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Solara State of the Planet April 2018 via Talyaa Liera – 2018

The Awakening

The Awakening: Solara’s State of the Planet, April 2018

Right now you may be wondering what the heck has happened to the world. You look around and see one catastrophe after another — bombings, refugee woes, wonky political moves. When will it end? Why is this happening? Will things ever get better?

The answer is yes. Things will get better. This month — April 2018 — begins Earth’s awakening.

A Newborn Earth

Similar to how a newborn infant learns how to be in its body and stretch its limbs and move its head, this month the Earth is in a newly-born state and is beginning to awaken to its potential. Perhaps you saw last month’s big gun-violence protest in America, led by teenagers and joined by supportive protests all over the world. That was evidence that the world is beginning to wake up and notice that things are not as they should be.

It is time for change. You feel it. You know it in your bones. You are a part of it.

Leading a Wave

Many of you have been in an awakened state for some time now. You help to lead a wave that begins this month to increase in size, influence, and speed. Your thoughts and actions help influence others to connect to the vibration of change that now manifests as the onset of change.

It is a very exciting time to be on the planet! You are part of something special! Not every planetary civilization undergoes the massive change and upheaval that Earth now encounters. The fact that you are here now is significant.

Growing Pains Ahead

As a newly-awakened planet, Earth will experience growing pains. Babies cry. They bump their heads. They learn how to move and communicate. Similarly, a newly-awakened planetary civilization has its own kind of growing pains. The coming months and years will illustrate this concept with surprising and sometimes challenging events and situations.

Your task this month is to notice how the planet awakens, and to help its newborn state by grounding yourself into the Earth and celebrating your humanity. You asked to be here for just this occasion. The Earth and humanity are counting on your support.


This month, you will feel a sense of rebirth and renewal. Colors will seem more intense and scents more alluring. Get outside into nature this month and feel how alive you are inside. Breathe deeply and notice how your body moves with each breath.

This month is the perfect time to carve out some real “me time”. Remember that you are the most important person in your life, and give yourself the gift of time to rejuvenate and renew your sense of being human. Take baths. Walk barefoot in the grass. Sit next to a tree and listen to its wisdom. Light a candle just because it’s Monday, or Thursday. Send yourself a love letter. Remember what makes you laugh, and what makes you cry. Let yourself feel. Today you are born, and today you are human. Celebrate your new self.


This is a wonderful time to reconnect with old friends and to reach out to new ones. People in general feel more open now to receiving, and like you they want to connect with souls who also feel the call to awaken.

Close friends and lovers will generally wish to become even closer this month. Sometimes this may cause dissonance or friction if two people do not want the same level of intimacy. The energies this month help to smooth this out, but be aware that your eagerness to connect may be strong. If you feel rebuffed, don’t despair — instead, look for groups that celebrate aspects of the Earth’s beauty. Drumming circles and labyrinth walks are particularly powerful this month. Any group activities that are arranged in the shape of a circle will help balance the energies of those who are part of them.


Your spiritual focus this month is connected to nature as well as anything related to the Earth and the planet as a whole. Rocks, stones, feathers, and plants could all be a part of your spiritual experience this month. Explore the church of the outdoors, and spend time just watching the clouds pass by or water trickling down a stream. These activities are especially grounding and will help you not only access the enormous amount of energy within the Earth but also will help you assist the newly-awakened Earth in adjusting to its awakening state. Any time you spend in nature over the next several weeks will help the planet become more accustomed to its changing vibration.

A practice to assist with your grounding process — stand comfortably with your feet hip-width apart, or sit comfortably supported with your spine straight and your feet flat on the floor. Breath gently but fully. Try to breathe down into your pelvis. Imagine a silver cord that extends down from the soles of your feet deep into the core of the Earth. At the center of the Earth, imagine a large glowing green crystal. This crystal feels like Home to you when your silver cord reaches it. Imagine that you wrap your silver cord around this beautiful glowing green crystal. You now have access to the heart of the planet, the soul of Earth, and it anchors you in all that you do. Take a few moments and feel the renewed sense of support you now have. Refresh this feeling of support every day or two by re-imagining the crystal and your silver cord.


Most of today’s political figures are not in tune with the changing vibrations of an awakening planet. Because of this, their actions will likely be increasingly erratic and surprising. Do not despair if this occurs. You know in your bones that the world in indeed changing and for the better — and you know that some chaos and upheaval is a necessary part of this change.

At the same time, there is real danger that certain flamboyant and unpredictable political leaders may make choices that could potentially be disastrous for large numbers of people. We do not see war or bombing on a large scale, but the threat of either is a possibility. Fortunately, the growing wave of awakened souls as well as the awakened Earth herself will help maintain the shift in a positive and productive direction.

Global Nature

Nature is the direct reflection of the spirit of the planet. As the planet awakens to her destiny, nature must also follow suit. Earth’s destiny is moving towards a more unified, less species-diverse world, which means that conditions must continue to move in the direction of species elimination and further change. This may feel sad to you. It is a sad thing to see the disappearance of species that have long been a part of and contributed to the global ecosystem. However, the long-term direction that Earth and her collective inhabitants chose long ago is to move towards travel among the stars. To motivate humanity to do that, Earth must change sufficiently so as to provide that motivation. This means that life on Earth will become less diverse and less numerous as the decades elapse.

This month, Earth celebrates her renewal with the potential of extreme weather events in northern Europe as well as Eastern Africa, plus the potential of an earthquake in Guatemala or Italy. When it rains where you live this month, remember that it is a celebration of renewal and helps nourish the soil and planet.

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