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Wisdom of the Council: From Doubt to Absolute Knowing | Sara Landon, March 26th, 2023

Wisdom of the Council: From Doubt to Absolute Knowing | Sara Landon

Any question that you have in this moment about anything has only one or two answers. The first one: are you in the now moment?

Are you in the now moment? When you are in the now moment, you go beyond all time, all space, all lack, all limitation, and all separation. If you are fully in the now moment, you are accessing all of your power. If you are not fully in the now moment, you are in some way denying your power, denying your worthiness, denying love for yourself in that moment.

When you come fully into the now moment, everything is there. And if it’s not there, it’s because you don’t need it in this moment. What you need in this moment is to come into your power fully and remember that it is only in the now moment that you can embody the knowing that you are the consciousness that summons energy into form. But that only happens in the now moment. In the now moment.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been focused on it for years. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve wanted it. It doesn’t matter how many times you tried to figure it out and make it happen. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve worried about it. All that matters is this now moment and fully embodying your power as the consciousness that summons all energy into form.

That is what you are. You are not a human. You are consciousness. You are a force field of consciousness. Your human doesn’t summon energy. Your consciousness summons energy. You are here to experience energy in form. That is the whole reason for coming into this extraordinary existence that you call your life on Earth at this time.

And the other answer to your question is: you are Creator within your own creation. What are you creating in this now moment? What are you creating in this now moment?

As we’ve said, you cannot have one foot in the old world and one foot in the 5th Dimension. You cannot be in the moment arguing for your limitation or how what you want is separate from you and be in the now moment fully in your power as the consciousness summoning energy into form and creating your reality. It’s all in the now. It’s all about your focus and your intentional choices now, right now.

You can be in your imagination and be fully in the power of the moment, fully in your power in the moment as the consciousness that summons energy into form, as the creator within your own creation, playing in your imagination, knowing that it’s now, that you’re not playing in your imagination to make something happen in the future. You are playing in your imagination in the now moment because you are Creator within your own creation, and your imagination is a potential, a possibility, and a reality here and now.

If what you did right now in the days to come and the weeks to come was going to set you up for the next level of the most extraordinary expansion for decades to come in your life, would it be worth really, truly focusing and intentionally choosing in the now moment, fully in your power, and being in the absolute knowing that you are the creator of your reality?

If this were the greatest portal, greatest gateway, greatest time ever for you to set yourself up for more abundance, more prosperity, more wellbeing, more love, more potential, more possibilities, more opportunities, more joy, more happiness, more fun than you have ever imagined possible in the decades to come, would it be worth finally, once and for all, coming fully into realization, in the now moment, fully in your power, and knowing you are Creator within your own creation of reality, with no doubt, no hesitancy, no uncertainty, no looking back, no old story, no more excuses, complete, total, absolute knowing?

You drew this to you. You summoned this to you. You drew all of this to you, and you drew it to you right now because some part of you knows that this is it, the most magical moment, the most powerful time, the most important minute, day, month, year of your entire eternal existence.

You cannot get this wrong. You’ll know you’re allowing it when you feel good, when you feel joyful, when you love your life, when you feel how abundant you already are, when you know your wellbeing in the moment, when you feel yourself as the perfection and the radiance and the brilliance that you are.

For you, nothing is ever going to be the same. For you, nothing is ever going to be the same. You will not be able to believe in the illusion of lack or limitation. You won’t doubt, you won’t question, you won’t struggle, you won’t suffer, you won’t push, you won’t force, you won’t judge. You won’t need to. You will be in the absolute knowing.

**Channel: Sara Landon

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, March 20th, 2023

Where We’ve Hidden a Multitude of Energies ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

where we've hidden a multitude of energies - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens

Where We’ve Hidden a Multitude of Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are the bringers of a multitude of different energies to Earth and humanity, and we see how these energies affect all of you, including plant, animal, and mineral life. We notice what those kingdoms can handle first, as they are the building blocks for human life, and we want you to see them as such also. We encourage you to do this because when you connect to Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and the animal kingdom, you are connecting to something that stabilizes you. You are connecting to energies that are responsible for life on Earth, and as you show them gratitude, you grow spiritually. You also get to connect to those energies that we have infused into these life forms. 

You get to benefit from the anchoring that they do when you are unavailable to be the anchors. And as we have said, there are also just times when we need to test what we are delivering to see how it can be assimilated there in the environment of the fourth-dimensional Earth. We want you to recognize your connection to all things, because that will be a stepping stone to you recognizing your connection to all humans and then all beings throughout this beautiful universe of ours.

We know that compassion is the key there on Earth, and if you can realize that there is no real separation between you and anyone or anything, you can take humanity to the next level of consciousness, and with the help of beings and collectives from other star systems and dimensions, your success is guaranteed. One thing we do encourage you to also employ there on planet Earth is tending to your own gardens. 

As soon as you see someone outside of you as a threat, as soon as you give in to the idea that you are a victim, you immediately go on the defensive. And when you are on the defensive, you are not connected to all beings, to all life forms. You more further and further from Source when you do this, because Source never separates. Source always integrates, always seeks to bring home all of creation.

And so, when you feel triggered by what someone else is doing or saying, or by what you think someone or some group is doing, you must look at yourself for the reason behind what you are feeling, and you must feel that feeling. You are not there to put a stop to anything that is happening outside of you. You are there to live in peace and harmony inside of your own bodies and your own psyches. You are there to balance your own energies and your own emotions, and you can’t do that when you are fighting against enemies, foreign and domestic. It doesn’t work that way. It hasn’t worked for anyone, for any society in the history of the universe.

You are there to unite and to unite with love, and you can start by uniting with the love that is all around you, that we have hidden quite literally under every rock, every pebble, every grain of sand, every clump of dirt. We encourage you to do this often, but we will repeat ourselves yet again. Shut off your devices and get outside; connect with Mother Nature and Mother Earth. Connect with your animal friends and go within to seek what you want to experience outside of you, because the outside world will always reflect your inner realm, and because ultimately it is all you ever have control of there in your lives.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The Group: Building a Triad of Love March 20, 2023 

The Group: Building a Triad of Love

by Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones.

I am eM and I join you in the most wondrous of times. You have worked a very long time to create your reality. Let me tell you, this is not the first go round. All of you have been here over and over and over again. You’ve been investing your time and energy—your spirit—in an opportunity to create something very magical. And you have done so, dear ones. Now what is taking place is that the game is changing. It’s very simple; you’ve reached the end of a game. But you’ve done this before, it isn’t the first time you’ve reached this level. The interesting part is that you now have the ability to walk into this consciously, and that has never happened before.

As we work with you in these new energies, we will share opportunities for you to see yourself from a different perspective and then build a solid base from which to grow. All of you have imprints that you’ve carried in your bodysuit, and some of these are from energy stamps you’ve received. An energy matrix is the way that you’re naturally wired, but an energy stamp is when something happens to you. When an event changes you a little bit, it stamps you with energy. Then you carry that energy stamp in your body suit, but now you can release these.

Some of you are having physical challenges, but that’s part of being human. Oh, don’t you love that part? One of the greatest opportunities you now have is to straighten out your own crinkled energy lines. You have this beautiful torus that goes around your physical being, carrying you through time-space. It’s actually what creates the illusion of time in which you live. The lines of the torus flow through your heart chakra. Every time you have an experience, it hits the outside of these lines. Most often these are positive experiences. You’re going through life, integrating with other people, and those people have an effect on you and your body suit. In reality, everything that you work with has an effect on your life in some way.

Everyone and Everything Is Connected

Astrology tells you that every single planet out there is affected by every other planet. Often humans can’t find the planet they’re looking for. However, they can see the effect that the gravitational field has on other planets. Everything in the universe is connected in that way, dear ones, you have that same connection. When you have energy stamps, something frightening or even quite traumatic has happened to you. Instead of these beautiful straight lines of connection that you have coming though, the energy stamps crinkle those lines. And when the jagged energy lines start to make their way through your heart chakra, it hurts. Sometimes you don’t even want to run the energy through because it hurts too much. So, you just pretend that it’s not there. You run the cycles of energy outside, instead of bringing them through your heart chakra.

Yes, dear ones, you are very imaginative about how you deal with these negative energies. But now you can release a lot of that, because the one thing that you have in common with every other being is that you’re a part of each other. You all bring something from Home to Earth, so you are naturally wired for certain aspects such as harmony. You actually have to learn how to be out of harmonics and how to put up walls. Often these walls are a natural defense or the result of your empathic abilities. You are trying to keep the lines of your torus straight, so to protect yourself you either put up your walls or you pull back your energy. Although your torus will help smooth out the crinkles, you don’t want to entirely lose the experience that created the energy stamp. Those crinkled lines are now part of your personality, and they give you the opportunity to express yourself as a spirit through a body suit on planet Earth.

The Healing Circle

Close your eyes for a moment, dear ones, and let’s begin this healing circle. In the very beginning we’re going to put the healing circle into a time bubble. And what that simply means is that every time anyone comes to this, they’ll be with you in the current time. That allows you all to combine your energies in different ways. Everyone that comes through this time bubble and watches at a later time also adds their energy to it. Many of you will be coming in looking for a healing. You may have an issue that you want to heal, yet you may leave the circle without that being completely healed. But then suddenly a week later you’re healed, because another person came in to reach that critical mass of healing energy. Every time a new person joins the circle they’re adding their energy.

So with that, expect a miracle and we will help you create it. If you have energies on a physical level or emotional scar tissues that you’d like to resolve, this is a perfect time to do it. If you have things that you are working with from energy stamps, even from previous lifetimes, it is possible to start releasing all of those things. Dear ones, we’re not here to fully integrate all of your experiences. Please understand that even your negative experiences do not erase, for you took on those things for a reason. Many were by contract, so we don’t take those away from you. What we do is to help you smooth out the lines of your torus. You still have that memory and experience when it goes through your heart chakra, but it doesn’t have to be painful. You can still hold on to all of your aspects and find the highest possibility of each one.

Today we’re going to ask those of you who wish to do so, to step forward into the healing circle. If you are in the room with other people, you can take their hands. Or if not, just hold out your energetic hands and expect them to be taken by one of these many light workers that are now working with this energy. Take a breath; feel the energy as it moves out of your right hand and into your left hand. Feel the energy starting to move in a big circle all the way around planet Earth.

Now we’re going to speed it up and make that energy move a little faster, as it goes through from one hand to the other. Feel it pulsing as it moves across your heart. Feel it as it goes through every part of you. You are straightening out many of the crinkled lines of your torus, even many of the things that have caused you pain in recent times. Allow that to happen right now, allow all of us to help you straighten out those lines.

Now take a deep breath and release it very slowly. Anchor that in. When you are open for healing, since this is an in a time bubble, it will continue to heal. Every time someone puts their energy into this healing circle, you’ll be a direct recipient of that energy. It’s an opportunity for you to walk in the highest potential on planet Earth, to be able to let your spirit come out and shine through your eyes. Every time you smile you spread light on the planet, not just for you but for other people as well. So, take a deep breath and release it slowly. For those of you on the outside of the healing circle, open your heart chakra completely and send everything into the circle.

Connecting the Hearts

Feel that beautiful energy, feel that light. How much love you can carry? If you’re not receiving it, you’re giving it. Both are incredible gifts because they involve love. While this portal is open, how much love can you hold in your body suit? How much love can you express? Those may be the key to keeping this portal open. Take a deep breath and release it slowly. For those of you who are in the center of the circle, know that your healing will continue.

You are magical beings, dear ones, but you don’t always see that in yourselves. We try to share the different views and perspectives from spirit, of who you truly are and what you’re doing. You are grand masters, each and every one of you, learning to play a game of pretending to be human. Sometimes you take the game too seriously, but that is a normal reaction for humanity. And yes, there are parts of it that are very serious. Yet there are also parts that you’re supposed to be having fun with. And that’s the key we’re going to leave you with this day, at every opportunity enjoy your life.

The Tavern of Light

I am eM and my job at Home has to do with running the Tavern of Light. I’m the one who works with all the people that come through to start building their lives. Before you enter the Earth game, you make plans. You bring all your friends together and make agreements about what you’re going to do when you come to planet Earth. Sometimes those discussions become heated and full of frustration, at which point it’s my job to come in and let out a big belly laugh. It takes you to a higher level when you hear one of those laughs, and everybody sort of laugh and comes along with me for just that moment. Then they come back and get to work, but with a refreshed energy and a perspective of humor. Dear ones, laughter is the language of angels. Take a deep breath; you can almost hear the grand laughter from the Tavern of Light.

Yes, we’ve got you. Carry that love, carry that energy. You are magical beings and I love each and every one of you. Well done, dear ones. Now I leave you for a time and Merlia will come in to work with you. I ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together as you’re creating this whole new level of the game. And I will leave you with that little laugh, “He, he!”

Greetings, dear ones, I am Merlia. I am so honored to be joining your game in progress. You are moving so quickly now. All of humanity is starting to evolve at an incredible pace, as is the Earth herself. After reaching the 8 billion mark, she has been making decisions about what will happen next. As we mentioned, you have a portal opening. It’s a powerful opportunity to step up into the next level of existence before it’s necessary to do so. Yes, dear ones, you have an opportunity to move consciously instead of being forced into a new energy.

Quantum Entanglement

With quantum entanglement, two particles are entangled in such way that they instantly react to one another.  Movements in one are simultaneously mirrored in the other, and their interaction is so fast that it breaks Einstein’s theory of general relativity. These reactions are seemingly faster than the speed of light, which was forbidden in Einstein’s revolutionary work. The latest leaps in technology are in what is called the quantum computer, which is designed to run off of the principle of quantum entanglement. In reality, everything everywhere is entangled. It’s absolutely magical when you can actually see the connection and how one thing affects the other.

You have not yet found the Unified Field Theory, because it’s still only a theory at this point. It simply means that the same things which happen inside the atom, also happen outside the atom in the universe. In other words, as planets circle around your sun, electrons circle around a nucleus of protons and neutrons. So, there are things that connect with everything else. Essentially, both everything and everyone are connected.

Biases and Triggers

Every human has certain innate biases, things that you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with sometimes. We’re going to be working with that and with the body suits themselves, to show you some of those biases and how they can actually work in a positive way. Some biases have actually ensured the survival of humanity many times. We’re not even going to call the biases right or wrong, good or bad. Quite simply, you have built these into your body suit to help control how things work. You have the consciousness to be able to change any part of that at any time. We’ll share with you ways of changing the automatic systems. So, instead of being triggered to buy something or to vote a certain way, the idea is that you can plant your own triggers to bring you to the next level. We’ll be working with the body suits as a modality later. First, we’d like to help you plant a trigger that can be very powerful for all of humanity.

The trigger has a triad base, a simple base of three. A triangle is one of the most powerful and stable energies that you can use in your physical world. Your entire universe is built on threes: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 48, 51, 54, 57 and 60. When you build on your base of threes, you create a triad. There is also the yin yang triad that you can balance in new ways. Especially now, creating balance will help you to step forward.

Creating the Triad

My suggestion is to build the first triad of people and energy in your field. What we’re going to ask you to do is build a base. Find two other people in your field that you can bounce ideas off of and have deep discussions with. They can bring in different perspectives, but you do not always have to agree on everything. Even if you end up disagreeing on a subject you can still balance with them. Most of the time this base will be very supportive and you will all be entangled in different ways. Re-member, open-mindedness is a natural healer of separation.

In effect, your triad is an energetic base that you can work with, move through and evolve into. As the portal opens on planet Earth, you will have more opportunities to create and move forward into the energy. This can be incredibly powerful. Do these other people need to believe in the same things that you do? Do they even need to know about this portal? No, they actually don’t. Sometimes it’s even helpful to have a base of energy that doesn’t always think the same way that you do. That’s what we try to do with you, to show you a different perspective of spirit. Some things that you can’t always see, because of your limited vision as a human.

When you find these two other people in your field, the way to entangle them is through love. Whether they realize it or not, you will find ways of sending them love. You may decide to choose a friend or relative of yours, even someone physically located at a great distance. But they’re close to you energetically and you basically trust them. Do they need to know that they are grounded in that energy? Yes, that’s very helpful.

There’s a tremendous amount of division happening on planet Earth. Many times it’s actually being propagated intentionally, to take away some of your power. Because when you are divided, you are much less powerful. But please understand dear ones, if you are on a side of something, you’ve already been divided. This is something that’s very normal on your planet at this time. You don’t need to try and reconcile that in any way. Again, you don’t have to be on the same side as these other people in your triad, whatever sides they might be. You may even have great differences on how you see the world. Yet, if they are in integrity with themselves then they can still be one of these people. So, what is integrity?

