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Sagittarius Passage | The Seraphim via Natalia Alba, May 28th, 2024

Sagittarius Passage | The Seraphim via Natalia Alba

by Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

We are immersed in the Seraphim-Sagittarius passage, as my Guides named the current portal we are traversing, whose energies bring resurrection and harmony. It is with Sagittarius that we are consumed by the Divine Gold Sacred Fire, retrieving our angelic seraphim essence, and opening our Golden Wings to become the illumined beings that we truly are.

Ressurection occurs when we are immersed in a profound transmutation phase, which is what many of us are now experiencing, emerging as the phoenix, from the ashes of the old, renewed, with more hope and faith in who we are, and our personal journey.

Sagittarius is the frequency that helps us reconnect to our Illumined Self and authentic coding. This passage’s energies, together with the current ones that govern us, allow us to continue transforming ourselves, releasing old layers, and retrieving purity.

As you know, Seraphim descendants originated from the Gold Flame of Creation. Many of you have been recently awakening to your Golden lineage, for we are undergoing a planetary rebirth in which many of you are remembering who you are, through the retrieval of your unique galactic coding and wisdom.

Sagittarius represents the Golden Sacred Fire of Creation that helps us burn all that is not aligned with who we are. It is the Light that we descend from Above, our Soul, Monad, and God’s Illumined Self, transforming ourselves, through our inner work, and resurrecting in this sacred Fire, becoming the Illumined beings that we are. It is in this transformation that many of you find yourselves at this time, reconnecting to your Divine Self and descending your authentic essence.

Sagittarius’s energies are of great assistance to clear our Seraphim DNA damage and Cathar implants, as its sacred Fire consumes all that is not benevolent within our DNA and template. With Sagittarius, we start reclaiming our lost soul fragments, and with them, the wisdom and Truth of who we are, and our mission.

Many of you have Seraphim-Avian lineage, and hence angelic template, and find yourselves at this time reactivating your shoulder portal blades, as many others too, retrieving your angelic coding, so you can embody your mission of divine masculine restoration and planetary protection, for as part of what is often called the angelic realm, part of your mission is to guard the planetary key gates that are now being rehabilitated, especially the Iran gate.

All of you who have a deep connection to the Egyptian timeliness, Hathors, and are connected to the tenth-dimensional planetary gates, are now experiencing a profound resurrection, as you retrieve your lost knowledge and essence

Many of you are now finding this Sol-AR passage extremely helpful in terms of wisdom descension. However, not so harmonic in terms of physical symptoms, as the embodiment of the current energies can be overwhelming if we do not properly take care of our bodies.

My Guides share for All who are guided or need to work on consuming lower energies. An exercise to help us restore our energetic system, often overloaded with many different energies and our own self-created lower thoughts and emotions.

Visualize yourself immersed in a Golden Fire spiral, descending from Above, becoming a tetrahedron, associated with Sagittarius, that surrounds your entire body. Ask this Fire to burn anything lower in essence. Feel the warmth of this Sacred Fire, and command it to remove all implants and excess energies you have in your physical and subtle bodies.

Then, visualize how the fire within the tetrahedron becomes Pure Gold Light, Divine Light that restores you completely and infuses you with the love, and power required for you to continue integrating and regenerating from a purified space.

Decree to realign to your God Illumined Self and so be it.

If you feel your silver cord is not aligned, then this would be the initial step. If you too need more protection or transmutation in certain areas, you can call upon the seventh ray, as it is also one of the most powerful transmutation tools as you know.

Astrologically, we also have assistance to bring more transformation, soul reconnection, and harmony in ourselves. During the Sagittarian full moon have a sextile between the moon and Pluto, which is what will help us reconnect with our soul, rebirthing into the illumined being that we are.

Pluto is also of great support in the transformation we are having now, as its essence is also very regenerative, which is essential after all the work we are doing, especially in our bone structure, for as many of you know, ascension is also strongly felt in our bones, for as we release density and transform ourselves, they will be the one noticing more the lighter frequency we are now embodying.

Our wounded self may emerge at this time, especially with the moon sextile Pluto and harmonization to Neptune. As we continue peeling more old layers of ourselves, and retrieving our soul fragments, more hidden emotions will resurface, However, it is by accepting pain and integrating the lessons it provides us that we can overcome suffering, expand our hearts, and embrace our vulnerability as a gift.

Furthermore, we have an opposition between the moon, Venus, and Jupiter. This frequency is a blessing to help us realign, expand, and deepen our soul connection, as it is precisely about reconnecting with the love that we are, expanding within it to heal and empower ourselves.

When we are immersed in any upgrades and challenging situations, we may forget our capacity to recharge ourselves naturally through the love that resides within, not in others, as it often happens. It is by reconnecting to our inner endless loving source that we regain purity. A Loving Source that constantly regenerates our bodies and that supports us all, infinitely.

Everything within Creation is assisting us to BEcome the Light beings that we are. What we think, and feel, how we act, and with what forces we choose to align, determines the final outcome, for in the end, it is all about our personal choice to allow the love that we are, or to continue rejecting it and living in the illusion of who we are not.

This is what this passage invites us to remember, the power of the Fire, the Light within ourselves to transmute and resurrect into who we truly are.

May you be a bright Light for yourself and All, Beloveds.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba