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Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast via Talyaa Liera – May, 2019

Inside Out & Upside Down: Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast for May 2019

It’s a good thing last month was a rest month, because this month brings on HUGE changes! Everything turns inside out and upside down this month, leaving you breathless with the changes by month’s end.
This month’s changes will occur in three parts. Here is how they break down in timing and what to expect:

Dismantling of old structures — May 1-10

This manifests differently depending on which life arena is involved (see the detailed breakdowns below for more), but in general everything you once thought to be true is up for potential change. NOTHING will be left unscathed — EVERYTHING is subject to change.
This might sound scary, but the good news about how dismantling of old structures works in actuality is that you may not even notice while it is happening! You likely will be so immersed in being in the process of it that you won’t notice that anything came undone until later in the month, when it is time to out things back together again.

Review period — May 10-25

Imagine your life comes in an IKEA box. If you are like most people when faced with an IKEA box, the first thing you do is to open the box and spread everything out on the floor to see what you have — how many screws, how many bolts, how many tiny finishing nails, and where that weird-yet-handy disposable Allen wrench is. The review period this month is like when you’re looking at all your IKEA stuff strewn over the floor to see what you’re working with. Once you know what you have, then you know how you can put it together.
This section of the month largely involves a lot of thinking about your life. You may find yourself reminiscing about what things were like when you were in high school, for instance, or when you had that weird job at the record store. Pay attention to these thoughts! They are messages from your soul, and they help guide you to navigate the next section of the month. Pay attention to your dreams during this period for the same reason — dream life may be especially potent during this time and the symbolism will be unmistakeable.

Putting it back together again — May 25-31

The last part of the month, you’ll be putting everything back together again — only nothing goes back together the way it was when you took it apart. That’s where this month’s theme of “Inside Out & Upside Down” comes in! Based on everything that happens this month energetically, you will naturally put things back together in a very different way than they were when you took them apart.
Does it sound scary, thinking that everything in your life will essentially be upside down or inside out at the end of the month? It shouldn’t. Yes, this is a hugely intense process, and yes it results in enormous growth and change. BUT, it will be (relatively) painless! Again, you’ll be so immersed in the process that you won’t see things as going back “upside down” or “inside out” even though they really are compared to how they once were. You will only see your nice neat IKEA furniture going together perfectly, with every screw and bolt in the place it looks like it is supposed to be.
Okay, so what’s the catch?

What to do when you feel like your life is coming apart — a practice to assist you with change

There is a time during the month when things could feel like total chaos. When you feel like nothing fits. When you feel like you are in the eye of a hurricane and there is nothing but storm around you. This comes towards the end of the dismantling phase, and this can feel incredibly disorienting! Things are coming apart in your life and you don’t feel like you have control over the process! If this happens to you this month, there is a simple remedy.
Yeah, yeah, you hear this all the time, right?
And yet, it works. Sit down. Place your feet flat on the floor. Keep your spine straight even though you might feel tempted to slump because you’re scared. Its okay to feel scared, but you are so much bigger than  that feeling. So sit there, spine straight, feet flat on the floor, and just breathe down into your feet. Imagine that your breath flows right down into your feet and nails your feet into the floor. Your feet are now stuck to the floor like glue. Keep breathing, and maybe now you can feel how your breath flows through your feet and on into the floor, down into the earth and down down (maybe even hundreds of feet down) into the earth. Keep breathing, that’s it. You feel calmer now. You feel like you can do this. You can trust your process and you can keep going and wake up tomorrow because your breath will stay with you as long as you need it. Your breath is connected now to the ultimate life source deep in the earth and this life source will always be there for you, even when it feels like your life is coming apart.


Obviously, if everything-as-you-know-it is flying apart and then being out back together again yet differently, this will affect you on a deep level. Your best strategy this month is to roll with whatever comes, as best as you can. Remember that everyone else is going through the exact same process you are, which means that most people are entirely unconcerned with what is going on inside you because they are feeling what is going on inside themselves.
So how do you “roll with whatever comes”? Start with the breathing exercise above. Do it often — every day at a minimum. There are many people who should set a timer and do this at least hourly, especially in the first week or two of the month. The ext thing you can do to help you “roll with” things is to remember that everything in life always changes, ni matter what. You change and you change until you make the final change to transition out of physical beingness, which in itself brings on even more changes. So remembering that you are always growing and evolving and always taking in experiences and using those experiences to fuel further changes, is very helpful this month. This is the Theravada Buddhist term annica for the doctrine of impermanence. Nothing ever stays the same. It is only one’s attempt to hold on to what was that causes pain — when you allow changes to flow through your awareness, you simply observe how marvelous your life really is.


