant will likely not bring you a delicious meal of boeuf bourguignon, artichokes, and chocolate mousse unless you actually place an order for those specific dishes. Otherwise you might end up with a bowl of chili and a dozen hotdogs, though while delicious are not what you really wanted.
The universe cannot help you get what you want unless you know what it is. How do you determine what it is you want? Start with what you don’t want, if that helps you narrow things down. And then go for the guts — whatever really knocks you in the gut, or heart, as if you realize that you cannot breathe without it, is what you want. Ask for that. You deserve it. Now is the time to go for what you want, to take advantage of the month’s strong breakthrough energies.
Beware being too enthusiastic about making many changes immediately — realize that you are in this for the long game, and that you don’t have to do everything on your wish list right away in order to proactively and effectively take advantage of this month’s breakthrough energies.


Relationships of all kinds — lovers, family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances — all have the opportunity to make breakthroughs this month. But just as with you personally, if you do not know what it is that you want with your relationships, the universes will have a hard time helping you break through until you determine what it is that you want.
Don’t just say “I want my relationship to be better.” Better how? In what ways? The more specific you are, the more specific and accurate you results will be. Perhaps what you really want is more sex, or more emotionally connected sex. Or you want your partner to express their emotions more often, or to improve how they fulfill your relationship agreements. Maybe YOU are the one who needs to make some changes in relationships — maybe you want to feel more courageous in expressing your desires and wants, or you wish to be more adventurous.
Feel in to the current state of your relationships, and compare it to your ideals for that relationship. If there is any discrepancy, then you know the areas that could use some help. Make those your focus this month as you ride the waves of breakthrough energy to create the best relationships possible for you.
Realize that everyone you are in relationship with also is making similar assessments and is making similar wish lists of how they want your relationship to evolve. You are on both the initiating end and the receiving end. As such, be compassionate in your expression of the changes you desire. The more compassionate you can be, the more compassion you will receive back.


Communities are really just relationships comprising many people. This month, breakthrough energies affect communities in similar ways to relationships — the energies provide the means to crate the types of changes that you want to see happen.
Think carefully about your communities this month. Remember, too, that “community” can mean workplace groups, schools, religious organizations, large groups of friends, or even extended families. Extend your awareness of your ideal community to each one that you’re a part of, and use this month’s breakthrough energy to focus on the shifts that you feel are most important.


This is a great month to expand your spiritual connection to whatever-it-is that you believe is “out there” or “in there”. In fact, many of you will have lasting spiritual breakthroughs as a result o this month’s energy waves. Realize that you do not have to have a mind-blowing enlightenment experience in order to create lasting spiritual connection for yourself. In fact, most people experience only quiet moments of utter thankfulness, bliss, or a sense of oneness, and this is enough to fuel them for months or even years of spiritual exploration.


This is an arena that will see a LOT of movement this month and in the months to follow. Many of you have been eagerly awaiting real movement politically, as you have suffered through now dozens of months of increasingly bleak political news. Expect several shocking developments this month, that will result in actual change and not just increasing anger and frustration. These developments will likely occur in the political realms of the USA, England and France, Venezuela and Argentina, and Lebanon, as well as lesser advancements in India, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, and Peru.

Global Nature

Gaia is set to undergo many severe shifts this month as a result of the breakthrough energies. Because Gaia is the personification of the consciousness of the planet Earth, she feels every wave of energy that revolves around the planet. This manifests as strong weather patterns as well as earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis.
This month you may witness extreme weather (heat) in Australia as well as resultant wildfires, plus extreme cold in the upper parts of North America including the upper midwest of the USA and much of Canada, and extreme cold across much of western and eastern Europe, Russia and China. Expect potential torrential downpours across southern Europe which could result in major flooding. You may also see earthquake activity in Japan, Alaska, or Chile.
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© 2019 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced for 24 months on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to website Reproduction rights may be renewed upon permission from the author. Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.


Talyaa Liera
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Solara via Talyaa Liera — Planet Energy Forecast for 2019, December 23d, 2018

Transition and Rebirth — Solara’s Annual State of the Planet Energy Forecast for 2019

2019 will be a transitional year for almost everyone. You may find yourself moving from one place to another, changing a major relationship or job, giving birth in some fashion (whether to a child or to an idea or project), or undergoing significant inner change. All of these changes represent a kind of rebirth from the Old into the New, as you represent on an individual level the huge shifts taking place on an energy level throughout the world.
By year-end, you will be able to see the change that enacted and the path that you traversed to get there. During the course of the year, however, you may not find such an easy road, and you may at times feel as if you are failing at what is being asked of you. Change can be difficult especially when you resist surrender to its ebbs and flows. The more you remember that you have the ability to navigate your changes with ease, the easier things will become.
Birthing is often long and arduous. It can be painful. But the end result is magnificent, a reminder of your brilliance and your connection to the world of the sacred. For you ARE a sacred being, and you ARE a magnificent creature made of stars and light. By year-end, you will be that much closer to remembering who you really are, and why you are here — and that is your rebirth, whether it comes in the form of family, work, love, or simply the ever-expanding evolution of you as an embodiment of Source.
Globally, the transitional birthing pains will scream loud and long. You may wonder at times whether the world will ever become a kinder and gentler place. Remember that Gaia, the Earth’s consciousness, moves through transitions as an entire entity, encompassing all of her creatures and life-forms. Gaia’s trust in the process should illuminate the wings of hope for you, and help you believe that with your assistance and the assistance of so many determined and loving individuals, the world can and indeed will become a kinder and more compassionate planet.

Transition From What to What?

We’ve established that the entire world, including you and everyone you know, plus plants, rocks, animals and, well, EVERYTHING, will undergo a transition this year. But… transition from what and TO what?
Perhaps you’re aware of the Piscean age transition to the Aquarian. There’s a wonderful song about it from the musical Hair from the 1960’s. It was the dawning of the age of Aquarius, thought to be when humans realized they were all in this thing called life-on-Earth together and therefore began to work in harmony and love. Sounds great, yes? And this is slated to occur. It cannot help but occur.
But first…you have to get rid of a lot of stuff that doesn’t fit in an age of harmony and love. That’s the kind of thing that’s been popping up all over in various guises — the #MeToo movement, same-sex civil rights, transperson civil rights, migration and refugee welcoming — and has become figureheads of a wider shift. Essentially, all the ugly, vicious, hateful, non-loving muck that has long lain under the surface of niceness and “getting along” must surface and be dealt with in order for you to truly transition into an Aquarian mentality.
And this year — 2019 — is a big part of that transition. By year’s end, you will see major transitions on many fronts. Along the way, you’ll see many more instances of ugly, vicious, hateful muck emerge from the darkness where they’ve hidden. And you and so many other light warriors will transform them with your undying love for humanity and for the planet.
By year’s end, you will notice much more evidence of humanitarian achievements. Look for major victories across many fronts. Most of these will involve social transformation of belief, such as the shift over the past several years to majority acceptance of same-sex marriage. These transformations are swift, sure, and strong. The fact that you are here not only to witness them but to participate speaks to the part you play in Gaia’s destiny as home to a species that is bound for the stars.

Tools to Help You Navigate This Transition and Feel a Rebirth This Year

You will feel challenges throughout the year. Some days will feel very dark indeed, as if the world is bound for pure darkness. Kitten videos will not be enough to help you feel the light again. Try these tools and practices:
  • 5 minutes in the sunlight, eyes closed, face turned to the sun. Let the sun’s rays bathe your face and closed eyelids. Imagine that you are breathing in pure radiant light.
  • Lie on the ground outdoors, preferably with no barrier between you and the ground. Feel how your weight is fully supported by the Earth. Imagine sending roots down into the ground, to drink in the enormous energy that dwells beneath the Earth’s surface. Feel how this energy replenishes you. Remember how the Earth is truly your home.
  • Prepare a bath of warm water. Make sure it is not too hot. Add a big handful of sea salt. Immerse yourself in the water and close your eyes. Feel how your body becomes buoyant. Imagine you have traveled back through your timeline to when your home was your mother’s womb. Feel how secure and supported you are. Remain in this state for several minutes, eyes closed and imagining your beginnings in this body in this lifetime. When you emerge from the bath, feel how it is your rebirth. Everything looks new, looks different.


Some of you will navigate these transitional times very easily. Those who do are adventurous types who excel at exploration and pioneering. If this is you, this year will be very exciting for you.
Some of you will have a difficult time with this transitions. You may feel that things are moving too fast and that you cannot keep up with it. If this is the case for you, reminder that you stand still on a planet that spins at 1000 miles per hour. This means that you already possess the ability to withstand enormous change at breakneck speed. You CAN do this. If you resist them, the transitions could feel scary and even dangerous. Remember that you are not in this thing alone — everyone and everything on the planet also experiences  huge transitions this year. Together, you can do almost anything.
By year’s end, you will have undergone such a huge amount of transformation that you may consider yourself to have been reborn. This rebirth is not to be taken lightly. These energies do not occur on this magnitude but every few hundred years, so take advantage of the recipe for change that is being offered you. Enroll in personal development workshops, or join support groups that help avail you more deeply of your emotional awareness and strength. Remember that you are of course always changing, ever birthing a new Self, but the new Self that emerges from the chrysalis of this year’s energy will be vastly more glorious and aligned with your Destiny than ever before.


Due to the transitional nature of this year’s energy, most of you will choose to weather it out more comfortably by forging ever closer relationships and connections with the people that you love. If there are few people now in your life, then this year you will likely bring new friends and lovers into your sphere. Existing relationships certainly will undergo trials and shifts as you move through the global energy shifts this year brings, but in general your relationships will become stronger and more long-lasting. After all, you are all in this together, and together you will become stronger and more certain about your place in the grand web of humanity.
Any relationships due to disintegrate this year will most likely do so in the first few months of the year, thereby going ample time for grieving and reconnecting with community in support of the breakup process.
Families become stronger also this year, with individual members connecting on an energy basis so as to create firmer alliances in times of need. Old family wounds are healed more easily this year. If you experience the results of ancestral wounding, you may more easily heal back through the generations this year through shamanic work.
Because of this year’s transitional energy and the outcomes of rebirth, you may feel as if your relationships, especially your lovers and very close friends, are becoming completely new. This year could be a good year to renew wedding vows or to reexamine relationship agreements and desired connections. Regardless of how you formalize your intentions, know that by year’s end, your relationships will have undergone a rebirth just as you yourself have.


This year, the very nature of “community” will be redefined. You’ve already moved quite far toward the creation of a very new kind of community than has ever existed in human memory, but the shifts created this year will surpass all the shifts made in the past century. Now that human technology has advanced to the point of constant interconnection across the globe, there is no longer a need for face to face contact to create what you now think of as a community. These electronic and virtual communities have been evolving for decades now, and what occurs this year is even more removed from the ancient concept of community.
This year, you move toward accepting the myriad organisms that dwell within your bodies as communities in their own right, with desires, agendas, and needs, as well as the ability to communicate them to you. In turn, you will realize, perhaps not this year but soon, that your actions as a human have consequences not only to other humans but also to the billions of organisms that coexist with you on the planet. Therefore, you and millions if not billions of other people will begin to shift your actions accordingly, taking into account the welfare of others. This is a huge step in humanity’s evolution, and not one to be taken lightly. This has been millennia in the making.
The rebirth of communities this year will be in the ways that people interact with the communities they are already a part of: neighborhoods, churches, schools, organizations will all benefit from this change. As people recognize their place within the vast web of human society, they begin to take into account the wellbeing of every single other person in their sphere, even if that person cuts them off in traffic, for instance, or has 20 items in a 10 Items Or Less line. What this means to you is that not only will you be kinder to people, but they will be kinder to you.
Obviously, changes of this magnitude take a long time to fully materialize. But the more you look for the rebirth of communities as a wellspring of mutual kindness, the more you will find they are just that.


One of the most positive outcomes to this year’s lengthy period of transition is a rebirth of spirituality. Your connection to the sacred, to the divine that dwells within you and within all beings and things, will transform greatly. This will occur slowly and over time, and as a result will be difficult to notice. However, if you take time now and record your thoughts and beliefs about spirituality, and then review these at year’s end, you will very likely find a noticeable difference.
The transitions to take place this year in the realm of spirituality will help humanity better and more closely align with its evolutionary destiny. Because of this, more and more people will begin to experience spontaneous spiritual epiphanies. Your personal connection to your intuition and to unseen spiritual allies such as your guardian spirits, spirit guides, and others will likely increase noticeably.
These transitions can make you feel a little wobbly and uncertain at times. You may wonder about such weighty questions as the meaning of life, the reason for suffering, and the connection among all living things. You may find yourself heaping others to understand spiritual topics that previously eluded them. You may begin to yearn to live your destiny.
By year’s end, you will likely feel much more aligned with your spiritual guidance and teachers. Others around you will experience similar changes, which taken globally adds up to a very large transition indeed.


One of the realms you may expect the most change in this year is in the realm of the political. From the very beginning of the year, revelations will come to light that will serve to shock the world, and such revelations will continue to tumble forth throughout the year. Individuals affected negatively by these shocking announcements are those who have profited from what has remained hidden for so long.
The bursting forth of such a tumult of news could have a destabilizing effect in many areas around the world. Small countries that rely on what they have hoped was the goodwill of larger, more powerful countries have the most to lose in this area. However, the rebirth trend continues in the political arena as well, and by the end of the year you can likely see remarkable growth in the areas of political capital, true generosity among many nations, and the likelihood of a new alliance that will serve to stand up to powerful countries that have long preyed upon smaller, less advantageous nations. This will serve to help balance what has long been a huge imbalance of power across the globe, which in later years will help funnel resources to the micro level and ease poverty, water scarcity, and food shortages.

Global Nature

Gaia has a lot on her plate this year! Imagine how it feels after years of bedridden illness to finally begin to move your arms and legs again, and to go outdoors and breathe fresh air. You feel reborn after a ling transition! That is a little like the waves of vibrant energy that will be reverberating around the world this year. These waves will cause disturbances on the surface of the planet, resulting in numerous large hurricane-level storms, earthquakes, and likely significant volcanic activity, most potentially an eruption of serious nature.
Weather around the globe will continue to trend towards the extremes, with record-breaking high summer temperatures and potential blizzard-level winter storms. Areas affected by these extreme weather trends are trending towards: Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, India and Pakistan, eastern Africa including Rwanda, the Sudan, and Ethiopia, many parts of the United States, much of western Europe especially Spain and Portugal, Turkey, the Baltic states, Peru, Argentina, and Australia.
If you reside in any of these many areas, you can help mitigate potential weather events by cultivating an easy grounding practice in which you help transmit energy into the heart of the earth. Here is how to do so:

 Gaia’s Heartbeat Meditation

Stand or sit comfortably. Close your eyes to help your focus. Become aware of your heart, and try to feel your heartbeat (if you cannot feel your heart beating, imagine it). With each beat of your heart (even if imagined), imagine your heart growing larger and larger. 
 After many beats you may imagine that your heart fills the room, and then fills your home. Keep imagining your heart growing larger. Now imagine your heart growing down into the ground beneath you, growing downward and downward until it connects to the very center of the planet. 
As your heart continues to beat, imagine that you are helping to feed and nourish Gaia, the consciousness of the Earth. With every beat of your heart, you help to replenish weary energy stores of this beautiful planet that is your home. With every beat of your heart, you help to calm the storms that emerge from Gaia’s awakening and rebirth. With every beat of your heart, you connect more deeply to the very heart of the planet, and you are aware of the help that your heart brings.
Happy 2019, my friends.
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© 2018 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced for 24 months on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to website Reproduction rights may be renewed upon permission from the author. Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.

Talyaa Liera

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Solara’s State of the Planet Report via Talyaa Liera, December, 2018

Rocky Road: Solara’s State of the Planet, December 2018

Most of you, looking back over the year, would agree that it’s been a pretty tough year on a global level. Extreme weather patterns, disruptive economic crises, and disturbing political trends have all become part of the “new normal”, it seems. It isn’t just countries, continents, and cities that have suffered — these issues have stricken the lives of billions of people all over the world.
It’s been a difficult year. Part of what has made it difficult is that it is no longer possible to pretend that today’s ugliness and unkindness does not exist. This ugliness has always been there, often lying hidden just under the surface, but now it is unavoidable. It is real, in your neighborhood, and in your face. This, then, is the true test of being alive now in a human body — how do you respond when you discover that the world is not as you wish it to be?

How People Respond To This Month’s Rocky Road Energy

Some people respond to the type of energy presented this month by pretending that the world is better than it is. They hide their face from the truth and try to go on about their life as if nothing is wrong. These people contribute to the problems by resisting the problems’ existence. What is resisted grows stronger.
Some people respond to this type of energy by assuming they now have a pass for the bad behavior they’ve always wanted to engage in but were afraid to. These people contribute to the problems by adding to the energy that already existed and increasing its effect upon the world. What is added to grows stronger.
Some people respond to this type of energy by assessing the situation and applying their skills to creating solutions. This does not mean that only action-oriented people can help fix the problems that now exist, but it does mean that the only way to fix what is broken is to accept the brokenness in the first place. Resisting it by pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t work and only makes things worse. Contributing to it also doesn’t work. You must start from where you are, not where you wish you were.

This Month Is A Rocky Road

During this month, many of you will realize just how things truly stand. This might make you feel angry. It might make you feel sad. It might make you feel afraid. Or some combination of all of these. You may wish to “sweep it all under the rug” and not feel these feelings. Try hard to resist that desire! The more you feel these feelings — which are actually your anguish over the state of humanity and the plight of your human brothers and sisters — the more fully you can drop into the energy of the times.
Energetically, this month will therefore pose a “rocky road” for many of you. Those of you on the path to contributing to humanity’s evolution by positive influence will feel the most bumps in your path this month. Sorry about that.
It’s a month of celebration and fellowship across many cultures and in many parts of the world. You want to celebrate, yet you know deep in your heart that troubling times are at hand. Therefore, celebrations may be muted, dimmed, even postponed, while solemnity prevails. After all, the wellbeing of the future of humanity is at stake.


Depending on the way you respond to the energies of a global rocky road, you could have quite a powerful and uplifting month, or you could feel weighed down by the emerging ills and ugliness around you.
Those of you who feel empowered and uplifted need little assistance to continue this feeling — but it is you who could assist others around you who feel too deeply the pain of those around the world who bear the brunt of the world’s adversity. Remaining inspired through adversity is a superpower. Take an opportunity to tap into the energy of love and fellowship that typically abounds in this season and expand it through your heart center outward toward other people. This is a powerful process that can have long-lasting and nearly instantaneous results.
Those of you who feel the combined weight of so much ugliness that emerges need only believe that a light of hope glimmers for the future. While it may be difficult to believe while so weighed down, YOU are the light, and YOU are the hope that others around you depend upon. Feeling so deeply is a superpower, not a detriment. Use your deep-feelings to breathe for the world, knowing that as you physically breathe, you help transmute the pains of the world by moving them through your physical body. This is a powerful ability that assists humanity with its evolution.


Relationships this month take a huge turn for the better as people connect and realize that they live better lives with the people they love. The rocky road energy this month brings people closer together, not farther apart, with an air of “we are all in this thing together”.
Relish this energy in your relationships and use it to your advantage to work through sticky issues and create deeper levels of understanding with your loved ones and families. Long-held resentments melt away this month, or at least go from their usual rolling boil to a slow simmer. Make this closeness last by showing the people in your life how much they mean to you — use concepts such as the Five Love Languages to communicate your appreciation and love for the people whose presence in your world you value the most.
Be sure as well to accept the love that is shown you and presented to you by your loved ones. Many of you have trouble accepting love, so this part could pose some challenges. Remember that the people in your life chose you — and you are worth being chosen.


Communities also benefit this month from a fresh outlook, a boost from the togetherness spirit that prevails throughout the month. Many of you enjoy using your time, energy, and money to contribute to the communities in your area. This month, the benefits grow even more than usual, aided as they are by the “we are all in this thing together” energy of the month.
Concurrent adverse experiences such as this month’s rocky road energies create lasting bonds between people that forever change the nature of the connections between them. This concept is illustrated most dramatically as people who are in war together, often called the bond of “brothers-in-arms”.


Spiritually, many of you will feel abandoned by your faith this month. You may feel alone in a way that you do not remember ever feeling before. This is from the upswell of energy now being unleashed that shows you more of the truth of humanity’s present state. The more you connect to this month’s rocky road energy, the farther you may feel from your spiritual connections.
This can actually be, believe it or not, a positive step in your spiritual growth. While this month plays a bleak tune spiritually, what is on your horizon is a far richer spiritual experience and connection to the Divine as you know it to be than you have thus far imagined possible.
So hang tight. Lean on your human brothers and sisters for support. Remember that you are all in this thing together. You have all of humanity as a chorus of voices all singing the same silent song. Together, you can never be alone.


Unfortunately, this month brings even more upheaval and crisis on a political level. In this arena, things appear worse before they get better. But rest assured that as bad as things look on a surface level, it means that energy is emerging in order for people like yourself to take actions to ensure that the energy does not take hold fully. Energies such as you experience now are what spawns great social and political change.
Again, hold on. Delight in the small things. Connect with people that you care about, and make a difference to your friends and neighbors. Even a smile can brighten a person’s world considerably and change the course of their day.

Global Nature

Nature has had a busy year, responding to the swelling energies with increasing amounts of force. This month, you can expect similar natural events to continue — heavy storms, wildfires, earthquake. Specifically, expect unusually high temperatures in Australia to spawn wildfires and other extreme heat-related effects. The possibility of a significant earthquake in the Pacific Ring of Fire, most likely in Chile, Mexico, or Japan, is fairly high. Expect unusually high snowfall in the United States northeast, and heavy rains and flooding across western and central Europe.
Animal and plant life is all connected to Source energy at all times, and as such does not respond with fear or upset to energetic shifts such as this month’s rocky road. For these beings, life generally goes on as usual. However, human companion animals are attuned to human emotions and energy patterns, and therefore do feel energetic changes. Expect your dogs, cats, and other mammalian companions to be under tension this month and to act accordingly. Give them the same loving regard that you do to a fellow human who is scared and fearing the unknown.
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© 2018 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced for 24 months on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to our website Reproduction rights are renewable upon permission from the author. Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher collective that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.


Talyaa Liera
Oracle • Channel • Shamanic Energy Healer

League of O.M.

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Solara’s State of the Planet Report via Talyaa Liera, November, 2018

Dreamland — Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast for November 2018

Collective humanity has now entered a temporary dreamlike state. In dreams, anything is possible — sometimes you fly, sometimes you’re pursued by monsters, sometimes you have sex, sometimes you’re giving a speech naked, sometimes you’re unprepared for an exam. In dreams, you examine physical-life events to discern their lessons and make plans for events to come.
In this month’s state of Dreamland, you are doing the same thing on a soul level. This month you review recent events to discover what lessons lay in them, and you use that information to plan your year ahead.
While November’s Dreamland takes place primarily on a soul level, you can access your personal event review and future-planning by going inward and seeking the truths that lie within. You can do this several different ways. Journaling, meditation, shamanic journeying, visioning, art creation, and being in nature are only some of the possible methods you can use to communicate with the inner wisdom of your soul.
Being in a dreamlike state also means that things may not appear as they truly are. Watch for sudden twists and turns of “reality” as you know it to be. Don’t be surprised if you have memory lapses of a few minutes or even a few hours, or if you have a completely different recall of an event than someone else does. These are only a few of the effects of this month’s Dreamland.

Other Dreamland Effects You May Experience This Month:

  • Vivid and spectacular dreams
  • Unshakable daydreams
  • Sleepiness
  • Insomnia
  • Urge to be surrounded by nature
  • Desire to drastically change your appearance
  • Time seems to slow down
  • Déjà vu
  • Premonitions
  • Increased synchronicities
  • Sense that everything will be okay

Don’t Dream It, Be It

Don’t use this month’s Dreamland energy as an excuse to “check out”! Instead, use it as a golden opportunity to review life events and use what you learn to plan your What Comes Next. This is your chance to learn from your life and use what you learn to dream your future into reality.
You can literally dream your life into reality. This is your month to begin to do just that. Dreamwork is powerful and can result in many swift changes. Release anything that does not fit within the picture you build through your dreams, and answer only to the calling of your What Comes Next. You are more brilliant than you remembered. This is the month when your reality begins to catch up with your dreams.


You may be all over the place this month — sometimes you’ll feel completely on target, right within the flow of your life, exactly where you want to be, while other times you may see yourself as a complete disaster.
Take a deep breath. All will be well. You are in control of your experience, even when it feels as if you’re on a wild ride with your hands thrown up into the air. Allow yourself to sink more deeply into the Dreamland, and remember all the events that brought you here, right here and now, to this moment.
Use the energies of this month to complete a sort of life review. Make a list of important events in your life that you think shaped your perspective or your life choices. Review your events with the eye of an objective witness, as if you are looking at the life of someone you do not know. What events “pop out” at you? Explore those more closely. What messages can you find in them? How did they shape the person you are today?
Suppress any urges to enter a dreamlike state without using the creative energy of that state to assist you with your future. Psychic energies this month run very strong. Use them to look within and connect with your most trusted advisor — your inner self.


Because you and everyone else you know are engaged in a deep personal review this month, relationships will be affected. You may discover things about yourself that you temporarily have trouble accepting. This may cause you to seek support or to shy away from others while you process this revelation. And everyone you know os doing pretty much the same thing.
This will result in many mini breakdowns and subsequent breakthroughs in relationships all over the globe. You may interpret this as chaos, but it is a fast track to growth.
Consequently, if your relationship survives the ups and downs of this powerful month it will be stronger, surer, and more intimate than you ever thought possible.
Make your relationship one of those that survives this month’s Dreamland energies by employing the following:
  • Share what you learn about your life with your partners and family members
  • Listen thoughtfully when your partners and family members share about their lives
  • Remember the big picture — your relationship serves a greater purpose. Find it!


Communities are collective entities made of multiple people, and as such they will also be in a state of dreaming a new reality into being this month. Notice which communities you are drawn to contributing to this month (not monetary contributions, but of your time and energy), and how those communities tie in to the life event review you completed. There is no accident that you chose to be part of the communities that you now find yourself a part of.
It may be time to release your participation in certain communities. These could be: friend groups, recreation groups or sporting leagues, spiritual groups or organizations, professional organizations, book clubs, outdoor groups, neighborhood groups, men’s or women’s groups, or any collection of people who routinely gather to do an activity together. Your obligation to remain in any group only extends to your belief that your participation serves your What Comes Next. Once you release all you need to release this month through the Dreamland energies, you will know what groups serve the future that you build through your dreamwork now.


This month, you may feel as though your entire waking life is a dream. You may remember that you are part of a enormous tapestry woven from the lives of all the Earth creatures that exist, will exist, or ever have existed. You may recall the majesty of your soul and how it illuminates your every waking step. You may awaken one morning realizing that your entire life has been the dream and you are only now awake.
Spiritually, anything is possible this month. Energies run high and the veil runs thin. Use this month’s Dreamland potentials to heed the call of your unseen allies and to remember the path to their wisdom. You are far larger than you remember yourself to be. Remember to step softly and run free.


When individuals are confronted with their life events, even individuals who lead unsavory and unethical lives, they must remember on some level who they really are. This can be a scary thing for people who are not leading their best lives. Politically, then, this could lead to chaotic events such as surprising announcements, resignations, and seemingly out-of-the-blue legislative changes. This does not necessarily mean that all such changes will be along the agenda that supports swift alignment with global well-being and unified harmony — on the contrary, many of the changes this month will SEEM to run contrary to a future that supports the well-being of the planet.
Do not despair. Continue to do your personal work and complete your personal life review. Remember the power of your individual dreaming. Remember that multitudes of people all dreaming a similar future have more power than a single politician, no matter how repugnant that politician seems. Remember that true power runs from the bottom up, not the top down. Change is afoot.

Global Nature

Nature also enters a dream state this month, as Gaia rests from the whirlwind of energy activities from the past several months. There will still be some significant storms as things settle, but the majority of this year’s strong shows of energy such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes have subsided for now.
This month’s Dreamland rest period allows Gaia to recharge and renew her copious energy stores to prepare for a busy season to come.
In the Northern Hemisphere, animal life is preparing to rest for the winter, while in the South animals awaken for summer. Seasons in the hemispheres are always in a state of balance, one resting while the other is active, one gathering energy to store it while the other is using energy stores gathered from the season before. Nature is always showing you what you need to learn. Spend some time this month observing the nature around you, and apply what you observe to the life review lessons you take from your dreamwork this month.
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© 2018 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced for 24 months on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to website Reproduction rights may be renewed upon permission from the author. Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.


Talyaa Liera
Oracle • Channel • Shamanic Energy Healer

League of O.M.

Solara’s State of the Planet Report via Talyaa Liera, October 2018

The Reckoning: Solara’s State of the Planet, October 2018

Many of you are aware of the great upheaval currently taking place across your planet. This upheaval manifests in many ways, not the least of which is what will result a total and complete shift in the power dynamic between you. What has long been held in the confines of the Wounded Masculine is moving towards a state of balance between Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. This shift in power dynamic is what will create the state of unity and harmony that so many of you envision.
The steps along the way will be arduous. You will at times become disillusioned with the process. You will question your ability to make a difference. You will question the point of everything.
But take heart, people of Earth! A reckoning is at hand and it begins this month, to continue for many years.
This month, upheaval energies manifest as a great clearing of the dark clouds of deception and deceit that have long obscured the truth of individuals wielding great power. This month, many truths come to light. Individuals long practiced in the art of deception will be unmasked, leaving their duplicitous faces bare for all to see.
The reckoning occurs when you hold these individuals to the fire of truth and insist that they either change immediately or abandon their posts of power. You, as a people of great interconnection and desire for ultimate unity and harmony, have the power to unmask these deceitful individuals and to wrest them from the power that feeds them. Simply insist that justice be served, the justice that dwells in the hearts of every person, and the unmasking will be swift and final.

