Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Natalie Glasson, January 19th, 2024

Greetings beloved divine beings of light, I come forth with angelic vibrations and I, Archangel Michael, am present to be of service to you. I wish to speak today of your soul as a sanctuary.

Your soul is your essence. It is your truth. It is your connection with the divine, and your soul or aspects of your soul are embodied within your physical body. Your soul therefore knows everything – it has a greater, larger picture of your divine plan and of the Universe of the Creator. It receives wisdom – knowledge from the Creator – and delivers it, with your consent and your choosing, into your physical body and your awareness.
Within your soul there is a sanctuary. Your soul loves you unconditionally. Your soul wishes to give to you everything that you need and require, and remind you of all that is the Creator. Therefore it is a wonderful practice to recognise your soul as a sanctuary within your being and to retreat to this sanctuary as often as possible. Think of it as a space where you can recognise who you truly are and you can also be who you truly are. There are no limitations or boundaries. There is no judgment. Your soul, as a sanctuary, is a deeply nurturing and nourishing space, as well as enlightening and illuminating.
When you enter into the space of your soul as a sanctuary, you recognise all that your soul wishes to share with you – all the gifts, the blessings, the abundance that your soul wishes to share with you. It becomes a space of great connection and communication, but also a space of deep and absolute receiving and realising you are worthy and deserving. Many shifts can take place within your soul, as a sanctuary, which can eliminate many experiences that are no longer needed in your physical reality.
A wonderful practice is to enter or hold the intention of entering into your soul – the sanctuary of your soul – to breathe in the light. You can imagine it. You can know it. You can connect with it.
As you breathe in the light of your soul, allow that sanctuary to surround you. Let it feel like a space that is devoted only to you, for it is – it is a space that is yours.
You can ask your soul to embrace you, wrapping light around you – qualities, vibrations that your soul believes will assist you, almost like a balm or a soothing cream that is placed all around you and seeps into your being. Each quality, each vibration will serve you and help you connect to the understanding that your soul is your sanctuary, allowing numerous shifts to take place within your being. It means that you can always connect with your soul and receive everything that you need, at any given time.
When you feel emotional, when you feel doubtful or hurt, when you feel confused or ungrounded, you can hold the intention of entering into your sanctuary – the sanctuary of your soul – and ask, as you breathe in the light, ask your soul to embrace you like a balm of light in certain qualities that will assist you…assist you in gaining a greater connection with your soul or resolving issues in your being or your reality.
This is your sacred space. It is within your being. It has so much potential, so much nourishment and a great volume of truth. Allow yourself to really take the benefits – to absorb the benefits and the blessings that your soul wishes to bestow upon you and integrate into your entire being and your entire reality.
When you feel the process is complete, you can ask your soul to integrate this light, the vibrations of your sanctuary, into your physical body – into every cell, into your chakras, into your auric field – so that as you’re walking upon the Earth, as you’re achieving, doing, acting and reacting, you are doing so as the sanctuary of your soul. This becomes a very powerful state of being, of calmness, of truth, of peace, of love, of joy – in truth, of everything that is your soul incarnate upon the Earth.
The more you practice entering into your sanctuary, the more you will embody your soul at a physical level.

I am Archangel Michael. I thank you.