Love is our new reality

Archangel Faith via Kerstin Eriksson, July 22nd, 2020

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Archangel Faith; A lesson in love!

“Hello there…

I am glad you hear me. I am not so far away. How far away do you think I am? 
I guess you think I am in heaven looking down at you, through some clouds.

It gives me great joy to tell you, I am where you are! And I have always been. 
I am an archangel. My mission is Faith. I am Faith and I love you!

There have never been any separation. Some say angels are only in heaven. And what does that idea result in? It captivates you. It makes you think there is a long distance. It makes you feel alone and afraid ?! And when someone make you afraid and alone, they are in POWER of you! Have you ever thought of that?

You are in fact free! Invisible chains, power over you, makes you walk in a certain direction. You become obedient, maybe even a slave? And everything, is a lesson! A lesson in love!

What do you want!?! And no matter what road you walk on. Even if you are a slave. Or free. I am there with you. And I have always been. We angels serve souls. We are where souls are, and many are on Earth. That is why we are on Earth. 
All angels are Gods helpers! God is all about love! Love is our lantern!

I hold you to my heart always. 
I love you!

// Archangel Faith