Practice to Amplify Global Justice

Sit comfortably and quietly. Take time to notice your breath — the feeling in your nostrils as air enters and leaves your body; the rise and fall of your belly and chest. Just notice and do not label in any way.
Now bring your awareness to the 7.7 billion other people who populate the Earth. Don’t think of them as individuals, but as a mass of souls who are your human brothers and sisters. Simply allow yourself to be aware of them. You may experience this as a sense of knowing, or as a physical sensation in your body, or as a gentle distant imaginary chorus in your mind’s ear.
Now bring your awareness to your heart. Within your heart beats the knowledge of justice. You know what is right — not what you think is right, or what your parents or church taught you was right, but what you as an eternal soul experiencing life in a human body knows is right. Take time to connect with this universal justice, the balancing of energies that every one of you has access to at all times.
With your breath, expand and amplify the justice that dwells within your heart. Make it three times as big as before. With each breath, expand and amplify the justice that dwells within your heart. Make it bigger than your home, bigger than your city, bigger than your country. With each breath, it expands and amplifies even more, until you know what it reaches every single of the 7.7 billion persons on Earth.
Keep breathing, as every breath makes the signal stronger and helps every person remember the justice that dwells within their heart. With each breath, you help every other person on Earth remember what is right.


Many of you will have a very difficult time this month. If you struggle with feeling exposed, vulnerable, and attacked, then examine your life’s choices thus far with the lens of justice — have your actions helped or hurt others? You now have the option to either grow and evolve from this raw exposure of your crimes against others, or continue along your embittered path, thus ensuring that others will enact justice upon you when the scales of justice tip far enough to unleash the Sacred Feminine.
Others of you will struggle with long-hidden traumas now brought to the surface through so much collective unmasking and exposure of wrongs. Be kind to yourself this month and know that you are not alone. Many of you have been wronged through the power wielded by the standard-bearers for the Wounded Masculine. Your wounds will heal with time and nurturing, but for now when you feel raw and your trauma is exposed, rest in the knowledge that as you heal your trauma you help heal the trauma of others similarly wronged, and others healing their trauma similarly help heal yours. Find your sisters and brothers, and remember that you are far from alone.
Some of you will feel rightful anger at what is being exposed this month through the reckoning. Your anger may inspire you to take action. Beware of unpremeditated actions that simply assuage your considerable anger. Instead, remember that anger is power, and channel that power into actions that serve the greater good toward a future of unity and harmony. The test for this is this: through your anticipated action, will your grandchildren’s world be a world of unity and harmony, or will it be a world of discord and inequality?


Some relationships will not survive the reckoning that begins this month. If you are among the unmasked, unless you grow and evolve quickly and learn from your actions, your relationships will likely not survive the stress of your unmasking. Your unacknowledged shame will seep into your every pore and seek to undermine every relationship you have. If you are among the few who choose to steadfastly face your actions and the irreparable harm they brought upon others, then you may find others whose forgiveness acts as a balm to your soul.
If you are among the re-traumatized, seek solace from anyone you can trust. Nurture yourself in every way you can. Remember that you are loved for who you are, not for what did or did not happen to you. Avoid anyone still mired in the old paradigm of judgment and power dynamics. Rest in the comfort of trusted friends and of your new-found sisters and brothers among the multitudes of traumatized.
If you are among those who move to act on your rightful anger, your relationships may take a back burner for a while as you help return the balance of power to its rightful place. You fulfill a greater mission now, one that takes precedence over other activities that once seemed important to you. You may find a life’s purpose as you channel your anger toward rebalancing the scales of justice.


As you may expect, many communities will be reorganized, if not outright demolished and built anew, as a result of this month’s reckoning. The foundation upon which many communities was built is crumbling and will not stand. The transition to the future world of unity and harmony has begun in earnest, and communities and organizations are but one early casualty.
In general, any organization that was built upon foundations of power rather than interconnection will undergo this necessary transition. This includes religious groups, businesses and organizations, professional groups, and political organizations, in addition to simple gatherings of friends and neighbors. Beginning this month, it will be easier to see how power infects nearly every aspect of your life. The more things fall apart, the more you will see how this is true.
To navigate this uncertain time, gather with others whom you are certain desire to connect and to do so in the spirit of sharing and interconnection, not egoic power dynamics. This will be difficult at first, but you will find your way through this maze when you are assured that there are indeed others who share your values.


Those of you embroiled in a personal crisis because of a lifetime of unsavory actions will potentially also undergo a spiritual crisis. Perhaps it is this crisis that inspires you to evolve and grow as a human. Perhaps it is this crisis that sends you deeper into the mire of the power emanating from which you came. Either way, if your life has been characterized by wielding power over others, you most certainly face years or decades of spiritual pain and disconnection from Source.
Those of you who suffer now from the resurfacing of old traumas have the opportunity to heal once and for all. Turn your face to the heavens and allow yourself to surrender to the All That Is. You did nothing to deserve this pain, and you must do nothing to let it be washed from you. Connect with others who share a similar pain and tell your story. It is in the telling that you may be witnessed by loving hearts who only wish to hold you in a space of safety and love.
Those of you who channel your rightful anger into action may find that your actions are strengthened by a source far beyond your personal power. You may discover a new facet to your spirituality as a result of taking action, a new purpose to your life, and a new sense of connection to the thread of life that weaves through every person.


Much of the upheaval that results in this month’s reckoning process manifests on a political basis. Because power dynamics are so clearly observed in the realm of politics, it is easy to see how upheaval energies have resulted in a continued move towards polarization, observable in the political realm. The political arena is a primary and very visible one, where power manifests.
This month, political leaders begin to topple as the masks come off and truths are exposed. As a result, the staffs of power will be wrested from many of the hands of those who have wielded them. This is a lengthy but swift process. Once the masks come off and the truth is exposed, the people will demand change, not stopping until changes are enacted. No longer will people suffer in silence. No longer will people wait for something better. No longer will people turn their faces away.
Specifically, you can expect power structure changes in several countries, including Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Japan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Sweden. Some changes will be beneath the surface and not immediately easily visible, while others will potentially shock the world.
The USA has chosen to be an example for the rest of the world in this realm. It will grapple with issues of deep polarization that has resulted in hatred and violence, as well as the very public unmasking and exposure of some ugly truths by a high ranking political official. How the people of this country wrestle with the fallout of this shift will help carry the rest of the world into the shifting paradigm. If you are a resident of the USA, you have chosen (on a soul level) to partake in this exemplary shifting dynamic. Your responses and reactions will help guide the other citizens of the world in their transitions through this dynamic.

Global Nature

All of the energies that manifest as various upheavals and abrupt transitions do so on a surface level that you experience as issues in your personal life, your relationships, communities, and in your politics. These energies also manifest globally as severe weather and other earthly demonstrations such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and tornadoes.
Because this month marks such a dramatic shift in global human consciousness, it is accompanied as well by dramatic global manifestations.
Chile, western Mexico, Guatemala, and Japan can anticipate potential earthquakes. Heavy rainfall in areas such as southern California, Italy, southern India, and Indonesia may cause devastating mudslides. Late season hurricanes/typhoons may still occur in both the south Atlantic and south Pacific. Hawaii in particular may suffer a devastating storm, as well as the southeastern US and Caribbean islands. Poland and western Russia may experience sinkholes. Unseasonably hot weather in Australia may cause fires.
Rest assured that your contribution to the rebalancing of Earth’s energies and especially of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine will eventually help calm these tumultuous global weather patterns. Until then, you may assist Gaia, Earth’s collective consciousness, by connecting the energy of your heart to the heart of the Earth. Gaia is one of your Mothers, and it is time to give your Mother some love.
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© 2018 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced for 24 months on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to our website Reproduction rights are renewable with permission from the author. Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher collective that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.


Talyaa Liera
Oracle • Channel • Shamanic Energy Healer

League of O.M.

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Solara’s State of the Planet via Talyaa Liera, September 1st, 2018

You Make Me Feel Brand New —

Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast for September 2018

You’ve probably already felt the deep undercurrent of excitement buzzing just beneath the surface of the planet, haven’t you? It affects every human interaction. It affects every thought, every hope, every desire. Yes, we are on the cusp of great change, change so great that it is as if the world were turning itself inside out.
Remember the phrase, “today is the first day of the rest of your life”? That phrase was designed to help people think about their actions in terms of future results, while also giving them space to forgive their past inactions. You can always start over. Start today and it’s like you’re starting for the first time.
This month’s energy is similar to the intention of that phrase, as we are indeed “starting over” in a metaphorical and energetic sense.
You will notice this as you gaze around you with the eyes of a child, discovering the world for the first time. Remember when everything felt new? When you were deep in the throes of discovery, learning what the sky was, and why rocks fall to the ground when you drop them, and the softness of a cat’s fur.
That is the energy September brings — everything is brand new, especially You.
Oh yes, the energy of newness comes not from a shift in the world but a shift in each individual. To accomplish this, every person was given just the slightest vibrational upgrade. Your boost in baseline vibration will have multiple effects:
  • quicker healing of physical ills
  • sense of time slowing down
  • heightened senses
  • increased number of intuitive leaps
  • sense that you’re “starting over”
  • disillusionment with the slowness of the world around you “catching up” with your leaps
  • increased pleasure from sensory awareness
For people who are already extraordinarily energetically sensitive, this vibration boost could also:
  • cause sensory overload
  • require time away from people and noise
  • cause frustration around others who don’t seem to “get it”
  • exacerbate mental health issues that are in treatment using medical approaches
  • cause a deep sense of sadness

How To Maximize September’s Energies

To best take advantage of this months’s amazing vibrational upgrade, it’s important to first clear your house. This means not only your physical dwelling but also the attic of the mind — the place where your thoughts and beliefs live.
Outer Space — to clear your dwelling space
  1. Open all your windows and let fresh air in
  2. Smudge with sage or sweetgrass
  3. Let peaceful music drift through all the rooms of your home
Inner Space — to clear the attic of your mind
  1. Imagine you are about to receive a wondrous gift — what keeps you from fully receiving that gift? Write this down as a single word.
  2. Imagine you have a wondrous gift to give to the world — what keeps you from giving this gift? Write this down as a single word.
  3. Add the words you wrote for #1 and #2 together, in any order, to make a phrase. This is your new mantra.
  4. Look up at the sky and repeat your mantra in your mind. The first thought that arises are your instructions for clearing your attic of the mind.
Once you have cleared your inner and outer spaces, you will be able to better enjoy the vibrational upgrade of September’s energies.


On an individual basis, this energy vibration upgrade will serve to skyrocket your wildest dreams into fruition. Use the energies of the month to plug into the thing that you want most in your life, and to be sure that any and all obstacles to getting that thing are cleared away. Use the vibration upgrade also to help you clear away those obstacles, or to show them to you if you do not yet know their nature.
You may experience some wide swings this month as you navigate the border between What Was and What Is To Come. Vibrational upgrades of this month’s magnitude are relatively rare (the average person experiences a maximum of 2-3 vibrational upgrades in a lifetime), so it’s understandable that you need time to integrate this huge change. Give yourself permission to feel some ups and downs this month — after all, you’ve just experienced a huge upgrade in vibration and it’s natural to need some time to work out the kinks.
If you are prone to disconnecting from what you think of as reality from time to time, be aware that what you experience as “reality” is also getting a huge upgrade this month. This reality upgrade may take many forms, and no two people will experienced exactly the same changes. Keep in mind that “reality” is subjective and your reality, however you define it, will undergo some perhaps quite noticeable shifts this month.
To track this month’s changes on a personal level, journal your experiences. A record of your month will prove invaluable in the future and will also serve to help you remember from whence you came.


Many relationships will be “on hold” this month while the individual members of the relationships process their vibrational upgrade. For September, most relationships will feel wonderfully easy and peaceful. You will need a refuge from the storm that may be taking place inside you as you process your vibrational upgrade, and relationships are a wonderful vehicle for providing a sense of stability. This concept extends to all manner of relationships: couples, families, parents and children, coworkers.
Some familial relationships will bear the brunt of perceived family member change. Families of origin are notoriously fraught, and when several members undergo similar stresses from such a huge vibrational shift, conflicts are inevitable. If you believe that your family is susceptible to this kind if conflict, steer clear for the month while you give yourself time to integrate the changes you’ve experienced on a personal basis.


Many communities will utilize the vibrational shift of their members to upgrade the community as a whole. Every community establishes and works toward fulfilling a communal purpose, usually only on an informal basis. Each communal purpose receives a huge upgrade as well this month. For some types of communities, this will cause conflict while certain individuals attempt to use the vibrational upgrade as a means of asserting power or dominion over the group.
Most people are members of multiple communities: workplaces, churches, social groups, online groups. Not every community is susceptible to internal conflict of this type. Likely you can find refuge in one of your communities even if you notice conflict brewing in another. Do not attempt to engage with the conflicting individual, as their reality perception is likely shifting too quickly for their comfort, and the only means they have of finding stability is to assert control over a group. Use your compassionate heart and realize that everyone engages in struggles of one kind or another. After all, you are a member of your communities in order to contribute to them and to the individuals within them.


This month may knock your socks off. As you may imagine, the area when you’ll experience the biggest impact this month is in your spirituality. Not only do you receive a significant vibrational upgrade this month, but you’ll also experience shifts in the way you perceive reality!
This is an exciting month to be alive as a human. These types of changes occur very rarely in a human lifetime, and to experience BOTH a vibrational upgrade AND a shift in how one perceives reality is almost unheard of.
Your spirituality may be impacted in many ways by the changes occurring this month. Some of them include:
  • Completely shifting your spiritual beliefs
  • Believing in things you previously thought were impossible or unreasonable (i.e. alien communication, faeries, ghosts, teleportation, ascension, reincarnation)
  • Feeling disillusioned by your previous beliefs
  • Enhanced communication with spirit guides and other unseen beings
  • Ability to “hear” animals talking
  • Know people’s thoughts before they tell you
  • Sense of time slowing or speeding up
  • Sense that “solid” matter is not solid
Be aware that many of the perceptual changes that could occur for you this month are things that are typically considered “crazy”, or certainly unorthodox, in today’s modern society. If you do experience any of these types of phenomena, and it worries you or you wish validation of your experience as “real”, consult with a reputable channel or shamanic healer. Let yourself be guided to the “right” person to assist you. Give yourself time to integrate any new experiences. Keep them to yourself for awhile, and do not share with just anyone until you are certain that you feel sufficiently integrated with the experience.


Some of the people most affected by this month’s vibrational and perceptual changes are those who make laws and enforce them around the world. Today’s political climate is circus-like a-plenty, and this month’s shifts will lead many political figures to exponentially increase their shenanigans, simply because they are extremely frightened and doubling down on strong political action is the only way (besides beating wives) they can think of to find some respite and a modicum of control.
Unfortunately, this may result in the passing of draconian laws, secret passing of executive orders, and business interests being catered to on an even bigger level than ever before. The shenanigans of the past few years pale in comparison to what still remains yet to emerge into the light.
Globally, you are in  the midst of a huge transition that becomes evident through political activity. The “rise” of the far right is simply a symptom of people’s vast dissatisfaction on an individual level, coupled with the belief that to harmonize and join with others to make everyone’s life better is a sign of weakness. Soon individuals will begin to understand that unless they work to ensure that everyone eats, everyone will starve. Until that time comes, people will continue to believe that they must look out for themselves and only themselves rather than trusting that their efforts toward the good of all will result in benefits on a individuals basis as well.
This month’s vibrational upgrade will serve to help distinguish the individuals who are beginning to align with humanity’s future — the inevitability of unity and harmony.

Global Nature

This month’s vibrational upgrade will cause several levels of upheaval on a planetary basis. Expect multiple earthquakes, volcanic activity, and extreme weather patterns such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Every month seems to bring additional extreme planetary activity, and this month is no exception. These patterns will continue to build for several more years. It will take time for energetic changes that began earlier this century to manifest as physical-plane disruptions. Humanity is undergoing a huge energetic shift as well, in concert with Gaia’s shifts, which creates additional pressure on the energy body that is the entirety of Earth.
On a positive note, several new species are likely to be discovered this month. This will help balance the number of species that are choosing to exit the planet forever. Remember that nothing ever stays the same. You would not wish to live in a world of stasis, because then there would never be growth or evolution of any kind, Your world was meant to be in a constant state of growth and evolution, and as an integral part of your world, you must grow as well.
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© 2018 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced for 24 months on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to our website httpss:// Reproduction rights are renewable upon permission from the author. Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher collective that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.


Talyaa Liera
Oracle • Channel • Shamanic Energy Healer

League of O.M.

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Solara’s State of the Planet via Talyaa Liera, July 1st, 2018

New Global Soul Agreements

New Global Soul Agreements

Hold onto your hats, dear ones! You are about to enter a new dimension of reality, a new way of experiencing life on Earth, and a new way of experiencing yourself in your own body.

In short, this month begins a New World. A whirlwind of activity starts this month that brings global humanity much closer to its Destiny of harmony and understanding. And this month, you get to feel a glimpse of what this ultimate Destiny is like. You get to help co-create the burgeoning fields of love and hope by radiating your own desires and heart-whispers out into the universe. They are more powerful than you can imagine.

All of this is because humanity is entering into new global soul agreements and accords. On a soul level, every person helps co-create the reality we share that we call Earth. We do this in harmony with every other be-ing on the planet: animals, birds, insects, fishes, cetaceans, bacteria, plants, fungi, rocks, rivers, oceans — every single be-ing.

This month’s new soul agreements are designed to help people remember their inner fire, and to remember how much love they feel for themselves, the planet, and one another. These are exceptionally important new agreements. You will feel their effects in several ways:

  • feel lighter in your body
  • may feel a desire to do a cleanse or begin an exercise program
  • vivid dreams or long-lost memories of joyful childhood experiences
  • desire to do childlike things
  • sudden urges to be in water — visit beaches, lakes, or rivers
  • “know” what your animal companions want, think, or feel
  • new resolve to know and live your Destiny

Your Balloon of Hope

This month’s practice is simple. Perhaps you remember how, from your earliest days as a child who watched ants crawl up a blade of grass or clouds slowly drift into shapes in the sky. Bring this practice into your days, and use it to remember how interrelated we all are, and how life is meant to be joyous and free.

Lie on the floor, or a bed, or outdoors under the stars, or in a hammock…just lie down flat in a place where you will be undisturbed for 5-10 minutes.

Go back in your mind to a time when your body was small but your heart and mind knew that your life was meant to go on forever and ever. Remember what it felt like to know that you have all the time you could possibly need, for anything you could ever possibly want to do or be. Remember how light and free your body felt before it became weighed down by expectations, beliefs, and responsibilities.

Find a place in your body where that free and expansive feeling dwells. It might be in your heart. your belly, or even your toe — wherever it lives, it has a home somewhere in your body. You will know you have found its home when you feel a tingle, or heat, or cold in some area, or if you just “know” or have a sense where it is. 

Once you have found the place in your body where the expansive, childlike, free feeling dwells that you remember, focus on it. Send your breath into it and blow it up like a balloon, to make it three times as big. 

Now notice your balloon’s color. Red? Blue? Green? Some other color? Notice your balloon’s texture — is it smooth, rough, or something else? Is your balloon opaque, or can you see light through it? Keep noticing details about your balloon.

Now send your balloon out into the world. Imagine as it joins tens of thousands of other balloons and becomes the one millionth balloon. Imagine masses of colorful balloons filled with the endless hope of childhood.Your balloon will help to co-create the enormous amount of Hope-with-a-Capital-H that adult humans now desperately need. By sending your Balloon of Hope out into a hurting world, you connect with humanity in a new and intimate way, and you also reconnect with the place inside you that remembers that anything is possible.

More About the New Global Agreements

Because this month’s energies are all about setting humanity back on its course to unity and harmony, many of the new global agreements will reflect that ultimate goal.

Note, however, that sometimes life seems to take a step or two backwards before it moves forward again. This backwards-forwards dynamic is an illusion, because life is always shifting in multiple directions at once, but because human experience is organized in a linear fashion, with a definable timeline of events, it may seem as if things go backwards before they move ahead once more.

What this means in quantifiable terms is that the future harmony you envision may be preceded by events that seem to run counter to a vision of unity and harmony. For instance, nationalism is on the rise in many countries around the world. This effect precedes a true shift in the direction of global unity and respect for all humanity.

Underneath is where the gold lies. Stop looking on the surface, stop reading news, stop listening to anything other than the beat of your own heart. The new global agreements take place on a deep soul level, amongst all of Earth’s creation. This does not mean to cease activities that support humanity. On the contrary! When you truly listen to the drumbeat of your heart, you tune into the song of humanity that harmonizes with the symphony of all of planet Earth. As you do so, you are emboldened to take actions that support life for all beings, not just a few privileged individuals. When you tune into the song that we all sing together, your actions will only contribute to planetary Destiny of harmony and unity. Your actions this month help shape humanity’s future. Be bold and true.


One of the biggest effects that this month’s new global agreements will have is on the individual. Yes, that means you! This month you are likely to feel vastly more hopeful about the future — yours and the world’s — than you have in a very long time.

The intensity level of this month’s new agreements will increase the rate of energetic vibration on a planetary level, which translates into two sets of potential effects. Neither one is “good” or “bad”, and both are to be expected. You may experience variant swings between them, so be prepared for feeling like you’re on a bit of a personal roller coaster. This effect will flatten out as the month progresses and as you accustom yourself to the new energies.

One set of potentials:

  • increased positivity
  • feeling like you can take on new or difficult challenges
  • a sense or “knowing” that you have spirit helpers who are actively helping you
  • smiling more
  • vivid and exciting dreams that seem to portend the future

Another set of potentials:

  • sense of overwhelm
  • desire to “get away from it all” temporarily
  • desire to make big changes in your life (complete new wardrobe, moving houses, shifting relationships, changing jobs)

To assist with integration of this month’s energies, you will want to ensure that you don’t react strongly to any of the urges you have this month. Give yourself some time before making any big life changes. Remember that what ever way you experience life in this moment, it will change. Circumstances always change — that is an immutable truth of human existence. So keep breathing, and remember that you are playing the long game.


This month’s energies support enhanced intimacy in relationships of all kinds. If you are not the type of person who likes to get closer to people, then this could make you feel uncomfortable. Most humans are wired for increasing levels of intimacy, which means that this month you get to play in a exciting playground filled with people who want to get to know you on a deeper level.

Increased intimacy shows up in different ways. It could mean that the barista who pours your daily coffee asks you about the interesting pin on your backpack. It could mean that the person ahead of you in line at the grocery store sees the box of gluten free pasta in your cart and asks you for a recommendation for gluten free pastries, which spurs a reminiscing conversation about the patisserie in Paris you once went to. It could mean that a friend from long ago messages you and wants to chat. It could mean that YOU are the one chatting people up in the coffee line or at the office, or in the famously long lines at Disney World.

What ever way intimacy shows up in your life this month, remember that at the core of this energy is a genuine desire to share one’s heart and deeper thoughts. People already like you. They want to know more of you and to feel closer to you, because you are interesting. You have things to share — experiences, thoughts, dreams, hopes. Be generous with your heart and give it freely. The more you give, the more will come back to you in the form of the knowledge that you are giving people a unique gift that no one else can give them — you.


While things are expected to feel better on many fronts this month because of the new global agreements, on a spiritual level your heart may take a beating. If this occurs, do not despair! For one thing, you are far from alone in the fear that your heart just cannot take one more hit. Many, many people are feeling the weight of surface changes in global reality this month.

But go underneath. Dig down and feel under the surface. All the “news”, all the talk, all the “bad stuff” is there on the surface, like a slick of oil on water. The oil never mixes with the water, but instead just sits there on the surface. The water of life remains undisturbed by anything sitting on its surface.

It is much the same with global experience this month. You may read what feels a lot like bad news, what IS actual bad news, and it will make your body feel tight, constricted, even nauseous. Let yourself experience this. If you deny your experience, you only push it deeper inside you and make it stronger. After you have experienced what there is to experience from this surface-level bad news, go deeper.

The way you go deeper is to first connect with humankind’s first spiritual mother, the Earth. You can do this any number of ways, so choose what works for you — digging your feet into the cool soil of the earth, sitting quietly next to a bubbling stream or lapping lake, breathing the plume of oxygen that exudes from a tree, gazing into the blueness of the sky, lighting a candle and imagining the bubbling magma beneath the planet’s surface. As long as you have a way to feel connected to the essence of Nature, you have taken your first step.

Next, take some time in your chosen connection method. Get quiet and listen inside your mind. Allow time for answers, if you need them. Sometimes all you need are for the questions to stop.

The more you connect with what lies under the surface of reality this month, the more you will know deep in your heart and soul that you are safe and that humanity is indeed on a course toward unity and harmony. Be open to the not-knowing this month, and understand that at month’s end you will almost certainly feel more serene and more calm about the path that humanity is currently taking.


We remind you again that often things appear to take a step backward before they move forward, and that this concept is an illusion. So try not to get caught up in it. On the surface, political shenanigans will only appear to be on the rise. If you thought last month was outrageous, this month will seem even worse. But remember, we are talking about surface-level reality.

Deeper, there is so much more happening. When you remember this, you can let go of your fears that the “bad people” are taking over or that the world is getting out of control. Everything is unfolding in its perfect order. But just as an ant can only see its blade of grass and not the entire meadow, right now you are only able to see one small part of humanity’s experience. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a whole lot more happening that you aren’t able to see from your current perspective.

Underneath, the world prepares for its path tp unity and harmony by enacting new soul agreements. Some of these agreements demand that people suffer. This concept may feel anathema to your beliefs about how the world works. You do not want people to suffer. That is understandable. You have a big heart.

But on a soul level, we are all alike and we all contribute in our way to the collective path of humanity’s evolution. Some individuals contribute with their suffering. Some contribute by creating that suffering. On the soul level, there is no fault or blame or good or bad — there just simply IS. These concepts may feel difficult to accept when you see on the surface that bad things are happening to people. Again, this is because you have a big heart, and it is useful as a human to have such a big heart. It means you are alive and it means that you care about your fellow humans and it means that you can use that hurt to take actions to help people.

So use your hurt to take action this month. Maybe it means writing letters to your political representatives. Maybe it means protesting something you feel is wrong. Maybe it means reaching out to people you feel have been hurt and helping them. But your hurt heart this month will change you, and will add to the collective change all of us are now creating.

Global Nature

When so many new soul agreements take shape, it creates a large amount of energy flow. This energy flow takes form in various ways: strong weather patterns that result in tornadoes and hurricanes, underground flows such as volcanoes and earthquakes, and temperature extremes. You have already observed increasing weather extremes over the past few decades. This is in part due to shifting energies in the collective that translate into planetary weather patterns.

There is a good probability of a large (6.5+) earthquake this month, most likely along the Pacific seaboard (California; Western Mexico; Peru; Chile).

There is also a good probability of a hurricane in the south Atlantic that would affect the American Gulf States and/or the Caribbean.

India and Bangladesh should expect unusual flooding.

Western Europe may experience unusually warm temperatures, as will China.

Expect an overall future increase in temperature variabilities and unpredictable weather — this will only become the constant as time continues to progress.

Overall, however, Gaia is integrating the collective energy fluctuations and processing them. The new global soul agreements and accords affect all life on the planet, including the consciousness of the planet itself, Gaia. Gaia is big enough and strong enough to assist humanity in dispersing and balancing pent-up energies, which appear to humanity as events such as unpredictable weather, earthquakes, and tsunamis.

Remember that all truly unfolds in perfect order, even if you cannot yet see the entirety of the unfolding.


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© 2018 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced for a period of 24 months on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including an active link to our website httpss:// Republishers may renew reproduction rights upon approval from the author. Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher collective that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.

Solara’s State of the Planet via Talyaa Liera, June 1st, 2018

The Work Begins

The Work Begins: Solara’s State of the Planet, June 2018

You are probably ready for a change by now — change in yourself, change in your relationships and work, change in the world. You look at the world around you and you want something to be different — ANYTHING, really — because you feel there is something truly wonderful welling up from underneath that isn’t yet reflected in the reality you experience.

You are far from alone in this. Many people feel a strong call this month for change. It isn’t hard to understand why! Conditions are difficult in many places around the world. Inequality is more pronounced than ever in much of the world. The wealthy keep getting wealthier while the poor stay poor. Weather extremes create uncertainty and instability in many areas. Things just seem at a breaking point right now, so wouldn’t a nice big change feel so refreshing and wonderful?

Of course! And it will be served up on a platter for all to enjoy.

But first, the work begins.

Work? What Kind of Work?

Let’s start back with that feeling you have that something wonderful is welling up from underneath. Just what do we mean by that?

Almost everyone feels energies, even if they’re unaware of what they feel or that they feel anything. It is part of human nature to have the ability to feel subtle changes on an energetic level. So when we say there’s an absolute WELLSPRING OF CHANGE just waiting to emerge, we mean exactly that. Big changes are on the horizon, and you have already seen glimpses of them — the North American and Western European #MeToo moment, women in India fighting against sexual abuses, burgeoning economic revival in parts of Africa, and the ending of recession in parts of Latin America. These are only a few large manifestations of a greater flow of energetic shifting that is taking place now all over the planet.

The more manifestations that emerge, even in places that are thousands of miles from where you live, the greater a sense of upcoming change you will have. This builds excitement and anticipation, which in themselves breed more energy for more change.

This is where the work part comes in.

In order for true, lasting change, humanity must be in accord — on a soul level, everyone must agree that the changes sought are desired. This isn’t has hard as it sounds, because you always have energetic access to every other soul on the planet at all times, even if you’re unaware of it. So, humanity’s accord takes place even if you don’t have conscious awareness of it.