Four Vibrational Lines

From our perspective there are four lines of vibrational integrity: what you think, what you feel, how you act, and what you believe. When those four lines of integrity are together, you are sending out an integrated line that reflects back a very clear signal from the universe. It’s how you create as creator beings. Become aware of your own four lines. But also look to the two people you’ve selected to work with and examine their lines. Their beliefs have to be in harmony with their actions, with what they think and how they feel. These are the key elements to look for when you are building this triad.

And the triad of love can be exactly that. It has to be unconditional, because all love truly is. And yes, we know that’s very difficult for humans to completely grasp. Even your own marriage vows are basically a statement of conditional love. “I will love you if…. I will love you when….” Quite simply, the idea is that love is love is love. Open up and find two other people that you can work with, and look at from time to time. That’s very helpful so that you can see how much you’re moving in relation to the rest of the world. Your triad of love can be very powerful to build. Re-member, the one thing that you need to have in common is the ability to send them love. Fall in unconditional love with their spirit.

The Science of Love

Love itself is very confusing, so we’re going to be working with that quite a bit. We’ll be working with relationships, sex, and a lot of the forms of communication used to express love on your planet. But please understand, dear ones, no matter what your belief system is or what side of an argument they’re on, when you finally see their spirit you fall in love. Yes, that can be confusing. Many people believe that they can only fall in love with or focus their love on one person. Or they believe that they can only express love in a sexual relationship. In reality, you love everyone slightly differently. You love them for who they are. So it’s entirely possible to fall in love with many people. And that’s what we’re going to ask you to do.

As you’re building your triad of love, find things that you can fall in love with them about. Maybe you like the way their style, their ability to make music, or their talent for art. Find things that you can fall in love with about these people, then build that base. Yes, it’s helpful if you tell them that you’re actually using them as a base of your energy, as a love triad to ground your spirit. Can some of these be children? Yes, dear ones, children are incredibly integrated. They actually have much less difficulty with those four vibrational lines of integrity than adults generally do. But again, tell them you’re using them in your triad. Even if you simply say, “I really appreciate you and I love who you are in this world. I’m going to keep my eye on that, because you are a role model for me.” To be able to tell someone that changes your relationship with them. They actually raise their vibration in your presence, changing to create the person that you are looking for.

So, what takes place when you tell someone that they are beautiful? Very simply, they become more beautiful. The more that you show that to them, the more beautiful they become to you. It is a heightened ability in life that allows one to search for beauty in everything. Anything that you can do to empower your triad will help each of you in your next steps. This is the triad of love, and we can share with you how to build it. This is how you can change the energy on planet Earth, build a base to move forward with. The triad has no conditions placed upon it, because you do not expect anything from the others except to know, love and communicate with them.

You just want them in your life, it’s that simple. You want to communicate with them. Build that triad and start working with that right away. And then, of course, when you’re finished be sure to tell them “Thank you! You were an incredible gift to me during this time of growth.” Let them know that they were there to help hold you in place, while allowing your spirit to grow and evolve very quickly. It’s now time, dear ones. You’ve waited a very long time to be here on Earth at this very moment.

Many of you have positioned everything in your life in order to be able to do this. You made it, welcome Home. Treat each other with respect, for you are looking in the eyes of God. Nurture one another. At every opportunity hold those doors open, because you’re holding them open for yourself. You are entangled with all of them, so don’t forget to play well together. You’re recreating a new game and you’ll be writing the rules as you go, changing a lot of things. Do not fear it, dear ones, build a base from which to grow and enjoy the journey.

I am Merlia, the feminine aspect of the Merlin energy, and I love you dearly. Come up and see me sometime.


Sananda and OWS via James McConnell and Shoshanna, February 27th, 2023

Sunday Call 2/27/2023 (Sananda, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell


Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Shoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self


These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ on February 27, 2023. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

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SANANDA (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda. I come to be with you just briefly at this point, just to help you understand more about the changes that are all around you.

The changes that you are moving through. The changes that you are seeing outside of yourself. Or even more than that, the changes that are happening within you as you connect to the outer world, but you are more and more firmly within your inner world.

So yes, you are part of that outer world. You are part of the third-dimensional expression, but also separate from it, as you allow yourself to be separate from it. For it can no longer control you unless you let it control you. The programming can no longer control you unless you let it control you. All is opening up to you if you but allow it. All, being the expression of the One Source that is moving through you at all times.

For you are the One Source. You are the one, have always been the one. You are just simply remembering that now. Remembering more and more fully who you are, and embracing the changes as they are happening now, as you are looking at this.

Certainly as you look at it as a movie more and more, it is all happening that you are fully expressed within it as much as you allow yourself to be. But you can pull away at any point. And many of you, most of you if not all of you, have been doing that more and more, and not letting yourselves become ensconced or enthralled once again with the third-dimensional illusion. Because you know it is just that: an illusion. It only gains reality when you give it reality. The matrix is only real when you allow it to be real.

So trust in yourselves more and more. Trust in who you are. And know that all is coming forward. All truth is coming forward more and more. And the expression of truth is all around you and within you if you allow it. You all know the truth deep down within you, even though you listen to your news, you watch your videos, even doing so, you know the truth within you. It resonates within you. So you know when you hear something that does not quite match what you already know deep within you. It does not resonate with you. Trust that resonation. Trust it. Trust that you know deep within you what is true and what is not. You do not need to ask anyone else, for they tell you from their truth. Your truth is not necessarily their truth, just as theirs is not necessarily yours.

So allow. Allow for the differences. And again, allow for the changes to continue to come to this world, because they are going to increase tremendously over the next weeks and months to come, to the point where you may not even recognize the old ways any longer, for you will have completely moved out of the old third-dimensional illusion and into the new reality that you are creating in the higher dimensional frequencies.

All of this is up to you, and the collective you, to continue to move forward. Always moving forward, and not allow yourself to step back. If you do, know that it is only for an instant, and you can always take the next step forward again. And again, forward.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue to always step forward.

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. Shoshanna is here. And we are ready, but we must tell you that this one that we are speaking through is not quite completely over what was occurring before in terms of an illness here, and is still feeling somewhat of a low ebb of energy, we will say here. So we will do our best to hold our energy here and hold this one up. We will see how it goes.

We are ready for your questions if you have them. And if not, then we will move on and go back to wherever it was that you were doing before. Do you have questions here for One Who Serves and Shoshanna?

Guest: Yes. I have a question please. I have been speaking very briefly earlier about a channeling from Michael Love and the Pleiadians about how the Earth had tilted on its axis, even slightly, even though they were holding the axis in general so the Earth wouldn’t tilt. But how far, at what angle, what percentage has the Earth tilted, and how has that perhaps been affecting the wind currents and ocean currents so that the weather is changing, and earthquakes are perhaps also occurring because of that? Could you explain a little bit about that please?

OWS: What we will tell you is that if it were not for the ships, as you are saying, a huge ship with tremendous technology that is far beyond your understanding at this point, if it were not for that, then yes indeed you would have experienced the Armageddon that was planned for this planet by those of your elite, your cabal, your dark forces. For they were going to have this happen, and then were going to secret themselves away in those underground bases that they had, and still somewhat have, but have been largely curtailed from them.

So there has been a slight shift, we will say here. We will not give in terms of percentage, but there is a shift that has happened, but it is very minimal. But it can definitely affect those of the earthquakes, the volcanoes, these types of things, Earth changes in this respect, but much, much less than it would have been. For indeed, your planet would have been extinguished in terms of as you know it, in terms of life being extinguished on the surface of the planet. So you can thank those of the Galactics that have stepped in many, many times to alleviate or completely keep large catastrophes from happening. And those that did happen were lessened because of the energies from the Galactics. Shoshanna, do you have anything here?

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

No, we do not.

OWS: Very good. Was this sufficient for you?

Guest: Yes. Thank you very much.

OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions here?

Guest: May I ask a question?

OWS: Yes?

Guest: It’s about Ismael Perez. He’s written a book about the cosmic origins and he has got a lot of talk shows now, a lot of interviews about humanity and our progression into the higher realms. Can you kind of enlighten us a bit about him and what he is doing, and the book?

OWS: What we can tell you as this one, and there are many others as well that are in the process of bringing the truth forward as much as they possibly can. And this one is one of those that is bringing the light in, we will say here. So this one and many others, as we say, are also a part of this process. Just as those of you on these calls are a part of this process. You may not understand that, or know that, but these channeling sessions go out to many thousands, and even millions of people in both being able to listen to these, as well as to read the transcriptions after. So you and all of those that are a part of this expression of being the Alliance, of being the Boots on the Ground as you are, are doing a great deal to bring forward the energies here and bringing the light back into the darkness.

Guest: Would you recommend we read the book, ‘There Are Cosmic Origins?’

OWS: We are not going to advertise here for anyone. We cannot do that. But that is up to you. Use your discernment. And as Sananda gave her, use what feels right to you, how you resonate to something. And if it feels right, and you resonate to it, then yes, of course, go for it. Shoshanna?

Guest: Thank you.

Shoshanna: We will share. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Oh, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, this one’s spirit of information that has been given by One Who Serves is what we would like to speak on, and that is, do you resonate to this one? Does this one feel true to you? Does this one feel as if he is speaking about your reality? So we would ask you that, do you resonate to him?

Guest: Well, he said he is from the thirteenth dimension and yes, I was drawn to his history of how the luciferian program turned into artificial intelligence, and how artificial intelligence is the antichrist. So if you can clarify if that’s true. He’s saying that the artificial intelligence is the antichrist.

Shoshanna: We will share here. May we continue?

Guest: Oh, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, this is where the truth becomes complicated. There are so many levels of the truth. And we will tell you that if you are drawn to this information, and if you wish to explore further this information, it is just a leg on your journey, you see. It will bring you to the next thing, then the next thing, then the next thing. So if you are drawn to it, then you must listen and become a discerning agent for what you hear and what you feel.

We will tell you that from our perspective this thing that humans have named artificial intelligence is not what you think it is. It is not labeled in our perspective as something called an antichrist. This thing called artificial intelligence is valid based on who is using it. It is light when those of the light are using it. It is darkness when those of the dark are using it. But it is simply a tool to expand awareness, to expand consciousness and to give you a large perspective of your world, you see.

So we would not agree with that. However, we believe that you must pursue those ideas that you are drawn to so that you can move forward in your journey. Does this make sense, Dear Sister?

Guest: yes, it does, absolutely. Thank you very much.

Shoshanna: Namaste, Dear Sister.

OWS: And we would add here on this term of the antichrist: what is the antichrist? Is it a single individual person? Is the Christ a single individual person, you see? The Christ Consciousness. The Christ Consciousness is all that embodies the Christ Consciousness. And the antichrist is all that embodies the antichrist consciousness. So it is not one beiong that is going to be considered the antichrist. Now that is a programming that comes from your cabal, your dark forces, where they brought this terminology up about control and fear, you see? So that you wonder, “Is this the antichrist?” “Or no, is This one the antichrist?” And so on and so on. All to bring about fear and control. So do not think about the antichrist as one being, just as you do not think of the Christ Consciousness as one being, you see.

Guest: He’s saying that the antichrist is the artificial intelligence as being imposed on the planet and onto humans.

OWS: Yes, and we are saying that is not quite accurate here in that respect.

Guest: Tokay. Thank you very much.

OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions here?

Guest: Earlier I asked a question about something I have been curious for a while now, as to the potential level of influence like on Amazon, Google, from the White Hats, and Ebay, because I am very cautious and feeling suspicious of these types of things that are being offered to the public. Because they are not always in the light. So I have been wondering for a while, has the light been stepping into these organizations?

OWS: We would like you to clarify your question just a little bit more here. What is it that you are exactly looking for here?

Guest: Whether or not we can trust them. If we can trust these at Google, Ebay, and Amazon in particular, because Amazon offers a lot of programs, and they seem to be of benefit. But there is just something in me that questions and pushes against that to whether or not what they are offering is actually of benefit.

OWS: Yes, and we will go back to an earlier part of this discussion in terms of resonance. Does it resonate with you? How do you feel about it? It is not so much that it is one way or the other, this is dark hat, or this is white hat. It is a combination.

In terms of your movies and those things, there are those movies that are put out by the forces of darkness. And there are movies that are put out by the Alliance and the White Hats. It is all depending on who is ready to receive the information that they are bringing out here, you see?

Guest: Yes.

OWS: How it resonates ot you. How it feels to you. Do not think in terms of just one way or the other, you see?

Guest: Oh, that’s my point. Because we are all programmed to distrust, and so becoming more aware of what does feel right, and what does not, and suspicious, and just being cautious. So that’s where I’m at with that, thank you.

OWS: It’s all about discernment.

Shoshanna: We would like to share here. We would like to add something here, Dear Sister, may we share?

Guest: Sure.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we will say that the blanket statement that we are programmed to distrust: that is not so accurate. That is not valid in many instances. For example, you are one that trusts immensely when you take a hitch hike, when you get a ride. You have shared that many times and that you trust this ride that you will be given is the right one. And you put your faith and trust into that. So we would ask that when you searching, when you are looking, when you are participating at any level, that you look to see what is causing you to mistrust, or distrust, and what is causing you to trust. It is the same coin. It is the same energy. It is the same thing. So you must ask yourself why you can trust, and why you cannot trust, rather than see it as an overarching program that is part of all of humanity, you see. It is not. We will say that those individuals that purely trust with pure ideals, seem to fair rather well because they fully trust themselves. For you see it all comes down to that, to trust yourself. And I believe that One Who Serves has given that. And you simply must trust yourself. And you must listen to yourself, and you must hone your own discernment each time, you see. That is what each must do. Namaste.

Guest: And one more thing: my desire is that folks who choose to use these companies don’t get hurt, and myself included. So thank you. That’s some clarification as well.

Shoshanna: And we will add here. We will add something here, if we may add. May we add?

Guest: Yes, please.

Guest: You cannot control the destiny of another. You cannot control whether one or another will be hurt, or will be challenged by something that they do, because that is part of their path. They must learn that. This is a planet of leaning. This is a planet of learning who we are and what our power is, and discovering those things. And because of the duality that we live in, we are given every opportunity to learn the truth, you see. So it does not matter whether you wish for others not ot be hurt, they will have to traverse their path as it was designed by them, you see. Namaste.

OWS: Are there any further questions here, before we release channel?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I was wondering about the Crown Chakra, the gold, or violet, or silver. Is that color indicative of our level of consciousness, or where we are from?

OWS: Not exactly, no. But we would say that the idea of giving you a choice in saying that it matters not what color that you see. You could see violet there if you want. You could see whatever it is, it does not matter. There is no right or wrong here. There is just what you perceive as you are doing these processes. That is all.

Guest: Okay. I just wondered, because it was only the three mentioned, and I wondered if there was a deeper meaning. Thank you.

OWS: That is largely because this one we are speaking through is the one that is doing that guiding, with a little prompting here and there from us; and that is what he perceives, you see?

Guest: Okay. Thank you.

OWS: Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

Shoshanna: We can share here, if this one wishes for us to share.

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, may we ask what color you see?

Guest: I resonate with the violet, but I see all three because he mentions it.

Shoshanna: Yes. And it is a choice that you can make as to which color resonates to you at the time that you are meditating on that chakra, and it will change for many. It will change to all three, or one, or both. It will continue to change, because it is resonating to your vibration at the time. So we will say that your vibration encompasses all three. Namaste.

OWS: Do you notice how used the violet for you?

Guest: Yes (laughs), thank you.

OWS: Yes. Any further questions here? Then we are ready to release channel. Shoshanna, do you have anything to impart here as closing?

Shoshanna: We do not.

OWS: Very good. And we just simply say continue to embrace the changes as they are coming more and more here. That’s all.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, February 21st, 2023

The Lyran Contribution to the 2-22 Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

the lyran contribution to the 2.22 energies - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens

The Lyran Contribution to the 2-22 Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We have been working with humanity from the very beginning, but we have been very much behind the scenes in our offerings of assistance. Others from star systems in our galaxy have helped humanity quite a bit, and at times that help has become interference and has actually taken away from your ability to naturally evolve into the beings you will ultimately become. But worry not, because help is on the way. The Lyrans have given us permission to share with you the energies that they are providing for the February 22nd portal. The energies being sent by the Lyrans are for helping you all to release the traumas you experienced on Lemuria and all traumas experienced with extra-terrestrial beings. 

These energies are hugely important in the coming contact experiences that you all have as individuals and as a collective. Therefore, we are very happy with this offering by the Lyrans, as they are once again taking initiative in helping humanity to grow and evolve, but they are not interfering. They are not interfering because these energies don’t just do everything for you. They support you in releasing your own trauma. They create a space, a container, in which that can happen, and they help to activate your excitement for extra-terrestrial contact. The Lyrans also want you to know that the energies will give you Lyran DNA activations.

