Love is our new reality

Sananda via Genoveva Coyle, November 5th, 2018


Start with a smile, look sincerely into another’s eyes and soul, and then set the intention to give all that you have without any reservations or conditions…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greeting my sweet brothers and sisters! Greetings dearest ones! I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshua, your ever-present companion and friend, your closest family!

As usual, I come to sit with you in your beautiful hearts and speak about love, for what else is there that could be more important to talk about? Being love is easy when you are poised and centered, but there are times when it seems difficult to find your way back into your hearts, especially so when you are not feeling balanced.

In this process of finding out who you are, and in bringing the totality of your felt self into your wholeness, you find yourselves focusing on, or you may feel like saying that you are traveling into distant places of yourselves. Those parts of you are in so much pain and you feel there is so much to heal because of this strong and acute sense of complete separation, not only from your beautiful hearts but from the love of the Source, of the Mother/Father/One.

And so, when you find yourselves so constricted and limited, it seems extremely difficult to feel compassion for anyone else outside yourselves, and to extend any kind of support out there to others seems impossible when you feel that you have so very little left to offer.

And I am saying to you that it is easy to find the love inside yourselves. I am saying to you that all you have to do is to start with a smile, to look sincerely into another’s eyes and soul, and then set the intention to give all that you have without any reservations or conditions. If you are in close proximity to the ones in need, hold their hands and give them all of the attention and the love that you have, without worries and concerns about whether this is enough, or if you might need to offer other types of assistance. Soon, as you know, love will start flowing through your beautiful and soaring hearts.

For you see, love expands with love, love finds its way home regardless of how small your initial starting point may be.

And so, I am saying to thee that you can do it gracefully! And if there is any major issue for you in finding your way back into your loving hearts, whether you are tending to your hurt and tender inner child, or to an estranged fragment of self from past and distant lifetimes, it matters not, for you can always call on me! Call on me, dearest brothers and sisters, and let me sit with you in stillness; let me lighten up the way back to love by opening up the door of forgiveness and compassion.

I will leave you now with my embrace and love! Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.