Love is our new reality

The Angels via Jenny, October 23d, 2018

Your Flame of Truth

A vision that can inspire people again and again is something so simple—a single flame. It has a core of white-hot intensity. It is a place that has no color of flame, yet it is place of the most potent heat.

You all cannot see the Flame of Truth that burns in each of your high hearts. We see these flames; they are your eternal flames. For most people now, the flame never goes out—why the rousing and the stirring can go on unabated. These flames will not go out; these people will not go back to ignorance. There is only forward now.

Though it may seem like the red-hot and black-gold flames are not able to reach and burn what needs to be gone in your world, the true heart flames are blazing strong and bright, in more individuals than ever before.

Signs to look for: Steadiness. Calmness.
Awe at the beauty that is alive all around you in the natural world.
Gratitude for your own presence here; being here now.

In the continuum, your great Earth/Terra Gaia is in its higher vibration, as was her plan many eons ago.

You are weighed down by doubt, and example of deceit abound. This grey shadow material must continue to be brought to light individually, collectively, culturally, and historically.

But you have your Guiding Angels, you have your great overlighting Angels. You have your brothers and sisters in the star nations. You have more supporters in the higher realms than you can quite possibly imagine. Your flames of heart are burning strong.

The future is not bleak.

The short view has hurdles in it and surprise corners of darkness, but the view from our perspective is truly wondrous. Do not let loud words and heart-searing images persuade you that the darkness is growing, for it is not.

In your own life, you can be an example. If you can find moments of joy in your day. If you can keep steady and not falter in your deep knowing of the grace of God and this universe. Allow yourself to be a receiving source for the new reality being created and lead the way for others. Now is not the time for despair. Experiences of divine light consciousness are occurring everywhere. You are part of an immense spreading of grace. It’s here, right now.

We love you. We are with you. We never stop loving you.