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Solara’s State of the Planet Report via Talyaa Liera, October 2018

The Reckoning: Solara’s State of the Planet, October 2018

Many of you are aware of the great upheaval currently taking place across your planet. This upheaval manifests in many ways, not the least of which is what will result a total and complete shift in the power dynamic between you. What has long been held in the confines of the Wounded Masculine is moving towards a state of balance between Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. This shift in power dynamic is what will create the state of unity and harmony that so many of you envision.
The steps along the way will be arduous. You will at times become disillusioned with the process. You will question your ability to make a difference. You will question the point of everything.
But take heart, people of Earth! A reckoning is at hand and it begins this month, to continue for many years.
This month, upheaval energies manifest as a great clearing of the dark clouds of deception and deceit that have long obscured the truth of individuals wielding great power. This month, many truths come to light. Individuals long practiced in the art of deception will be unmasked, leaving their duplicitous faces bare for all to see.
The reckoning occurs when you hold these individuals to the fire of truth and insist that they either change immediately or abandon their posts of power. You, as a people of great interconnection and desire for ultimate unity and harmony, have the power to unmask these deceitful individuals and to wrest them from the power that feeds them. Simply insist that justice be served, the justice that dwells in the hearts of every person, and the unmasking will be swift and final.

Practice to Amplify Global Justice

Sit comfortably and quietly. Take time to notice your breath — the feeling in your nostrils as air enters and leaves your body; the rise and fall of your belly and chest. Just notice and do not label in any way.
Now bring your awareness to the 7.7 billion other people who populate the Earth. Don’t think of them as individuals, but as a mass of souls who are your human brothers and sisters. Simply allow yourself to be aware of them. You may experience this as a sense of knowing, or as a physical sensation in your body, or as a gentle distant imaginary chorus in your mind’s ear.
Now bring your awareness to your heart. Within your heart beats the knowledge of justice. You know what is right — not what you think is right, or what your parents or church taught you was right, but what you as an eternal soul experiencing life in a human body knows is right. Take time to connect with this universal justice, the balancing of energies that every one of you has access to at all times.
With your breath, expand and amplify the justice that dwells within your heart. Make it three times as big as before. With each breath, expand and amplify the justice that dwells within your heart. Make it bigger than your home, bigger than your city, bigger than your country. With each breath, it expands and amplifies even more, until you know what it reaches every single of the 7.7 billion persons on Earth.
Keep breathing, as every breath makes the signal stronger and helps every person remember the justice that dwells within their heart. With each breath, you help every other person on Earth remember what is right.


Many of you will have a very difficult time this month. If you struggle with feeling exposed, vulnerable, and attacked, then examine your life’s choices thus far with the lens of justice — have your actions helped or hurt others? You now have the option to either grow and evolve from this raw exposure of your crimes against others, or continue along your embittered path, thus ensuring that others will enact justice upon you when the scales of justice tip far enough to unleash the Sacred Feminine.
Others of you will struggle with long-hidden traumas now brought to the surface through so much collective unmasking and exposure of wrongs. Be kind to yourself this month and know that you are not alone. Many of you have been wronged through the power wielded by the standard-bearers for the Wounded Masculine. Your wounds will heal with time and nurturing, but for now when you feel raw and your trauma is exposed, rest in the knowledge that as you heal your trauma you help heal the trauma of others similarly wronged, and others healing their trauma similarly help heal yours. Find your sisters and brothers, and remember that you are far from alone.
Some of you will feel rightful anger at what is being exposed this month through the reckoning. Your anger may inspire you to take action. Beware of unpremeditated actions that simply assuage your considerable anger. Instead, remember that anger is power, and channel that power into actions that serve the greater good toward a future of unity and harmony. The test for this is this: through your anticipated action, will your grandchildren’s world be a world of unity and harmony, or will it be a world of discord and inequality?


Some relationships will not survive the reckoning that begins this month. If you are among the unmasked, unless you grow and evolve quickly and learn from your actions, your relationships will likely not survive the stress of your unmasking. Your unacknowledged shame will seep into your every pore and seek to undermine every relationship you have. If you are among the few who choose to steadfastly face your actions and the irreparable harm they brought upon others, then you may find others whose forgiveness acts as a balm to your soul.
If you are among the re-traumatized, seek solace from anyone you can trust. Nurture yourself in every way you can. Remember that you are loved for who you are, not for what did or did not happen to you. Avoid anyone still mired in the old paradigm of judgment and power dynamics. Rest in the comfort of trusted friends and of your new-found sisters and brothers among the multitudes of traumatized.
If you are among those who move to act on your rightful anger, your relationships may take a back burner for a while as you help return the balance of power to its rightful place. You fulfill a greater mission now, one that takes precedence over other activities that once seemed important to you. You may find a life’s purpose as you channel your anger toward rebalancing the scales of justice.


