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Archangel Michael via Ann Dahlberg, October 23, 2018

Archangel Michael

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

Michael is my name and I carry the sword of light in my hand – The sword of Light for truth and justice. Many have come to Earth today because they have the truth and the justice written in their hearts. They work to create justice for all the peoples of Earth – Justice for the animals and their living conditions, justice for Earth with its biological multitude. They have chosen different pieces that are closest to their hearts. I can see how they battle down there. I can see the fire in their hearts and I give them the sword of light so that they will not tire. With the sword of Light in their hand they stand solidly in their truth and their belief in making a difference in the world they live in. They have a strong belief in and hope for humanity’s good heart and they sow their seeds of hope everywhere they go. Send them love and send also love to yourselves, since you are a part of this. You choose what is beautiful instead of what is ugly – you choose love instead of hate. The rays of love make everything shiny and beautiful, while hate makes everything grey and cold.

The sun’s rays are shining on you now dear humans on Earth and they carry a higher energy today than was the case just a short time ago. The higher energy impacts your Earth and yourselves to free yourselves from negative patterns that have been stuck for hundreds of years. The light impacts your consciousness so that you can see and understand what it is that you should let go of – how you best should handle life, what you need to practice in order to change yourselves and the existence that you are in. What is important is to dare to see and stand for the truth that is revealed to you. Understand why you act as you do in spite of “better knowledge”. The light energy is now helping you to raise your own energy so that you can bring in your higher knowledge and consciousness in practical ways in your life. It will have the effect that you will become more harmonic and understanding of all that is happening around you. Your first steps into the higher dimension have then been taken and everything will then just roll on faster and faster. Your own development toward a higher dimensional being is secured and your path becomes clearer and lighter for each step you take into your higher consciousness of light and love.

It is on this path that we walk now, dear humanity. There are many who walk on their light path now and get more and more sensations about the truth in their lives. It might start with your self. It is your own courage to face yourself and to stand in your own truth, which gives you access to the sword of light. With this sword you can then enlighten your existence and reflect you and others in the light of your truth. A whole collective is facing its own truth and it has started to seep out into humanity’s mind and heart. A door to humanity’s higher dimension has been opened up and is now showing its history and multitude of treasures.

Be open now dear friends on Earth – be open to all that is happening inside you and around you. Things happen all over your Earth both good and bad, but it is pure truth that you should listen for. It calls out over the world today and the content of light shows the way and it is only those who stand in their own truth that can find it. It seeks the light and the courage in your hearts and takes hold where a door is ajar. Open up now dear children, since the light is looking for you and it wants only good things for you. Welcome it in and you will get a light and harmonic path to walk on.

I am Michael and I stand with the sword of light in my hand to protect you and the truth that resides within you.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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