Many relationships will end this month or begin an ending process. That is one of the biggest effects of this month’s energy. What does not end becomes stronger than ever.
Remember again that everyone you’re in relationship with is also going through the exact same process this month that you are. When you remember this, it will help you stay in your heart when the people around you seem to be changing before your very eyes.
Relationships will go through a huge shift this month. Part of your personal review process affects how you see yourself as well as how you see other people. In turn, this will alert you to certain relationships that no longer serve their purpose — consequently, this month you could end these relationships or take the first steps toward ending them.
Try not to freak out about this if you are amidst a relationship that begins its end this month. Remember what it taught you. Remember what you gave to it and what you now take from it. You are a different person because of this relationship, and that other person has also changed because of what you brought to the relationship. Focus on the gifts you gave and the gifts you now take with you. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of what could have been, and also celebrate what you gave to and learned from this relationship.
Relationships that survive this month’s winnowing process will be significantly stronger than ever. At month’s end you are both very different people than you were at the beginning of the month, and all that you choose to bring forward with you about your personal self serves you well in every relationship you are involved in.


Communities are essentially large relationships involving multiple people. Therefore, much of the same dynamics affecting relationships also affect communities this month, only on a larger scale. Some communities will fall apart, having served their purpose. Other communities will come together, stronger than ever.
As with relationships, remember to focus on the gifts you gave and received through your involvement with any communities that fall apart or begin to fall apart by month’s end. You may need to grieve the loss of what could have been but no longer will be. Also allow yourself to celebrate what you gained from this involvement, because any interaction among community members will have touched you in some significant way.


Spiritually, this is where everything holds together this month. You get to ride a glorious magic carpet of certainty about how the universe works. This will help you ground and focus when other elements of your life seem to be falling apart (they are!) and then coming back together again yet upside down/ inside out from where they began at month’s end.
You need a center pivot point this month from which everything else springs. So any spiritual seeking gets put on hold this month in order to give you respite from the changes that affect your other life realms. Allow yourself to bask in whatever knowingness you’ve this far cultivated about the universe and your part in it — there will be plenty of time later on for deep dives into age-old questions, and for late-night musings about life’s meaning.
Drink deeply this month from your well of spirit, and it will help guide you to put pieces back together in ways that serve you not only now but well into your future.


Because there are so many shifts taking place this month on a personal level, and because politics are essentially just people interacting in ways that affect large numbers of other people, this month brings in sweeping changes on many political fronts.
It may seem hard to believe that you can withstand even more changes politically — the past several years have been fraught with changes, and many of them unwelcome. How can this planet possibly absorb more political shenanigans?
Remember this months breakdown of how the energies evolve — first things “fall apart”, then there’s a review period, and then things are put back together but differently from before. By month’s end, much of the planet’s political arenas will be different constructed than they were at the beginning. You could be looking at the beginning, then, of serious and lasting change in a positive way.
Countries with the most change potential are: Argentina, the Ukraine, Ecuador, Chile, South Africa, United States, Portugal, France, Niger, and the Philippines. This is not to suggest that little change could occur in other countries — much of the world will benefit from this month’s huge and sweeping political shifts.

Types of political shifts to expect

Much of the shifts taking place this month or beginning to take place by month’s end support the benefit of future humanity. This means that significant movement will occur that supports humanity in areas such as economics, social structure and equality, housing, food security, and the like. Movement will be away from power structures and economic inequality.
Remember that political change can take many years to come to fruition, but look for seeds of hope to be sown by month’s end for significant future improvements across much of the planet.

Global Nature

With so much change and upheaval occurring across much of the energetic basis of the entire planet this month, Gaia takes a back seat to the radical changes occurring on so many other levels. This means that weather patterns will likely remain fairly constant, with few of the types of spikes that result in severe storms, earthquakes, volcanic action, etc.
Species shifts are another matter. Look for increased news about the global impact of climate change on diminishing species across the planet. Part of the political shifts likely to occur after this month will be increased attention to humanity’s devastating impact on the environment and all of Gaia’s myriad creatures.
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