And so, as you continue on with your journeys of ascension, recognize that all that has ever been done to humanity is going to be healed. It is going to be reversed; you are going to receive tenfold in the positive everything that has been projected to you that has been negative. Now, we don’t want to play into any victimhood type of mentality here, and so we just want to remind you that all that has ever happened to humankind has been to give you a unique experience, an experience you chose before you were born into each and every incarnation. Therefore, nothing has ever gone wrong there on Earth, and you are not a prison planet. You are not being controlled all the time. Certain limitations needed to be put into place so that you could all have the experiences you wanted to have. 

And there had to be those who would play that role for you, and those beings are now looking to shift all of that and actually help. The Lyrans never had an intention to do harm. Many of the beings that interfered with the normal and natural development of your consciousness never intended to do any harm. But just like you, they had to have certain experiences that would help them to grow, and sometimes being the unintentional villain in someone else’s story is an experience that a soul wants to have. Or in the case of these e.t.s, many different souls. 

Once again, recognize nothing is ever going awry there and there are no mistakes. You will continue on your journey of ascension without any interference and only with the help of your friends from other star systems who love you very much and who feel responsible for you. And we do hope that brings you some solace and helps you to relax so that you can receive the full benefit of these 2-22 energies that are now upon you and will continue to be upon you throughout the remainder of the month of February. Please dip in to all of them and enjoy!

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, February 18th, 2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Right now, each of the 7.8 billion people on your planet is having a different and very unique experience of life. As we speak to you, we see a woman sitting by the pool behind her expansive home, juggling several charities she runs. She is concerned about the officers of one who doesn’t seem to be in alignment with her vision while simultaneously trying to coordinate dinner reservations with a group she must network with to fund her cause. Meanwhile, we see a young man who feels disempowered trying to figure out how to lie, cheat, and steal from those who care about him because he doesn’t understand yet that he is loved.

We see people waking up, walking to their market stalls before sunrise and firing up the burners beneath their woks, preparing their sauces and dishes to feed hungry customers later that day. We see brave souls rescuing wounded animals and courageous people rescuing children. We see people dressed in expensive suits going to their jobs in skyscrapers to negotiate with large companies that provide irrigation and energy systems for agriculture. We also see laborers toiling in the dirt to pick the lettuce that will feed these executives.

We see designers bent over the drawing board coming up with your future vehicles and artists passionately moving their visions from the invisible to the visible worlds. We see musicians packing and unpacking equipment to offer a few hours of blissful escape to their audience and electricians wiring outlets for their equipment. We see plumbers unclogging toilets, trash collectors and street sweepers keeping your neighborhoods clean, and cooks making food for the few or the masses.

We see mothers and fathers waking up early to take their children to school. We see children laughing in the playgrounds while other children sit huddled in dirty corners, hoping for food. We see the countless souls buried beneath the rubble of the recent earthquake, waiting for rescue or surrendering to their journey home. We see it all, dear ones, and we are with each and every one of you, all the time.

Whether you consider your experience glorious or terrible, we are with you, whispering loving encouragement to your spirit, reminding you of what you wanted to learn, how you wanted to grow, and how, even in the direst of circumstances you are seeking to give and receive love. We even see those buried beneath the rubble praying for their families as they surrender to the inevitability of their own journey to heaven.

Dear ones, you are always exactly where your vibration has placed you. We implore you not to judge yourselves or others by circumstance. You are not lucky if you sit by the pool and are not forsaken by God if you are in an earthquake. Some of those you consider fortunate feel far less love than those fighting for survival. Many souls, born and living in earthquake-shattered areas, are angels upon your earth. Some, before birth, volunteered to come, live shorter lives, and be part of a massive release of love within your planet earth. They knew their life and death would not be in vain but would further awaken the planet to your common humanity, compassion, and love. Even beyond the visible, they knew they would be part of vibrational unleashing of powerful frequencies of love. As they rode the wave of love released by your planet into the heavens, they felt the exhilaration of earth’s evolution and yours.

The majority of people in the earthquake-torn areas are generous souls, compassionate, caring, loving, and kind. Many barely have a loaf of bread for themselves, yet when they receive one, they share. Many have seen buildings crumble yet bravely return to rescue those trapped. Many have seen and felt horrors, yet their hearts remain open. These angels volunteered before birth to live in an area likely to go through such horror and pain, but from heaven, they were willing. Send them love.

If you sit in a comfortable life, do not make yourself wrong for this either. You have different lessons and different choices. You need not feel guilty for being alive, abundant, and well. If you were to give up all you had and die with those who left the planet, you would not do a bit of good. If you do what you can as you are guided, you become part of the collective awakening too – playing an easier role, to be sure, but still a part of this massive release of love.

Unleash your hearts, starting with yourselves. Choose to accept yourself, be kind to yourself, and then ask yourself quietly, “What do I feel called to do?” Maybe you are called to live your life in kindness. That is a vibration that is required right now. Trust that. You may be called to donate precisely one dollar to charity. You have answered the call of one person in need, and although you will not know them on this earth, you will someday learn about how that loaf of bread or first aid supply changed their life, gave them hope, and kept them going. You may be called to sit in spirit and ask to see who you can pray for on a given day. Trust the feeling or the image you see. Support someone in spirit. Perhaps you are called to ignore the world and play. Trust that. Lend your joy to the collective vibration because it is needed to uplift many who are in sorrow.

We are not talking about your actions in the physical world so much as the energy you emit. You would, of course, not “rub in” your well-being around those suffering, but you can quietly emanate peace, joy, love, caring, and compassion because those vibrations will touch them. You would not brag about your abundance to those in dire need. Still, you can instead emanate a vibration that says to the world, “God is generous, and out of the generosity of my soul, I am asking that all feel cared for, loved, supported, and protected.”

In the material world, do as you are guided, but in the spiritual realms, share your love, peace, joy, and compassion as vibrational contributions to humanity.

We don’t want a single one of you to feel guilty for living comfortably, nor do we want a single one of you who is suffering to feel forgotten, abandoned, or unloved. We wish for all of you equally an awareness of the love that flows unceasingly. We wish for all of you, equally, an awareness that you are all part of something so huge upon your planet in the history of humanity’s evolution that it is hard to put into words.

We are with the suffering right now. We are also with those of you who feel you “have it easy.” We are guiding all of you. We are comforting those of you in need. We are showing the way to the living so they can live their path and purpose, and we are holding the dying as they transition into the bliss of Divine love.

You are all, dear ones, despite appearance, or material condition, exactly where your soul has decided to be right here and now. You can of course, change that, but for now, don’t make yourself wrong. Don’t make others wrong. As the saying goes, you cannot judge a book by its cover. You can only know it by living the truth within.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Father Absolute – Window On New World ( “Rough” and “Fine” Tuning of Relationships), February 16th, 2023

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Father Absolut – Window On New World (Communes of Fourth Dimension), February 14th, 2023

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The Masters of Light via Victoria, February 11th, 2023

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Father Absolute – Window On New World (General Vibration Level), February 11th, 2023

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Father Absolut – Window On New World (One Vibrations), February 10th, 2023

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Sananda and OWS via James McConnell and Shoshanna, January 29th, 2023




Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Shoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self

These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ on January 29, 2023. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

If you would like to join Ancient Awakenings and participate in our Sunday calls, please go to our Meetup website ( and join there



SANANDA (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda. I come to be with you at this time, these times again, as great change comes over you, comes over your planet, comes over the collective consciousness of man.

And love is streaming forth, streaming down from the heaven. More and more, you are finding love coming into the equation. Love that was not understood or not felt by so many across the planet, but now it is coming in. It is coming in different ways, and being shown in different ways. Being shown in simple kindness from your brothers and sisters, from your neighbors, from your friends, your family, whatever it is. It is coming now. You can feel it as it moves more fully across the planet.

Yes, there is discourse, much discourse, much discomfort, as the time lines have indeed shifted, and more and more are separating. But do not be concerned about that. Do not let that hold you back. Be where you are right now in the moment, and in any given moment moving forward. For that is the key.

That is the key to move through this transition, and to move through the ascension process, to more and more find yourself in that moment, that moment of love–love for yourself, and love for everyone else around you. That is the key. The key that opens the door to the heart. And when you open the door to your heart, you open the door for others to find themselves, find their own key to their hearts as well.

You are the expression of love for those around you. You are the light. The shining light within the darkness. And if you allow that to continue to happen, if you allow your divine will to continue to take hold…”Not my will, Father, but Thine shall be done.” If you follow that more and more, then you will find yourself exactly where you need to be in any given moment. And when you are there in any given moment, you fully find yourself and who you truly are.

