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Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, March 23, 2019


Now Is The Time Of Return – Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Holy Child – we are standing beside you, we have always been with you and although you may at times feel weary, lost, and unforgiving – we ask you to remember who you are – always remember the source of light from which you came and your mission in this world is one and the same – to shine a light in the darkest of planes and to open your heart to embrace the divine in every space – every place to which you roam whether it be in the heart hardened factories or the golden gilt (of the guilt ridden) boardrooms – every place, every space, every individual soul – has a heart inside of them waiting to be embraced and softened and in every place, in every face there is a light that shines no matter how dim, waiting to be lit from within. Share your flame of love and light with all who seek.

It does not matter dear child the length of your reach. Even one soul, one space, one place you make brighter will carry the flame to another who will ignite it and reach ever wider. Light moves in ripples dear one. There is no rush. There is no forcing. Simply allowing the vibration of the light to move through you and out to the world where it is most needed. Sometimes this may be invisible to you. You may feel that you are not making a difference or that others are carrying the message better or farther than you – these are the illusions of the ego. Embrace yourself and all you have been through. Congratulate yourself on all that you have accomplished – for you are standing on the threshold of something brand new, a brand new world born from the light of yourself and others like you. The power of your light and love cannot be lost on you – it is in you, from you, and all around you – and we stand now, the legions of light at your side, embracing the child that is lost and confused and looking to hide. There is no need for this dearest child of light. There is no more hiding. The dark has taken flight – absorbing ever more readily into the realms long ago and here you are standing once again in the light, embraced and loved by your soul and your arms outstretched and linked with ours. One human family of love and light at one with the universe and fed from a constant stream of pulsating, vibrating, luminosity.

Drink it in and Breathe.

Allow us to support you – a blanket of infinity wrapping around you now, holding you in the light of the newness that surrounds you, all around you now. The stars that shine are your family, and I the Creator of All That Is, am just now beginning to recover my light. So shall you recover what you thought was lost – recovering the light within you now, are remembering who you truly are.

You are not children in human clothes, but beacons of love and light soaring high among the stars, loving who you are – making a life that is simple, and free, and full of creativity. Allow your hearts to soar above the current plane, into the new dimensions we have made, for together we will rise up and stand for one another above the planes of confusion and creating a place where all will be safe – from ridicule, from disaster, from earth changes and more – for this is not the world into which you were born – this is the world you are visiting from, the world of the future that has just begun.

Now is the time of return – back to the homes to which you belong, your ancestors and star sisters are waiting dear one. Allow the light of the brand new day to open new portals and dimensions in which you are free to play. Allow the sunlight and the moonlight to soothe your fragrant soul and to heal the dimensions so that the shift is simple, easy, and flowing just like the light from which you shine – you are all divine and I AM so blessed to see that so many are coming into harmony with my light and my love, for we are all ONE.

Your Mother and Father in Grace dear child, welcoming you into a world of peace and blessings and all you desire. Choose wisdom and love above all else and soon you will find yourself welcoming the others that cross your path – but your truth is to hold yourself up as high as you can, lifting ever so gradually in vibration, until you are floating in the ripples of the new dimension and find yourself surrounded and supported by the heavenly realms.

Easy, gracefully change will float in. Allow yourself to be carried in.

With love, light, and blessings we stand by your side – Your Mother, Your Father, And All That is Light


With blessings of love and light – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s Time to Embrace the Divine in YOU!