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Jeshua: Coming Into Your Own Strength, January 18, 2024

Jeshua: Coming Into Your Own Strength

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear beloved friends,

I am with you; I am your friend, Jeshua. I am like-minded in that, just like you, I am on the way to a greater consciousness, to more love and greater surrender, and so I am also on a path as are you all. There is no end to the growth of consciousness. Consciousness itself is infinite and so are the possibilities to experience, to grow, and to enter into ever higher levels of consciousness. This process brings joy to the Dance of Creation.

Part of life itself is exploring new possibilities and the creativity that goes with it; the urge toward the new, to growth and expansion. All that lives develops. Receive joy from that development; joy is its natural state. However, on Earth, humans try to curb the life within themselves; they do not trust in the moving flow of life. There is a tendency in humanity, in its collective consciousness, to distrust the moving flow of life, the inherent tendency to growth and expansion. There exists the desire to want to control everything with the mind.

Today, we have discussed strength, about coming into your own strength, and what that means. In human development, strength or power has become identified with the use of the mind and with thought, and that is a big mistake. The controlling, manipulating, mastering of life by way of the mind, the intellect, has become the definition of power. You can see, as you look around you, how much we know and can produce. You can see our skills everywhere, and how we can even manipulate the human body. If you would ask humanity to point to its highest display of power, its greatest achievement, it would point to the fruits of technological progress, which in essence involves the power to transform nature and life itself into our idea of how things should be, and then to control them.

But, strangely enough, when you do that you take the “life” out of life. You kill it, so you can arrange and re-structure it to your own concepts: those of your mind. In its essence, this movement toward arranging and structuring life is born out of fear. It is the fear of not daring to move along on the great movements of life which are associated with the changing of the seasons, with birth and death, a child growing up, the blossoming of sexuality, the dance between man and woman. All creative forces of an artist or of a mother rearing children, everything humans do, stem from a deep inner flow of inspiration and creativity which cannot be grasped, contained, or understood merely by the mind.

In short, what has happened is that thought has been placed above authentic feeling. By authentic feeling, I mean following your inspiration, following the flow of life as it naturally would evolve. There is a false picture of what power means. Power is usually defined as “having power over”, in order to be able to master everything in a masculine way, and that is not power in the true sense of the word. True power means moving along with the current of life.

Please bear in mind that your soul is a reflection of life, a manifestation of the divine Source.

If you see Life, with a capital L, as a current that permeates everything and is present in everything – the Life that moves, grows, and forms boundaries; that moves from the undifferentiated to the differentiated – then the soul is that part of Life which belongs to you. The soul is unique and your own, and there you are at Home; the soul is your part of Life. Your soul is taken up in this large current and does not stand separate from it; it is part of the whole. Yet your soul is unique, a distinct being that makes you who you are.

The soul wants to develop itself just as life develops, knows, and understands itself. And especially , the soul desires to experience, to their depth, all the feelings that are to be had. The soul is not selective and wants both the dark and the light. The soul is very curious and wants to know, to experience, and to arrive at understanding, which is why an individual soul on its way through life always seeks extremes. In one life, this might happen more than in another, in one incarnation more than in another, but a unique soul can, and has to, come to inner growth; it cannot just adapt to the things imposed by human laws. So curiosity and adventurousness belong to you as a soul.

What then does power in its full meaning imply? What does it mean to be “in your power”? I would like to define it as trusting your own soul. And that takes courage, because your soul is different, individual, and unique. This trust in your own soul asks for a radical commitment. You do not compare yourself with what is out there and how other people see it or not see it. You do not allow some law or theory from the past or from outside you to decide what is right for you, but that you truly listen to your inner voice. Feel what moods are moving deep within you. Listen to the waves of that sea and rely on the elemental forces within it.

You can also see it this way: when you are in an earthly body you have to deal with the personality which you have, which feels as if that is who you are. In the past, this was also called the ego. I use these words in a very neutral sense, without the labels of good or bad. You have a certain personality, which is derived from your genes, from what you have inherited biologically from your parents, from your upbringing; you have a certain temperament. But in the personality also lives fear; a personality wants to save itself, wants to survive. There are all kinds of survival mechanisms in your personality, and that is because the personality has grown up and been raised with anxiety. Fear permeates your society, even if things are now getting better.

In addition to a personality, you also have a soul, which is the ultimate source of your existence here; the source of your presence in life. Your soul wants to inspire you and wants to merge with you as an earthly personality. Your soul desires to grow through your personality, to extend itself and to experience all things. But if your personality has the upper hand, and you merely think and act from your personality – thus from the fear and pain of the past – then your soul does not have enough room for free play.

I define power as: surrendering to your soul; making space for your soul and so for a force, a wave or movement which cannot be controlled with your personality. Your personality wants to control, wants to know, understand, organize; and, above all, wants predictability and safety. The soul, however, does not always offer safety, because the soul wants to grow, wants to transcend boundaries, and wants to gain new experiences. The personality lives more often under the dictates of fear from the past: by what your parents felt and by what the collective human ideas are. So there is always a tension between the personality and the soul, the old and the new, but coming into your power means surrendering to the new, the power of the soul.

So you see that power, in my definition, is the exact opposite of wanting to control and manipulate and to live from the head; which is, in fact, a sure sign of impotence and of fear. To move along with the soul requires a lot of courage, a letting go of certainties. But that kind of surrender, which is sometimes precipitated by a crisis, that kind of letting go is coming into your power.

The first step then is to listen to your soul and to find out what really moves you – what do you really feel inside? You have been taught all kinds of ideas about how things should be, how things have to be, what can and cannot be done, and those voices can dominate, thereby veiling the voice of the soul. So the first step to living from your soul and coming into your power is your awareness of the difference between what you think you need and what you really desire deep inside.

Therefore, it is essential that you be silent and take a step backward from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with its requirements and expectations. The first step to coming into your power is to be very still and to listen to the deeper feelings that are somewhat in the background. Truly listen to your Self, with a capital S. This is quite a process, because out of fear, you often remain bound to listening to others, to obeying or adapting. Then you do not embrace the stubbornness, the determination, which is needed. So make room for yourself, and take a radical turn inward.

Over time, it is necessary to bring about what you feel to be your unique path, the next thing in your life. And that always involves taking a step closer to your center, by freeing yourself from old ballast, so your original colors, your essence, shows. To stand in your power is living in harmony with your soul. And that is something which is very fluid and always changing; it is not something that always remains the same, static. Living from your soul means one day this and another day that – it is something dynamic.

I ask you to now connect with your soul consciousness. Just let go of who you think you are with all your limitations and fears. Think big. Imagine that in the middle of your heart lives a force that is in accordance with life itself, with the nature in you and outside you: a total natural force that is not afraid.

Imagine how that power extends from your heart all throughout your body, upward and downward. If you feel that power, that strength inside, you might also experience that it is part of a larger whole, a larger flow. That power of your soul is linked with other forces, with an interplay of powers. Sense if you can feel this as a wave in the sea. You are a wave that is making a certain movement, yet you are part of the sea. Feel the various movements that flow around you in this bigger field.

Become aware of yourself as this wave. See, as if from this one wave that you are, there appears an image, a color, a word, or a feeling that says something about the next step that is good for you – you are listening for your soul. Imagine that you are on a wave that gathers all its force and then slowly rolls up and over. In total surrender, the leading edge of the wave turns downward and flows out onto the beach. To come into your strength means to trust this movement, to trust in this wave, to go along with the movement, and to do what your soul asks of you. Thank you so much for your attention.