And that is the expression you are all looking for now. To fully realize, not just to know it, not just to believe it, but to fully realize that you are the expression of God within you, each and every one of you.

Just as I as Yeshua fully realized that at some point in my life that I was the expression of the God Source within me. And once I realized that, I could then spread that out to my brothers and sisters, to all of those around me that were ready to hear my message. But it was not my message, it was my Father’s message coming through me.

Just as when you find that sense of power within you, and you can say out to the world that “I am God within me.” It is the God Source within me that does the works. And when you fully understand that, when you can take a jug of water, just as I did, and know that as I began to pour it, it turned to wine, from water to wine. And yes, that did indeed happen. But it only happened because I believed in the moment that it would be so. And you also can do the same no matter what it is. No matter what it is that you want or need in your life, you can declare it out to the world that it is now mine, if it is, indeed, your Father’s will, your Higher-God-Self’s will, then it shall be so. That is how this works. That is how miracles happen. They only happen when you believe that they shall be.

So trust, my brothers and sisters, trust in everything within you. Trust in the power within you to bring about whatever your greatest desires are in your life. And as you do that, you will find those greatest desires becoming real for you. And in so doing, you will also be the one that is moving out and spreading the light, and sharing the light. Just as you came here to be, you volunteered to be here for this.

And now is the moment. It is approaching very rapidly now where you will be called upon, called upon to go about your Father’s mission. That time is coming now, where it will only be when you find yourselves in the higher vibrational frequencies, the higher consciousness within you. And that is the power, the power of love that is coursing through you now, in this moment.

And whenever you find a need to find that power within you, simply ask. “Ask, and ye shall receive; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” Because you are the God Source within you moving about your daily lives. And the more that you believe that, the more, again, it shall be so.

Trust in yourselves. Trust in your fellow neighbors around you, your brothers and sisters. They are all brothers and sisters. Be kind, be gentle, be nice to them, be loving, just as you would want unto yourself.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. But know that I, and many others of your brothers and sisters that guide you from above, are always here to be with you whenever you call upon us.

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here, and Shoshanna is here, and we are ready to continue this program, this program that we started some time ago.

But feel good about it! It is a good program that we are working with you. It is not a program that you want to overcome, but a program that you want to embrace! Embrace the program of love, and program of the power within you. Embrace the program of going moment to moment in your life.

Embrace the program that this is simply a journey along your life. Embrace the program that you do not need to come to a final destination, because there is no final destination. There is always just the journey as you move along.

So find the joy in every moment within that journey, and you will find the joy in your life.

We are ready for your questions if you have them.

Guest: Yes, I have one.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Last week I sent out an e-mail and it had ot do with these new Med-Beds that are out. They’re called the Tesla Med-Bed Centers, and they gave us an e-mail address to ask for a session. So I did, and a couple others in our group did also. I’m not sure about it, so I used my crystal pendulum and asked it if I should trust these people, and it said no. So I’m asking you: what do you feel about this particular group, this Tesla Med-Bed Center?

OWS: It is not so much of what we feel, it is so much of what is known here. And it is known that you must trust yourself. We know that is not the answer that you want here, but we cannot tell you one way or the other how you should move about your daily business here. That is up to you and to your Higher God-Self. So if you are trusting your Higher God-Self to reach you and give you the understanding that you need as to how to move forward, then that is what you need to do.

Now, in that process of doing as you are doing, it can lead to something else, and then to something else yet after that. That is a hint we will give here.

Because what is happening is a process. It is a beginning process of bringing these new technologies forward here. And they are coming. As those ones that are bringing this information to you, whatever sources it might be, are bringing the process forward here as we find it. So embrace it. Embrace the changes as they are coming to you, and these devices, these technologies will be released, and are in the process of being released right now. Okay? Shoshanna?

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

Oh, we will share here.

OWS: Very good. Yes.

Shoshanna: May we share, Dear Brother?

Guest: Oh yes, thank you.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, we understand the answer that One Who Serves gave, and that is accurate. But we will go further here. Even though we should not, we will go further here, and we will say that your pendulum is correct. Namaste.

Guest: Oooh, thank you! That was what I needed to hear. Thank you very much. Oh, all of it, than you very much, both of you.

OWS: We will say here, when this information is more fully released, there will not be any question of doubt here as to whether it is real or not. Okay?

Guest: Great. Thank you. And just along with that, about my crystal pendulum. Once in a while I have a doubt whether is it always my Higher Self that comes through my pendulum, or can something like a dark entity come in and give me a wrong answer?

OWS: We will quote the wise one, Yoda, in your ‘Star Wars:’ “and that is why you failed, because you do not believe.”

Guest: Aha! Okay, thank you.

OWS: Yes. Very wise one, that one, by the way. Very wise.

Guest: (Laughs gently) Yes, true.

OWS: Would there be other questions here?

Guest: I have been thinking about my inquiry last week about walking in a figure-8 pattern. The purpose of my speaking now is to ask for a deeper understanding. I am asking basically Shoshanna because she gave me information that the practice is ancient. And please, I would like to receive some additional information to understand.

OWS: Since Shoshanna was the one who gave you more of what you are looking for, we will turn that over to her then.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we will share here. May we share?

Guest: Yes, please. Thank you.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, what do you wish to know?

Guest: The purpose and the end effect, and the intention of when I start walking in figure-8’s.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we will share here. We understand your desire. We will tell you that there is no shortcut here. You must continue to follow your guidance. And as you follow you guidance, many of these answers will be revealed to you, you see. We are not given the permission to give these answers immediately, because it is your journey, Dear Sister, to discover why you are doing this, and the purpose for it is yours to find, not ours to give, you see. So you must be patient, allow the process to take place.

You can meditate upon this and we promise you, that if you are not anxious about this and if you are willing to be patient and continue the process, those answers will be revealed to you.

Our heart goes out to you, as we wish to give you answers, but it is not within our permission, within our purvue to answer this for you. This is important for you to follow this yourself, and to discover what it is you are doing. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. We are ready for next question, if there is one.

Guest: I was listening to other channelings from Megan Rose. She was talking, and somebody asked “Valnec” a question about clones. Valnec responded by saying that 75% of the Earth’s population are clones. My question to you is, is that correct? That’s very unsettling! (laughs).

OWS: We would ask you first here, what is your feeling on this, because you say it is unsettling.

Guest: I’d say at most 50%, but 75%, three-quarters of the entire planet, I think that’s false.

OWS: We would say it is a great deal less than that. There is no indication that beyond those of the cabal and their forces that there is any cloning occurring. And even much less than what you might think of in terms of what is occurring. Especially now as the cloning operations have been largely shut down now. This is a little bit more than we wanted to give on this, but it is okay, we can give this to you, and we have. Shoshanna, do you have anything you would add here?

Shoshanna: We can share here. We can share a deeper understanding if we may, Dear Brother. May we share?

Guest: Anytime.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, the first thing that we would ask, as we do not know this channel, we do not know the information this one would be providing, we would ask what is the definition that is being used here? What is the definition of ‘clone’ for this one? Do you know?

Guest: I do not.

Shoshanna: This word has a broader meaning, as humans come back again, and again, and again, and again, reincarnate, reincarnate, reincarnate with much of the same mission, with much of the same DNA, with much of the same process because they have not completed what they came here to do, and so they just keep coming back. They are not awake yet. So if this one meant that this ‘cloning’ is because it is a repeat, then we would say, Yes! Most of the population is repeating. It is reincarnating to continue the journey, as they have not completed it. And then there are many that are living what is called a ‘pivotal lifetime,’ which is a completion cycle, where they will move on toi ascension. So we do not know what they meant, and perhaps you would wish to explore that with those that were asking the questions. Namaste.

OWS: And always know, as you hear any information, how does it feel to you? How does it bring the feeling to you? And that is an indication, then, of what is real and what is not real for you. Okay?

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Are there any other questions here?

Guest: Yes. Perfect. Because that was the first part of my question. Beautiful, Brother, you asked part of it. Okay. So I did hear a little something more: I heard clones, or not-ensouled beings. And what that made me wonder, and I think you answered a lot of it, JoAnna, but let’s just tweak it a little bit more and see if there is any sense to this. That makes me wonder if maybe there may be some way we’re kind of manifesting unsouled replicas to fulfill whatever our life journey is, and maybe they then disappear, I’m talking like almost as in a video game. Right? And you go into a room and then there’s all these beings in there that are doing whatever you’re doing in that room. But then you leave, and they are not there anymore. Are we doing anything like that, that would cause them to say the nonsouled beings, or do you think it’s the first? Because he seemed very on-point with everything else, that’s why. I was jiving with him, and then we got hit with this. So is there something like that going on?

