Love is our new reality

Archangel Michael Guardian of Light via Karen Vivenzio, July 23, 2020


Archangel Michael Guardian of Light via Karen Vivenzio

Holy children of the light, love is encompassing you all despite the many flagrant abuses of power that are rising to the surface for healing. Dear child, it is up to you to hold the constant positive loving vibe that will heal nations. Millions are counting on you dear one. And we are holding you up. Encouraging you to ‘rise above’. Do not buy into the myths and drama and the dis-ease that is plaguing thee. Reach forward and keep your sights on the prize – an earth where all life is cherished and embraced in the name of love and peace.

There is a ways to go before you get there dear one but do not be fooled by outer appearances. The crimes against humanity that are surfacing now run very deep / very old / very oppressive. The energies will be heavily stacked against you dear one, but you who hold the light of God close to you will be your source of power, your energy, and your faith. You must remain steadfast into the light regardless of what the rest of the planet looks like. Mother Earth needs your compassion and your grace. Allow the oxygen you breathe be recycled for the highest and best of those who would love you into life, the mother that nurtures you, the father that holds you and all of the many friends who surround you. Be at peace dear one, despite the swirl that moves around you. Stay centered. Stay in peace. Allow the others to reel and be free in their expression of horror as the stories play out. It is important not to judge. For you are a beacon of hope and love.

All things can turn to positive dear one. Look at all the lessons learned. Embrace yourself, the darkness and all, for it is never too late to change dear one. And that is what this is about, embracing the parts of self, of the world that surrounds as reflected from your inner self, to the change that needs to come about. This has been a journey from darkness to light – you are so close, so close to walking forever in the light / the loving embrace of the Creator surrounds you now. Keep on walking forward dear one. Keep on walking on the bridge of light, connecting the dimensions, weaving the healing, purging the darkness, one soul at a time.

You are blessed and adored. It is time for you to freely explore all the healing that is in store. With love and blessings I AM Archangel Michael, Guardian of the Light, Protector of the Children of Mother / Father Divine, Beacon of Holy Light and Embracing the Goodness of all Life.

With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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