Sanat Kumara via Kerstin Sisilla, January 9th, 2019

Sanat Kumara

January 9th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla


I am Sanat Kumara. Questions about healing have surfaced regarding what healing is and how it works.

Now in these golden days Gaia is showered with healing energies. It heals body and soul. Healing is love, healing via the power of love. Think of Jesus and Christ energies that he healed the people with. The Christ energies are available to everybody to bring down from the Universe and take into your hearts. You light workers who send healing to the planet, fellow humans and also animals – you use these energies. All beings on Mother Earth are born with these Christ energies within them, but as you know it is hard to hold them in your heart in your modern society.

Saint Germain’s violet flame transforms your repressed feelings. This strong violet flame burn off the pain and dissolves blockages in your bodies. Then the light can enter there in your previously damaged body parts. Many are now transforming their emotional memories in their lacerate bodies to light and joy. The end result will be a feeling of peace and freedom. Consider that there are many incarnations resulting in pain that you have carried, so count on the fact that the transformation will not be done in a day. Each negative feeling that you have worked on deep inside, completely and fully, you are then free from.

As mentioned, the healing and the love light that you are now receiving on Earth are stronger and more effective than every before. As all strong medicines it has its side effects. The light that both the Universe and you lightworkers shone out as the effect that the negative is being pulled to the surface all around you in order for then be removed. Many of you have been both laughed at, taunted and hated for your work in the service of the light. When this happens then think about the fact that your lightwork yields results. Remain neutral in your feelings and trust your power of love and your intuition.

Healing is received in the soul and the heart when you are ready for it. Just shine your light and enjoy the moment as much is happening now that is hidden. Also Gaia is being transformed in the deep, the animals are healed and peace on Earth is coming ever closer. See the world you want to have and seek help from all the helpers, brothers and sisters that are here for your support, when you need it.

If you not yet have done so let go of things and enter into your feelings that you so easily can let go of at this time. The light is always there and ready to be filled up into your body and soul. If you are afraid then remember Archangel Michael and ask him to be with you.

Talking about healing – to be healthy is your natural state. You have forgotten this through the millennia, not the least through the oppression by the religions. The day you dare to enter into your heart and recognize your own greatness you will also become completely health, through your own power. You are all divine, which means that you are the love of Mother God and Father God. Your CORE is already healthy and whole.

We are all your bothers and sisters. When you ask us for help from your heart we are with you – beloved friends!

Sanat Kumara




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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