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Mary Magdalene via Beatrice Madsen, October 1st, 2018

Mary Magdalene

October 1st, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

The divine feminine energy has lately increased markedly. It might not be something that you notice rather it might feel like a retreat at a superficial level. However, I come to say that the feminine energy is rising and it happens from underneath in a soft, integrated and stealthy way. This must happen and is predestined during this time in order for the ascension, as you call it, to be possible. Within you in each cell, in the micro as well as the macro, the divine dance is taking place between the divine feminine and the divine masculine. This dance will happen. They want to receive each other in love. They are tired, so very tired of being antagonists to each other and thus finding themselves on different energy tracks.

You all have memories of having been abused or been perpetrators on the feminine power. This will be healed now and it can be so painful. Even the most violent expressions with you have a hurt inner woman who needs attention and to be taken care of. Your big fixation on the intellect in this now is also an expression of the oppression of the goddess power, but it is now being questions as never before and you can see traces of this in your media.

There is a completely confused and chaotic atmosphere on the Earth level. Anything like it has never been seen, but it is in truth the beginning for a more sustainable society dear friends. Be patient and prepare yourself for seeing your fellow humans grieve and cry over old wounds that come up to the surface and that needs to be healed, again and again. Finally there will be a fine scar that is just a memory and you can find a peace you did not think was possible, dear friend. Be not afraid of your pain, feel it! It is the beginning of a healing process that will carry you into the new era. You will dare to see your own pain and your injured inner woman and you dare to stand tall in your neighbor’s pain and you will heal faster together.

I am with you and I rock you and carry you into the new era and when you are ready to fly I will let you free and loose as a white dove from my hand. See how I rejoice over seeing you fly by yourself. See how I shed divine tears of joy seeing your own beauty and not judging your neighbor because of color, ethnicity or religion. You can then put in a higher gear and fly with the higher flows when your inner Goddess and inner God are equal partners and lift each other up instead of oppressing each other.

I am waiting for you with divine patience and love you in all that is your truth.

Mary Magdalene



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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