Love is our new reality

Pallas Athena via Allie, October 24, 2018


Dear beloved heart 💓 
I come to be with you in this NOW ‘ moment as your Higher Emanation ,  ‘ As we are One and the same – “ Higherself  ‘ Yes,  But there is that human Construct again ,  “ that word”  Higherself “ 
Higher – But  “ self ”  as we are One , we are not separated we are ( whole) and one with God . 
Ohh my beloved Aurora, know thy self , know how loved you are .  You and our family on Gaia our warriors of light – for you and your brothers and sisters are anchoring in the light to the planet , spreading your light’  in every moment’  in every breath ‘  .  
Don’t you see , You , and our ground crew our starseeds our grounded ones,  our light workers  , Warriors of light . 
Our beloved selfs holding a Divine 3D avatar ‘ arc .  
You are the very foundations of light Necessary for the internal and external planetary shift‘ ,  you are laying the foundations for your fellow souls your brothers and sisters ‘ lost in ego and detached from Oneness the creator in everything. 
You beloved hearts are the tools needed to build this new golden reality’ to built this house of love and Oneness . 
How can you build a New 5th Dimensional paradigm house with strong foundations, You the light warriors are the conduit the anchor of this light that creates the foundation of a new reality, How can the resistance or white hats as you tend call them in your projected reality, who are your brothers and sisters playingout there parts in this play .  How can They go forth continuing to build this house … ( you say ) without strong external and internal foundations , they cannot continue to build the layers of the house without a strong’ vigilant’  steadfast’ foundation of light . 
That is why We call you the light keepers vast lighthouses and beacons of light  .  
When we see that your light is dim , we tell you to see yourself as that lighthouse. 
Imagine now it’s dark , there are many lost ships out on the sea , they are getting closer to the rocks , the waves are strong  , Alas ‘ the ships cannot see the Lighthouse or a light in the distance , You know the ships depend on the Lighthouse , they depend on the light to see them safely to shore .  ( How can they see if the light is not there ) 
So beloved heart, be that guiding light,  be that burning light needed for the ships so they can see your light and be guided by your light safety to the shore .  
Be the strong foundations of the house , so the rest of the house can be built on top of your light ‘ your foundations of light. 
You and your fellow brothers and sisters are the strongest of the souls , this is why you were chosen and excepted to be here in service- in service to the All -because you are the anchors of the light , you are that strong foundation – you are the Lighthouses the guiding lights on the horizon. 
And remember beloved heart , In Highest Truth we have never left the Heart of God-remain we still as God created us-in original innocence & peace~🌸🕊🕊💕💕
I am with you allways – Athena 🌸🕊