Love is our new reality

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WHO IS SAN ANTONIO, June 12th, 2024

Let’s celebrate his day by making vows of love with San Antonio.
San Antonio is a very special being to all those hearts lacking love. It helps us to activate love in ourselves and towards others. Towards other beings so that we may see them from the eyes of love, from the heart of love.
St. Anthony would like all beings on the planet to love one another from supreme love, as Father Mother loves us all.
San Antonio advocates for all beings to love, for couples to unite in love. Establish bonds of true love.
That radiation of love will be strong, from tonight to all day tomorrow, San Antonio day, will be strong. But always San Antonio is there attentive to any heart lacking of true love, of pure love, to help activate in if love in his heart.
Tomorrow is a very auspicious day for all couples, for all those beings to make vows for a true love to each other. In couples, the family love from Fathers to children, from children to parents, from brothers to brothers and all family love, so that families all walk in love, so that love also extends to the other.
Open that heart, San Antonio tells us, because there, it’s where I act, from the authentic and pure love, that Father and Mother gives to all beings. Live in love that San Antonio will help you when you request it, activate that strong flame of love in your heart.
I bid farewell and enjoy love, which is the most beautiful and cohesive thing in this universe. Love each other, love each other in pure and genuine love.
I am San Antonio.
Question: – Who is San Antonio?
Response from San Antonio…
San Antonio works and serves at the Rayo Rosa del Amor Divino. San Antonio is a Grandmaster of that powerful Lightning. San Antonio is the Archangel Chamuel.
Thank you beloved San Antonio for answering a deep desire of my heart, to know who San Antonio is.