The work part is that energetic change begets material change. When the energy flow shifts to one of greater acceptance, equality, and connection, it affects people on a conscious level. And not everyone is ready for greater acceptance, equality, and connection. You can see that just by observing news stories. So there will be increased resistance to change, increased blowback, more stories of sexual impropriety and political corruption — and this is good news! Its good news because unless these horrific things are brought to light, they cannot be healed and humanity cannot evolve into a more enlightened state.

The Good News

The good news is that there are SO MANY people who are open and ready to co-create a better world for EVERYONE, not just for themselves, that they outweigh the few who resist this kind of connected, loving environment. You, simply by being kind and loving and helping others, help co-create this change. And you can go a step further by living life in alignment with your soul’s plans, your Destiny, which has an even greater effect on the energetic nature of the planet.

The closer you live in alignment with your Destiny, the more energy you contribute to humanity’s evolution towards a civilization that holds all life in high esteem and generates warm wellbeing for all of Earth’s creatures. This is the future you help to build now. This is the change you already know is happening. This is why you were born to live now.


On a personal level, many people will feel strangely disconnected from their old selves. Change is spinning so quickly now that many of you will make a huge break this month from the Old You, so quickly that you won’t quite yet have time to fully embrace the New You. But never fear — the process of moving from Old to New happens over a series of days, and won’t leave you hanging for very long. Just ride with it as best you can, and remember to ground yourself in activities that bring you closer to nature and breathing more deeply. The more air you can consciously bring into your body through deep belly breathing, the more energy you will give your physical structure to acclimate to the energetic changes you’re experiencing. If you don’t already have a regular breath practice, this is a great time to begin one.

Easy deep breathing technique:

Sit comfortably, with your spine straight. Breathing through your nose, take a deep breath into your belly and slowly exhale. Feel the rise and fall of your abdominal muscles as you breathe. Try to extend your inhales and exhales to a count of four. Imagine that with every inhale, you breathe in energy from the infinite energy source of the universe. With every exhale, allow your body to release anything it does not need. Keep breathing this way for a few minutes. Notice any thoughts that arise during this time.


As you release the Old You and begin to embrace the New You, your relationships will be impacted. Not everyone is on the exact same time table for releasing their old selves and acclimating to their new self, so you may be deep amidst your changes while your partner, friends, or family are not. People normally close to you may seem strange to you this month, and you may seem strange to them. Try to breathe through all of this. Everyone is making an adjustment of some kind this month, so the more leeway you give them and yourself, the more comfortable you will be during this time of great change.

Your task, this month, is to NOT MAKE ANY DECISIONS THAT AFFECT YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. Just give yourself (and your people) time to get used to the New You. Let things simmer down. Don’t be hasty. And remember your compassion. Everyone is going through essentially the same process, and it’s disconcerting. Just keep breathing and go pet a kitten.


This is a great month to go within and explore what you find there. Remember, you are releasing in the Old You and embracing the New You, right? So this gives you the perfect opportunity to figure yourself out once and for all. That’s not to suggest that once you embrace this New You that you won’t ever change again — on the contrary, you are in a constant state of evolution. But the energies this month really support you to explore the divine nature that dwells inside you.

As you release the Old and welcome the New, you have the perfect opportunity to connect with the constant nature of your Inner Self, your soul, the divine and unchanging aspect that is always within you. This inner divine nature is your constant source of connection to the great All-That-Is, universal spirit energy, and can be your greatest source of comfort in times of upheaval and change.

One way to connect with your inner divine nature is by getting quiet and still, and then listening deeply. Even if you hear nothing, imagine that you do. Imagine that within you dwells the most loving voice you can think of, a voice that always says the right thing and always supports you in unconditional love. If you continue this practice throughout the month, you will cultivate and maintain a relationship with your spirituality on a level that befits the New You.


Politically,  you will observe what essentially looks like more of the same shenanigans that have been going on for years now. But many of you will notice what is happening underneath — this month you may notice a shift in the intensity of these shenanigans. The biggest change will be the collective response. You are shifting to a world that is ruled not by just a few, but by the collective will of the many. This will take many years to fully implement, but look carefully this month! You will see changes in how people respond to political imbalances that have long just been the status quo. Last month’s Irish vote to repeal legislation outlawing abortion is a prime example. The collective will is beginning to remember its power and purpose, and is beginning to flex its might.

Global Nature

The month begins with a slough of strong tropical storms, an expression of the enormous amount of energy swirling about the planet. Another expression of this great surge in energy to support global collective changes is the volcanic activity in Hawaii. Expect additional manifestations of this energy surge in various places around the planet — potential earthquakes in Chile, Mexico, and Alaska; likely hurricanes in the South Atlantic; potential additional volcanic activity in the northwest US and Japan.

Nature responds to energy surges with manifestations that sometimes seem extreme to tiny humans dwelling on the planets surface. But bear in mind that Gaia, Earth’s consciousness, keeps all of her children in her awareness when monitoring energy flows around the planet. It is true that humanity has wrought a huge negative impact on the number of species that are part of Earth’s vast web of life, but this impact is but a tiny blip in a grand cycle of planetary experience. Gaia knows this and supports humanity to grow and evolve so as to one day travel among the stars and bring back wisdom from those who walk there.




© 2018 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to our website httpss:// Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher collective that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.

Solara State of the Planet May 2018 via Talyaa Liera, May 14th, 2018

The Tide Turns

The Tide Turns: Solara’s State of the Planet, May 2018

Imagine you’ve been on a roller coaster — for years. You’ve weathered ups and downs and often you felt thrown this way and that by the forces in your life, but you’ve come through your endlessly long ride like a pro. Now you’re ready to get off the ride and get on with your life.

Off the Roller Coaster

What you’ll feel from energies in the month of May 2018 is much like what it feels like when you disembark from a very long roller coaster ride. You’re relieved to get off the ride and get on with your life. You’re elated from the excitement of having navigated lengthy periods of enormous ups and downs. And you feel extremely wobbly, as if the ground underneath your feet still buckles and isn’t yet solid.

The roller coaster you were on was a magical world — it was nothing like your ordinary reality. Now that you’re back on the ground, you remember what it feels like to be real. You’re no longer twisting and turning in the air, hands up and mouth screaming with a delicious mixture of delight and fear. No, you’re on solid ground now. You can get on with your life. The ride is finally over.

It just doesn’t yet feel like it’s over.

What the Tide Turning Feels Like

The tide is turning, but you may not yet feel it because you’re still in your post-roller coaster wobbly mode. But sensitive souls will tune into subtle changes that reveal the truth of your global reality — something major has shifted, and you are a part of that shift.

Evidence that the tide is truly turning includes:

  • Increased eye contact with people you don’t know — in the past, people often averted their eyes from you, but now you’ll notice an increase in direct eye contact. This is because an element of fear that affected the global population is now in suspension, rendering it inactive for the time being.
  • Stronger resolve to be a part of something greater than yourself — this may manifest for people in many ways, including joining new groups, engaging in social activism, starting an online business that serves people in need, or simply reading a very popular book and realizing that you’re experiencing something that thousands of other people experience at the same time.
  • Shedding childhood patterns that no longer serve you — whether you accomplish this through talk therapy, shamanic healing, an initiation ritual, or simply by choosing to no longer believe a belief that was given to you years ago by your parents or caregivers, this month you have an opportunity to leave behind old ways of thinking and being that are not part of the essential You.
  • An urge to purge — the wave of minimalism and decluttering manifestos have finally reached critical mass. You’ll find yourself shedding material goods that no longer generate a sparkle within your soul. Divest of them in the way that feels best, whether it’s via eBay, Craigslist, gifting to friends, or donating to people who need more than they presently have. When you have more than you need, it’s easy to find a way to let go.


On a personal level, this month’s energetic effects are primarily subtle. If you are not particular sensitive to energy changes, you may not notice much on a personal level this month. You may, however, think that some of your friends are acting strangely. They may say or do things that seem out of the ordinary to you. If this happens, remember that some people feel changes very deeply and they have difficulty integrating change. You may have a stronger hold on your inner sense of self and therefore may be more impervious to big energy changes. However, this month you’ll still very likely go through a transition whereupon you take bigger leaps of faith into creating the life that you’ve always dreamed of. You may not think of this as a big change for you, because the change was incremental and subtle, but by the month’s end you’ll be able to look back and remember that you were once hesitant to make the leaps you in fact made with ease.

If you’re among those who are particularly energetically sensitive, this month you may feel like you’ve turned inside out. That wobbly aprés-roller coaster sensation makes you feel like your whole world has changed. You may experience moments when you doubt that you are even the same person you’ve always been. If this occurs, just keep breathing and allow it to pass. You will likely experience multiple waves of ever-shifting energies that cause you to rethink your mission in life, rethink your relationship to your inner child, and rethink your entire identity. This is not an identity crisis, but actually encourages you to shed that which was never You to begin with. By the month’s end, you’ll breathe more easily and feel much more at home in your own skin.


Relationships this month take on a whole new meaning for most people. You’ll finally understand (perhaps consciously, perhaps not) that you truly are a part of a greater whole, and that as such you are connected to every other person on the planet. This is a huge epiphany for many people, and even if you’ve known this as an intellectual fact for many years, this is the month when it finally comes home to you on every level. You are part of a greater whole. What you do affects every other being on the planet in some way.

Because this is such a gigantic concept for so many people, it can throw simple relationships into a tailspin. How do you reconcile that never-ending fight about who left their dirty socks on the floor when you know deep in your gut that thousands of children in Ethiopia are starving? How do you deal with your boss who always expects you to clean up everyone’s coffee cups at the end of every meeting when you know in your soul that there is a woman somewhere in your neighborhood who was beaten this week? How do you care whether your kid eats their vegetables first or last at dinnertime when you know that millions of people around the world feel no hope for change in their lives?

The way through this month’s maelstrom of revelations about who we are as a species, and how we connect with one another, is to take everything down to its lowest level. Your actions affect the people you directly touch. Your actions echo outward to also affect, ultimately, everyone around the globe — but that feels too huge for most people. So take it down. Focus on whomever your actions touch directly. Your loved ones. Your friends. Your colleagues. Remember that they, too, feel this maelstrom and that they, too, wrestle with the newfound realizations that their actions affect everyone around the globe  So be kind.