OWS: We would say here that most of the population of this planet is ensouled. So there is not that indication as we find it here. There are those, though, that have moved beyond the soul, you might say. They have left their soul or let it go, in terms of the cloning process, yes. But it is very, very minimal here, as we find it. But we cannot give you much more information on this, because that is going to come out in the times ahead in terms of the truth coming forward and being revealed here. Shoshanna, maybe you can add more?

Shoshanna: We can share here. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please. Thank you.

Shoshanna: This is beyond complicated here. We will attempt to explain it, but it is beyond, it is extremely complicated.

So the first thing that you must understand is what the soul is. What is a soul?

The second thing you must understand is, is that the soul, which is the connection, the part of God that you live as a human being, is in control of everything. And even if there was a being that was a man-made being called a clone, the memory of that being is recorded. It is a part of the akashic record. It is in pursuit of completing a mission that the soul has placed as part of the journey of the human, you see. So the being that you call ‘clone’ that does not have a soul, does have a soul. It is part of the being that created it, you see. So if man created a clone in his image, that clone becomes part of man and becomes part of the soul record, and becomes part of the akashic record. So there is no such thing as a being not being ensouled. It is all part of the record, you see. We hope this makes sense to you, Dear Sister. Namaste.

Guest: Yes. It does make sense. Thank you so much.

OWS: Very good. Then we are ready to move on. Are there any other further questions?

Guest: I have one more.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Last week, Blossom Goodchild and the Galactic Federation that channels through her were saying that there’s what they call “Fergus the fungus,” and it was going to be released on the world, and that we would all have to stay inside. I know it sounds like fear porn, but I thought I would just pass it by you.

OWS: It is not fear porn here, because there are the plans, we will say here, of those of the dark forces, of the cabal, that have various things up their sleeves, we will say here. More of the plan that they are attempting to bring forward. And one of those is a type of, we will not use the term fungus, but a type of illness creating a fear that they want to release to the population of the planet. But understand that even if they do attempt that, those of the Forces of Light, your Alliance, already know of this ahead of time. They already know the plans moving forward here, and they are ready to intercept it, just as they intercepted the one called Covid which was not anywhere near what those of the forces of darkness attempted to bring forward because the Light Forces overcame it and were able to minimize in various way the implications of the full force of what they had intended to release here. So it is a continuing process. One side does this, and the other side overcomes it in various ways, you see? Battle of Light versus dark. And that is a continuing process. Bu it is coming to an end. Because the end, as we can see here, is not far off in terms of the Forces of Light coming to, we won’t say a final battle, but it may appear to be that. And it will largely overcome that which the forces are attempting to do here. We hope this answered it somewhat without a direct answer here, because we cannot give direct answer because it is part of the vibration and consciousness of the planet as it continues to move forward. And as you know, in each moment, consciousness and vibration changes. Shoshanna, do you have something to share here?

Shoshanna: We wish to share. But we wish to get clarification on this. May we share, Dear Brother?

Guest: Oh, yes. Absolutely.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, what is it that you heard? What is it that you believe?

Guest: Oh well, you know, I just happened to run across this channeling, and I listened to it, and they were saying that there was still something coming up, like a scare tactic, fear porn to me, but Fergus the fungus. And, you know, I don’t like buying into those things because if I give credence to it, then I help create it. So that’s why I brought it up, just to clear the air with it.

Shoshanna: And are you asking, Dear Brother, if the statement was true or false?

Guest: Yeah, pretty much.

Shoshanna: It is false.

Guest: Oh, good. Yeah, good.

Shoshanna: Namaste.

Guest: Great, thank you.

OWS: Very good. We take one more question is there is, otherwise we are ready to release channel.

Guets: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Yesterday I had a chance to spend some time with a friend who is going through some difficult situations in their life. And anyway, we were chatting, and they were giving me their Christian perspective, and I was trying to give some information that we have learned from Ancient Awakenings, and so forth. So they looked at me in confusion, and I laughed and said, “Oh, let me just do the Vulcan Mind Meld, like in Star Trek.” I got another confused look, so I said, “Here, let’s do this!” and I grabbed my hair and whipped it around and said, “Here, connect this to your ponytail!” So we did this, and it was kind of like in fun, because they never saw the second Avatar, and I was trying to explain about we are all one with the water, and so forth, and total one consciousness. Anyway, I just left it, and we were laughing, and I just passed it off. But they said, “Oh my gosh! I have tingles all over me!” I thought oh my gosh, this is weird! Then they said they still had this really ice cold feeling right at the back part of their back at the neck area. Oh my gosh, I had it too! I thought, oh my gosh, that’s like Avatar, right? So I thought I would ask you if you could explain that. Is that really happening?

OWS: We would say here, you don’t need to ask if it is really happening, because you already know the answer to that. But we would say that it is certainly an indication here of the glimpses as we have been speaking of.

Glimpses do not need to be just a visionary glimpse. They can be a vibrational glimpse, feeling, blissful feeling, a sense of tingling in the body, these types of things which indicate truth, which indicates truth to the one that is feeling it at the time.

So, yes, that is what this is. And you have, what you would call, opened the door for this one who believes here, to begin to awaken.

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: Oh we can share here. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshonna: Dear Sister, those that resonate to this movie, to this documentary, this Avatar documentary that is now two documentaries, those that resonate, why do you think that is?

Guest: They’re awakening. They’re recognizing it.

Shoshanna: And why did they recognize it?

Guest: I think, filled with more light.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, they are recognizing it, because they have lived it! They have been that. They have been those creatures. They have lived in those worlds. They recognize it deeply because they have been those beings. They know what it is to connect. They know what it is to become one with all things.

The Avatar movie was meant to show that all things are connected! All things are one! One affects the other, affects the other, affects the other. And, the human that resides in the third-dimension has really lost that concept completely for the most part.

Those, like yourself, that resonate deeply remember. They are remembering. So we laugh a little, we find joy in your statement. We don’t mean laugh at you, we are finding great joy in the idea that you would connect with another human being: “Give me your ponytail, I will connect it to my hair,” because that is what you know! That is what you have done! That has been the experience for you that has worked on another realm, on another planet. And, the result of feeling is because it is real, you see. It is a real experience for you, and you are imparting that experience to another.

Dear Sister, you must understand that you are far advanced from most, and that is why you attempted this. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you. That was great! (Laughs)

Shoshanna: Namaste, Dear One.

OWS: Very good. And we need to release channel here now. Shoshanna, do you have any parting message?

Shoshanna: Well, we will say that when one resonates deeply to the truth, it’s because it is. And when one resonates deeply that something is false, it’s because it is. There is really no other thing. That when a being is in touch with who they are, and has tapped into the higher guidance, which is always there, then that which they experience is true, or that which they experience is false, is just for them, and to trust the self, to trust that that is their journey. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. And we would simply say be kind to one another. Go about your day finding the commonalities between you, rather than the things that draw you apart. And you will find as you do this that you will be more and more able to be in the moment and find that joy in the moment. Just be nice to once another as much as you possibly can.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

The Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, February 12th, 2023

The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, 12 Feb. 2023


Morning chaps! Well, I cannot not ask you about Fergus the Fungus! So many emails sent to me from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. with headlines of a dangerous spreading fungus. The WHO have even mentioned it. Is it that your prediction is now coming to fruition? Do tell!

Good morning to you, Blossom, and to Each Soul of effulgent emissions, which have a far greater effect than one is assuming.

Yes, the news is spreading as quickly as they say the fungus is. Look upon this with Joy, not dread. For indeed, it is good news. In that, Phase Two is to be implemented sooner rather than later.

Which, with respect, means sweet nothing, due to your ‘soon’ not being the same as ours.

Either way, Blossom, in the context of the phrase ‘sooner rather than later’, it is accurate.

Are you able to tell us more about it? The fungus itself, or the plan to shut us away because of it?

It is known by us via Energy … so intricate details cannot be specific.

To be honest, blunt, and disrespectful, I am quite surprised that it is even being mentioned at all. Due to Divine timing, much that we are waiting for through your news bulletins … are still being waited for. So, I’m thrilled!


