Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, April 30th, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, you are a magnificent beacon of loving light and your holiness shines more each and every day as you endeavor to uncover the majestic radiant essence of your own divine presence. For each of you has a higher self, a more omnipiscent holy self stationed in the higher realms that forces you, encourages you, to become a much brighter wiser version of who you are right now.

Many of you cannot remember what life was like in ancient times. And we wish to show you the power of your radiant mind. Radiating out the most positive vibrations in ancient times there was no such thing as separation. All were recognized as a varying aspect of the Creator God and all were honored for their piece of the pie so to speak. Communication was freely flowing from mind to mind, heart to heart – without the spoken word. Mental telepathy as you now say was the modus operandi back in the day.

Dear hearts, you have forgotten so much. And yet, here you are – struggling to stay afloat, wanting to capture the bliss of the past no matter how fleeting the feeling for you know it cannot last in the current state of brokenness in which you find yourselves at this time.

It is time to roll back the covers and turn on the lights. The nightmares are over and dreamtime / the creations you can dream into life are waiting for you, within your clarified hearts and minds.

For the world has shown you what you don’t want.

Now the time has come to break free from the old mold and swing brightly into the new world. One where creativity and color and love embraces your every moment. Where doves sing and beetles bring new information for your digestion. Where the elements of harmony and balance become one with the warmth of the sun and the glorious days coming are filled only with love.

Bright white light beaming forth

The strength of the eagle soaring forth

Beckoning you to find your own wings

To uncover the angel buried so deep within your own imaginings and to bring to the surface the light and the love, so that the holiness reigns in every remnant of every day and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have come to earth to play – to be alive and to sing and to dance and to make your own bright way. For in the beginning it was so and in the end it shall be so.

So move forward, into the realms of the illumined truth and set sail on the sea of bounty – rediscovering the magic and miracles soon to shine forth, bringing with it the love and the harmony you so deserve.

Wings outstretched, arms opened wide

Bringing you back from the dream time

What a ride it is has been!

Come now dear children, let us begin now again.


With love and great blessings, I stand by your side, Mother, Encourager, Female Divine – Now is the time to enter again, the dreamtime of dreamtimes, my dear friends. Now is the time to create the new dream, the new vision, the newness of all life, to breathe in the harmony of a new lifetime – entering the higher realms without crossing over – renewing your lives without separation, without death, just with determination. For never before have so many risen so high – to transcend the darkness and learn how to fly. For this is what you have done dearest children of mine, rescued yourselves from the divide, and learning to give birth to another universe at this time.

For you are the creation. You are the light. You are the ones that are beginning to shine and you are the ones held up so high, even the stars are so happy they could cry, at the site of humanity starting a new life.

Blessings, dear children, in peace and love. The new age has finally begun and it will be everything you have ever dreamed of.

I AM Your Mother Divine, and you are all blessed children of mine.


With love, light, and blessings, Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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