Love is our new reality

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Nostradamus via Kerstin Eriksson, February 21st, 2019

Nostradamus; thought for tonight!

Save the floor that you stand on!
Save and cherish the land on whitch
you live and walk on!
Kiss the ground!
Stay together, you who believe in
peace on this planet!
Great scheme are in motion, to start new war.
The floor needs to be strong now, make it even more stabil, as much as you can!
Make sure your pillars that hold up your floor is solid, check them closely!
I don´t want to scare you, but this is the reality!
Just know in your heart that this is the last big wave, from the old, that is moving now.
When this big wave is over, it will be peace, because there will be no more hard winds
to stir up the great waters.
To arrange a great drama is something many
makes money out of,
it is part of the old, the new is already
knocking on the door.
And the door is actually already open,
even if most can´t see it!
When you have checked your floor and kissed the ground you walk on and made sure all children are safe, then you can safely sit down in a circle of love with your friends of peace,
and hold hands and sing songs of freedom!
Peace and love comes from just this,
participating in matters of peace and love…!
I love you,