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The Council via Ron Head, July 7

Take off in the other direction – The Council


The Council

You have made your plans. You have reservations. You have tickets. You have your route all laid out. You have your agenda written. And suddenly something happens that makes it apparent that things are not going to go exactly as you expected. How do you react to that?Most of you immediately go into the oh-no-this-is-terrible mode. You allow your imagination to fly off into the seeing of the worst of possibilities. This you have honed to a fine degree of expertise through many years, if not many lifetimes. It is such a universal response in your environment that no one even notices. What do you suppose that brings to you? And why do you suppose that it might have happened? That is, in fact, the universally asked question. “Why?”

Well, although many of you will still have trouble with this concept, we will tell you that it is an opportunity either to offer you something better or to prevent something worse. We have told you often that we work with you always to bring you what is in your highest and best interest. Too many do not know that or have not yet begun to operate as if it is truly the case.

If it is the latter case, that we are giving you the opportunity to avoid something you do not, on your level of conscious awareness, foresee, then you may not become aware of what that might have been. Yet maybe it will become apparent. Perhaps there will a report that your planned route, or flight, or destination had a problem that you were spared. You have all heard those stories.

If it is indeed the case that something even better than you have planned might be offered, what do you suppose will happen when you go into the negative, shutting down, oh no mindset? We do not believe it necessary to elaborate. You all know of the Law of Attraction. You are all aware that you bring more of whatever you are feeling. And almost all of you are at least beginning to train yourselves to keep your energy higher in frequency as much as you can.

Now we are not suggesting that you begin a struggle to learn not to go into the ‘oh-no’ mode. We are going to suggest that you learn another way and just let that old pattern wither and drop off. Doesn’t that seem easier? Some of you already do this, and to you we say “Bravo”. It is really very simple, and when we suggest it, all you need to do is try it a few times. At the very least, it will save you some coins through the non-purchase of antacids. But we assure you that it is as powerful as it is simple. It opens the way for us to help you manifest that better thing instead of closing the chances down.

We are making this long and verbose explanation in order that you understand this well instead of dismissing it. It truly is simple. But most really powerful things are. Here we go.

Next time something like this occurs for you, try this out. As soon as you catch yourself going into the ‘oh-no’ mode, think this: “I wonder what wonderful thing is in store for me that is even better!” Then let your imagination take off in the other direction. Allow your anticipation to build. Even become excited, if you like. Can you feel how your energy would rise? Can you see how the result of that upsurge of positivity will be only beneficial? Try it. You’ll like it.

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