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Mary Magdalene via Fran Zepeda, July 4

Message and Meditation from Mary Magdalene: Jewels of Your Awakening ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda


Received July 4, 2015

Mary Magdalene:

Hello dear ones. Awakening to the vast beauty within and all your exquisite gifts is but a step away. As you spread your wings of Love and become Divine Love Incarnate, this is a catalyst for deep awakenings. Beyond the fears and limitations that you are illuminating and clearing, opens a beautiful vista, a beautiful expansiveness, a deep well of beauty within you.

It is there that you find your True Divine Self. It is there that you may dwell, it is there that you inhabit. It is there that you will find all you have been waiting for, looking for.

Dear ones, now is the time for a deeper awakening of the beauty of your Divine Self. It is there within you, within your Heart.

Go there now with me and we shall explore all that is there, that used to be behind closed doors, doors of your conditioning of so many eons of being trapped in the matrix of life in Duality. Now those doors are flinging wide open. What will you do with what you find beyond them?

So now, with me, fling open those doors that are opening wide within your heart and glimpse the unfathomable possibilities of your new life.

Imagine now that within the space of your heart, which you have allowed to expand and open to infinity, that you are in the middle of a vast circle containing jewels and crystals and gemstones of the utmost clarity and color, each one exquisite and unique in its form. Choose one now with me and save the rest for another time, infinitely using this meditation/journey with each exquisite jewel in your circle, whenever you see fit, as you see fit, ever expanding in number and quality and infinite possibilities.

So now you have chosen a jewel from the wide circle of jewels before and around you. Allow yourself now to enter into the energy of it, to feel it surrounding you, engulfing you, inhabiting you, transforming you. See yourself as it, within it, it within you, with infinite possibilities of creating with and from it…

Ask this jewel what gift/ability it is representing, a gift that you are now ready to recognize and own and use for the benefit of yourself and in service to all. Since you are now ready to let it reveal itself to you, ‘the sky is the limit’ as to how much you will receive as to its qualities and make-up, purpose and form.

What does it feel like? What does it look like? Sound like? What form does it take? What purpose does it serve? How can you use it to bring more beauty to your world, to all? Let it dance and sing and talk with you and get to know it. You have now opened up to it and have set your intention to discover and welcome this new gift/ability.

And the form and manner of delivery of this new information will be dependent on being open to receiving it in whatever time-frame and pace that is in the highest and best for you and in service to all. Now that you have opened to receiving it, let it materialize in whatever form and time-frame that is in the highest and best for you and all, and be completely open to it.

Feel the change and transformation in you as you open to this new gift. It was always there. You are now ready to receive and exhibit it as a result of your recent shift in vibration and clarity. Play with it. Create with it. Explore it. Merge with it. Expand with it. Be it. Become it. Then go about your day coming from that perspective, that reality.

You have just expanded and opened to a new aspect of you. Watch as your whole world and perspective changes and shifts as you acknowledge and live in/with this new gift/ability. It is a long-awaited part of you being revealed before you as you welcome it to come into your view and reality.

How exquisite you are! This new gift/ability has transformed you to revealing yet another facet of your shining Divinity. Allow yourself to get used to this new expansion and know that you can develop it as you please, for you are the creator. Open up to all possibilities.

In this manner that I have shown you, you may open up to all the facets of you, one-by-one, as you are ready. You have so much waiting for you, dear ones. The possibilities of your experience are limitless, as you fling open the doors to your Soul, to your Divinity.

And there you will find the Love of Creator of which you are part and parcel. Many many openings are possible with just the intention to create from the basis of Divine Love, from the foundation of Love, from the essence of Love that dwells, ever-expanding, within your Heart.


I AM Mary Magdalene, in Pure Love Essence.


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