Love is our new reality

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Grandparents’ advice, May 29th, 2024


Grandparents’ advice.
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“Now comes the big turn,” said the grandparents. “Everything and everyone on earth is turning to the light. Earth is waking up and turning to the light…and so are you. Own it!” they commanded. “Now begins the time of great expansion, the expansion to love, to power and beauty. Enter it, they said. “Arise and enter the light. Take a big step,” they said. “Step forward and be counted. Listen to us and follow our guidance.

“You’ve been struggling for a long time, struggling to endure the hard times you live in. You’ve worked hard to stay steady, worked hard to lift each other up. Well, said the grandmothers, listen to this. The wind has changed. You no longer have a headwind. Feel how you are carried by this wind. You can move much faster, achieve more, and rise higher.” they said. “We tell you that the winds of time have changed, and here, today, begins the New Age. “Trust us, they said. It is here”.

“Stick with us while this change takes place,” said the grandparents. “Hold on to some form of the Divine you love, and UNDERSTAND the power of the great Web of Light. The Web is anchored deeper and stronger in the Earth, and it is anchored deeper and stronger in you. So take advantage of this change and think often of the Web of Light. Call upon it.Call upon it more and more.Each time you do, the Light Grid will grow stronger, and be able to lift all life on earth.

“This uplifting action is much needed now,” said the grandparents, “and you can help it happen. As all beings are connected in the great web of Light/Love, all are uplifted when you allow it to uplift you. Think just online,” they said, “and let it do its job. It will lift Alla.”
“Because of the great suffering on Earth at this time, the need for upliftment is great. And you can provide it—you can provide it for millions. Do it now!” they shouted. “Simply stop where you are and think for a minute about your connection to the web of Light, your connection to us and to each other.
Think of this connection because as soon as your thoughts go there, the BIG LIFT begins. Feel it”, said the grandparents”. “It is building, it is growing. Feel it! “You, they said, you, in connection with the power of an enlightened thought, are helping millions right now. You are helping right now,” they said. “Never doubt it.”

— Grandparents’ advice