The way to be kind is to slow things down. Take a breath before speaking. Focus on your priorities — are the dirty socks or coffee cups that important? Or is your partner, your children, your friends, your colleagues, more important to you? Take some time to listen, not only to your loved ones and friends, but to your inner self, the self that has been with you all your life and now is eager to be heard.

Listen to your inner self — a practice to slow down and hear your most trusted source of wisdom. Sit in a quiet space. Take a few breaths deep into your belly and exhale. Imagine the best friend you could possibly have, someone who unquestioningly understands you and knows you. Imagine that you can have a magical conversation with this imaginary best friend, right in your own mind. Have these magical inner conversations any time you feel the need for a wise friend, and especially any time you feel overwhelmed by change in your relationships this month.


Because of the global revelation this month that every person is interconnected with every other person, all of humanity increases its vibration just a little. This minute increase has a big effect on people who feel sensitive to energies.

If you are sensitive to changes in vibration, you’ll experience:

  • subtle sense of buzzing or vibration throughout your body
  • increase in signs, omens, and coincidences
  • a sense that life is working better and more smoothly than it has in a while
  • temporary increase in small aches and pains in your body
  • stronger desire to be in or around nature
  • stronger connection to animals and/or plants
  • desire to know why you are here

Even if you don’t feel sensitive to energy changes, you’ll experience some or all of the following:

  • desire to be kinder to people you don’t know
  • an urge to “pay-it-forward” in some way
  • impulse to write little love notes or notes of appreciation
  • urge to express yourself artistically
  • heightened feelings of love toward people you know
  • increase in fond childhood memories
  • reconnection with old friends or acquaintances

Collectively, a vibration increase such as this often creates eventual shockwaves that reverberate throughout the globe. Shockwaves of this type feel like sudden revelations or “a-ha” moments. These shockwaves continue on for some time (months to years) after a collective global vibration increase, so you can expect your experiences to adjust accordingly.

While a vibration increase affects how people experience themselves and one another, as well as how they interact with the environment, it does not necessarily cause individuals to become more spiritually aware or “enlightened”. It does, however, help guide collective humanity to make better individual choices in the near term and therefore make better collective choices in the long term.


Politically, you may not notice much change at all this month. That is because the tide turns slowly in this arena. People will focus changes first on themselves and next on the people closest to them. Political change is an outgrowth of how people view themselves, so changes in this area come after people first begin to see themselves in a new way.

Because of this, you can expect many of the same games and shenanigans that you’ve seen for many months now. However, this month it is likely that there is a strong revelation about systemic corruption in the US government, which will have long-term global consequences. Already, the international trust level is markedly decreased, and these revelations will bring it even lower. As a result, economic policies will be affected, rendering the US even more isolated from its global community than ever. This has negative short-term effects (trade deficits, economic imbalances, broken treaties), but positive long-term effects (after being in a virtual “time out”, eventually the US will be eager to strike authentic friendships with other countries).

Globally, the reverberations of the turning tide make a larger near-term difference than in the US. Many countries are now led by individuals who feel energies on a more subtle level than in the US at present, and these individuals will feel guided to help nudge their respective countries closer to a connected global state. It is a long road to a united world, but many countries will make strides towards it this month by changing policies to support social equality that affect people on a local level.

Global Nature

Gaia, the Earth’s consciousness, has always known that this moment would arrive and planned accordingly. A global vibration shift causes physical reverberations that manifest as wild weather changes, earthquakes, and extreme wind patterns. These natural phenomena should be no stranger to you by now because they’ve been with you for months and months, but they are worth noting because they are at the beginning of a new trend of constant extreme natural phenomena.

If you are tired of hearing about the effects of climate change, then use your weariness to get in tune with your inner wise being (your imaginary best friend from the practice described above) and consult with it to determine your most effective ways of supporting Earth’s inevitable changes. Some of you continue to resist what is occurring in front of your very eyes by becoming activists and protesters. Instead, use your inner wisdom to connect to the spirit of the planet.

Remember the ancient ways that still resonate in the drumbeats of your heart, and teach your children and grandchildren to honor the rhythms of the Earth. Join a drum circle, or listen to a shamanic drumming recording, and remember what it was like to dance around a fire and honor the life that dwells beneath your feet. Lie outside under the stars and watch the night sky drift slowly past. Follow an ant up a blade of green grass and wonder at its tenacity when its world is turned upside down. Turn on your water tap, listen to the water trickle slowly out of the faucet, and marvel at the combination of humanity’s engineering and nature’s music. Humanity can co-exist with nature. As the tide turns, you are finally on a path to discovering how.



© 2018 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to our website httpss:// Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher collective that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.

Solara State of the Planet April 2018 via Talyaa Liera – 2018

The Awakening

The Awakening: Solara’s State of the Planet, April 2018

Right now you may be wondering what the heck has happened to the world. You look around and see one catastrophe after another — bombings, refugee woes, wonky political moves. When will it end? Why is this happening? Will things ever get better?

The answer is yes. Things will get better. This month — April 2018 — begins Earth’s awakening.

A Newborn Earth

Similar to how a newborn infant learns how to be in its body and stretch its limbs and move its head, this month the Earth is in a newly-born state and is beginning to awaken to its potential. Perhaps you saw last month’s big gun-violence protest in America, led by teenagers and joined by supportive protests all over the world. That was evidence that the world is beginning to wake up and notice that things are not as they should be.

It is time for change. You feel it. You know it in your bones. You are a part of it.

Leading a Wave

Many of you have been in an awakened state for some time now. You help to lead a wave that begins this month to increase in size, influence, and speed. Your thoughts and actions help influence others to connect to the vibration of change that now manifests as the onset of change.

It is a very exciting time to be on the planet! You are part of something special! Not every planetary civilization undergoes the massive change and upheaval that Earth now encounters. The fact that you are here now is significant.

Growing Pains Ahead

As a newly-awakened planet, Earth will experience growing pains. Babies cry. They bump their heads. They learn how to move and communicate. Similarly, a newly-awakened planetary civilization has its own kind of growing pains. The coming months and years will illustrate this concept with surprising and sometimes challenging events and situations.

Your task this month is to notice how the planet awakens, and to help its newborn state by grounding yourself into the Earth and celebrating your humanity. You asked to be here for just this occasion. The Earth and humanity are counting on your support.


This month, you will feel a sense of rebirth and renewal. Colors will seem more intense and scents more alluring. Get outside into nature this month and feel how alive you are inside. Breathe deeply and notice how your body moves with each breath.

This month is the perfect time to carve out some real “me time”. Remember that you are the most important person in your life, and give yourself the gift of time to rejuvenate and renew your sense of being human. Take baths. Walk barefoot in the grass. Sit next to a tree and listen to its wisdom. Light a candle just because it’s Monday, or Thursday. Send yourself a love letter. Remember what makes you laugh, and what makes you cry. Let yourself feel. Today you are born, and today you are human. Celebrate your new self.


This is a wonderful time to reconnect with old friends and to reach out to new ones. People in general feel more open now to receiving, and like you they want to connect with souls who also feel the call to awaken.

Close friends and lovers will generally wish to become even closer this month. Sometimes this may cause dissonance or friction if two people do not want the same level of intimacy. The energies this month help to smooth this out, but be aware that your eagerness to connect may be strong. If you feel rebuffed, don’t despair — instead, look for groups that celebrate aspects of the Earth’s beauty. Drumming circles and labyrinth walks are particularly powerful this month. Any group activities that are arranged in the shape of a circle will help balance the energies of those who are part of them.


Your spiritual focus this month is connected to nature as well as anything related to the Earth and the planet as a whole. Rocks, stones, feathers, and plants could all be a part of your spiritual experience this month. Explore the church of the outdoors, and spend time just watching the clouds pass by or water trickling down a stream. These activities are especially grounding and will help you not only access the enormous amount of energy within the Earth but also will help you assist the newly-awakened Earth in adjusting to its awakening state. Any time you spend in nature over the next several weeks will help the planet become more accustomed to its changing vibration.

A practice to assist with your grounding process — stand comfortably with your feet hip-width apart, or sit comfortably supported with your spine straight and your feet flat on the floor. Breath gently but fully. Try to breathe down into your pelvis. Imagine a silver cord that extends down from the soles of your feet deep into the core of the Earth. At the center of the Earth, imagine a large glowing green crystal. This crystal feels like Home to you when your silver cord reaches it. Imagine that you wrap your silver cord around this beautiful glowing green crystal. You now have access to the heart of the planet, the soul of Earth, and it anchors you in all that you do. Take a few moments and feel the renewed sense of support you now have. Refresh this feeling of support every day or two by re-imagining the crystal and your silver cord.


Most of today’s political figures are not in tune with the changing vibrations of an awakening planet. Because of this, their actions will likely be increasingly erratic and surprising. Do not despair if this occurs. You know in your bones that the world in indeed changing and for the better — and you know that some chaos and upheaval is a necessary part of this change.

At the same time, there is real danger that certain flamboyant and unpredictable political leaders may make choices that could potentially be disastrous for large numbers of people. We do not see war or bombing on a large scale, but the threat of either is a possibility. Fortunately, the growing wave of awakened souls as well as the awakened Earth herself will help maintain the shift in a positive and productive direction.

Global Nature

Nature is the direct reflection of the spirit of the planet. As the planet awakens to her destiny, nature must also follow suit. Earth’s destiny is moving towards a more unified, less species-diverse world, which means that conditions must continue to move in the direction of species elimination and further change. This may feel sad to you. It is a sad thing to see the disappearance of species that have long been a part of and contributed to the global ecosystem. However, the long-term direction that Earth and her collective inhabitants chose long ago is to move towards travel among the stars. To motivate humanity to do that, Earth must change sufficiently so as to provide that motivation. This means that life on Earth will become less diverse and less numerous as the decades elapse.

This month, Earth celebrates her renewal with the potential of extreme weather events in northern Europe as well as Eastern Africa, plus the potential of an earthquake in Guatemala or Italy. When it rains where you live this month, remember that it is a celebration of renewal and helps nourish the soil and planet.

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