As you may expect, many communities will be reorganized, if not outright demolished and built anew, as a result of this month’s reckoning. The foundation upon which many communities was built is crumbling and will not stand. The transition to the future world of unity and harmony has begun in earnest, and communities and organizations are but one early casualty.
In general, any organization that was built upon foundations of power rather than interconnection will undergo this necessary transition. This includes religious groups, businesses and organizations, professional groups, and political organizations, in addition to simple gatherings of friends and neighbors. Beginning this month, it will be easier to see how power infects nearly every aspect of your life. The more things fall apart, the more you will see how this is true.
To navigate this uncertain time, gather with others whom you are certain desire to connect and to do so in the spirit of sharing and interconnection, not egoic power dynamics. This will be difficult at first, but you will find your way through this maze when you are assured that there are indeed others who share your values.


Those of you embroiled in a personal crisis because of a lifetime of unsavory actions will potentially also undergo a spiritual crisis. Perhaps it is this crisis that inspires you to evolve and grow as a human. Perhaps it is this crisis that sends you deeper into the mire of the power emanating from which you came. Either way, if your life has been characterized by wielding power over others, you most certainly face years or decades of spiritual pain and disconnection from Source.
Those of you who suffer now from the resurfacing of old traumas have the opportunity to heal once and for all. Turn your face to the heavens and allow yourself to surrender to the All That Is. You did nothing to deserve this pain, and you must do nothing to let it be washed from you. Connect with others who share a similar pain and tell your story. It is in the telling that you may be witnessed by loving hearts who only wish to hold you in a space of safety and love.
Those of you who channel your rightful anger into action may find that your actions are strengthened by a source far beyond your personal power. You may discover a new facet to your spirituality as a result of taking action, a new purpose to your life, and a new sense of connection to the thread of life that weaves through every person.


Much of the upheaval that results in this month’s reckoning process manifests on a political basis. Because power dynamics are so clearly observed in the realm of politics, it is easy to see how upheaval energies have resulted in a continued move towards polarization, observable in the political realm. The political arena is a primary and very visible one, where power manifests.
This month, political leaders begin to topple as the masks come off and truths are exposed. As a result, the staffs of power will be wrested from many of the hands of those who have wielded them. This is a lengthy but swift process. Once the masks come off and the truth is exposed, the people will demand change, not stopping until changes are enacted. No longer will people suffer in silence. No longer will people wait for something better. No longer will people turn their faces away.
Specifically, you can expect power structure changes in several countries, including Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Japan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Sweden. Some changes will be beneath the surface and not immediately easily visible, while others will potentially shock the world.
The USA has chosen to be an example for the rest of the world in this realm. It will grapple with issues of deep polarization that has resulted in hatred and violence, as well as the very public unmasking and exposure of some ugly truths by a high ranking political official. How the people of this country wrestle with the fallout of this shift will help carry the rest of the world into the shifting paradigm. If you are a resident of the USA, you have chosen (on a soul level) to partake in this exemplary shifting dynamic. Your responses and reactions will help guide the other citizens of the world in their transitions through this dynamic.

Global Nature

All of the energies that manifest as various upheavals and abrupt transitions do so on a surface level that you experience as issues in your personal life, your relationships, communities, and in your politics. These energies also manifest globally as severe weather and other earthly demonstrations such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and tornadoes.
Because this month marks such a dramatic shift in global human consciousness, it is accompanied as well by dramatic global manifestations.
Chile, western Mexico, Guatemala, and Japan can anticipate potential earthquakes. Heavy rainfall in areas such as southern California, Italy, southern India, and Indonesia may cause devastating mudslides. Late season hurricanes/typhoons may still occur in both the south Atlantic and south Pacific. Hawaii in particular may suffer a devastating storm, as well as the southeastern US and Caribbean islands. Poland and western Russia may experience sinkholes. Unseasonably hot weather in Australia may cause fires.
Rest assured that your contribution to the rebalancing of Earth’s energies and especially of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine will eventually help calm these tumultuous global weather patterns. Until then, you may assist Gaia, Earth’s collective consciousness, by connecting the energy of your heart to the heart of the Earth. Gaia is one of your Mothers, and it is time to give your Mother some love.
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