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Solara’s State of the Planet Report via Talyaa Liera, November, 2018

Dreamland — Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast for November 2018

Collective humanity has now entered a temporary dreamlike state. In dreams, anything is possible — sometimes you fly, sometimes you’re pursued by monsters, sometimes you have sex, sometimes you’re giving a speech naked, sometimes you’re unprepared for an exam. In dreams, you examine physical-life events to discern their lessons and make plans for events to come.
In this month’s state of Dreamland, you are doing the same thing on a soul level. This month you review recent events to discover what lessons lay in them, and you use that information to plan your year ahead.
While November’s Dreamland takes place primarily on a soul level, you can access your personal event review and future-planning by going inward and seeking the truths that lie within. You can do this several different ways. Journaling, meditation, shamanic journeying, visioning, art creation, and being in nature are only some of the possible methods you can use to communicate with the inner wisdom of your soul.
Being in a dreamlike state also means that things may not appear as they truly are. Watch for sudden twists and turns of “reality” as you know it to be. Don’t be surprised if you have memory lapses of a few minutes or even a few hours, or if you have a completely different recall of an event than someone else does. These are only a few of the effects of this month’s Dreamland.

Other Dreamland Effects You May Experience This Month:

  • Vivid and spectacular dreams
  • Unshakable daydreams
  • Sleepiness
  • Insomnia
  • Urge to be surrounded by nature
  • Desire to drastically change your appearance
  • Time seems to slow down
  • Déjà vu
  • Premonitions
  • Increased synchronicities
  • Sense that everything will be okay

Don’t Dream It, Be It

Don’t use this month’s Dreamland energy as an excuse to “check out”! Instead, use it as a golden opportunity to review life events and use what you learn to plan your What Comes Next. This is your chance to learn from your life and use what you learn to dream your future into reality.
You can literally dream your life into reality. This is your month to begin to do just that. Dreamwork is powerful and can result in many swift changes. Release anything that does not fit within the picture you build through your dreams, and answer only to the calling of your What Comes Next. You are more brilliant than you remembered. This is the month when your reality begins to catch up with your dreams.


You may be all over the place this month — sometimes you’ll feel completely on target, right within the flow of your life, exactly where you want to be, while other times you may see yourself as a complete disaster.
Take a deep breath. All will be well. You are in control of your experience, even when it feels as if you’re on a wild ride with your hands thrown up into the air. Allow yourself to sink more deeply into the Dreamland, and remember all the events that brought you here, right here and now, to this moment.
Use the energies of this month to complete a sort of life review. Make a list of important events in your life that you think shaped your perspective or your life choices. Review your events with the eye of an objective witness, as if you are looking at the life of someone you do not know. What events “pop out” at you? Explore those more closely. What messages can you find in them? How did they shape the person you are today?
Suppress any urges to enter a dreamlike state without using the creative energy of that state to assist you with your future. Psychic energies this month run very strong. Use them to look within and connect with your most trusted advisor — your inner self.


Because you and everyone else you know are engaged in a deep personal review this month, relationships will be affected. You may discover things about yourself that you temporarily have trouble accepting. This may cause you to seek support or to shy away from others while you process this revelation. And everyone you know os doing pretty much the same thing.
This will result in many mini breakdowns and subsequent breakthroughs in relationships all over the globe. You may interpret this as chaos, but it is a fast track to growth.
Consequently, if your relationship survives the ups and downs of this powerful month it will be stronger, surer, and more intimate than you ever thought possible.
Make your relationship one of those that survives this month’s Dreamland energies by employing the following:
  • Share what you learn about your life with your partners and family members
  • Listen thoughtfully when your partners and family members share about their lives
  • Remember the big picture — your relationship serves a greater purpose. Find it!


Communities are collective entities made of multiple people, and as such they will also be in a state of dreaming a new reality into being this month. Notice which communities you are drawn to contributing to this month (not monetary contributions, but of your time and energy), and how those communities tie in to the life event review you completed. There is no accident that you chose to be part of the communities that you now find yourself a part of.
It may be time to release your participation in certain communities. These could be: friend groups, recreation groups or sporting leagues, spiritual groups or organizations, professional organizations, book clubs, outdoor groups, neighborhood groups, men’s or women’s groups, or any collection of people who routinely gather to do an activity together. Your obligation to remain in any group only extends to your belief that your participation serves your What Comes Next. Once you release all you need to release this month through the Dreamland energies, you will know what groups serve the future that you build through your dreamwork now.


This month, you may feel as though your entire waking life is a dream. You may remember that you are part of a enormous tapestry woven from the lives of all the Earth creatures that exist, will exist, or ever have existed. You may recall the majesty of your soul and how it illuminates your every waking step. You may awaken one morning realizing that your entire life has been the dream and you are only now awake.
Spiritually, anything is possible this month. Energies run high and the veil runs thin. Use this month’s Dreamland potentials to heed the call of your unseen allies and to remember the path to their wisdom. You are far larger than you remember yourself to be. Remember to step softly and run free.


When individuals are confronted with their life events, even individuals who lead unsavory and unethical lives, they must remember on some level who they really are. This can be a scary thing for people who are not leading their best lives. Politically, then, this could lead to chaotic events such as surprising announcements, resignations, and seemingly out-of-the-blue legislative changes. This does not necessarily mean that all such changes will be along the agenda that supports swift alignment with global well-being and unified harmony — on the contrary, many of the changes this month will SEEM to run contrary to a future that supports the well-being of the planet.
Do not despair. Continue to do your personal work and complete your personal life review. Remember the power of your individual dreaming. Remember that multitudes of people all dreaming a similar future have more power than a single politician, no matter how repugnant that politician seems. Remember that true power runs from the bottom up, not the top down. Change is afoot.

Global Nature

Nature also enters a dream state this month, as Gaia rests from the whirlwind of energy activities from the past several months. There will still be some significant storms as things settle, but the majority of this year’s strong shows of energy such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes have subsided for now.
This month’s Dreamland rest period allows Gaia to recharge and renew her copious energy stores to prepare for a busy season to come.
In the Northern Hemisphere, animal life is preparing to rest for the winter, while in the South animals awaken for summer. Seasons in the hemispheres are always in a state of balance, one resting while the other is active, one gathering energy to store it while the other is using energy stores gathered from the season before. Nature is always showing you what you need to learn. Spend some time this month observing the nature around you, and apply what you observe to the life review lessons you take from your dreamwork this month.
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