Love is our new reality

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Siriun High Council via Zane Morgan, March 21st, 2019

Be the currents of Violet Fire and wash away all that is murky – Siriun High Council

Greetings our dear Earth family, we are the Siriun High Council and we greet you with love and compassion for all that you are going through.

We wish to share our point of view today.

We see you as energy, not people in a physical world, although we can also do that. And, as we view you as energy, we can monitor energy and energy pockets. We are able to see where there is darkness, where there is love and light, where there is confusion and sadness or sorrow and pain. We see this as various colours, shifting and changing as your energies change. As most of you know, there are so many colours yet to be seen by the human eye, etheral colours, colours of high vibrations.

So, it is through monitoring the energy of earth and her people, we are able to understand where you are at energetically. At the moment, we see much confusion and anger, sprinkled with pockets of hope and love, but these pockets are to grow exponentially now dear ones.

We see this, to put it in a way you understand, as a murky rain water (fear based emotions) mixing in with a beautiful sky blue sea. Now this murky water can, if you let it, sabotage this beautiful blue sea, unless the currents can quickly transmute it and turn this murky water into the blue sea. And you dear ones, are the currents of the blue sea.

What we mean by this is, do not let those fear based emotions cloud over and run through your love and hope. Be the currents and sweep away the murky water. Be the current of the Violet Flame, sweeping through your area washing away all that is not in alignment with hope, love, compassion and which is not in the highest good for All.

We would like you all now to please call upon the Violet Flame as you go about your day, ask Saint Germain and the Golden Silver Violet Flame Dragons to be with you. Ask them to help you clear away the old, negative emotions that so many are dealing with. See and feel this burning all around you, see yourself as this Violet Flame, burning away all that is not love, light and compassion. See these beautiful dragons of a silver, gold and violet colour flying through, around and below all the places in you area, using their mighty dragon breath to burn and wash away all the negative emotions and thoughts.

Be the Violet Flame dear ones, because it is very much needed at this time of the release.

We would like you to please do this as often as you can or when ever you feel those murky waters swirling around, be the Violet Flame, be the Dragons. For what you intend, you create. We will help you with this by amplifying what you do, so KNOW and TRUST it is working and the effects will be grand dear ones.

We are the Siriun High Council and we leave our Violet Flame warriors for now, we will be back to update on this shortly. For now, let your currents of Violet Fire wash away even the murkiest of waters. We love you dear ones.