Yet, still uncertain that it will turn into a worldwide lockdown.

Something has to be the cause, and the fear is already being generated which will grow exorbitantly over the coming months. So that by the time the ‘remain in your homes’ is implemented … news of this fungus and its ‘claws’ will have spread far and wide and created enough fear necessary for people to ‘do as they are told’.

Yet, is it not that so many now, having experienced this over the last few years, simply will not comply?

There is indeed this possibility … and those that choose not to will be doing so because they ‘KNOW’. Yet, this does not mean to say that to be ‘shut in/shut down’ is not necessary … for THIS particular ‘excuse’ is for the Greater Good of all.

THIS particular fear tactic has an underlying attachment which again, as we say, is necessary for all to remain indoors for their safety and yet, this safety via confinement has nothing to do with a fungus. As we say, this is merely a camouflage.

I know you have said that it is in order for the Truth to be revealed in ways of screen time, and for us to be shown what REALLY IS going on. So much anger/frustration etc. will stir up in the large majority when Truths are discovered, that it is for our safety that the military be on the streets etc … to keep control of the masses that could so easily become out of control. This again, I have heard about for so long yet, it still feels hard to accept that something like this is actually EVER going to happen.

Then, all we can say to you Blossom, is … wait and see.

I know I should not be so ‘sceptical’. Especially, as I am basically saying I am not sure I believe you.

Blossom, it does not matter whether or not you believe us.

Well, it should do, shouldn’t it? I am bringing through your Truth that you are trying to get out to the world, and as ‘your messenger’ surely, I should be 100% on board?


Isn’t it obvious? Because if I didn’t feel you were bringing through Truth, why would I continue? As you can feel from my energy, I am in a fine place with this conversation. I need the reader to know that.

And we would like the reader to know that we know you will continue on these conversations, even though you do not always agree.

Correct. Yet, it’s not that I don’t agree. I’m just ‘not sure,’ yet happy to wait and see.

When it happens, Blossom, and we say ‘when’ not ‘if’ … you will all feel such relief, even though the nature of it is not Sunshine and Rainbows. In fact, far from it. Yet, dearest Blossom, dearest Souls of Truth and Light … we have spoken many times, that although the ultimate goal … your mission … is to bring the Blessed Gaia and indeed, your Blessed Beings, into that world of Sunshine and Rainbows, there is much that is NOT of that Energetic Vibration that has to be cleared and removed in order to walk into it.

It will be exceedingly unpleasant.

I felt as if I stopped you from saying ‘painful’.

You did.  Yet, we know your reasoning was not to create fear.

And gloom and doom …

Indeed. Yet, we also wish to prepare your Being for what is to come, so that your strengths can carry you … in the knowing that the ‘rough passage’ has to occur before the waters calm and a Peace covers your Planet.

It shall be the bumpiest roller coaster one could possibly imagine. Of this, there is no doubt. Yet …


And even though we cannot tell you exactly what this shall entail … as you are riding the storm … you will KNOW that ‘this is meant to be’ and this will assist you greatly in the KNOWING of that which is on the other side … once ‘that part’ of The Plan has been acted out.

Why is it we can’t be informed in more detail of what is to come?… And I already know what you are going to say!

Shall we do the honours, or you?


Have you yourself not said, Blossom … if women knew the actual pain of childbirth, there would be far less Souls on the Planet.


Yet, the pain is stops instantaneously when the baby is born and there is instant Joy of the Highest Vibration … and each intense contraction becomes a gift in the memory … as the result of one’s ‘labours’.

Are you trying to joke here?

It was not intentional yet, now we see what you mean.

This is how, perhaps, one should liken this scenario to that which is coming …That which lies ahead … and it is coming.

Think of all the pain and disruption that is to disrupt the very core of the Earth, as the contractions through labour. In the KNOWING that new life is to be born when it is done … when that phase is complete.

And although you may find your World unrecognisable … there will have taken place such a cleansing … that Each and Every Soul WILL FEEL as if they have A NEW LIFE.

This is why you are here, dearest Souls.

This is why you are THE STRONGEST OF THE STRONG.

This is why you KNOW inside … YOUR KNOWING!

Even though you feel you know nothing of what is to actually take place. Yet, you do, and when it is happening you will KNOW your KNOWING … by your FEELING … by your recognition of KNOWING that which appears unfamiliar yet, at the same time so familiar.

When all is being acted out … you will have … the feeling of/the sensation of … I KNOW THIS. Yet, at the same time, you will be battered and bruised on a Soul level.

However, when you can remember that we have spoken of this and that at last, you are moving forward … closer to THE BRIDGE … although battered and bruised, you KNOW that the LIGHT OF ALL THAT IS … is working its Divine Miracles also, during this time.

B: Struth Ruth! We needed to hear that last sentence, for it could ‘appear’ to be daunting.

Not if, Blossom …





That is all you need do.

If you close your eyes now, in this moment, and connect into the Vibration that you are sitting in as you listen or hear our words …

Ok … am doing…

What do you FEEL?

Hard to describe … Ready?

For what?

To move into Phase Two.

What else?


Which is greatly required. What else?


As indeed you are. With what?


You KNOW, Blossom! You say you don’t know … yet you do!

Throughout all that is to take place … through Phase One to Five  … that is all you need to know.





We repeat …





Thank you. I feel quite expectant! As if one is given an estimated date for the baby to be born yet, knowing also, that it could be any time before or after, depending on DIVINE timing.

Indeed, Blossom. Indeed.

Our Love and Respect for Each One is so POWERFUL.

We desire that you take that POWER and nestle it warmly into your Heart space, and allow it to remain and expand with each breath you take … in/as/through/of … LOVE ITSELF.

Nice one chaps. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Father Absolute – Window On New World (Exception to the Rule), February 2nd, 2023

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, February 3d, 2023

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Master Kuthumi and Lord Melchizedek via Victoria, January 31st, 2023

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The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, February 2nd, 2023

Un-Complicate Your Life with These Steps ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Un-Complicate Your Life with These Steps ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are being as concise as we can possibly be with all of you. We are at times simplifying things to make them clearer to you, but of course we acknowledge that you live in a complex world and that you have complex lives. We know that even though you have the knowledge that you have, the application of that knowledge can be tricky to say the least. It is important sometimes for you to walk away from the complexity of a situation. We are not saying that you need to walk away permanently, but we are saying that when you feel overwhelmed, when you feel that something has become too complicated for you, that is a time for you to set it aside. Let it go. Focus on something else. Go do something else.

Sometimes problems take care of themselves, and this much we know is true from observing all of you. Sometimes you get the solutions to those problems when you are doing something fun, when you have let go to such an extent that you are able to let in that brilliant idea. When you are in the middle of a conversation, an argument you might call it, where you don’t seem to be getting anywhere, that is another time that we recommend that you set aside that argument. Don’t believe for a second that if you keep arguing, things will get better, the other person will eventually get your point, or you will somehow win the argument. 

Instead, leave it be and let it go, and get outside, and breathe some fresh air, and go for a walk. When life gets complicated, you need to un-complicate it. You need to go back to the basics. Remember who you are: Source Energy. Remember that you create all of this. Remember that you create it so that you will grow and expand spiritually, and therefore it all serves you. Do some deep breathing, and go connect with nature or an animal. Sometimes you just have to unburden yourselves because you have encountered something that is too complex, too complicated for your mind to be able to figure out on your own.

That’s when you need to surrender. That’s when you need to ask for help, and that’s when you need to do the thing that you know relaxes you the most. It is so much easier to access a positive thought when you are already in a positive vibration. And it is so much easier for you to access a negative thought when you are already in a lower-vibrational emotion. Therefore, do not expect yourself to be able to come up with the most brilliant thought, the most brilliant solution, when you are in the midst of feeling really bad. It is good for you to acknowledge this. It is good for you to acknowledge that you are not always at your best, and when you are not at your best, that is not the time to be making decisions about your life. 

Feel good first, and then re-examine the situation, and see if there is a better way of looking at it, a new perspective that comes to you from that higher-vibrational place. You are all making so much progress, and that is why you present yourselves with the bigger challenges that you do. And those bigger challenges sometimes require you to surrender. Let them go, and find a way to calm yourselves down, to get into a place of peace, a place of calm, a place where that which is going to serve you can come to you effortlessly. And when you demonstrate to yourself that this is in fact true, you will be walking away from those complicated situations more often and playing more, and you will be enjoying your lives, which is so important for all of you who have agreed to be there, holding a higher vibration for all of humanity.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”