Message from Jesus/Sananda via Camilla Nilsson, April 29th, 2019

Message from Jesus/Sananda

April 29th, 2019

Channel: Camilla Nilsson



Dear Human Human Being who so bravely walk on your Earth,

We thank you for being exactly you and for doing what you can to spread light and hope. Thank you for all that you are. We are so grateful to be able to collaborate with you. We cheer and the angels sing.

You should know that you make a difference. When you all come together you become powerful. See the invisible bonds, invisible to human eyes, which exist between you and all others who work for the light. See the bonds and let this be the symbol for your fellowship and regardless of how you feel in your everyday life these to you invisible bonds still exist. They form a network – a network of light that you constantly are connected with and every human being you meet go through and are impacted by this network of light.

You cannot see or measure what is happening, but believe us, step by step, light that is constantly filled up in a human being – this is how a human being make progress. This is a way to wake up a human. The ascension process for a human being happens at its own unique pace. It depends on how receptive she is, but it also depends on if she wants to. Regardless of what you believe in you can never force your perceptions on anybody. Even if you are many who are waking up and who see the divine in this you humans have been created with your free will.

You are free to choose what you believe in. You are free to create your life from your belief system. You can never know what somebody will choose, to wake up or not, but that does not mean that you should stop spreading the light. You work from your end and we work from our end. What do we then mean the difference is?

You beautiful human of human beings have been given a physical body – a body that you have said you will use as your unique tool to spread the light. You use your body in a way that we in the etheric spheres have difficulty in doing. You speak, we speak, but the receptivity of the individual we talk to varies. Your word is for your mind to hear. Our words are for your inner hearing to receive, but oh so much easier for a human to discard – to be viewed as fantasies, if they are received at all.

With your physical body you can send out energies and inspire. With your physical eyes your soul can talk them who see you. Even if we are doing our best to materialize ourselves and expand the energy fields that we have access to it is harder to perceive our high vibrations in your bodies than the energy that real physical bodies emit. We do what we can with our etheric bodies, but without you dear human of human beings our work would proceed more slowly.

We have worked a long time to wake up humanity and this work has accelerated, since some years back. This acceleration is great and without you it would not have been possible. So, can you see the difference now that exactly you make dear human of human beings? Can you see now that you should not diminish the work that you do? We are infinitely grateful and we want you to receive our great love and gratitude by seeing the light you have within you and by seeing the light that surrounds you.

Your very unique light, which is primarily meant for you – do not forget it. You do not have your light only to spread it to your surroundings. You have it firstly for your own sake – in order to enlighten the path that you walk on, the path of light and love.

By walking on your path you send your light and love to Mother Earth. By walking on the path of light and love you inspire others to do the same. Side by side you walk, connected by the bonds of light, invisible to the human eye.

We cheer and the angels are singing.

Thank you for that you are. Thank you that we can be a part of you.

With love,

Jesus, Sananda and Ra from Arcturus






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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